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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, Scientist, Inventor, Engineer, and U.S. Senate Candidate obtained a landmark victory for Political Speech on Twitter.

Federal Judge Mark L. Wolf Ordered Massachusetts Secretary of State William F. Galvin to stop contacting Twitter and violating Dr.SHIVA’s First Amendment Rights by censoring his tweets. Dr. SHIVA will share the details of the case soon!

Transcript Below.

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Get the link I sent you. Hello everyone. This is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. How are you? We’re gonna be starting our live shortly. Wait until people join.

Say I sent a link to your email, click on that link. Okay, okay. All right.

We’ll see who’s joining here. All right, we’re live here. All right evening, everyone.

This is Shiva DeRay. Yes, thank you. So we’re gonna wait until people join us a little bit late.

On a Friday. I’d been up a long time we had a big win today. We’re going to talk about that and the implication what it means.

Good morning from India Good morning. Whilst we have the alarms, Nicholas Armstrong, Montana in the house, nice to have you. Who else? So Crystal Lake from Nebraska.

And we have people coming in Natick, Joanne New York. Thank you. We’ll start shortly.

We’re gonna have some guests joining us to Michelle, can you make sure Karina I sent them a link to their email. We’re gonna have some of the other people joining us. Great to have you from Florida.

Wow, Kodiak, Alaska. And how it’s out there. Revere great view, Miami, Alberta.

Minnesota. Wonderful. tangelos, Tennessee.

Naples, Florida, Georgia. Love you too, from Great to have you from New Jersey, Vancouver. Also Maryland, upstate New York.

Wonderful. Bet 500 people coming in California. Thank you.

It was a big win today a big win for all of us a big win for the First Amendment a big win for truth. big win for freedom, and obviously a big win for health because without truth and free to make sure we can have out. So we’re gonna have a couple of guests joining with this.

But let me start today by a incredible day. Because we were very, very fortunate to have a judge, a federal judge in the court who actually cared about the First Amendment and was willing to be fair. And what I want to do today is to give you a overview of how we got to this court case, the big victory we had today, and the many more victories that we expect, as we go to different phases of this litigation.

And as people are joining in, I want to remind everyone that as many of you know, our US Senate campaign is escalated to a full loan writing campaign in Massachusetts. And if people want to know more, more about that you should go to Shiva for

We literally have about four days left in this campaign, today’s what the 30th 31st first, second, third, so four days left. And what’s important is that many of you know that they committed election fraud against us, which I’ve talked about, and I’ll summarize that, but we didn’t walk away, we didn’t run away and get depressed. We escalated it to doing what we call a write in campaign.

And that’s what we’re doing right now. And that writing campaign is progressing across Massachusetts, we have 1000s of volunteers who are out there putting, you know, the I think we we’ve distributed right now close to 1.5 million of these cards, you can see this it’s a stock election fraud, right and Dr.

Shiva, and we’re teaching people to write in, it’s an extraordinary campaign, because it’s become more than just a Senate campaign. It’s become a campaign for truth, freedom and health. It’s become a campaign that’s educating people, the only way we could succeed is by building a bottoms up movement.

And it’s also adding people as we’re talking about what I call the not so obvious establishment, meaning those people who keep us chained to the establishment, through having two faces on the left and a right. So those three pillars have become part of this movement. And we’re educating people across the world to recognize that the only way that we get freedom is not by them not by voting for them, but but us building a movement bottoms up.

And that movement needs to be based on pillars with truth and health. It needs to be founded in the recognition that working people need to unite beyond black and white. And then finally, it needs to recognize that the real enemies of people who distract us from building our own movement is not the establishment, but what we call the not so obvious establishment.

You have it on the right, and you have it on the left. And those people succor us back into the establishment scrimshaw. Rose wrote, I’m in you.

Excellent. So we have a couple of people joining us we have totally credit Jordan I just recently got Perry is Eric printer. I think so.

Crude is joining us. And we also have a couple of other people joining us. And Jen, and joining us, we’re gonna have a mixture of triple agent as we know her is joining us.

But we want to get people on because people are listening to our hearing. So what I wanted to give you the background, what happened today, why is this important, everyone? Well, the background of this, the history of this is, on September 1, we won the Republican primary on a landslide, as many of you know, 1000s of volunteers out there. We had 10s of 1000s of lawn signs and bumper stickers, hundreds and hundreds of people is standouts every day, all working people.

We raise tons of money. We have billboard ads, radio ads, and, and the opposition in the Republican primaries, a guy who no one knew about another dirty lawyer who helps white collar criminals. And this guy was backed by the rhino Democrat.

The rhino of Democrat, a governor of Cambridge of Massachusetts, who’s into forced vaccinations, he’s into lockdowns. And this governor essentially found some fools right for him right now to try to distract us to try to derail our movement. And in fact, what was fascinating was that we noticed was this guy was nowhere to be found on September 1, on the primary election day, what do we find? We find out that we went Franklin County, about nearly 10 points all hadn’t counted.

And in every other county, we lose 6040 6040 6040 6040. We didn’t concede the election because we knew election fraud took place on September 9, we then proceeded to do a public records request to the Secretary of State demanding ballot images. And why did we do that because when things are not hand counted, machine counted, the ballot that you fill out goes through a machine and a photograph is taken no different than your iPhone or Android.

That photograph is called a ballot image. That ballot image by federal law is a record that was generated and it should be retained for 22 months. However, we also noticed was in the software we discovered through some people have been working on this for many years and election integrity people like Ben Harris, John breaky Benny Smith, they discovered that the software and the systems and listened very carefully, can flip votes.

