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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist & Engineer, Candidate for U.S. President, reveals how the BIG LIE of the Kennedys being America’s saviors enslaves America and why the 2024 election offers a BIG opportunity to break free!

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If they wish to, but we’ll be live on social media. So I’ll actually John, if you can put it in not full view mode, John, you know where you see everyone’s little. Even if you don’t do spotlight, John, everyone will see it right.

So when I share on Yeah, this is good John this view. All right. So I’m going to share the screen so people can see that we’re doing this townhall here.

Okay? Are our open house all right all right, John, is everything there? You can see it right. I’m not involved in the blogging industry here. I can see what you’re doing.

Okay. All right. I’m gonna go live.

Ready. I think we are live. Okay.

Good morning, everyone. This is Dr. Shiva DeRay.

Today, we have our town hall that we do every Thursdays. As you can see, it’s right here. Every Thursdays we do a town hall, we have about 6070 people signed up from all over the world.

We also do this again, at 8pm. In the evening, today, and it’s Thursday. One of the things before we start the townhall, many of you know that we’re heavily band shadow band, on all of the social media, it’s quite amazing that if you really look at the number of views, we get, you know, we did a swarm video, which got about I think, half a million views on Twitter, a couple of million views on Facebook, in an ordinary environment, that’d be about 10 times more.

So it’s very important those of you listening, share this video, you know, retweet it, get it out there to as many people as you can. But today what I want to talk about to all of you as well as. Today, why don’t today what I want to talk about to our attendees, at our open house, plus all of you is the following.

And that has to do with the fact that we have an incredible opportunity in this year 2023 and 2024. It may not seem like that, you know, when you hear the news, it may seem like everything is sort of awful, etc. But I want to open people up to this very interesting concept.

In this election cycle, it’s going to be myself as a leading independent candidate running for president, it will be somebody from one of the establishment wings of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. And if you look at the work that we have been doing as a movement, the movement for truth, freedom and health, it has always been to tell the truth at the right time. And you want to write that down, telling the truth that the right time is true integrity, delay truth is actually deadly.

So you will see right now in this election cycle, people like Trump people, all these candidates, but it’s epitomized by a call by guy called Robert Kennedy. And the title of my talk, as I mentioned, is a mythos of the Kennedy royalty, which enslaves America, and it’s time to break free. You see those in power, like to create false heroes, they have learned over the last 5060 years, that people actually are rising up their awakening.

And the way to stop, stop the natural awakening of people in these bottom movements, is to actually create fake heroes, who will actually live a life a personal life, which is completely devoid of the things that they preach. So their words don’t meet, meet their deeds. And in this mythology that gets created.

You As citizens, we as citizens are taught to be enthralled by words, not by deeds. And we repeat that again. People want to be enthralled by words and not by deeds.

And so that’s one of the phenomenon that’s has been taking place and this is why people are enslaved, the individual conscious consciousness must rise to judge people by their deeds, and do they match their words and people should be judging people. Anyone who says you should not be judging people to their words match their deeds, more than likely, their words don’t match their deeds, and they’re telling you that Okay, so, you know, we should look at people’s deeds. But what’s happened and it really started happening in the 60s.

If you There’s a very famous book called The making of the president. Some of you may have read it was written by actually, the story is really about Roger Ailes, who made the president it’s about if you remember, 1963 was the first time TV really came in presidential election. So go back to 1960 The three, okay, TV was just coming.

And the person that was running 1960 was John Kennedy versus a guy called Nixon. And people would do polls and they would ask women, are you going to vote for John Kennedy? Because he’s good looking. And people said, no, no, no, that’s not true.

But the behavior was people did do that. So this was a very interesting scientific work that occurred in survey analysis, which said that behavior cannot be captured in surveys. People may say something, but they’ll do something very different.

Anyway, Roger Ailes, if you don’t know who that is, he was the founder and the President and the CEO of Fox News. So if you look at that election, and he read the book, one of my history teachers grade history teacher had us read it in, in high school. Kennedy is on the TV with Nixon.

And Nixon looked horrible. It looked like he hadn’t shaved, they didn’t get his lighting, right. And he lost the election, okay.

