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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, Candidate for President of the United States, shares the real conspiracy is to DEMORALIZE working people never to build a Bottom’s-Up Movement.

Transcript Below.

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All right, everyone. Good evening. Good afternoon. Good morning to wherever you are. This is Dr Shiva. Today we’re doing our town hall and our town hall is going to be on an interesting topic. It’s going to be on the topic of bring it up. You know that the fact that there’s a real conspiracy and that’s we’re going to talk about.

Hi, Emily. I’m coming in. Okay, so I’m just also streaming this live and I have to do my have to do something weird here. I’m going to show you guys my screen, but the talk that I want to give today is what is the real conspiracy people want to discount the fact that there is any conspiracy when I’m telling you what I want to share with you today.

Is a real conspiracy that’s going on in the world to everyone on social media. This is the town hall that we do every Thursday. And we have about a couple about 100 plus people on our private. Zoom call here I think Emily, I’m going to crank up the volume. So the volume from here should go elsewhere.

But what I want to talk about is that there is a real conspiracy. And what my goal is is 1st of all, before I go there, I want to thank Emily, Chris and the others are leaders who. Volunteer help run these meetings and really give the structure to these meetings and these open houses occur.

Every Thursdays at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. At 11 a. m. it’s typically for Europe. The 8 p. m. one is fundamentally for the United States and people out of Asia Pacific people. I believe it or not. We have a number of people from New Zealand in that region in Southeast Asia, but every Thursdays we run these meetings and 11 a.

m. and 8 p. m. And my discussions on these meetings, there’s no scripting here. It’s typically based on events that are taking place to give an analysis but more to inspire all of you why the future is really up to you and you have a huge opportunity. To get educated with what we’ve created the theory, the community the many events we do.

We have Mondays. We do this massive to at 11 a. m. and at 7 p. m. Emily and her team we bring together other students to teach the class. So it’s a 3 hour class. 8 p. m. to 7 p. m. So no one has no excuse not to attend these classes where you really learn systems theory. And then we have leadership meetings on Saturdays and we do Thursdays, two meetings.

So it’s lots and lots of events taking place that has really come out bottoms up. But what I want to really talk about today is this notion of what is the real conspiracy? Not talking about aliens. I don’t want to talk about Tucker Carlson talking about, 9 11, many decades later, I want to talk about something that’s relevant here and now.

And I want to focus people on what yesterday was about. Some people may know that yesterday was something called May Day. Okay. And in the rest of outside of the United States working people get the day off. So 1. 6 billion people in India get the day off. Okay. All over Africa, people get the day off.

In Europe, and why is that? May 1st commemorates working people, which means people actually work for a living, their struggles, and more importantly, their historical struggles against fascism against imperialism, et cetera. It’s really important to understand that many people in the United States, unfortunately, do not know because of the.

Incredible amount of propaganda that American working people are subjugated to every microsecond is that mayday may 1st international workers day was created to commemorate. For American workers who were hanged in the riots that emerged in Haymarket Square, Chicago, where American working people were fighting for the 8 hour workday.

So these 4 gentlemen were hanged. Because they fought for the 8 hour workday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 7 workers were shot by the National Guard fighting for the 8 hour workday. These were very fundamental workers rights. And that those events were part of what was known as a great upheaval in American history.

The great upheaval started around the 1800s and went all the way to the early 1900s. This was the movement, the independent is a clear word. These people were not owned by the Kennedys or the Rockefellers or the Carnegie’s. They weren’t funded by Zionists. They they were fundamentally independent working people like all of us here on this call today who gathered together and they realized something was wrong and they exercise their rights to mobilize people.

Bottoms up. This was American workers and those movements led to incredible victories and gains. Which have been purposely and intentionally wiped out of American history. So if you have the 8 hour workday, if you have infrastructure today, if we got water and food and basic education, elimination of child labor, you can list 100 different things.

Highways, roads, plumbing, electricity, all this kind of stuff. This didn’t just occur. This occurred because the working people like you and I were at a point in history where it’s hard to believe, but people were starting to work at four or five years old. And they would work sometimes 20 hour days.

This was not rare. The elites, the swarm, as I call them, frankly, didn’t care about these people. They subjugated them. They were treated brutally. This was in the United States. And for that matter, throughout the world, but it was a force of the American working class, which exercise its rights, bottoms up, not being controlled by controlled opposition.

And they built these very powerful movements. And those movements resulted in every game that you have today. It’s really important to understand that. Okay. And these historic and heroic people’s efforts.

Were targeted by the elites targeted to be wiped out of American history. This is why 99. 99 percent of Americans do not even know that May Day International Workers Day was commemorating those four American workers who were hanged for fighting for the 8 hour workday. So throughout the world, May Day Yesterday was celebrated, except in the United States, starting in 1962, it was changed by Eisenhower to become Law Day, L.

A. W., which means the force of American law, covered in constitutional rights, but it was really about a slap in the face. To those American working people who fought and were commemorated for International Workers Day or May Day. The United States government and the swarm through a PR campaign, if you go look at the history of it, the guy who did this was a member of the public relations department of the American Bar Association at that time.

And he came up with this idea. Basically, the goal was to wipe out May Day and they covered it in a, some chocolate covered candy, which was to say, oh, Law Day represents our fight for the Constitution. That had nothing to do with that. It was propaganda that was created to make sure that we wiped out Of the American psyche, the concept of the American working class rising up now, 10 years before that, in the 1950s, one has to understand that it was McCarthy who created the McCarthy era, the red scare, which was to brand all of these bottoms up movements as communist movements being run out of Russia when it was absolutely not true.

These were bottoms up movements. So think about what we’re looking at here, what I’m saying, that the elites in this country saw what happened when you and I and others, like those on this call, independently organized with our own leaders, with people like me and Chris and Emily and Crystal and others, we organized independently, we chose our heroes, not fake heroes, not Kennedy’s, not Trump’s, not Biden’s, not Obama’s, we’re all basically selected.

But we chose our own heroes, which is based on meritocracy, our movement, people who are here who’ve been, who’ve earned their leadership position in their states. It wasn’t like I said, Oh, Emily’s my friend. Chris is my friend. No, these people have shown through their works and their deeds.

learning the material, doing the work on the ground, that they deserve leadership positions. This is a bottoms up movement. And everyone on this call either were hard working and they’re retired or still work today. They have full time jobs. We are truly a movement by the people for the people. Okay.

There’s no paid political hacks here. So that’s how those movements were. And the left and the right, starting in the 1950s, Wanted to wipe out of the they wanted to wipe out. Oops, let me bring this back. They wanted to wipe out of American history, the reality of what took place, but they had to because the American working class.

Has these very powerful rights. Other people in other parts of the world don’t have these rights. People in India don’t have these rights. They actually accept the fact. They don’t have free speech and they’re okay with it. Yeah. But the American working people have these rights, and they can’t take away those rights.

So what they did was they decided they would invest lots and lots of money and time and energy in demoralizing the American working class. That is what has been going on. This is a real conspiracy. The central feature of this demoralization, this conspiracy, is to make sure that the American working people do not independently organize.

Not in quote, unquote, independent, like bullshit, boobie effing Kennedy was not an independent candidate. He’s deep state. He’s of the swarm by the swarm. He is part of an organized crime family. I’m talking about people like me and you organizing independently bottoms up. They do not want these movements because they saw what occurred in the 1800s people in the United States mobilize.

So there was a deliberate effort to make sure that this was evaporated, eviscerated out of the history books. And replace history. They talk about Stalin. Think about what the American Swarm did. They replaced May Day with Law Day. It gets even more interesting when we bring it to just 24 to 48 hours ago.

What happened 24 to 48 hours ago? I did a couple of videos on this, the United States House of Representatives in a vote of 320 to 91, quite an enormous majority passed a bill, which is on its way to becoming a law. And in that bill, this is on Mayday, they are, they have decided that they’re going to now.

Use the definition of anti Semitism created by an organization called the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, IHRA. This is one of the most Zionist organizations on the planet. The House of Representatives, the so called right wing house which cares about freedom of speech, supposedly, all Republican controlled majority, voted more than unanimously.

Democrats came against this bill, saying it was against freedom of speech, the quote unquote woke Democrats. And what are they saying in this bill? In order to understand this bill, you have to go back to December. If you remember, on October 7th, when the so called Hamas attack took place, On Israel, by the way, it was our movement that exposed right away that Hamas was created by Israel for many years.