So if you got 100 votes, I got 100 votes, I can multiply your votes by let’s say three, and divide my votes by let’s say two. So I get 250 votes, and you end up getting 300 votes. Okay.

So that’s a weighted race feature. Now, when that happens, you don’t want the ballot images left. So because that’s that leaves a evidence.

So we asked for the ballot images in Massachusetts. And the other thing to remember is, in every state, every city in Massachusetts, we requested the count between how many people actually voted and the actual ballots of the seven cities which we got data back, every city had more votes, listen to this more votes and voters. Quite quite extraordinary.

And furthermore, when we went to the Secretary of State and we said, look, we want the ballot images, they told us that they have no ballot images. They don’t say that ballot images are generating music destroyed that and they said that Massachusetts law prohibits them from saving that. Okay, so basically, they deleted the ballot image, they destroyed them.

I tweeted that out, talked about it between September 1 September 24. And then bam, on September 25, when I shared the email exchanges between me and the Secretary of State’s legal counsel, where she is admitting that they have deleted destroyed these ballot images, and doesn’t give Massachusetts law basically acknowledging they violated federal law. I put those tweets up on Twitter, and bam, my entire Twitter account is banned for 14 days.

And to the best of my knowledge, that’s never occurred to me. And so we found that $1.2 billion federal lawsuit, and the lawsuit we filed was for First Amendment violation.

And what we asserted was at the Secretary of State contacted Twitter and induce them to violate my First Amendment. So we didn’t go after Twitter because they’re a private company. They can say, Oh, we can do what we want.

But in this case, it was a secretary of state that induced Twitter. Now, why is this important? Well, the first amendment was created primarily against all of us to protect us from government political speech. I’m a US Senate federal candidate.

You’re running for federal office, political speech is the most protected speech. Higher than government speech. Government speech does not Trump No.

Pun intended does not Trump political speech. So so we have Sandy, we have Jen. And we have Karina, all of whom are listening.

And I understand you guys were on the hearing. I didn’t even know you guys. Were there and just found out.

So and we have Jerry. Jerry was on the hearing. So Oh, yes.

Okay. Can someone send the link to Dr. Mania? He’s going to join us to Jen, can you send it to him? So that so what happened was we filed a lawsuit.

And by the way, it’s very difficult to find, unfortunately, lawyers in Massachusetts, will likely take on the establishment. And I have to end up representing myself. And I’ve never represented in any court, and this is federal.

It’s a federal court, we’re dealing with very serious people. And there were three lawyers who showed up on the other side. I’ve never been in a federal case.

And I had to learn quickly. Luckily, I had a lot of people who gave me a little piece of advice, I had to put it together. But what I want to share today, before I go, maybe we’ll get some impressions for people what they thought about it.

And then I’m going to share with you the heartbeat of this case, and it’s going to arm you with the fact that what just occurred was a landmark victory. And you know what, we don’t expect anyone in the media to pick it up. They’re not going to pick it up.

It’s us who asked to talk about this, because we have all of our the media, we are corrupt. Anyone who’s got this, you should be doing lives on it. What is it called a bunch of parties on it, you should be tweeting it out.

But let’s start with Sandy. Sandy, what did you think about the hearing we had today? And I’ll get into the details of what happened? Well, I thought it was very informative. I’ve never for actually experienced listening to anything like this.

But it was informative. And I thought that you represented yourself very well. You were articulate, and, and they helped me understand what the system is like.

Yeah, it was a big learning experience for me. Thank you, Sandy. What else do we have? Here we have Karina, you were there? Right? We’ll just get a quick thing from each person.

And then we’ll go and I’ll share with you what actually happened, Karina? Yeah, yes, I was there. I mean, it was quite fascinating to hear sort of the thought process the way that judge had walked through the case and consider all the questions. And it was really interesting, because he reiterated that he’s really not a Twitter user.

And he was just kind of trying to navigate, but it just kind of went to show how common sense, this whole situation is really, right. And you could get really convoluted and confused between, you know, different things. But at the end of the day, what it’s about is like you were saying, it’s about a marketplace of ideas, right, and you can’t mute anyone, or at least you should not be allowed to mute and you want especially when you are working for the government.

And you’re literally attempting to mute a private citizen, or even more so a federal candidate, right, or whatever public service candidate. So it was really quite quite interesting when you know, that I feel like the attorneys on the other side, were really trying to kind of confuse things. And I loved how the judge just really brought it all to the sort of essence of things.

And I thought he was a he did a great job just being very common sense and very pro public interest in his judgment. Excellent. Very good year, Dr.

Shiva. Yeah, you’re Yeah. So the one thing that that I got out about it was the the Judge Mark Wolf.

He was old school. And he made a decision, I think, early in the in the case, and he was letting the lawyer kind of, you know, actually kind of paint himself in a corner at the end. The lorry was squirming, you know.

And the other thing that I got out of it was when he asked and I can’t remember if it I think it was the woman who was in charge of Twitter, and also the council he asked him, well, rather than going to Galvin, why didn’t you guys just put out your own tweet, to counteract what you felt was false information. And that was very telling, because they really didn’t have an answer for that. And I think you got Got a lot of information that you’ll be able to use in the upcoming big case that you’re going to litigate.

Yeah, so to Jerry’s pump right over again, we filed the complaint, which had two parts. One part is we’re asking for the court to restrain the secretary of state from contacting his private entity, induce them to ban me on Twitter. Okay, so this is a very, very touchy thing, because Twitter has been getting away by saying, Hey, we’re a private entity, we can do whatever we want, right? We have our own rules of governance, where private company, a publicly traded company.