And many people attribute it to the fact that TV came, and he didn’t know how to use TV and Kennedy did. So Roger Ailes becomes Kennedy’s really, you know, point, man, and he really helps, sorry, Nixon’s pointment. And he helps him win the next election.

But that was the error era, when the use of public relations, the use of TV, the use of image really emerged. And the Kennedys, particularly Joe Kennedy, the father understood this really well. And so part of the mythos that gets created is the Kennedys.

Starting with John F. Kennedy, are some Camelot. I mean, they associated him with royalty, King Arthur, okay.

nobility, right? These people are amazing people, they stood for righteousness. And Kennedy was closely followed with a camera, and that was really his father’s idea. And he took this guy, John Kennedy, who was completely reckless.

He should never have gotten into the Navy by the rules of the Navy Kennedy at the time, young man, probably a teenager a little bit, not much older than that had venereal disease. He was not supposed to even get into the Navy. The father pulled a bunch of strings.

This is Joe Kennedy, because his vision his mythos was that one of the Kennedys was going to become the next president of the United States. Okay. So think about that Joe Kennedy, the old man who was a mafia guy who was a drug, you know, a booze runner, a smuggler, all these things, that’s where the Kennedys come from.

And as a part of that his son was going to be the president. So part of the image was that you were going to make your son be a war hero. And by the way, if you look at the fathers of John Kerry, or Al Al Gore, they all do the same technique they get, they get their sons into uniform, take some pictures, but always make sure they stay out of the line of fire.

Or if they do they make up a story. John Kerry story is completely fraud, the way you want all these purple hearts. So John, John Kerry, so John Kennedy was never supposed to even be in the Navy for all these disqualifications.

The father gets him in. And if you read some very, very, and you can find all of this some really good historians talk about what happened on the PT 109 incident where John Kennedy’s ship that he was commanding gets blown up. And it was a complete blunder.

And it talks about John Kennedy’s recklessness, how you drive these boats at fast speed and smash into things anyway. But when that blunder took place, which was one of the biggest blunders in World War Two, apparently on the US side, the father spun the story to make his son look like a war hero. And that was the basis of his entire, you know, lineage that the Kennedys were warriors.

Well, one of that war hero stories was that, as you follow this through Kennedy was anti war he was a man of peace, right? And that he was shot by the CIA or other people who didn’t like him because he wanted to get the United States out of Vietnam. This is all bullshit, okay. But it is promoted as Kennedy mythology.

And Kennedy was the one who got us into Vietnam. He escalated that war to 10s of 1000s of people on the ground, people were getting shot US soldiers in Vietnam under Kennedy. And a few months before Kennedy died.

He died in December in September. Many people say oh, he was killed because he was against the military industrial complex. And you know, boobie Kennedy will say this in us fighting them bullshit.

And I’ve been telling people this for many, many years since 1984. The good news is a video just came out that was unearthed. That actually shows how Kennedy is actually Telling in September of 1963, why we must commit to Vietnam, why we must have regime change there, you know, we must get rid of these communists, right? Because if Vietnam goes and Cambodia goes, we’ll go all the way into India.

Okay, so anyone thinking that Kennedy was not a war hawk is out of their mind. And this is the liberal imperialists. You see, the right wing, Republicans will tell you, we’re just going to bomb you, the left wing Democrats or the Labour Party in other countries will basically massage this what they’re going to do, they’ll say, You know what, we don’t want regime change.

But we must do it for humanitarian rights, some other bullshit. But both wings of the establishment are literally different PR marketing machines. But the Kennedys are, have created a royalty around them.

And I’d actually like to play this video for all of you if I can. Let me play this for everyone. So I want to so a guy called Michael Tracy, who I like a lot.

He’s a real journalist. And he and I, and I’ve been hitting Kennedy, a lot, not because I have any personal thing, but because of the fact that the Kennedy royalty mythos is really enslaving Americans. And it’s enslaving Americans in the following way to accept words don’t have to match their deeds, oh, they can live like that.

