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In a series of three in-depth live streams, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist, Inventor, and Entrepreneur, exposed significant anomalies in Michigan voting results.

The first video lecture, the “Signal of Fraud,” by Dr.SHIVA sounded the alarm and shared the abnormal patterns of votes in three Michigan counties for which his team received data. The lecture immediately went viral to millions as citizens were naturally alarmed at the information he exposed and expertly broke down in a way that any average person could understand and share.

Exposing the “Signal of Fraud”: The Downward Sloping Line

However, there were a few self-professed “math guys,” who ignorantly dismissed Dr.SHIVA’s findings as simply a “downward sloping line,” without understanding such a downward sloping line was a signal – a pattern – a signature – of election fraud. Yes, this is a downward sloping line, BUT, this is NOT normal.

In his second video, Dr. SHIVA, presented the “Signal of Truth” – what a normal pattern of voting behavior should look like, when there is no fraud.

Sharing the “Signal of Truth”: The Parabolic Arc

This video offered an in depth understanding of the Systems Approach, introduction to the science of Pattern Recognition, and most importantly, shared how the downward sloping line is the abnormal pattern of voting behavior when compared to the parabolic arc, which reflects the normal pattern of voting behavior.

Dr.SHIVA also exposed and “debunked” the self-professed ignorant “math guys” who have no training or appreciation for the engineering discipline of pattern recognition. Dr.SHIVA demonstrated how the normal statee of the parabolic arc decomposes to a single downward sloping line when there is election fraud underway. He expressed concern that his “debunkers” were more interested in adolescent critiques versus election fraud.

[Typo: Please be aware in the above presentation P=V, iff the weights (a,b,c,…) are 1, not 0. And, P will not equal V, when the weights are either > 1 or < 1.]

In the third video in the series, Dr. Shiva sat down with the Gateway Pundit to explain the solution for reforming our election systems to create democratic processes which are truly secure and free from the potential for either algorithmic or even manual manipulation.

The Solution for Election Integrity

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