And here’s a government, which is not supposed to suppress the speech of private citizens, particularly in the midst of what we call a political campaign, because that becomes a political speech or for that matter, if you’re attacking the government, that’s considered political speech. And that’s why the First Amendment was created, that we could attack our government, we could say a lot of things. In fact, you are allowed even to say inaccurate things and in fact, false things against the government.

And in the marketplace of ideas that shouldn’t be adjudicated, not refereed by the government down. This is a very, very central point, which makes this country great. Other countries don’t have this other countries, the government says this, The king says this, or the Communist Party says this and you’re whacked.

What makes this country quite profound is that value for political speech? So to Jerry’s point, you know, the judges should various orders, you guys may not be aware of this, but there was various orders, we filed the case, we weren’t even sure if he was going to so there’s two parts of the case. One is what’s called a restraining order piece, which courts don’t like to issue, okay, because that means you’re making a position of restraining orders quite a big deal. And then the second part of it is the actual $1.

2 billion lawsuit. But that restraining order case is important because it basically the litmus test checking if you really have a real case, judges do not issue restraining orders unless one, you show that if the restraining order is not issued, that is going to cause you irreparable harm. That’s one of the litmus tests.

Second is that the risk of the issuance of the restraining order doesn’t cause the defendant, which means that people are opposing any luck, it doesn’t hurt them. And the third, which is a very important one, and there’s one other but I’m sort of compiling. The third one is that you have a very high likelihood of winning the case.

And if you remember guys, he said, you know, Dr. Shiva has a very high likelihood of winning the case, he said, it’s not going to really cause irreparable harm to the Secretary of State. Because our restraining order we’ve seen, we just want him to stop talking to Twitter during this election cycle.

So and then the other one was it was going to cause me ongoing, irreparable harm. And in studying this case, I had to learn a voluminous amount of literature has waned judges make decisions, is they’re using their judgment. But they’re also looking at past law.

I mean, a good job is looking at what the law says, like, what is the precedent that was set? So in this case, one of the interesting things and before I go to that, Jen, what did you think? Jennifer Bennett? Yes, so, yes to everything that everyone else has shared, but one of the moments I actually really loved was when they backed themselves into the corner of being relieved that the posts that they were alluding to that, you know, that of why, you know, they wanted it to why they contacted Twitter, relieved that it had been removed was the pros to actually on Twitter. So I thought that was pretty funny. Repeat that again.

So there was a post in particular, where they were trying to create this point, create confusion and chaos, right with being more, you know, specific on terms and this and that, and they were trying to base their argument on on the first primary post was the fact that you were sharing that 100,000 ballot images we believe are destroyed, you know, and is what you know, affected your loss in the primary, which we all know that you didn’t lose. And they were relieved. And they said they were relieved when it had been removed.

And so as this is happening right over like, No, it hasn’t, it’s still up on Twitter. So I thought that was pretty funny. Just like seeing them kind of squirm and realize that they one didn’t follow up on what they allegedly right were, you know, trying to build their case around.

And, you know, to I think they were relieved by the fact that the emails were removed, because that’s what they’re the most concerned about was that there was Yeah, well, so So you’re through now they were and they know by law, they have to keep waiting two months. It was interesting with this cases that it was interesting thing because the free speech issues interesting because Twitter is a publisher or platform, whatever you want to call them, right? It’s up to this big area of question. And Twitter’s claim to say, look, it’s we’re a private company, we can throw off people keep people, whatever we want.

Okay, so private company. So this has been a very, very important law. So if you have private entity, and here’s the government, the private entity can technically do whatever they want.

And that’s why Twitter gets away with throwing people off, etc. However, the nuance of this case was that the government and here’s me, a political candidate running for office, we use his Twitter as my megaphone to get the word out. And here, I’m being banned.

I mean, I put up close to 30,000 tweets over 10 years. I can’t remember anytime I was taken down for 14 days or, you know, attack like this. But the instant the Secretary State contacted Twitter, is what suffer 14 bit, you know, over multiple weeks back.

So this was a case we had to present to the court that the the entity called the state induced Twitter to do this, because we weren’t suing Twitter, we sued the state. And this is what makes us a very landmark case, because in this new territory of social media and Twitter, this is the first case that where we have the state the government and told no, you cannot do that you cannot induce a private company to stop political speech. It’s a landmark case I’m telling you I have Deray versus Galvin will be the landmark case that has cited for a long time.

So one of the first things that I had to prove is that the Secretary’s liability for Twitter’s act. And what’s interesting with this case is there’s a very famous Aesop Fable, which is about a monkey may know this, there’s, uh, you know, I think there’s chestnuts roasting on a fire, and a monkey wants to grab that chestnut, but it’s hot. So what he does is he convinces a cat to go take that chestnut away, okay, and the cat burns his paws.

And the it’s so the monkey basically induced the cat to go steal the chestnut. Okay, so the cat commit time the monkey gets away. However, a very famous Supreme Court case took place, which was called styled versus I think style versus bring it up.

Yeah, styled S T. Au beaver proctor Hospital, where this cats law by liability was brought up that said that another even though somewhat one person did the actual crime, that you could attribute the liability to another person. So for example, in a company, let’s say there’s an employee, and there’s a boss, and then the boss doesn’t like the employee, and tells management in a similar way up or even another employee to fire that person.