In fact, if you go back to the economist issue, the issue of the economist and newspaper, sorry. A magazine, which I did a whole video on the front page of it nearly 10 years ago, there’s a picture of a Hamas hand glider and Netanyahu hand glider over Israel. It’s they’re foreshadowing what they’re going to do.

Hamas was created by Israel Netanyahu, as everyone knows in Israel prior to October 7th, the 2 weeks before that was having massive demonstrations against him. Half a million people are demonstrating against this devil. Jews were demonstrating against him in Israel. And what happens when a leader, a despotic leader or evil leader is under attack from his own people, they create a war.

This is a standard strategy. So suddenly Hamas supposedly breaks all the amazing security system of Mossad and makes it into Israel. Who’s going to believe this? You have to be a fucking idiot to believe this. I’ve been to Israel. It’s like a police state. Nothing goes in or out of Israel. Okay. So this was manufactured.

It was our movement, which very clearly articulated the video after video to educate the people that Zionism, the history of Zionism, 99 percent of the so called influencers didn’t even know what Zionism was. It was video after video, we taught people the history of Zionism, that Zionism is actually equal to Brahmanism, which is equal to Nazism.

Zionism is actually anti Semitic. Zionists butchered Jews in collaboration with the Nazis in places like the Warsaw Ghetto, during the mid 1900s. We educated people. This was in October, November. You can find these videos out there. And in an interview that Chris Bradley did with me when we were simulating or reacting to the same GOP questions, just very fluidly, I said, I’m the only presidential candidate.

Who’s not a Zionist cocksucker. Now that came out. I didn’t even think about it. It just came out because, and that video resonated so much, even on Twitter where I’m heavily shadow ban. It went out to 1. 5 million people views. You can see it. I’m sure you got about probably about a couple, quarter of a billion views.

So the elites were watching this because through social media. Now they’re gathering data. Social media is their sensors. As we talk about in system science, they’re gathering data and they could see this trend. Oh, my God. This guy, Dr. Sheba’s videos on Zionism are going viral. People are learning Zionism.

Is actually anti Semitic and being an anti Zionist is basically you’re against racism. Zionism is racism in the service of imperialism. We taught people all this stuff video after video. You can see it. So the elites are watching people absorbing our videos. They’re watching the fact that this term I use, Zionist cocksucker, is going viral.

So what do they do? In December of 2023, a quote unquote Christian, he’s not a Christian, this fool Mike Johnson, he becomes the House of Representatives speaker, Speaker of the House. And on December 6th, I believe, or December 5th, I think December 5th the House of Representatives again, near unanimously passes a resolution a declaration saying we are going to support Israel.

And in fact, they pass a declaration if you can read it and you can see the video I did yesterday. I don’t want to go into all the details. Boldly saying that Zionism or anti Zionism, if you’re anti Zionist, you’re being anti Semitic. This is unbelievable. This is the equivalent of saying if you say something against The United States, you’re against Christianity, you say, or against every person in the United States, quite extraordinary that the United States House of Representatives passed this resolution and pretty much everyone fell in line, except a few token constitutionalists.

You keep, they keep the token constitutionals around to make you think that, there’s some hope with them. And then. Yesterday, May 1st, on International Workers Day, the House of Representatives in a vote of 320 to 91 followed that resolution, and they passed a bill which is headed to become law, and that bill basically says, moving forward, the United States will use the definition of anti Semitism pursuant to this organization called the International Holocaust, Remembrance Alliance.

Transcribed And what is their definition? And again, you can go look at in detail, but their definition basically says they give 11 examples of what is anti semitism. 7 of those examples. Or if you say anything against the state of Israel and embedded in their definition also says that if you criticize and listen very carefully, if you criticize, if your criticism of Israel is greater than another, you’re criticizing another country.

Let’s say I criticize Israel’s human rights, which I say are worse than, let’s say, France’s human rights. And by the way, which they are, but it doesn’t matter if you criticize Israel greater than another country, that’s going to be anti Semitic de facto, quite extraordinary. So the United States House of Representatives is now accepting the definition of anti Semitism, which is equal to anti Zionism.

And then they’re giving teeth to this bill by saying the Department of Education. Which is created again by the 1970s, really a department of indoctrination will be given authority with this new definition, which will be embedded to the civil rights act. I think title for the civil rights act, and then using that basis, the Department of education can cut funding from kindergarten, public schools.

Junior high schools, colleges, any institution that receives. Federal funding will be subjugated to have their funding cut if they

support those activities that are anti Semitic, which equals anti Zionism. So the videos I’ve done will be used as a basis that if some university, some high school wanted to come have me give a talk. Obviously public high schools are federally funded that they would use a sort of Damocles over them and say no.

If you bring in Dr Shiva to talk about Zionism, we’re going to cut your funding. Think about what they’re doing. This is as gross as you can get to destroy the 1st amendment, which, by the way, the Republicans did under Trump when they created sites and they created the backdoor portals into Twitter. Now they’re basically saying they’re applying censorship.

Offline, it’s quite extraordinary. Why is this being done? This is being done because the swarm knows that they have some very powerful instruments. The global swarm. They have Nazism, the concept of the Aryan race. They have Brahmanism, the caste system in India. They have Zionism. These are weapons of the swarm.

What kind of weapons are these? Are these military weapons? Are they F 15s? No, these are ideological weapons. To brainwash you brainwash the broad mass of 8 billion people at a very deep and subtle level over and over by repetition is to say, oh, these small set of people are smarter than you.

They deserve to be the chosen people. They deserve to subjugate you. It’s a political ideology. I grew up in the Indian caste system, which is a basis of that. This is why it’s not, it’s actually not incongruent to realize that. The Indians who believe in the caste system, the right wing Hindus are totally supporting Zionism.

It’s an alignment with them. So are people who believe in the supremacy of a small set of people over others. And that’s what this is about. This is anti working people. That’s what this is about. And they passed this bill on May day, and that is not coincidental. And in the last 24 hours, the police were unleashed.

To brutally attack demonstrators in the U. C. L. A. campus. If you saw that, and more importantly, these demonstrations on these campuses are being controlled. Controlled opposition is running these demonstrations, just making these kids just talk about freeing Palestine. Not intersecting the fact that the fight against Zionism, you don’t need to go to Palestine.

You can talk about it right here. For in 1984, when I was the leader of one of the biggest anti apartheid movements at MIT, by the way, I went over to the MIT campus, and, there was some outside group, it was fascinating to watch, the students had built in their encampment, so there’s some outside group that was running the demonstration.

One of our truth from health warriors went up to them and say, hey, Dr. Shiva’s here. And what’s interesting is the speaker on the stage was saying, oh, we are inspired by the 1980s anti apartheid movement that took place at M. I. T. I’m the guy who ran that protest, but these people would not even let me speak.

Why? Because the students started building a bottoms up movement. The controlled opposition has come to all the campuses and take it over them and they want to contain these protests. To just saying free Palestine or ceasefire. Now, they do not want these students to expand to talk about. Oh, Zionism, not only talks over people in Palestine, but what about the university workers, the staff, the custodians, the food service workers?

And that’s precisely what we did in 1980 as the head of the anti apartheid movement at MIT. We didn’t just talk about South African workers. We interconnected the movement on campus. for joining us. With the food service workers with the poor whites and black workers were being mistreated by the M. I. T.

administration. This is much more advanced. The liberal white kids on campus who are afraid to go to the black neighborhoods just wanted to talk about something 10, 000 miles away. The conspiracy is that they do not want us. Us, meaning us globally, working people united and intersecting that we have a common enemy, the swarm, which has its manifestations, Brahmanism, Zionism, Nazism, and other isms that have come out.

They want us always controlling these movements. They want us. I’m sorry to be controlled by localizing these movements. They do not want the movements expand to intersect the fact the Palestinian people’s enemy is the same enemy of the American working class, the same enemy of the Indian working class.

They don’t want that to happen. That’s why these bills were passed on May 1st. That’s why these brutal attacks are took place on May 1st. It’s to demoralize you to think that they are so powerful that we cannot build a bottoms up movement. And by the way, in the 1970s, 80s, 90s. The elites got together, the academic elites, and they set a goal that the goal of the modern educational system of people who started to want to really understand the world was to demoralize them, to make sure that they never built a bottoms up movement.