That’s the Kennedys, they can get drunk. They can murder people, they can kill people there, you can find their wife hanging to death, they can be having infidelity. But that’s the Kennedys.

And when they come out in public life, we should so adore them. All right. And this is the it’s royalty, it’s a view of bowing down to royalty.

This is what we used to do with kings and queens, the king would come in and rape your village, right? Or he would steal your land, but he was a king that he could do that. Okay. So we have a huge opportunity to break.

And this is, by the way, all over the world, wherever you are in part of the world. When I was growing up in India, little Hudson, India would have a picture of John Kennedy. This was a worldwide propaganda campaign to make the Kennedys appear as though they were royalty.

They were Camelot. They were King Arthur. So I want to play this video because it will really, hopefully help you.

And that’s, you know, our goal of our movement is to educate people and to raise people’s consciousness with truth. So I want to play this video for you because it’ll show conclusively that John Kennedy that’s one of the biggest things that they promoted about him was he was fighting for us he was fighting. And this is a video that was unearthed by Michael Tracy is where it Kennedy’s talking about not wanting to withdraw from Vietnam staying there and this entire domino theory so let me play this for you.

Think I should be able to do this on me? I have to just bear with me everyone. I have to play this and I have to share it on both sessions here. John, can you see me here? Let’s see.

We can do this. Yeah, here we go. All right.

Let me share the main session only okay. Yeah. Okay, and then I’m going to share it also on stream yard.

So everyone on stream yard, I hope you can also see this. I have to share the video here. Okay.

So John, can you let me know if you can see it on stream yard? You see it right. Okay. So this is a video again, that Michael Tracy found.

Again, the point here is John F. Kennedy was a war monger. He’s not a man of peace.

And all the Kennedy cult people are saying, Oh my God, John Kennedy was killed because he was coming out against a war in Vietnam. But eight weeks before he gets shot. He’s completely promoting the war in Vietnam, in fact, escalating and never leaving.

So here we go. These people who say that we ought to withdraw from Vietnam, wholly wrong, because if we withdrew from Vietnam, the communists would control Vietnam. Pretty soon Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaya would go and all of Southeast Asia would be under the control of the communist under the domination of the Chinese, then India, Burma would be the next target.

So I think we should stay. We should make it clear as Ambassador Lord, you’re now making it clear that while we want to help, we don’t see a successful ending of this war unless the people will support it. And the people will not support the efforts if the government continue used to follow the policy of the past few months.

I hope that’ll be clear to the government should be after all, they’ve been conducting this struggle for 10 years. And I admire what the President has done. He’s been counted out a number of times, I’m hopeful that he will come to see that they have to re establish their relationship.

These days, people All right, so I wanted to share that with you. Okay. Now why is this important is because as I mentioned earlier, the media, the US media establishment, promotes the Kennedy as this Savior, this man of peace, etc.

Let’s just be very clear, guys. We’re the peasants. You have kings fighting among themselves, okay.

And you have no idea of what reasons one mobster shoots another mobster for the Kennedys were mobsters. Okay. Keep please keep that in mind.

Both Kennedy brothers were banging Marilyn Monroe, okay. And then she suddenly dies. So but we have been taught brainwashed starting with that brainwashing this mythology to bow down to royalty in the United States, United States supposedly broke from royalty in 1776.

But the royalty can occur in many, many ways. Psychological royalty, right? Elevating the Kennedys to this royalty form. And that’s what’s been done.

And it continued with another guy, you know, after he got shot. And, you know, you can talk we I’m not going to do all the potential theories of why this occurred. But then you go to his brother, okay.

The brother Robert F. Kennedy, who’s a son of boobie Kennedy movie F and Jr. was promoted.

Oh, yeah. My father was a man of peace. He also was against the war in Vietnam bullshit.

Okay, bullshit. If you actually go study the history not to get involved in the lies, you will find out it’s absolute crap. Okay.

Let me let me show you that. Because you will find that it was it was on May 8 1965. Okay.

This fool. Also RFK, who’s also a war monger was actively promoting Lyndon B. Johnson’s continued policy of staying in Vietnam.

Okay. And, and he gave a very, very important speech. This was Robert F.