Right? The the ruling was that that employee, not only can they sue the boss, they can actually sue the other individual, okay? The other individual becomes the monkey. And the other company becomes what’s called the cat’s paw guys following what I’m saying. So it’s called Cats call liability.

So in this case, what we said was that, that the cat here was Twitter. And doing the bidding is a prime was the proxy for actually the Secretary of State. And so that was a framework, we lay down and the judge had asked us to review a case called Blum vs.

Jarecki, which is about who do you actually sue? Do you sue the cat? Or do you sue? The monkey? Okay. It’s very interesting case. So he wanted us to discuss that which I discussed in detail.

And he was frankly, very pissed off with this Harvard trained lawyer, who was my opposing counsel here. I’ve never trained, and he said, you know, you’ve got 10 days to talk about this. And you didn’t even bring up the details of this case.

And if you remember that, and oh, yeah, yeah. So, again, I think you have the hubris of these guys. They didn’t think, you know, we were going to argue it well, but that was one of the first parts of the case that is to show that the Secretary of State was the actual proxy.

Okay. That I’m sorry that Twitter was simply a proxy, the real person driving all this was the Secretary of State. And what we found that in the midst of the testimony, this is going to be quite alarming to everyone and should be that the Council for the Secretary of State admits that not only Did they contact Twitter and file a complaint? But there’s also a national organization called the National Association.

Where do they go secretaries, election divisions or some National Association of State election directors and SED and the person that did that at Massachusetts is the president elect. And this organization has a high priority Twitter partnership. In fact, Massachusetts Election Division has it Twitter Partnership, which means they can when they call up Twitter, Twitter jumps, that’s when they remember that woman, Deborah O’Malley said they jump.

Right. It’s a hotline. So that further showed that the Secretary of State can induce Twitter, because Twitter is under all this pressure about election misinformation.

Right. So when when the Secretary of State calls them, it’s not just like you, were I calling them up? You remember that? I know. That was one of the important points that came out that they have a higher status.

You remember that? Yeah, I certainly did. Yeah. So we were talking about this.

So that was quite extraordinary. So we so I think we showed that because we address this very particular case around that. The second thing, by the way, they wrote back, you know, I literally have to go this through this last night, because at the at 4pm is when they sent their opposition brief.

Okay, which was a 30 page brief that I had to read through. And in their brief, they cited all this law. The second thing they said was, well, we’re the government.

Shiva can’t attack the First Amendment rights of the government that the government here protect you, right? We see Shiva putting out election misinformation. So we have a right to stop that. Well, here’s the problem.

So we had argued the issue of government speech cannot Trump political speech. And that was a second piece. And one of the interesting things was there was a very interesting case on took place in Massachusetts, which is called Commonwealth vs.

Melissa Lucas, in which there were two candidates running, Melissa Lucas was running against another candidate. And she had said, you know, what are some statements which this candidate said were absolutely false, and he filed criminal charges against her? Well, and they passed in the first lower court, but then the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, which, by the way, is the oldest court in the country. overruled, they are no political campaign, we can say anything, because it’s a marketplace of ideas.

So what we argued here was that government speech cannot supersede political speech. I’m a candidate running for political office, I should be able to say whatever the hell I want, including lies and misinformation and false. In my case, we weren’t saying lies, we were saying the ballot images were deleted, they were destroyed, they’re violating federal law.

So that was a second piece, and that, that their government speech trying to suppress political speech is against the law. Okay. And in their brief, they were actually talking about the intelligence community, how the intelligence community is concerned about, you know, election misinformation.

So that was the second thing we showed. And then the third thing, which is very interesting was they were trying to get our entire case thrown out. I don’t remember that they know, on what’s called 11th.

Amendment immunity. The 11th Amendment says that in federal court, you can’t sue state officials. And moreover, you can’t sue them.

If there’s not some impending future, you can’t actually ask for a restraining order. If there’s anything about your tweets prospectively. So we had to argue no, I’m in an election campaign.

They’ve already banned me on Twitter because of the state’s actions. And they and anytime I put up a tweet, which I command again, anything talking about those emails or referencing the those emails or the in fact loss of boom, take away and and the election is still not over. That means I’m still could suffer irreparable harm.

So that was the next thing we had to show. But those are the three things and the government speech cannot supersede political speech. That the state induced Twitter they it’s not Twitter was acting alone.

We basically showed that the Twitter you know, would not have done this on their own because of dog whistle election. misinformation is Twitter’s waiting on that. And especially if the Elections Division of the Secretary of State tells them they’re gonna jump and do it, and that’s what they did.

And then the third part of it was the event that it wasn’t something that was already passed. So I don’t know if you guys got all that. I don’t know if you want to say what you thought about it.

You were on the call the whole day. I understand. Yeah, I mean, there were so many things about that, that were so revealing, and, frankly, alarming from, you know, the state insinuating that we’re just little all Massachusetts, we just did a little report and Twitter can do whatever it wants.

That’s up to them to later on them revealing that, oh, we were actually a quote, Twitter partner, that they actually Twitter has a backdoor with special hotline from the state to ultimately I thought, what was the climax of that? Which is when the judge asks Michel tessari, the Council for Galvin? Did you ever think about actually instead of calling up Twitter, maybe just tweeting on your own refuting whatever craziness to Dr. Shiva is is is your alleging he’s doing? And she goes, No. And then he asks very carefully and quietly, why not? And she says, I don’t know.

So the state doesn’t know why they should just use the First Amendment and refute what Dr. Shiva is saying, if they disagree. What they actually would rather do is to take their whip, and just go call Twitter and say, hey, you need to stop him.