That’s what this was. This is the real conspiracy. And by the way building a bottoms up movement is real. We don’t want Hollywood. Hollywood will try to even hijack stuff like this, make movies about it. And this is what happens. Movements get hijacked by the elites themselves. They will try to make a romantic idea about this.

That’s not what this is about. I’m not interested in that. We’re going to actually build a movement. The movie is us building the movement, not doing a movie to talk about it or not controlled opposition taking over our movements. And this is why our movement is so powerful because we are absolutely independent.

We’re not here to, kowtow to someone. We teach our people the actual science of systems. We discipline our people in the right way to go build these movements. We coach people, get out there and hand out a flyer, go collect signatures. And then those people who are real, you can see them doing the work.

Other people come to our movements, share ridiculous videos talk, but they do not, don’t do any work. They’re afraid to go out and hand out a flyer. They’re afraid to go collect signatures. Right now in the United States. If you want to help us take a sword and stab it right into the heart of the swarm, help us get on the ballot in every state.

This is something tangible. Every state we get on the ballot, they don’t know what the hell happened. Kennedy, booby fucking Kennedy gets on the ballot by hijacking other parties. He’s paying them off. He’s a scumbag. He’s a plagiarist. Among other things, us getting on by the way, Chris just wanted me to let you know, those who are new, please share your contact information in the chat because we want to connect you up to our leaders.

But in a very practical way, we have a huge opportunity right now. And it demands that you work, you get off your butt. You can love all my videos, you can love our movement, but we need you to get off your butt. Go to Shiva for President, and if you haven’t volunteered, volunteer. And if you are a leader and you’re a volunteer, and you say, I want to help, I’m ready to volunteer do it!

Don’t fuck around and say you’re going to help us and not show up. Those of you listening on social media, every state we got on the ballot is 10 days that shook the earth world, right? They do not expect us actually to go collect signatures and get on the ballot because you know why? They don’t do that.

They cheat. They’re cheaters. They’re cheaters. They’re cheaters. But we actually have hardworking people who work, people like a Bonnie Jones who works as a waitress And then goes out and collect signatures. People like Jenny Smith, who’s got three kids, has all sorts of stuff, goes collect signatures.

These are real honest working people. So all of you out there, show me that you really want to do something to really benefit humankind. Help us get on the ballot. Go to Shiva for president and volunteer. Don’t just talk, talk is cheap.

Go get a bumper sticker, put it on your car, show people where you stand, have the courage to take a stand. And we’re the only game in town, which is actually about building this bottoms up movement. So you have an opportunity to become a real human being, to demonstrate your courage, to exercise your political muscles.

But we need to get on the ballot and we can, but we just need those people already love us, like us. say they’re going to volunteer to do the work. This is where we need to flip the switch here because the elites and the swarm have programmed people to demoralize you. That is their plan. So they’re showing on social media, TV, these students being attacked by the police.

Why? Because they want to demoralize people from never going after one of the swarm’s political ideologies, Zionism. So everyone here has a huge opportunity. Number one, If you made it this far and everyone’s listening on social media, go to truth for the health dot com. Learn this knowledge and you can’t get this anywhere else.

It took me 50 years to figure out how to shatter the swarm. There is a physics. There is a science. I’ve created many things, invented many things in engineering, have many patents, have published in all the peer review journals, and I’ll keep doing that. But 1 of the most powerful solutions. that I’ve uncovered is how to destroy the swarm, how to shatter the swarm.

And it is as fundamental as electromagnetism is as fundamental as flight. And I’ve made that knowledge accessible to all of you so you can learn, teach and serve others. So you got to get off your butt, go to truth, freedom, health, support yourself. And by the way, when you go through this knowledge, You can then give it away to as many Children as you want.

You get to be a philanthropist. Do that right now. If you’re serious, because you don’t have an excuse now to say, oh, I don’t know what to do. Or wine, exactly what to do. There’s a program. There’s a plan. The other thing is the manifestation of our movement for truth, freedom, health in the United States.

This is Shiva for president, right? Everyone here, go get one of these bumper stickers. Go do it right now. Go to Shiva for president. As I’m talking, get a bumper sticker and we have volunteers who mail it out and put it on your car. We need you to become leaders. We need you to get off your butt. The American working class has been lulled into inaction, deliberately.

The American working class has been lulled into demoralization, thinking what to do. We need to compromise for Trump. We need boobie fucking Kennedy. No! You need someone like me. You need one of us. And you honor yourselves. When we look to ourselves, not to them, that was what May Day was about.

It was about the American working class, the ferocity of the American working class, the ferocity of the world working class, standing up independently. And ever since that happened, the elites. Have put together a plan to demoralize you, to make you think you cannot do anything, and to make you watch stupid Hollywood scripts, watch TV, watch them, get entertained, and entertained.

And that’s what’s happening right now. Fucker Carlson is entertaining you. He won’t talk about Zionism. Joe Rogan, entertainer. You should spit on these people because they are evil. They are put in place to distract you. Our movement is focusing you.

That’s why we’re here. So today is a very important day. It’s the day after May Day.

You have to ask yourself, You made it this far to come. Those of you listening, we have about 1100 people listening on social media. The 100 of you here, something brought you here. You’ve been on a long journey to come to this point and to hear what I’m saying. But if you made it this far, don’t just get entertained by what I’m saying.

Get off your butts. All of you, 1100 of you, if the 1100 of you and the 100 of you all go help us collect signatures, we’re going to get on the ballot in every state. And that’s what you need to do. Go get a bumper sticker, go to Shiva for President, download those flyers, hand them out. To your friends. We have to do it by ourselves.

There’s no fucking Messiah coming to help us.

The movement for truth, freedom, health is here. It’s going to train you. It’s going to give you political theory, just like learning how to fly. It has a community. It’s global. We value ourselves and we are off the plantation. We’re not on the plantation and we want you to get off the plantation. We want you to respect yourself.

We want you to respect the works, the work, the hard work of working people throughout the world, the 8 billion of us, and we have unlocked how we get off. Not only get off the plantation, but make sure the plantation doesn’t exist anymore. That’s what we call shattering the swarm. So this is a opportunity.

So don’t spit on it. 2024 is going to be a very important event. In human history, and we’re here, we’re at the right place at the right time, and you’re at the right place at the right time. So get involved. Number 1, go to Truth, Freedom, Health and become a warrior scholar, learn the physics, go get, go to Shiva for President volunteer.

If you want to give us lots of money, give it to us, because we’ll take 1 and stretch it. But when you give us money, we give you lots of books and training. And go get one of these bumper stickers. So that’s what this is about. This is about action. We will keep educating people, but this is about action and we have people all over the world are supporting our movement.

Half a billion people know about us. Half a million people in this movement and it grows every day, but it’s about you now taking action and that’s what we need. So in closing, really think about this, really think about the conspiracy. That’s what this, the real conspiracy is to demoralize you. To make sure you sit fat, dumb and happy, you’re you get into demoralization and you don’t build this movement for truth, freedom, health.

That is the conspiracy to make sure you do not act at the right time that you observe and you get entertained. That is a conspiracy now that you understand it. You can change the behavior and change, and we’ve created the path to do that. So I want to welcome all of you who are new. And obviously our veterans all over the world, welcome to and crank it up.

That’s what we need. We’re living in historic times and you have to recognize that what the swarm does is very deliberate and they’re doing it step by step. Again, it is no coincidence on May 1st. They are attacking college campuses. They’re passing bills, which will destroy the 1st amendment.

They’re equating. Anti Zionism with anti Semitism, this is all very deliberate and it’s time. And then at the same time, the Israeli government is planning on going into Rafa. In Israel, and completely devastating that, 2 to 3 Trillion dollars. Worth sorry, cubic feet of natural gas. In the in Gaza.

Okay. The occupied territories. All of this is deliberate and it’s perfectly timed and that’s why we have to forget what they do. And we have to build this movement. The movements here. We just have to grow it. All right, Emily, we can take some questions. If that’s okay. Thanks Dr. Shiva. I think there was a message saying that I missed Jason Schwartz.

If you can unmute yourself. And introduce yourself.

So the people on social media, we’re introducing some people here. Who are online. And those of you on social media, if you have any questions, please post them here and I’ll read them out.

Someone on social media said turn off your TV.

Someone else said we need to mobilize. Someone said, you got my vote. Someone else said Trump betrayed us. Forget about Trump.

Go ahead, Rob.

Yeah, Rob, we can hear you.