Kennedy, the father on the floor of the United States Senate on May 6 1965, denouncing the concept of withdrawing from Vietnam, as it would be intolerable to their quote, unquote, repudiation of his brother’s previous commitments. Okay. And I’ll show that to you, because everyone should see this.

All right. And again, I want to thank Michael Tracy, for uncovering this, you know, you guys know, I’ve been exposing Bobby Kennedy. And Michael has been sharing some of my information.

And I like to share his he’s probably one of the few journalists who’s not a Russell stupid brand sycophant. He’s not a stupid Joe Rogan. Okay.

All these people really want to, you know, suck off the Kennedys Teddy, okay. Because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t get their views. And that’s the truth.

So we have to awaken to this disgusting nature of these people. So let me share that with you. Okay, so I’m doing this because a lot of people still have these illusions while they say some good things.

Precisely. That is the tactic to say some things. So you say oh, they say some things.

It’s like the king comes in and rapes your village. But you know, the king said some good things. Yeah.

But he raped everyone. Yeah, but he did say some good things. You see, that’s a slave mentality.

And you have to get out of that slave mentality. And maybe me who comes from a history of slaves. My great grandfather being an indentured slave growing up with something who got all this knowledge, maybe I have to be do the dirty fucking work of doing this.

And I get very, very angry at this, because these people are disgusting human beings. And part of my anger is hopefully to break through some of those neural networks that have instantiated in people’s brains. That has fossilized to make them think this is normal behavior.

So Robert F. Kennedy was not a man of peace. And so I’m going to show you that document.

Okay. So if someone comes in, while the Kennedys, you know, got shot, they were martyred. Bullshit.

There were mobsters. They were not martyrs. They were mobsters.

Not martyrs, mobsters, not martyrs mobsters. Okay. That’s what they were.

So in 2024, we have this huge opportunity because boobie effing Kennedy is out there. Doing he’s doing it at a level of propaganda that you could probably gurbles can learn from it. Okay.

It’s pure propaganda. So let me show you this document here. All right.

Again, I have to do it on two channels. Okay. So let me show you this document here.

And I’ll also have to do it on stream yard to all the people listening on social media. You’re I’m going to share with you now a document, which unequivocally shows that Robert F. Kennedy was also fully behind the escalation and regime change the father, Robert, boobie F movie F and Kennedy, and there you go.

Okay. So, as Tracy points out, on May 6 1965, Robert F. Kennedy on the Senate floor denounces a concept of withdrawing from Vietnam.

And here’s Kennedy statement. It goes Mr. Kennedy of New York, Mr.

President, so he’s speaking to LBJ. I vote for this resolution, because our fighting heroes in Vietnam and elsewhere deserve the unstinting support of the American government and the American people. I do so an understanding that as Senator Stennis said, yesterday, it is not a blank check.

We are backing up our men, and also backing up the president pottery policy of the President, if he substantially enlarges or changes it, I would assume he would come back to us in one way or the other, we confront three possible courses in Vietnam. So he talks about the first courses of withdrawal such a course would involve a repudiation of the commitments undertaken and confirmed by three administrations, which means his brother, okay, and would imply an acquiescence in communist domination of South Asia, a domination of unacceptable to the peoples struggling to control and master their own destiny. Okay, so that’s what so just to be clear, you have it in black and white.

Okay. Boobie, senior movie, Jr. Okay.

Robert F. Kennedy, senior, and you have the opening, making it absolutely clear that the United States should not withdraw from Vietnam. Okay.

So I hope that’s clear. So you have John Kennedy, who got us into Vietnam, not a man of peace, but promoted as a man of peace, escalated that war. And then you have Robert F.

Kennedy, the senior who booby talks about that, you know, he was, you know, he was a man of peace. No, he escalated that war. Now, having said that, let me bring it to the present day.

And the reason that annoyed me was yesterday around 2am, or about 1am. I see this completely bullshit tweet that the scumbag Kennedy puts out, okay. And he puts out a tweet, okay.

Among many things, he’s stealing my material and acts now though he’s against climate change, but for pollution speaks all over the map. Okay. But we’ll come back to that.