And they have a hotline. And what was revealed was that there is a entire national organization, all secretaries of state work with and Michelle fastener is the president elect of that President Elect. And my point was that Twitter did not delete that tweet that went viral, but Right, the day that they call, and why did they delete me, let’s get into the essence of this.

This is what’s really, really important. It was a content of my tweet was content suppression. And this is one of the most important is against the First Amendment.

I had tweeted, emails, clearly exposing the fact that the Secretary of State and violated had violated federal law. You see, they didn’t really care if I’m being a quote unquote, loose cannon talking about election fraud, they were fine either, like I need I gotta keep Shiva as a crazy guy claiming you lost the election. Right.

But when I shared those four tweets, and John, showing that the Secretary of State is admitting that they did not capture quote, unquote, did not storage means eg ie deleted ballot images, and I have those emails, that’s when I became disastrous to Secretary Galvin. So that’s why they didn’t care about those other tweets, but those four tweets and everything after that, they whipped Twitter to delete. And I’m sure when we go to this, when we go to discovery, I can’t wait to see those emails come out between test scenarios and the National Association.

So they’re probably deleting those emails right now. Okay. But the point is this, that this is a huge landmark victory, I believe this will be referred to because we’re in the nascent stages still of social media.

But this is the first case to the best of our knowledge, where a judge has ordered a state actor to say no, you cannot, you cannot induce a private social media company to suppress the political speech of a candidate, which is government speech, thinking it can trump political speech, that’s really the essence of this. And there Yeah, I mean, this is this is so momentous. I want the audience to understand how momentous This is.

Because that because the the usual tripe is always well, Twitter’s a private company, Twitter can do whatever it wants. No, not exactly. Twitter is a public forum in the 21st century, Twitter, Facebook, these social media groups are public forum.

And this is an instance in which the judge is saying that you cannot as a state block somebody who is using a public forum, that’s a violation of the First Amendment. That that is that’s the actual definition of fascism, when the state uses some corporate entity to execute its bidding. Yeah.

Yeah, one of them is even more interesting. veiners. Even better than that, because Twitter claims they’re not a public forum.

They’re a private company. Okay. This is even better than that.

This is the judge has ruled that the government cannot induce a private firm, okay. Because they’re private. They could claim this is not a public forum.

Okay. This is why this is the subtlety of this is really needs to be understood. Twitter has been getting away saying they’re a private entity, okay.

In the Blum versus here Redsky case, the reason the judge had us review that which by the way the opposing counsel didn’t even review is that there was a person who was in a nursing home, and the nursing home decides to move them from one site to another site, okay. And the the person who didn’t want that done, the nursing home, even though they were paying money to Medicaid, okay to do all this, saying that the nursing home was being induced by the state and the state was an arm. I’m sorry, the nurse was an owner of the state, and it got thrown out in by the Supreme Court, because they said, look, the nursing home can do whatever they want.

Okay. That’s like the private entity. So had I sue Twitter, that’s what they would have said, Oh, they’re a private entity, they can do what they want.

So what we did was we went after the state, because what we were saying was, ah, the state had induced this private company. Okay, this is very different. The the issue is not about public for me.

But the issue is that even in the case of a private entity, the state this is a CAPS call the state use Twitter as its cat’s paw. Okay, the state was a monkey monkeying around, telling Twitter what to do, okay, telling Twitter to go grab that chestnut, you see what I’m saying? The cat’s paw, which means commit a crime. But this with had the state not been involved, this private entity would not have been done.

So that’s nothing to do with public farm. Okay. The more important issue here is that it has to do with the fact that a government induced a private entity and in order to show that that’s why I mean, we went into it strong, but we came out even stronger because Deborah Rommel in order was admitted that they also have this other like, it’s not only they induced, but they have a really big channel.

They have like a hotline, a bat, bat, bat phone, they have a backbone to Commissioner Gotham here. Okay, you know, Batman here, okay. They’re like Commissioner Gotham, can whatever commissioner and board, okay, they can directly call Batman and tell them anything to do.

They have the backbone, and that backbone is what they call their Twitter partnership. So I thought it was I thought we left out even stronger man. And I think I think everyone, every state, everyone listening should understand the reason this is important is, you know, a government official can say I don’t like Kareena speech.

You know, she’s saying quote unquote, election misinformation. This is no different than how a fascist works. Oh, that person is against the state.

shut him down. Okay. Election misinformation is what they branded me on.

But it had nothing to do with election misinformation. That was a dog whistle for the fact that I exposed Galvin violating the federal law by deleting his office deleting those ballot images. That’s what this was about.

This, that and still about that. The election integrity issues are what they did not want to come out. That’s and in fact, to let everyone know we put out I just want to share with everyone, we put out a press release.

By the way, we tried to put this out on PR Newswire PR Newswire doesn’t even accept our press release. That’s the level of censorship that’s going on. I just put it out.

They say oh, we can’t hear stuff about the walk isn’t doing its content. And I don’t know who owns PR Newswire. So that’s why we have to build our own platform, the bottoms that we just got this by the way, guys, just like right before, that’s why it’s a little bit late.

So this is we go direct, as we’ve always learned, so this federal judge orders Massachusetts Secretary of State William F Galman, to stop contacting Twitter and violating Dr. Chivas First Amendment. And what we say here is Judge Marco wolf of US District Court issued an order at 3:30pm October 13 2020, declaring Massachusetts Secretary of State Gavin Watson shall not report or complaint to Twitter concerning the tweets from plaintiff because this is huge.