Why do you do this? Why are you doing this? You don’t have to do this. I’m sure you’re financially stable and you could live happily ever after and enjoy your golden years. Why do you do this? I’m compelled to do it.

Period. I made a promise. When I was around 12 years old, because I was awakened to the stark differences. What I saw in my own journey, Rob, you have to self reflect and everyone needs to do this. Rob is bringing up a very important question. The real growth that occurs is when you self reflect, everyone has to do a certain amount of contemplation and meditation and prayer and look at their own journeys.

And what you will find out is that you are a product of oppression. You are a product of the swarm and it’s like being a fish in a polluted pool. It affects all of us. And at a certain point, you have to look at your own suffering and your own oppression and not be desensitized to it and then interconnect that to the collective.

And I. Rob was compelled to do that as a four year old child. So you have to intersect your intuition, your intellect, your feelings, and your emotions to be a whole human being. Now, for me, as a four year old kid, which I’ve shared here, I saw the Indian caste system betray me as a child who was born into this world where here I am playing with a good friend of mine.

And I go to his home and his mother spits at me. Calls me the equivalent of the end where it says I should not come in their home and I get water given in a different cup because I’m an animal. No, 4 year old kid deserves that.

And then I had to go through this brutal experience, learning that my mom suffered that and that there was a system of subjugation called the Indian caste system. I didn’t do anything to deserve that. I was born as a free human being, but I recognized at that age. That I was in this world that I didn’t create, but it was created by I was a slice of a long movie and I was compelled to understand this.

And I started reading whatever I could, as a starting as a 4 or 5 year old kid. And then I came to the United States when I was 7, 5 years later, I went back to India. My grandmother was dying and that’s when I saw these stark differences. Wow. Even though we were living in 1 of the poor cities in the United States.

There were cars and there was roads and there was lights and electricity. I went back to that village. People have no shoes. People have nothing, but they’re extraordinary people. As a child, I could not, I was not desensitized to this massive differences, these inequities that I saw, and I made a decision that I would do something about this.

Why? I don’t know. I don’t know. I was compelled because something in me was moved. And it was moved ultimately by great feelings of love for my grandparents and these working class people. I saw who worked so hard and it compelled me to want to work very hard. And I started having great reverence for people who worked hard, who did an honest day’s labor.

I saw my great grandfather. He was like a God to me. 93 years old. He’s out in the fields working. He was helped. Anyone in this community was very frugal. He was like the local shaman, but he wasn’t like some weird woo person. He worked day in and day out. I saw working class people in New Jersey who worked their butts off.

And I also had a great distaste for people who cheated. This is why I hate these people like Fucker Carlson and Boobie Kennedy. They’re evil because I’ve seen people who work hard, the hardworking American people, the hardworking people like my grandparents, and I have great reverence for them. And that’s who I fight for.

Because I have great love for them. What am I, it’s pure feelings of great love. That’s what moves me, Rob.

And it should move all of you, you have to self reflect and you have to ask yourself, why are you on this planet? What is life about? Is life about being a slave to these people? I don’t think so. And there’s 8 billion of us, and there’s only about 100, 000 of them. And then you have to ask the question, how did we get here?

We got here through a process of accepting their behavior, compromising our values to their behavior, making amends for their evil behavior, over and over, inch by inch, centimeter by centimeter, accepting bullshit. Not cursing at them at the right time. Suppressing other people’s speech. Oh, why are you calling fucker Carlson?

Because that’s what he should be called. Why do I say that we’re all, most people are, niggas. N I G A H, which all the Hollywood people are allowed to use and make billions of dollars. But when I use it, some people get upset. No, because we are all

slaves on their plantation and you have to use that these words because they have, they said, don’t use that word. Don’t use this word as though racism and subjugation is gone away. No, we must use these words to come to terms that just because you remove the word doesn’t mean you’ve solved the problem.

And as I shared this morning, yeah, I can use, 10 syllable words and do some detail analysis intellectually, but I choose not to do that to describe these people. I call Boobie Kennedy, Boobie fucking Kennedy, because that’s what he is. These people are evil, and you must learn to use these words at the right time.

We must express our emotions, but you must connect with your own humanity, and you must intersect your suffering with the collective. And it will be a very rewarding experience if you do that. And our movement compels you to do that. Everyone in our movement comes from their journey and we’re coming together.

So you have to connect with your own emotions. You have to intersect that you can’t be an automaton because that’s what they want you to be. They want you to be an automaton who does not express your deep emotions, your love, your kindness and your anger. You should express your anger at these vicious people.

They want you to curtail it. They want to contain it. They want you to be polite. They have the luxury of being polite. Working people are subjugated, do not have that luxury, and those of us who have a voice must express our anger with the few freedoms that we have for the rest, for the other people on this planet.

So that’s what our movement’s about. It’s about truth, freedom, health. Free yourself from them. Speak the truth, take care of your health, and we teach you how to do all that. Next Emily. Thanks Dr. Sheba. So Jason is Jason, go ahead and introduce yourself. He had wanted to introduce himself from earlier.

Aloha. My phone heated up. I’m now on computer. Aloha, Dr. Sheba. I was invited to this call. Happy to be here. I’m in Maui, Hawaii, and I have a show now here. Maui neutral zone dot com and I’ve been talking about toxic disposal of ash from the Lahaina wildfire and I can’t seem to light a fire to stop the EPA and the ramrod of dumping and burying toxins.

And someone thought I should talk to you, that you would know what to do and how to make this somehow front and center for more than just local Maui’s ears, so it might get addressed. So that’s why I’m here. Yeah. So good to have you. Thanks for who, who called you by the way? Louise. Okay, great.

Great. Let me tell you the how we can work together is that our movement, we do in a very targeted way in a very precise way in a very relentless way. We expose. These evil people, but in 2024, I promised all of you and that’s what our movement has done. We are now enabling. Here’s a key words. We’re enabling you. We’re enabling you through our solutions to deliver, real solutions to people. So we have our platform. For example, truth, freedom, health is fundamentally.

a technology platform, an educational platform, a community platform that enables you to figure out the systems of power profit control and how we liberate ourselves. There’s a science to this. So think about that as like a leadership institute. That’s truth, freedom, health. The other thing, the other solution, powerful solution we have is systems help, which is a solution that’s creating the next generation of true health educators.

Where we teach people how to navigate yourself through all these infinite, areas and health and wellness to figure out the right solution for the right person at the right time. You go to systemshealth. com, but these are tangible solutions, which came out of my Fulbright and my PhD work. But the 3rd solution, another one we have is Cytosolve.

C Y T O S O L V E. Cytosolve is a technology platform, a process that I created over the last 16 years. It is a groundbreaking revolutionary technology as revolutionaries email, or even more where using these very powerful methods. I’ve created technology. You everyone on this phone call, everyone listening can become their own citizen scientists to go solve fundamental problems with this enabling technology.

What is this technology? It is a technology that allows us to look at any field of the biological sciences, any field of medicine, look at the body of work that’s been done in that field. Let’s say cancer, or in your case, toxic exposure to. This ash or et cetera, you can take, you have to define the problem.

And how does it affect some biological system? Okay. And once you say, here are the inputs that I’m looking at ash, right? And how does it affect maybe respiration or cancer, whatever that is, we have the ability to build the molecular system of cancer on the computer. And we’ve done this. And then use, let’s say, the components of that intervention.

In this case, let’s say it’s the ash, which potentially has certain toxins, and figure out how toxic it is to a particular biological function. We’ve applied this technology to periodontal disease, to lung health, to cancer, to neurovascular diseases, and we’ve published in all the leading journals very diligently and quietly.

So after 16 years of doing this, I have 2 opportunities. You take this biotech technology, go to the venture capitalists and raise 100 million dollars, which they’re never going to fund us because we’re actually solving problems. We have a product that you’ll see up there called MV 25 as a proof of.

As a proof in the pudding, we ate our own dog food. We looked at all the molecular pathways of osteoarthritis. modeled it. We went through trillions of computations without killing animals, and we found two very interesting compounds in nature synergistically, which have very powerful benefits against pain and inflammation.

You guys can go buy it. But the reason I did that was not to create a supplement to show that we could go end to end without any pharmaceutical company, without any academic institution. So we have created an infrastructure that you can create your own supplements. You can do your own research. You can support indigenous cultures.