But he gives a talk, or he tweets out yesterday, okay. That he’s against regime changes, okay. So he’s against regime changes, which means he’s against us going into another country and overthrowing one leader with another leader.

That’s called the regime change. Let me just remind everyone, there was a woman called Hillary Clinton, everyone remember her? Secretary of State under Obama. She is the one who did the regime change in Libya, in fact, murdered a leader on the streets had that done Qaddafi, and she was the one who was for the regime change in Ukraine.

We’re in Ukraine today, because of Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton, the Maidan revolution was there was a president in Ukraine was very friendly to Russia. Obama, under the guidance of Hillary Clinton executed the regime change.

So they brought brought in a prime minister of Ukraine or president, who was a Nazi and neo Nazi. That’s why the people that Donbass region, the eastern region of Ukraine were so upset their families that fought against Nazis, and now the US, Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain had installed under you, they did a regime change. Got it.

Hillary Clinton did regime change. So does it make any sense if you said, I am against regime change, and then you endorse Hillary Clinton? Suppose I said, Hey, Michael, I’m against regime change. We shouldn’t go to other countries.

And then I said, five years later, Hey, Michael, vote for me. I’m against regime changes. But I endorsed Hillary Clinton, not once in 2008.

And then in 12, and then in 16, I endorsed her three times, and I’m standing in front of you in 2023 and saying, I’m against regime change. What the fuck are you going to think about me? Would you believe me? But that’s precisely what boobie fucking Kennedy is doing. And all Jordan Peterson and other douchebag Joe Rogan, Russell Brand all these influencers, let them on their show.

Those, they don’t even ask him about that. It’s written everywhere. I had to uncover that and 2020s that he endorsed Hillary Clinton three times.

Why is it that I have to do all their dirty work? I’m thankful that Michael Tracy is involved. And the reason is because people you can’t say anything against the Kennedys who the Kennedys who they suffered a lot. They suffered a lot.

They murdered fucking people. They killed their own kind. And then they wrap it up into a story that they’re the martyrs you see, it’s PR.

So they create this royalty mythos. We can’t say anything against the king. He wants to win a wild gives us some food and bread, you know, yeah, he raped my wife.

But you know, he gave me some food and bread. I bow down to royalty. We have to stop bowing down to royalty and we have to face reality.

Do not bow down to royalty face reality. The Kennedys are mobsters. They have learned the art of saying one thing, doing another thing and then saying something else at a different point in time covering up their history.

So let me show you the tweet I did this morning. Okay. So let’s go over here to my Twitter and I, I know you guys should go on there because so here’s Bobby Kennedy.

Boobie effing Kennedy. And please use that word, that moniker for him because that’s what he is because he knows what the hell he’s doing. He’s a conscious exploiter.

Okay, this is what Bobby Kennedy says he goes, our intelligence services have come become obsessed with overturning regimes and meddling in the affairs of other countries. Rather than just gather information that can help them protect them. It’s hilarious to read this.

In the long term. This strategy does more harm than good. He’s talking about his uncles who did this and his father.

So I said, I have a new name for him. Blah, blah, blah, Boo BF and Kennedy bullshitting you he’s quote unquote, anti war not overturning regimes that Pete POS means piece of shit and Doris warmonger, Hillary Clinton, three times who overturned regimes in Libya and Ukraine. He’s hoping you forget.

Oh, and by the way, anti war Papa RFK. Back regime change in Vietnam. Okay.

Now this kind of truth. And what’s really interesting is you can go see how this gets suppressed because everything I say something that’s Kennedy, it gets shadow banned, and you but you can see the 12 people who commented who get this are very enlightened people. Okay.

But the important thing to recognize is that I’m sharing with you, not mythos, I’m sharing with you unequivocal facts, unequivocal facts, actions, deeds. So we’re at a point in history now because you have someone like me, whose words matches deeds, I earned everything I have. Many of you here have earned everything you have.

Many of you have had to struggle. And if you did something wrong, if you spit in a policeman’s face, what would happen to you, you get thrown in jail. Robert Kennedy can spit in people’s face, booby, and nothing really happens to him.