First one is here’s the first time a judge is saying to his to a state, you cannot contact a private entity and tell them to shut down a private citizens tweets. Second, he said that they shall also ask this interesting sort of dark media entity not to report or complained to Twitter concerning any tweets. And the third is he’s essentially enforcing the First Amendment.

This is what’s interesting. Everyone is saying if the defendant believes that any tweet or communication by plaintiff is false or misleading, then you get on Twitter and do your own thing. Why the hell are you shutting down speech? This is probably one of the most powerful victories but because he’s saying, Look, I’m going to enforce the first, the First Amendment, you can’t just be going around doing whatever the hell you want.

And using your bathroom or whatever your, your, you know, backbone, right to call Batman or in this case, Twitter. So this was a huge victory. And so we just have to get it out to everyone out there.

Share this with everyone. And remember, this is what real fighters do our campaign the people Karina vedo, Jerry, Jen, and we have 1000s of people like this and all of you listening right here, we have built our movement for truth, freedom and how we’re saying working people must unite beyond black and white, we’re talking about bottoms up movement. And that’s what scares them.

Because it is a bottoms up movement, that exposed lack of oxygen intake. Now often this did that. The rhinos in the Democrats, I’m sure they’ve known this crap goes on.

But it was us us when I mean us working people, all of you out there who supported the campaign who come out our videos who’ve donated to us, all of our volunteers are amazing, runs our call center. Jerry, who’s out there pounding on signs everyday Karina who’s out there giving away cards helping us organize Jen, who supports us all volunteers, by the way. We’re not political hacks.

There’s a lawyer there. And by the way, I presented myself to those of you joining, we didn’t have to pay a lawyer. I actually talked to a lawyer, he wanted me to give him $1.

5 million, you know, and he wanted me to give him $100,000 retainer, okay. We presented ourselves and a bunch of lawyers are saying, Are you going to lose, you can’t win this 11th amendment, blah, blah, blah, immunity, etc. We in fact, fired one of them.

Okay, complete dope of a lawyer. A fool. Okay.

So I think it’s very important. We all start learning why may even just go to law school just to learn this stuff. Okay.

Well, we’ll talk about it. But the bottom line is that our movement for truth, freedom and health is what this is all about. This is about us recognizing To hell with the establishment to hell with these flunkies, you know, left or right and by Donald Trump was not left to right.

He wasn’t a Democrat or Republican, he was Trump, he hijacked the Republican Party, he make fun of quote, unquote, establishment Republicans. But if you go to the website, everyone noticed that we’re writing in, you can donate to the causes, you remember, anyone who donates to this cause, by the way, we want to train all of you to be truthful, and health warriors, we need an enlightened group of people, we need people to understand the principles of systems, you need to understand that your body is a system. And anyone who donates to us gets access to the book, you get access to a very powerful tool called your body, your system, which helps you under apply systems principles to your own body, understanding what kind of body you are that set red dot, how you deviate from your body, and how you can use the inputs of food and supplements and exercise to bring you back to you.

So this campaign is not just some ordinary political campaign, it’s a movement. And we’re not stopping here. We’re gonna, by the way, have a massive victory party on November 3, right Greena big victory party, and everyone is invited.

And if you guys want to learn more about it, so right to the website right here, Jerry, there’s the master of ceremonies on it. But you can go right to the website here. And you can click on the events right here.

And if you go right here, it’s at 9pm. We’re calling the truth freedom help victory party is held on November 3, it starts at 9pm to 12pm. Midnight seven one by the way, it’s a big protest action to protest against election fraud and peaceful protests.

And you can RSVP right here Shiva let me go that thank you. Karina. Let me go right here and share with you the truth for to help victory party so you can go right here, and it’s on Shiva consent.

If you click on Events. me go back here if you click on Events, Thank you, Michelle. And if you click on truth, freedom in how barkery to 9pm So we’re hosting it on election night, but to us it no longer matters what they do.

It’s what we do. So that’s what we want to celebrate. It’s a victory on November 3, we’re celebrating if you want to RSVP, click here and Jen the event brights is all set up right.

So we set it up the tickets are gonna go fast. You know $10 suggested donation, suggested donation, and please join us it’s gonna be massive. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.

And it’s a peaceful protest. Okay. We don’t force enforce masks or any of that nonsense.

Okay, boost immunity build community. That’s one of our goals. The invite way tomorrow we’re doing a big rally in lemon stir a big rolling rally Shiva and Trump rolling rally.

A lot of the working people in central mass. And if you want to know more about that, let me bring that up. If you go to the events section, they go here my the right place, which on my end, yeah.

Let’s see. Is that the one I’m on? Do you see my cursor moving guys? Yes. Yeah.

So can you go back to events here, everyone, and you click on tomorrow at 8am I’ll be out there we’re having in lemon stir mall at Whitney feel 100 Commercial Road rolling rally October 31. Saturday at 10am. So you can look that up.

And, and we had a great one last time. And we encourage everyone to join us. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.

But let me bring back everyone else. Anyone else? You guys closing comments? Mayo, Jen, Jerry. I would like I Heba I think he made him look like to just remind everyone that you did an excellent job, you’re like, Goodwill Hunting, you’re like, you’re like, well, and goodwill.

Thank you. You’re a great prospect. I you know, I learned a lot.