Let’s say you find some Native Americans or some Africans or some Celtic tribes, which have been using certain formulations, but they don’t have the scientific evidence validated. Cytosol can help do that. To answer your question specifically, if you have a hypothesis, okay, there’s this ash and it causes some biological dysfunction, we will enable you to do that.

You can become your own MIT. Okay. And to do that Emily will give you my, and they’re dumping this toxic ash and it’s going polluting the reef effectively creating poisons in real time. And I don’t have the muscle to stop it cold. I needed someone that can say, okay, injunction, stop it. Yeah. So the way we can help here, And we should do a follow up is the following interesting enough.

A woman was on our call. So I think next Tuesday, every 2nd, Tuesday, we do a Cytosol symposium. We did the last 1 on ending animal testing, but there was a woman who was on there. Jason, and she had an interesting very much like you. She said it in my community where I live in Texas, forget the town.

I didn’t know this, but natural gas pipelines go all over. The United States, obviously, right where they’re bringing natural gas, but every so often they have compression stations where they have to release natural gas for all sorts of reasons. And most of these stations are poor or minority communities.

And in her community, there’s a compression station, they release. They’re not putting ash up, but they release these noxious fumes, which have 17 different toxic chemicals in it. And she has observed people getting vascular diseases, hypoxia, all sorts of stuff. She can’t prove it, but she sees the anecdotal evidence.

So we are going to enable her. We said, look, you can become the research institution. If she went to University of Texas, they’re going to charge 20, 30, 40 million dollars. Politically, they probably won’t even do it. But with cytosol, she can do it for one one thousandth of it, and she can be the agent of change.

So the EPA, very much like what you said, or you alluded to, said, Oh, this is just all the levels of these toxins are below the levels that we find dangerous. But what they are not talking about is the combinations of these ingredients. Because the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, just like the two ingredients we found for MB 25 at low dosages individually, they don’t do something, but in combination, they have powerful positive effects.

Similarly, these toxins in low levels in combination can have profoundly deleterious effects. In your case with the ash. We can do some, we have to huddle. Emily will send you my email address. We can do a follow up, this week or early next week, Monday and talk about how we frame this.

So we could file, let’s say, a preliminary injunction. Okay. I think that it’s the kind of issue that it’s a national issue. We can stop it in the nip it in the bud and yet here it’s being created in real time. So someone like yourself bringing up an issue like this could bring it up all across the country.

Cause all these toxic things that we spend billions of dollars for, and we can stop this one, but it’s going to destroy tourism, destroy the state of Hawaii. And I’ve had scientists on, and all the proof is already not done by me. I’m just a mouthpiece. But I would welcome further conversation and yeah, so we can do a, we can do a follow up.

Yeah. I see. If you send me a material, we can do a follow up live. So I can follow up live, but yeah, but what we are fundamentally doing Jason is we have created platforms now to liberate ourselves. We have another platform for it’s called clean food certified. I just did a video on this. With the gentleman out in Canada, but 10 years ago, we brought together stakeholders and we built our own certification for what is clean food.

It’s not just organic. It’s not just non GMO. It has to be safe bioavailable. We built our own system standard. We’ve helped thousands of our products now. But this is our standard. It’s not top down. So all of you listening can be part of using this standard, to define what’s clean food. But anyway, our movement, everything we do is bottoms up.

Cytosol is bottoms up. We bottoms up, take all the research and we find out what’s real. We don’t cherry pick.

In your example, Bobby Kennedy can use it as a backdrop for a political commercial at the site, but nothing was done. Yeah, he’s a scumbag. Everything he does Here’s an opportunity, I’m thinking, for someone like yourself, to really run with something that Billions of people would be think it’s important right now.

Yeah. So what you do is Emily will send you, if you look in the direct chat, my email, if you can send me a succinct email and then any background material, then we can do a follow up this week or next week. Yeah, by the way, his name is, you gotta make sure you say Boobie’s name it’s Boobie F ing Kennedy.

That’s his name. There’s six words I can’t say on radio, so I get a little bit But you can say Boobie F, but you can say, but you can say Boobie F ing Kennedy. But, diplomatically, I do what you, what do you call it, you just call a spade a fucking shovel. I get it. on the money. I appreciate you very much.

Okay. Thank you. Yeah. So by the way, in Hawaii, you should connect with, we have two really good people there. We need to get signatures. We don’t need a lot there. It’s pretty easy, but we need everyone helping. We have a lot of podcasters, I help their views and things. And then I ever hear from them again, they say, Dr Shiva, thank you so much.

We need everyone, jumping in now and helping us get on the ballot. We do a lot of stuff, our movement to help people, but we need people Supporting us to get on the ballot because they’re helping themselves. So help us out in Hawaii. All right. Thank you. Thank you. Yep.

All right. Next we have from D. C.

Yes. Hello, Dr Shiva. I’m wondering what you think about these following along with I’ll call it, toxic emissions, these bills that have come out, for example, in South Dakota, Tennessee and others, where it seems as if, The state is saying we’re against spraying these chemicals in the sky to block out the sun.

So how would we identify if it’s from the swarm or if it’s something, something, citizens got together to. Basically, to do something that helps whoever is living in that state. Yes. So let me understand. So you’re saying in those States, the citizens are against stuff spraying in the atmosphere, right?

I don’t know if it’s the citizens or if some politicians are trying to do the same thing as boobie and making it seem as if, oh, we’re for you. And then they do something like the way it was worded like that, I guess you could co opt it and say, oh, like your car that those emissions are, are blocking the sun or something, or, oh, your breathing is doing all these things.

Right now it’s pretty early and I found out about it from my church group leader who I follow and has helped a lot of people, Communicate and go through the religious exemption process. So this was one of her videos and you showed, okay, these are these bills is what you need to be careful of.

So I’m okay. So let me just without getting it too confusing here, what you’re saying is that let’s say citizens actually get together and do a bill that’s for us without the swarm taking it over or something happening to it. And if there’s. One that’s already there that we think would be valuable is is there something that we can do to make it go in our favor rather than, the swarms favor?

Yeah, you’re asking a number of questions here. So 1st, 1 on this issue of the climate thing where the reality is that the government may be dropping something and other people trying to divert into saying it’s natural things that are causing that. That’s I think 1 question you’re asking.

The 2nd question is how do we mobilize people to affect change that helps us? I think those are your 2 questions. Again, I invite you to get involved in truth from health because you realize that. Any change that has ever come about even small or incremental or large has always been through mass movements and the enemy is always the same.

That’s interconnected to all these now, independent of that part of building a mass movement is creating awareness of people of the real problem. If you want to talk about this issue with climate and what’s going on the, let’s say, different effects, you have to do the science and you have to explain it to people.

You have to go to the root cause issue. And, if you remember in 2020, I didn’t take a pro vax or anti vax position because that’s not the root cause issue. The root cause issue is the fact is that for the last 60 years, a swarm has been destroying people’s immune systems. In this situation, we have to do a little bit of work and figure out what is the real issue that’s really going to solve it.

Does that make sense? And then mobilize people around it because what you just shared, these people just come in and they just do, they’re all opportunists. They don’t deal with the real issue. They say what people want to hear, but not the real issue and then they’re off to their next game. So that’s what would have to be done in something like this.

What is the real issue? I haven’t had a chance to look at it, but as many of, we put a lot of time into many things. We can keep doing that. What I can tell you in the next 8 weeks, we have to get on the ballot. If you’re in South Dakota, North Dakota, wherever you are, or other places, help us get on the ballot because 1 of the most revolutionary things that can occur is us getting on the ballot in all these states and it gives us power gravitas, they’ll say, holy shit, this movement is getting on the ballot here and here that helps inspire more people.

Whether it’s this issue or another issue. It becomes a force that we can use to mobilize people. Does that make sense? Like right now we, you can’t make change without the power of us. So my running for president, our movement is organizing, synthesizing together, bringing people together, that force, so any of these issues that we want to do is not going to be resolved without having that force.

So running for president, getting on the ballot. Obviously, they’re going to cheat. They cheat all day long, but that’s what also what I was wondering. But yeah, are you just going to go to court again? Because well they’re going to do a bunch of stuff again. First of all. Think about what we did.

Okay. If I hadn’t run for United States Senate, most of the world would not have known about the machine tampering, right? Trump wouldn’t have brought it up. He had no intention of bringing it up. The only reason they followed was they said, shit, this guy’s figuring it out. We have to talk about it to be legitimate.