He can be a heroin addict be caught with drugs, and he gets some asylum to run a nonprofit. You see one rule for them and another rule for us. And then they get to run for office, his uncle killed a woman here in Massachusetts, let her drown.

And the story is, he left her when when she was alive, and then went to his father in those 16 hours and they came up with a story. They literally brought in the best PR people in the world. And his own father, Joe Kennedy thought Ted Kennedy was a fool rewrote the story.

And then they did book saying yes, he may have had a bad personal life, but he was Elian li o n of the Senate. Now, where else have you heard this? You won’t you will only hear it from me in our movement. Because for the first time in history, we’re calling out the king.

We’re calling out royalty, because we don’t come from royalty. And that’s why I’m saying we have a huge opportunity. In 2023 and 2024.

We also have this huge opportunity because all of you are seeing these videos. You’re saying yeah, wow, he sounds really angry Kennedy. Why? Who is he crazy? Let me go listen to him.

Why would he be so angry? Well, the reason I’m angry is because these people are exploiters. They’re truly our enemies. It’s easy to attack Lyndon Johnson or Barry Goldwater or, you know the king or or Fauci.

That’s the easy enemy. The real enemy is these people who speak to you with words of kindness, but stab you in the back. And let me just finish on a personal note.

Some of you may know I used to be married to an actress called Fran Drescher. Okay. Now Fran was and I left that world because I saw all the bullshit there.

And in fact when I was with for I trained her gave her a lot of information about the rock. You know what I’ve trained you guys on working class people anyway. Fighting friend knew nothing about this.

But for most people in Hollywood, when you give them information, it’s new content for them. Not that they really believe it. So Fran, ends up becoming the head of the Screen Actors Guild.

Okay. And she stopped, she stabbed the Writers Guild in the back, let me tell you what just happened. This happened in the last 24 hours.

So the Writers Guild, by the way, if you look at the entertainment industry, like the automotive industry, the entertainment industry so on in the entertainment industry, there are actually people who still do hard work, right? The cameraman, right, the grips, okay. The writers get paid very little. Many of them live in a small, you know, apartment in New York, they’re struggling.

And the writers are the ones who actually do the work. If you watch any movie, any film, any great play, acting, you can get an actor here or there. But the writers have to put go write something, you know, it takes me sometimes two hours to put a tweet together.

It’s a lot of hard work. Well, the Writers Guild in the United States went on strike, because they don’t get basic health care. They they some of them are baby, basically, Uber eyes.

So it’s not like we support the pedophilia in Hollywood. That’s the executives in the studios. We’re talking about actually working people like you, right? Well, these writers have been on a strike.

And they’re and that strike. The Screen Actors Guild, which is headed by Fran was claiming they’re in solidarity with the writers. Solidarity, when you’re like, if we’re building a movement, that means if someone betrays James, they’ve betrayed us, you say all for one, one for all.

That’s a concept of a union. And the powerful unions when they really came up during the 20s. Were very scary to the establishment.

That’s why they infiltrated all the unions with the Democrats, or in or in Britain with the Labour Party, right? There is no role. So. So it’s interesting.

So the Writers Guild is actually these real writers striking. The Screen Actors Guild said, Hey, we’re going to be in solidarity from you. And a lot of the stuff is fascinating.

All the words that were used by France, etc, where they came from, okay. But at the end of the day, yesterday, Wednesday, was in negotiation for the Screen Actors Guild, or day before. So if I’m the leader of the Screen Actors Guild, you have to make sure you’re getting your screen actors ready to support the Writers Guild.

Well, guess what Fran did, Fran went off to Italy, it was hanging around with Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian broke, broke the picket lines, and stabbed the Writers Guild in the back. If you’re truly supporting the writers, and you’re part of sag, you should not be doing any productions.

That’s called solidarity. So I did a tweet. Yesterday, and I want to share that with you.

Because this again, goes back to the same Hollywood royalty can say one thing and do another. And we’ve all been brainwashed to accept this, our movement, I don’t accept that. I don’t think real leaders and we have to raise people’s consciousness.