I mean, this was, you know, I normally do not get nervous speaking. But it was a very interesting position to be in because I had to take all of this law stuff, which I’m totally new to be able to express it and then speak in front of a federal judge. I mean, these guys are like, I don’t want to say they’re like gods, but they frankly, a federal judge can do whatever they want.

They have sort of achieved a level in their career, that they’re really can do whatever they want. In many ways, they’re bound to one. So they have a lot of freedom, Jen.

Yeah, I just wanted to add them in, remind everyone to connect with you directly to go to Shiva for Give your information so they can stay up to date on everything that’s happening, or go to VA shiva.

com, as well, to get access to all your great science and your lectures. Because unfortunately, across the board, you know, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, are making it harder and harder for you to have access to the truth. So just connect with Dr.

Shiva directly. And then you don’t have to worry about that. And you can get are there John, I think we lost him.

You know, that we all need to be especially heading into the winter months. Yeah, one of the things we’re going to be announcing so everyone, on November 3, join us we are going to be escalating this movement, we’ve had phase one where we ran in the primary phase two where we’re doing our write in, but it’s not going to stop phase three is going to in fact be more energized, more exciting than even what we’re doing that we’re gonna escalate this movement, locally, nationally, and globally. The truth freedom and health party, which we’re going to have on November third is going to escalate, it’s going to escalate and struggling to provide you education.

It’s going to start educating we want to ascend to we don’t want followers like social media, as we want leaders. My goal is just essentially an educator, I happen to be able to do that reasonably well. My goal is to educate each one of you to become leaders in your community.

And my view is that in order to become leaders, you need three pieces of curriculum. Otherwise, you’re going to be an adolescent politics talking about Republican Democrat splitting the votes. This is like childish, frankly, nonsense, okay, I want to elevate you and become make you much more politically enlightened human beings.

And you need to understand some political physics. So the political physics or you’re going to learn three pieces of knowledge. One is the dynamics of truth, freedom and health, which is system that systems thinking, which we offer through your body, your system, and your, you know, the system and revolution book, etc.

And then I want to start training people to do learn, teach and serve. So we have a program I’ve created through my systems Health Institute, which we anyone who donates over $50 or more guests, that it’s a certification program, where you get trained in these very powerful theories, and then I give you tools, so you can go educate others, because I want to have sparks of light, you know, beacons of light everywhere. So you guys are mobilizing people bottoms up.

But you do need to know political theory that can be no revolution without a revolutionary theory. Okay. And that revolutionary theory is the essence of truth, freedom and health, the essence of understanding what I call the bottoms up movement.

People need to get this you can’t trust media, don’t go relying that your success is governed on being on Fox News. It’s bottoms up, bottoms up, bottoms up, and the future is offline. And you’ll hear more about this.

The future is offline. The future is us connecting with other human beings, the future is not going to be online. Because online is controlled by The few offline we connect with human beings, we laugh, we go to rallies, we hand out these cards, our volunteers have known the power of handing out this little one less than one penny, three and a half inch to two inch cards, they meet people that connect with people, and they become humans.

Okay? The establishment wants all of you going online. The World Health Organization is encouraging parents to have their kids play video games all day, go look it up. Because when you’re online, four or five people can control you can control billions, this is what they want.

They want billions to be controlled online. So if you’re on Twitter, Facebook, etc, you can be controlled, but you know what they can’t control you if you’re doing and hanging out with your neighbors. And on that end, that’s what they want to control.

They want us to wear masks, do social distancing, you see they’re trying to screw us from both sides, push you online, so they can watch you and keep you away from human beings. And what we’re saying is you don’t like connect with another human being this right in campaign is quite subversive, frankly, okay? This is a raise your mighty pen, which is a sword and right in Dr. Shiva percent of it’s not just about me, it’s about you recognizing that we need to reconnect with being human.

That’s what this is about. Because these voting systems, you can’t rely on them. I’m telling you, as a technologist, one person can flip the switch, you can’t rely on Twitter, or the fact that the Secretary of State can make one phone call.

And after 10 years and never been banned like that they can ban me, what does that tell you? We have no freedom. And so we need to really gel with that. If you don’t gel with that.

If you’re like, Well, I don’t know, well, you’re screwed, okay? You’re screwed. Those who get it or not people in our campaign, get it. And that’s what we want to educate you on.

And that’s what we’re going to do. So phase three is coming. And we’re going to destroy the establishment.

It’s just a matter of time. We have the framework, and we put a lot of work in but they need to be destroyed. These people are evil.

They all work together. Right? They’re throttling my audio. That’s why as Jennifer said, be ready.

You know, I’m a technologist, you know, I can build better stuff than the school, you know, Dorsey and all these guys. All right, they just got lucky because they all hang out in their incestuous crowd on Sand Hill Road, or in Hollywood, where they whatever with each other, okay. But just like we showed today, a guy with no law degree experience beat three lawyers.

Because it’s about working people. It’s about hard work and fighting. That’s what we got to do.

We got to fight, fight, fight. Anything else, guys? Yeah, by the way, donate whatever money you can. But remember, when you donate to us, I’m not here to take your money.

We’re here to educate you. And we’re going to explosively grow this movement, we need to destroy the establishment left and right. Hey, should I play for people some of the latest video and closer? Events page? Is it on the events page on the video slot? Do you want the the rally the rolling rally from last week? Let me play you the video.

quickly reset the Charles Baker. And then what do you guys think? Great. Yeah.

It’s great. Yeah, just sometimes it gets delayed, you know. So I think that’s only Sure.

But I’ll I’ll post the link also under the live so let me just share generally I do from YouTube. I think I do from YouTube. They’re all Yeah.