Trump used all my materials to raise money. 500 million. When I met with him, he didn’t want to eat. There was no explanation where all that money went. I did all the work. But the point is, because I ran for Senate, because we mobilized, We uncovered this stuff and then we talked about it because I was there at the right time.

We exposed what the pandemic was. We ran the fire Fauci campaign. When people like myself and you and working people actually run for office sincerely, we figure out their corruption, but it’s a huge opportunity to make it aware and mobilize people. Right now, we figured out more corruption. How they, do the ballot signatures right to get on the ballot, how they forcibly send police out to make sure we cannot even get signatures and we’re exposing that.

We win regardless of what they do, because we go out, we’re figuring out their corruption and we share it with people. It’s not like we’re over journalists over here, just writing about something theory. We’re actually in the trenches fighting that gives us a lot more credibility when we talk about that.

So that’s why I keep telling people you have to go. Do you have to get on the ground? You have to go interconnect with people. Otherwise, all of this can become a lot of mental masturbation. You don’t really get anywhere.

Thank you. Thank you. Next, we have man Williams.

Megan, you’ll get a pop up. It says, ask you to unmute. Oh, so someone just wrote on here. Someone should go to her. Someone says, I, someone says, J. A. P. says, I have experience collecting signatures for the Green Party who now has ballot access in North Carolina. 1, 1 2nd, 1 2nd. So someone online. on YouTube wants to help us collect signatures.

So JAP, if you’re listening, simply go to shiba4president. com and hit the volunteer button and someone will call you within 24 hours. Okay, so that’s the answer. And Jason or somebody R. Jason, please go there and help. There’s a lot of people coming in tonight on social media wanting to help. Okay, so that’s where we need people’s help.

They said they can help us get on the ballot in North Carolina. So Someone get in touch with this person. They’re right on youtube. So anyone let this person know they can go to shiva numeral for president. com Click the volunteer button and we’ll be communicating with them. Go ahead. Emily. Next question.

Megan Your mic was sounding like a mouse. Let’s try this again.

Am I unmuted now? Yeah, that sounds bad Got it.

Okay. Hi, Dr. Shiva. I’m I make it. How are you new to all this? Still in a process of discovery of all your great insights you have. I really hope that, I’m, my prayers are out constantly for this movement and I’m wanting to get more involved. So Emily is going to help me with where are you?

Where are you at? Where are you out of Megan? I live in Kentucky, but I grew up in Oregon. I noticed there were a lot of people from Oregon. But where do you live now? You’re in, are you in Kentucky? Yeah. And in the Western part of Kentucky, closer to Evansville. Okay. Yeah. So connect with Nicholas and we’re getting feedback.

Yep. Go ahead.

Go ahead. Meet at first contact with him. So I have to proceed further. Anyway one of my biggest concerns right now had suspicion about the, everything that came out with the, when the COVID thing started and then the vaccine rollout and everything.

And and seeing all the deaths because here in Kentucky, the death rate from it is just horrific. People are like everyone that I meet is like my four of my family members died within the same week. And and so it’s just been horrible. And so a lot of this the symptoms and the deaths and everything, the injuries have been discussed.

But, I hope that people can, start to explore a bit more on the, like the work of Dr. Anna Mahalsia. I don’t know if you’ve heard of her. And that’s really important for me to get that information out and share it with people. I just cannot stay silent anymore because it absolutely breaks my heart.

The level of advanced nanotechnology, and it’s actually going into people who haven’t been jabbed at all now. It’s It’s building off of our blood as a substrate that can actually self assemble and it can create its own neural network. And the blood looks horrific and I’m really sorry if I’m not trying to do fear mongering, scaring people out there.

But it is really crucial that everybody Look, Emily, I think we’re losing her.

Emily. Yes, Megan. We’re losing. Let me just address a couple of things here. Look we had a woman this morning who was talking about Ukraine and Putin and what can we do and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. In every area of medicine, of politics, of science. People come across bodies of knowledge and then they want, us sharing about it and we can keep going on.

The issue is what do we want to do? And what you realize is that right now we have a historic opportunity. Our movement exists right here and now. I’m running for president here now. And so one of the most compelling things people can do is to mobilize to help us get on the ballot. Because many of, in 2020.

It was our movement and my work that did the right thing at the right time. In March of 2020, we exposed the pandemic, all these other doctors and stuff. I didn’t see any of them around here. They waited two years. You’re too little too late. Our movement right now. Our movement always knows what’s the right thing to be done at the right time.

We exposed Fauci at the right time. We’re the ones who exposed the backdoor portal. We can keep going on and on right now. The most important thing to do Is to expose to the broad mass of American people and people of the world that the only way that any of these issues are going to be solved is for building a bottoms up movement, which is what we’re doing.

Otherwise, we’re all going to just be talking about. Oh, we, this is over here. And then did you hear about this? And did you hear about that? And did you hear about this? We can keep going on. We can spend a lifetime talking about how they’re fucking us over. And they’ll continue to do that. And that’s what they want us to do.

They want us to spend the real conspiracies. They want us to spend all of our time talking about some future Armageddon or how they’re going to screw us over. It doesn’t matter what they do. They’re going to keep doing stuff, whatever level of attention you want to pay. It’s depopulation hurting our health and you can keep going on and on.

But the real conspiracies, none of those. The real conspiracy is for you to get caught up in that and never building this bottoms up movement. I cannot overemphasize. If you want to solve all of these problems in one shot, it’s in Star Wars. They send the missile to go at the right point on the Death Star and they blow up the whole thing.

We can drop little, we can be shooting slingshots here and here talking all day about all this sort of stuff. And they’re all important things. Not, I’m not discounting them. You have a certain amount of time on this planet. We all have a certain amount of energy. If we all like a laser together, collectively focus that energy on building the bottoms up movement for truth, freedom, health, it’s going to be over for these guys.

So we have to make these wise choices. A movement like ours should have been built around 50 years ago. The reason we’re in this state is because of the controlled opposition, because of the fake heroes. And because of the demoralization, what I call the real conspiracy to make sure that we do not build a bottoms up movement that we keep getting distracted in 1000 different ways.

And that’s why my run for president, your participation. In this effort, and also globally, our movement is doing different things in different parts of the world. But 1 of the most important things is to get people into this habit. Of building this bottoms up movement. That’s what needs to be done. Ryan Shea said get signatures.

Exactly. Ryan’s out in Texas. People talk talk. So all of you 1600 people here, please, right now, the order of the day is go to shiva4president. com. Right now, connect with the local leader, get off your butts and help us collect signatures. You have no idea of us being on the ballot in these states, how devastating it is going to be to that.

And it inspires people to say, wow, we can do it. They did it over in Idaho. They did it over in Iowa. They did it over here. So we need to get on the freaking ballot because it’ll send a wave. And that’s what you need to do. I can talk to you all day about nanotechnology. I can talk to you all day about M.

R. N. A. And I can try to sell you like, a lot of these freaks eat this supplement, that supplement is going to help you with them. RNA, the wellness company, that’s not going to solve these problems. We’re going at the root cause, which is we must shatter the swarm. And to do that, we must build a movement.

And one way of building the movement and galvanizing people is to help us get on the ballot in the United States. For God’s sake, do that. Don’t fritter away your time and, energy when you can actually take a tangible action.

Thanks, Dr. Shiva. Thanks, Megan.

Lugo? How many more questions do we have, Emily? I think there’s four. Okay, so we’ll take four more.

I can’t hear Emily. She’s going in and out. Someone just text her. Just tell Justin that she can just email me. Okay. Just email it, just send it, or you can type it in the chat. Go ahead, Marcello from Oregon. Hi, Dr. Gia. How are you, Marcello? It’s an honor to finally get to talk to you. So I was part of in Oregon as far as protesting against a lockdown and I was starting to see like the left and the right coming together.

And at that point I was like, this is what it’s going to take. And I hadn’t seen that in Oregon before. I lost my job. I’m a teacher. I lost my job. I, just went to hell through that bullshit. But anyways was, remember I, I talked and it was just like, they’re playing chess, we’re playing checkers.

And I was just like, something’s going on. I don’t understand what it is. And that’s how I discovered you. And I really got into it. I think I do believe that you have the only solution. And yeah, so

it’s the worst I’ve ever seen. That’s my question. Have you gone through the truth, freedom and health program? Yeah. So if you go through that and you have to go through that multiple times, this is not, this, there’s a lot of depth in this. Okay. If you talk to Chris Cole or other, some people have gone through it 10, 20, a hundred, 200 times.