And that comes to the heart of the issue. So let me share that tweet with you. Because it really, really annoyed me because I actually believe and have fought for working people.

It is not an act for me. Okay. It is not a position to network.

Okay. I’ve actually been on the ground fighting for working people. And you can see many of the protests I was involved in since I was 1517 years old.

So when somebody like this claims that they are fighting for, in this case writers working people, and then goes around and hangs out. And so I’ll show you the tweet. So that’s the tweet right there.

Can you guys see that? Let me just share this also on stream yard. But it’s quite extraordinary. Because you’re seeing the universe God whatever he wants to is giving us multiple examples.

So I said Kim Kardashian crossed the picket line of the Writers Guild, now the leader of sag AFTRA after claiming solidarity with the writers backstabs. up sorry, go back backstabs. This is the Writers Guild to unions by parting with the scab Kardashian disgusting.

This fits at the writers whose whose studios seek to bankrupt they’re literally trying to drive the I mean, many of these people be living on the street literally because many of these people do live hand to mouth. So I just want to share these examples with you that the bottom line is people are being brainwashed. To accept words here and deeds over here, and it ultimately comes down.

And they want us to bow down to it a royalty, Hollywood royalty, the political royalty. And that’s the swarm. And our movement.

And my run for president says shattered the swarm, shattered the swarm. It’s time for one of us that signed for us. And so our run for president is a reflection of that.

Now we know when we run, they’re going to do all sorts of cheating, like they did in 2020. That’s okay, let them cheat. And every time they cheat, we’re gonna expose it 50 times more.

In Massachusetts, we expose it once. And we have all of our leaders all over the world who will expose it, because what occurs in America affect every other country, we know the United States owns NATO, the United States owns the WTF, the United States owns who? So for those of you outside of the United States, when people ask you, well, how come you’re supporting Dr. Shiva? Well, you should tell them, because my life in the United Kingdom and Norway and Denmark, in India in France is going to be affected by who’s the next president? And what the people do.

So damn right. I care because what you do affects what happens if we have a third world war. So anyway, I want to I hope this is clear.

We want to I’m going to end on social media. But I want everyone on social media to know. Yes, the Kardashians are hoarse, thank you.

They are these people have no talent, they come out of nowhere. So I want everyone to know on social media, as well as our, our, our our town hall here are open house. What do we do? So I’ve attacked them, I’ve obliterated the Kennedys.

Hopefully, you’re no longer you have all the content here, take it out. What do you do? Well, number one, what you can do is to become a truth freedom and health warrior number one, why? Because everything I’m sharing with you, I’m only one person, I put that into an educational program. So you guys can not only learn it, but you guys can teach it we have a learn, teach and serve model, we have to let this education spread.

So go become a true freedom hub, where if you made it this far, you have to do that. Number two, okay. I’m running for president, every one of you can go to Shiva for president.

com people in the United States, you can pledge to vote for us, you can donate, you can volunteer. And by the way, when you donate to our campaign, I don’t just take your money, I give you lots and lots of content. In fact, we make it till you get you can get based on your donation, the different access to the truth for the health program.

So do that. Okay. But the simplest thing everyone can do is on our website with John will show, there’s a little bumper sticker, it’s less than $5.

Order it 100,000 people a day, if you put that on the back of your car, we’ll see it, you can put it anywhere in the world. And if you put that little bumper sticker on, everyone will see it and many of you are hardworking people, you may not have time to go door to door help us but you can put that bumper sticker on. And if you put that on for 300 days, okay, and you multiply 300 by 100,000, you’re gonna get 30 million views.

And it’ll be about 50 million views between now and election time. 50 million views independent of social media, one person can have that change. And the other thing we need to do is we need to get on the ballot.

So all of you listening to this in the United States, you can help us get on the ballot, we need to get on the ballot in every state that itself is going to be like a bomb went off to the swarm. So those are the things you can do. So yeah, we can we’ve exposed the Kennedys and we’ll continue.