For everyone. In closing, you’re going to play a couple of videos for you. And play three videos, and I think you’ll like them.

And this was we have two ads running right now in Massachusetts. So let me play this one. This one by the close is Dr.

Shiva. This is about exploit exposing what I call the rhino Democrat mob. Let me play that for everyone here.

And this we just ran this on YouTube. So let me play this. Here we go.

Hello, this is Dr. Shiva. Remember to write a Dr.

Shiva for us. Charlie Baker is once again rigging our US Senate elections. So his Rhino and Democratic friends stay in power.

He just endorsed a rhino whose law on defense white collar criminals. This said he’s excited to bring Charlie Baker’s brand to Washington. What is that brand lockdowns, destruction of small businesses, seniors dying alone, forced vaccinations, crumbling roads, bridges and trains and Remember, Charlie Baker hates President Trump.

That’s the brand Baker’s designated loser wants to bring to Washington. Remember, Charlie Baker paste residential, that’s the bread. And Baker’s designated loser wants to bring to Washington designated I’m not sure what’s going on with that, yeah, blocking all my comments huh, I posted the links under your life.

And it says try again. And I’m trying again, but it’s not letting me post okay, why anyway, everyone go to their Yeah, go to YouTube. Go to YouTube.

You can go look at the videos. But the bottom line, what’s what’s occurred here is that is that we didn’t back away, we’re escalating the movement. And all of us, all of you out there, you’re all part of this, this is your movement.

And all of you should feel very, very proud of yourselves. Because what by by being part of this, what you’re saying is that you believe in yourself, that you’re willing to stop your brainwashing, you’re walking away, not from the Democratic Republicans, you’re walking away from the nonsense and you’re saying I’m going to reconnect with myself, community locally, offline, being human again. And that’s what this movement is about working people united.

And that’s why people are coming in droves. And that’s why, as Jen said, People brought us because you see, we get ice to get what, 80 100 300,000 views across town with 6000 views. But you’ll see so many comments.

Okay. So that’s a level of fear they have. So it’s quite extraordinary.

But anyway, to have that November 3, join us in Cambridge for the peaceful protests. Okay, against election fraud, aka November 3, truth, freedom and help party. So join us there and tomorrow we’re having a big rally in Lancaster, you can find out about it and everyone get out there and let everyone know to write in Dr.

Shiva for US Senate writer, Dr. Shiva for US Senate. It’s more than a campaign to political movement for truth, freedom and help beyond black and whites are working people unite.

And as you’ve seen, I will fight for you and for educating other people to learn how to fight. We want to have millions of warriors for truth, freedom to help not followers, warriors, if we create a social media platform, it’s going to be called leaders, not followers. Okay? We want to have lots and lots of leaders.

So they learn, teach and serve. That’s what we want. We don’t want followers, we want leaders I’d rather have 10 very enlightened leaders then, you know, 100,000 people who were thinking the Democrats or Republicans or their saviors, who think Tucker Carlson or some fool on CNN is gonna save them.

You know, we don’t want those kinds of people because it’s just, it’s a dead end. It’s not going anywhere. Okay, so we need to rise up and believe in ourselves and reconnect with our communities.

Anyway, everyone. Yes, I was just gonna say some something, you know, to, to people like myself, right, who just for the longest time just didn’t use to vote at all. I mean, if there was ever a really good reason to vote, it’s like, This is it.

This is the movement that is absolutely worth your time and effort to just get out and vote, even if you have to stand in line for the first time. And you’re gonna wonder what in the world, you really are making huge difference. And, I mean, in my in my dream, you know, scenario, I’m just imagining that people actually waking up from all this nonsense that they seen with all the censorship and just clear, clear assault on our freedoms, and they just, you know, just say, you know, what, I’m going to break the pattern, and I’m gonna get out and vote and maybe we’ll get like, a million extra people voting this year, then maybe in all the previous years in Massachusetts, and I feel like that would be such a victory, that people were moved to go and vote not because, you know, their mother always voted or you know, some other like, you know, default setting, right? There’s so many people say, oh, you know, I was born into a family that always voted Democrat or Republican.

Right. So I feel like this if there was ever a time to do a big conscious consciousness shift, right and actually get out and vote for the right things right for election integrity for you know, real science for you know, for just the I mean, all day, all the freedoms that we should have and are just losing intros. It looks like I mean, this is the time so please don’t take it lightly.

If you registered to vote, just do it. If Thank you, Karina, and beno VEDA runs, you know, Venmo is a incredible Doctor down in Texas, he has a full time job as a doctor, as Jerry worked full time as Jen works full time, Freedom works full time, all of us to man has been talking to lots and lots of people on the phone 1000s of phone calls. And we’re seeing at least you know, 30 40% of people saying they’re gonna write in us, at least and there’s another 20% of people, I decided, this is why the establishment is so afraid.

They’re afraid because they will they’re in this air. And that’s why they’re colluding so much. That’s why you’re seeing the complete consolidation of power between the private entities and the state.

That’s what you’re seeing. That’s what we just bought today. So that’s, that’s we’re witnessing anything else? Yes, very excited.

It’s very, very exciting. We are part our movement is the new renaissance is the enlightenment. If you want light going through through the mouth, if you want darkness and you believe in sort of this gray area of muck, I feel I feel free.

Okay. But most of the people out here have already made their decision. So anyway, I want to encourage everyone to again, be the light and let’s keep up the fight.

You guys stay on. Thank you, everyone be well. Thanks, Doctor.

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