It, that knowledge didn’t just come to being overnight, but let me just tell you this, that the all, let’s go to some fundamental principles. We’re not here to unite people for unity sake. This is what the establishment will manipulate people into thinking when they mean unity.

It means to forget all these fundamental contradictions. Between us and them, there isn’t us and them. And when I mean by that, when people refer, let’s say, to the United States versus Russia, you have to recognize the United States. Are we talking about the working people of the United States or the government?

Okay, or the swarm. So that’s there. So there is a fundamental division here. So we have to set our expectations. We’re not here to unite every Tom, Dick and Harry. The reality is that some people want truth, freedom, health, which is a majority of the planet. But other people want power profit control. Does that make sense?

There’s not a unity of goals here. Some people actually want, they think you’re less than them. Zionism is based on that concept. Brahmanism is based on that concept. Nazism was based on that concept. To say you’re going to go unite with Nazis or Zionists or Brahmin caste people that’s so we have to have some boundaries here, okay?

Okay. But to those people that we do want to unite with, we have to go to fundamental root cause issues and then the fundamental issues of how change has always taken place. And if we look at the issue, you said the left and the right, we’re coming together. Okay. Now, that can be taken 2 ways. Were they coming together against the rest of us?

Were they coming together on what issues you say? So I’m not sure what you mean by that. We’re coming together to with one voice to say, we do not agree with this lockdown, right? So if you finally set our differences aside and said, you know what, we need to work together. I also want to share that I have experienced fascism.

We would get a protest in downtown Portland and we had these people in all blacks. Wearing a fucking mask thinking, that they’re better than us attacking moms and little kids. I’m talking five year olds talking, like ten year olds. And so my other question too, is how do you deal with these bullshit?

We Oregon is one of the worst. Just like intense like they have these foot soldiers where there’s just their only job is to shut you up, to make sure that you do not speak. They literally follow this and said, shut up, right?

Keep walking. Keep moving. Don’t speak and really threaten us. And but it was, On both sides, you had you had both sides finally coming, you guys setting their differences aside, which I haven’t seen in Oregon, to be honest with you ever. So that’s what I mean, as far as well, I think so.

So if so, if you look at that particular situation, Marcello, okay, the swarm does not want. Us to come together by addressing the fundamental issues of economics, power, profit control. Now, when you said people came together on the left and the right and they gave up their differences, the reason that occurred was because working people, whether they’re left or right, were the ones who were being abused in this situation, right?

The lockdowns did not affect the elites. 600 billionaires increased their wealth by 2. 3 trillion dollars. It did affect Let’s say someone is running a daycare center. It did affect a guy who was running a local retail institution, right? They could have whatever views. So the important lesson for what you’re saying is we have to identify those issues.

Which affect whatever side you’re on the broad mass of working people, you follow on their fundamental realities of day to day existence. Life, and that’s how we bring people together, but the elites do not want us to address these fundamental issues. They are talking about transgender issues, woke, anti woke issues.

You say they make it about issues and this is done in a per in an intentional way to divide us. As I mentioned to you, we had a woman on our call who said she went to a lecture in the late 1980s, early 1990s, where professors got together in a room and a leading intellectual by the name of Noam Chomsky told all of them the purpose of this meeting is that we must demoralize.

Working people coming together, think about what I’m telling you. And from that point on, they decided that in order to distract working people coming together, that they would come up with divisive issues. You have to understand this is very deliberate. This is why we need to build a movement. That focuses on real systems level issues.

When I spoke about the immune system in 2020. It wasn’t about pro vaccine, anti vaccine. That’s. It was about, Hey, we all have an immune system and how do we boost it up? And I came up with a solution, vitamin D three quercetin zinc. We gave a unifying solution. I know I saved hundreds of millions of people’s lives.

We have to identify those issues that are the real issues. And one of those real issues is recognizing that in the United States, or for that matter, in the world, the majority of people’s. Lifespan is going down. This is a very real issue. It doesn’t matter. You’re left or right. You have a son or a daughter.

If you go to Shiva for president, we identified this very fundamental issue, right? You saw that curve. I have that curve is showing doesn’t matter whether you’re left, right up down. You have a son or daughter today. Your daughter is going to son or daughter is going to die sooner or have a shorter lifespan than you.

Now that should be a wake up call. The next step is to educate people how we got there. It wasn’t, it’s not a left or right issue. Both left Democrats, Republicans, independents, they’ve all been part of this devastation. So you have to take people. Do you? We have to find those issues that affect the broad mass of people.

I think the fact that your lifespan is being cut short does affect people. Then you can take from that standpoint, which is what our movement singularly did when I launched my campaign for president. Okay. How is that happening? Is it just GMOs, or is it the vaccine, or is it this? No, you realize that if you look at that timeline from 1960, 70, 80, till today, it’s been a whole bunch of assaults on working people of this country, for that matter, the world.

Income inequality, right? The issues with the environment, the issues with all sorts of destruction of the food system. We keep going on and on. But one of the fundamental things is the swarm has passed policies. to affect your biology. This is something quite fundamental. You can explain this to people now.

Yeah, I just want you to know that an 18 year old was leading a group about decentralizing, starting a movement. We were starting a movement, bottoms up movement, where we were talking about getting off the grid and all that. And I want you to know that I’m going to take this to the same group and you’ve given us the tools, at least me, the tools that we need to actually do it in a correct way as far as your system science goes.

It’s so I just really want to thank you and I will do everything in my power. Yeah. So please work with Alton over there. Connect with Alton Hernandez because he needs signatures to get on the ballot. This is something you’ll meet a lot of people. The other thing is that people who want to build a movement sincerely need to recognize, look at the words you’re using build an airplane, build a bridge, build a movement.

You can’t build an airplane like I talked about. You can’t build a bridge as you’ve learned without fundamental understanding of the laws of the universe. And that is what we’ve uncovered. What are those laws to build a movement? And so every all of these movements are going to all miserably fail because they don’t have the right physics.

We do. So we’ve cracked the code on that and the conscious self reflected people will get it. Marcelo, like yourself. Okay. Then you’ll realize, okay, these young people want to do it. Decentralization. Decentralization is an important concept, but some people think decentralization means everyone does their own thing.

No, you still have a fundamental set of principles you have to follow, right? Honeybees create these decentralized, honeycombs, right? But they still hives, but they still have to follow a certain set of fundamental principles on how to build those hives. Otherwise, they’re gonna fail. So that’s where we’re at.

The testing, your nine principles, and I’m telling you, the response is overwhelmingly positive. Yeah. So get these people. So Marcello in Oregon, mobilize these people, connect with Alton, get them to go out there and help us collect signatures. We get on the ballot in Oregon. It’s going to be a shockwave that goes across.

I will. Thank you, Marcello. Great questions. Yep. Thanks. I think we have one more is I’ll take you can unmute yourself.

So we have one more question. Go ahead. And we have some questions here on social media. I’ll bring up. Go ahead. Can you unmute yourself?

Can you hear me now? Yes. Who’s this? Good. Dr Shiva. I got in touch with the michigan leader saber to give my signature to help get you on the ballot. So I’ll be talking with him tomorrow. My question is regarding nutrition. Since every time I hear you talk, you’re very inspirational to me. I was just curious.

What is a typical breakfast, lunch and dinner for you? And why do you choose those foods? Yeah what I want to recommend to people is the net of this question is. First of all, everyone’s body is different. Okay. Conditions change. So you have to be able to tweak stuff and you have to build an intuition about food.

There are some fundamental principles. She does not doesn’t have sound Emily. I’m sorry. We can’t hear you. Okay. How’s that? Sorry about that. So what I was saying was to answer the question is that many of you know that my journey to understanding this led to a body of knowledge called systems help. And tomorrow, Emily, I don’t know when it is.

You can put the link there. We have a systems health tutorial. So what’s happening is, as people break from the health care system, they’re starting to look at alternative systems. But the problem is many of these alternative. Things eat this supplement, eat this food, eat this. It’s actually causing massive confusion because people don’t have a framework to figure out what works for them.

And that’s what we’ve created with system self. But for me, my body is a certain constitution, a certain body type. So is yours. And there are certain things that work for me physically exercise wise, but a typical thing that I do, and this works for me is, I really believe that not believe, but from a scientific understanding, there’s 3 parts of your body transport conversion and storage.