It’s very important expose the Kennedys, not on a personal note, because they are a brainwashing, you’re literally, when you expose the Kennedys, it’s like you’re getting someone off an addiction. It’s like you’re taking people away from a cult, that’s what you’re doing. So you must expose the Kennedys with these facts.

And there’s many of them as I’ve shared, you can go to my Twitter feed, you can find them, John, we should put it up on our FAQ. But that’s what you have to do. Because people are brainwashed.

So So thank you, everyone. We’ll stay with our open house. Actually, before I go, John, do we have any questions on the talk I just gave sometimes.

There’s some good questions. Let me see what we have. I’m going to bring up John duet.

Let me bring up our share the screen of our people here. John, is there any questions? So we’ll take like three questions. Yes, so toy would? So the question.

So the question is, are we on the ballot? So to let everyone a great question to it is we have to get on the ballot. And by the way, every candidate running for president needs to get on the ballot. The issue is how do you get on the ballot? Well, in order to get on the ballot in every state, they have different requirements.

For example, Vermont has a requirement that I need 1000 signatures meaning people saying yes we want Doctor She’s on the ballot in Florida. That’s 100,000 signatures. Okay, so we’re gonna need about 50 solid volunteers there.

Okay. So Troy, you can help. And by the way this campaign is not sit on the sidelines and watch Dr.

Shiva get really upset and fight for us and do great things. No, it’s about you. This campaign is about you getting off your butt, and being an agent of change.

Okay, but that’s what you can do. What’s next, John? Someone says, How do I order a bumper sticker? Okay. Let me John, you if you can bring it up on.

John, can you bring it up? Yeah, yeah, hold on. Yeah, so John’s gonna bring it up. But if you go to Shiva for president.

com, and you go to the shop, there’s one click where you can go and get a bumper sticker. It’s five bucks, guys. It’s nothing.

And then we have volunteers shipping it out to you. We don’t even charge you shipping. Okay, you can order 100 bumper stickers, we’re going to put kits together.

But you have to get involved. 2024 is a point we’re going to head into more darkness because the elites want Trump or Kennedy to maneuver people, if they’re, they’re going to use the obvious establishment, like the DeSantis, or the new sims or the Biden’s and if that doesn’t work, they have in their second string, John, click on that they have in their second string, Trump and Kennedy, who will be used to bamboo there it is right there. So you can go right there and order a bumper sticker.

It includes shipping guys, it’s five bucks, we lose money sending these out. So ordered them, put them on your car and get involved. Thanks, John.

So to people out on the world of social media, you have no excuse to get involved, and frankly, have no excuse not to if you’ve heard all of this, do your own research, to break from the mythology of the Kennedys that enslaves America and it’s really time to break free. That’s what this is about. Gina de Ville says how many signatures do we need in Texas? I think Kristen if she’s on here, she’ll know.

Kristen, can you tell us in some states, as Katherine Keenan says it has different requirements. Yes, you need an army she says to get off your ass. Exactly.

So everyone get off your ass, okay. You’ll get exercise you’ll meet people, you’ll get healthier. But that’s what we need you to do.

Someone says thanks for being frank. Speak. Dr.

Shiva. Yeah. So John, can you tell us how many signatures we need in Texas? I’m trying to pull okay that up.

Yeah, so Ross Bell says voting for Democrat and Republican. This is pretty hilarious. Is is deciding which snake is gonna bite you.

Yeah. Is it gonna be the cobra or the Black Mamba? Right. Both are pretty poisonous.

The king cobra, the Black Mamba, um, someone else’s land being led to slaughter well, anyway. Anyway. Any any one of you who gets this? understands this, and you’ve heard this.

You know, we have about 260 people here, John, you have about 60 people. They’re all 320 people. We’re hearing this.

Please get off your butts. Do it if you’re not going to do it for you Do it for your children, because your children’s lifespan right now is expected to be less than you because of the policies of the last 80 years which is killing everyday people. Someone says we need miracles no we don’t need miracles.

We need new there is no Messiah coming you are your Messiah. And remember that change comes from us from below. Anyone I’m anyway, John.

I’m gonna get off on anyway. Thank you everyone. Be well be the light and for God’s sake, get off your butt and get involved

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