Transport conversion and storage. So conversion is the aspect of digestion, right? Your liver, your digestive capabilities. One of the most important things is to support that. And to do that, you wanna, typically on twice a year old, I’ll do some type of light detoxification cleanse, but in the typical morning I will do a little bit of lemon, and warm water.

Why? Because sour taste and lemon is very good for liver, which is. A very important for detoxification. I’m also a big proponent that when your body wakes up in the morning that there are certain foods like fruits, which bypass your, the large parts of your digestion where you lose a lot of energy and they go right to your small intestines and you can deliver energy.

The goal ultimately of food is it’s return on investment, right? You want to eat. Nutritious things that power your food. Now, people will mix sometimes all sorts of stuff together and you have to recognize that your body also has certain receptors. You want to make it also easy for your body. I will do some fruits, I will do and then I’ll wait a little while and I typically.

Believe, because I work out, I do 4 days of heavy weights. That works for me, but I’ll make sure I’m consuming enough protein. So to me, it’s be, 3 to 4 poached eggs. And along with that, some type of carbohydrate, because if you need some fuel, if you’re going to go work out, but not overdoing it, but just enough.

And typically those carbohydrates should be mixed with some type of fiber or fat. So you’re slow releasing it, right? So you’re getting the fuel that you need. So it could be. Some type of. Grains, but if you’re going to do grains like oats and so on, the keto people say don’t do grains.

Culture has been doing grains for centuries, but the way they do it is through typically soaking the grains overnight, right? And then you eliminate the phytic acid. and then you slow cook them, right? So that I that’s the model I follow. So that gives me energy when around 11 or 12 or one, I go typically work out after that workout.

I’ll typically do some type of protein. Is he all right?

Our dog’s been howling. The intake of protein again, you have to be careful. Where’s the protein sources coming from these days? Have a serious problem in this country because most of the protein is coming, how it’s stored, how it’s taken care of. And what are the foods that those protein sources are getting?

And, but I like to keep it, I’d to follow the KISS principle, keep it simple, stupid, primarily for my meals. I do believe, every so often I will include lots of spices, in the Indian tradition, and then I layer that with supplements that I have found over the years are valuable because the food is unfortunately depleted.

But 1 of the good supplements that I believe is very valuable overall. Is some type of probiotic, which you don’t have to take as pill sauerkraut, the fermented foods are very good. Ideally, you get them from. The other piece that’s also very valuable is enzymes. Enzymes are critical to digesting food.

The refuse from the foods that are not digested go support inflammation. So it’s really important that you have the digestive fire to consume foods. Some of you may not have digestive fires and over time we’ve destroyed our digestion. Enzymes and you can do some research on that are very good to support the digestion process.

Most people, for example, have acidic issues and the doctors put them on antacid is actually the reverse. They actually don’t have enough acid in their body to digest food. So it’s really important to understand. That the conversion process is important to your body, the ability to consume something, and you burn it up and you deliver energy to your body.

That’s the basic mechanics here. If people read system and revolution, which is a book that I have over there, right? I actually have put this in a framework. I think page 5787. it really teaches you how the body’s mechanism works from an engineering system standpoint, transport, conversion and storage.

And then I’ve created a tool called your body, your system, where our system, self educators will help you figure out what kind of body type you are under what conditions, what foods are good for you. Obviously when the winter time comes, I don’t eat the same foods, right? Because for me, my body can get dry and you need to supplement with more watery foods, more fatty foods, et cetera.

So there’s an art here, but I’ve created a framework. That everyone can figure out for their particular body, they can build this intuition, but that’s broadly what I do. And I believe also in some type of relaxation exercise, be it meditation. Observation of the breath, and then obviously, if you had to choose between food and exercise.

It’s going to be a tough choice, but exercise in some ways is far better because it gives you the ability that your body can burn up things. Both are important. I hope I’ve answered some of your questions. But I encourage everyone to come to our tutorial tomorrow. I think Emily it’s at systems, health.

com. Or if you go to va shiva. com, it’s free. We introduce people to this whole concept of how your body is a system.

All right, everyone. It’s 10 37. Thank you all day for your question. But I don’t want to prescribe something that works for me, but the general principles are. Out there, and you can come to our tutorial tomorrow morning. I think is it tomorrow morning, Emily at 11 am. Yes, it’s tomorrow morning. Okay.

Yep, so again, in closing I want to thank everyone for coming. Those of you came. It’s really nice to thank you very much for sharing. Yourselves and your journey here. But to feedback I have for you guys, we need your help in getting on the ballot. Please go to Shiva for president dot com and help us do that.

Help yourself. The second thing is go to truth from health dot com. Invest your time and a little bit of resources. To become a truth for the health warrior scholar. And remember, once you go through this program, you can give it away to anyone between the age of 13 through 18 as many times as you want.

We really want to support young people in learning system science. All right, everyone. I hope this is valuable. Be well, be the light. Thank you to all of you. Thank you, Emily, for hosting this. Thank you very much. Thanks, Dr Shiva. Yep, I’m just gonna sign off here.

Okay, everyone in social media world. That was our town hall. Go to Shiva for president. Get off your butt and help us get on the ballot. This is a way we win. We need to get on the ballot in every state. So we have a huge opportunity to do that. So go go go do that. Couple of links, Shiva numeral for president.

com. Let me put up that link. You can go volunteer, donate, and help us get on the ballot. Go get one of these bumper stickers. Everyone can go do that. Okay. Go get these bumper stickers at Shiva for president. com to be a warrior scholar, go to truth, freedom, health. com. And a number of people have been texting me.

Oh, what about that supplement? MV 25, since you’re asking, you can go to MV 25 dot life. It is a very powerful innovation that comes from this cytosol process. As I close, I’ll just play that for everyone. But understand, this is not about selling a supplement. It’s about selling a methodology that we’ve created.

That all of you can participate in and also help identify and discover new things. So as I sign off, I’ll play that given the number of messages I’ve gotten on my text, millions of people suffer every day from painful discomfort and swelling, but most pain medications come with harsh side effects and many alternative supplements have little scientific backing.

That’s why we at Cytosolve created MV25. MV25 was formulated using the Cytosolve Computational Systems Biology Platform, a technology for precision and personalized health invented by Dr. Shiva during his doctoral research at MIT. This formulation is the result of computing trillions of potential combinations of biomolecular interactions derived from thousands of peer reviewed scientific papers published across four decades by 68 research institutions to discover an optimal synergy of compounds that down regulate biomarkers of discomfort and normal swelling.

Hi, I’m Barbara Ann. My hands would cramp up so that I couldn’t hold cards or knit or draw. And they would go like that. Now I have to use this when I played cards with my grandkids and I’d start taking that MV 25 after a bit, I was able to hold cards in my hand very little cramping, hardly at all anymore.

MV 25. Hi, my name is. My name is Sandy. I’m a Taekwondo instructor. I tore my ACL during Taekwondo. I had a lot of pain and limited mobility. I’ve been taking the MV25 for about six months now. After the first week, I noticed a big difference. After the second week, almost literally no pain. My name is Jeremy and I suffer from a lower back problem.

I hurt my back at work years ago and I can go to the chiropractor, do all kinds of different things and nothing seems to help. And I decided to try MV25. I didn’t notice a difference immediately, but within a few days, the pain went away and it stayed away. I’ve continued to take it. And even when I do things that I shouldn’t do, it seems to go away a lot quicker than ever did before.

MV 25 is certified clean, 100 percent non GMO. Made in America and GMP certified for good manufacturing practices. MV25 is CytoSolve optimized, which means that this formula has been engineered to maximize benefits while minimizing toxicity based on current research curated by CytoSolve. As the science advances, so will this formulation.

This is our promise. Order online at mv25. life. Consult your doctor before taking any supplement or medication. All

right, everyone. I hope that gives you an example of a, of an actual process that we created Cytosol to create this very powerful solution. But all of you can also take advantage of Cytosol to create and do scientific research. So that’s our Cytosol Open Science Institute. So if you go to bashiva.

com, you’ll see. That we have next Tuesday, another Cytosol Symposium coming to educate more of you, how you can become a citizen scientist. Anyway, be well, everyone be the light. I thank you for the opportunity to share what we’ve just shared with you today at our town hall and all the people who participated.

Thank you. We need to build a bottoms up movement. Go to shiva4president. com and volunteer.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health® you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

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