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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist & Engineer, Candidate for US President, shares how the elites – the SWARM – academia and GOVT are working together to make sure that YOU – every day hardworking people – Die Young using the case study of the nutrient NMN.

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Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon, everyone is Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai.

Today, we have our Thursday, every Thursday at 11am. We do what’s called a open house for truth, freedom and health.

And today’s open house, we have about 80 participants, let me bring them on, that are also involved in our open house from all over the world. There are truth driven health warriors, scholars, and you can see them up on the above there. But before I go to that, what I want to let everyone know is today we’re going to be talking about the swarm.

And many of you know us three weeks ago, I did a very good systems analysis of who the swarm is, and a video explaining how those in power actually want people to die young. And then I did another follow up video to that giving you sort of the molecular systems of that. But what I want to do today is to give you an actual live situation that’s taking place today, between the Food and Drug Administration, essentially outline the sale of a very powerful nutrient.

It’s a relatively cheap nutrient that you can buy over the counter, that they basically outlawed this nutrient to be sold because they’re saying it’s a drug and the nutrient is beta nicotine amide mono nucleotide, let me bring up the actual FDA news story that came out of it that it’s the FDA disallowed this about in actually three months ago, and only now is the the news hitting everyone. And let me bring that up. So here we go.

So some of you may have seen that the title of the the, the, the the title of the article that came out and health news, as you can see here, let me share it here. I think we should always see it here. Can you guys see John? Yes, sir.

Can everyone see the article or no? You say? Okay. All right. So everyone can see that right.

All right. So this article came out in, in the health news, journal, several, I think it’s came out several. John, how come? I can’t see it.

Can you see it? The article? John, can you see the article? Hold on guys. See this. All right, here we go.

Sorry, I couldn’t get it. But yeah, we can see it here on Zoom. What do you see? Does it say FDA beta, and a man can no longer be sold as a dietary supplement? Yeah, we are seeing that.

People can share that can see that on the other mediums, too. Okay, let me just check that. Yeah.

So I think people should be able to see it on the other mediums, because I’m sharing that Zoom call out on these other mediums right. Here on Zoom. What do you see this is the FDA beta, mmm can no longer be sold as a dietary supplement.

Yet, we haven’t seen that. Okay, so everyone should be able to see that on the other mediums. Right.

All right. So if you can see this, the article basically says that the FDA beta has said beta, and a man can no longer be sold as a dietary supplement in the United States. So this came out.

June 28 2023. So what is this supplement? Well, as some of you may know, I talked about several think about several things a couple of weeks ago, right. I talked about the fact that this supplement, John just makes sure what’s showing now just me right? Correct.

Okay. So but you saw the article, right? So what the article basically said is that the FDA has ruled that beta and a man can no longer be sold as a dietary supplement. So what is beta? Mmm, if you go look at the second swarm video I did.

I talked about the fact that government and the elites work together to pass policies that literally are killing people younger. And when I shared that the the discussion that I did for all of you was I provided everyone an actual diagram. I’m going to share again today.

And that diagram is a diagram that we’ve shared since the beginning of our campaign, which is this diagram of, here we go. Okay. It’s a diagram of the life expectancy, variations between the United States and the other leading everyone can see that John.

Okay. And so that is a life expectancy of what’s going on in the United States and everywhere else throughout the world. All right.

And what’s important to understand in that is that you will see that in that analysis. Yep, I’m going to share that right now on YouTube. Okay.

So people on YouTube, that I want you to also see this diagram showed here, okay, here we go. Okay, so everyone should be seeing this now YouTube, etc. So what you see in this diagram is starting in 1980, till about 2020, the life expectancy in the United States is deviated from the norm, which is a gray line of all the other industrialized nations.

And this didn’t occur overnight. This occurred starting in 1980. And that analysis, you can see when quote, unquote, COVID, and the pandemic hit, it went way down, because people’s immune systems were shot.

That’s what this really shows. So in the United States, if you’re an adult, your son or daughter is going to live or die sooner than you. Okay, meaning age wise, lifespan wise, that’s what this shows.

So in the swarm video that I did, which I recommend everyone go do, and by the way to those of you listening here, please note that YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, particularly Elon Musk, Shadow bans me, which means puts me in a cage. So if you’re watching this video, share it, click the notified button, comment on it till we get everyone to understand this. But our campaign for President and our movement for truth, freedom and health is focused on recognizing that you have to have freedom to be able to discuss openly without censorship, but we know that the government controls all the social media platforms now.

And with that, with that kind of censorship, you can’t really do real science, nor can we find out what’s good for our health. But when you look at this diagram, what you fundamentally see is that in the United States, because of the collusion of the Democrats and Republicans, the obvious establishment, and the not so obvious establishment like the Trumps, and the Kennedys and all those people that it has led to this. So what’s important to understand is that this has been a series of policies.

And what I’m going to share with you right now is one of those events that’s taking place right now. And what is that event? Well, that event is the fact that the government and academia and you’re gonna see how all this links and have colluded together government, which is one part of the Swarm, academia, and the elites have colluded together to make sure that you you in the United States cannot have access to very specific nutrients. And that came out again, in the headline article, this, this happened actually in April.

Okay. It’s only coming out now. And what’s interesting is a guy behind this.

And it’s what gets very interesting. The guy behind this is a professor at Harvard. All right, so let me explain this, a professor at Harvard is the one who took this nutrient.

And he created a company that filed for an investigational new drug, which, which basically, he’s saying he wants to investigate this nutrient as a, as he wants the FDA to give him clinical approval on it to sorry, allowance on to go to clinical trials. And if he can do that, then he can say it’s a drug. And when it’s a drug, he would own the rights to then distribute it exclusively.

Now, what’s interesting in the nuance in this rule that I want everyone to share is, is the following. Let me stop sharing this health news one. Okay.

So what’s interesting about this to understand is the nuances of following. If you discover something, some drug, the processes, you typically will do test tube testing on it validated, it works and you’ll do animal testing. And then if you want to sell it as a drug, you got to go to the FDA, and you got to get them what’s called an allowance.

It’s called an IND, investigational new drug allowance. And the investigational new drug allowance allows you to take this thing that you think can work for some indication. So if you say Oh, I think I have, you know, parsley, and I think it can cure cancer.

In order for you to be able to say can cure cancer, you can’t say that you can say, okay, parsley, I’m selling it as a nutrient. It can be potentially anti carcinogenic, you can sell it as you know, a vitamin supplement. Okay.

But if you want to say partially cures cancer, then you have to go through what’s called a clinical trial process. And get FDA allows us to do the clinical trials. And the clinical trials are typically goes the following way.

You put together about 10,000 pages of documentation. And you go to the FDA and you say, hey, FDA, here’s my plan to do a clinical trial with a small set of humans. If the FDA allows it, then you have then you go do the clinical trial phase one, phase two, phase three.

Now, one of the subtle rulings, which is interesting is that the day that the FDA says yes, you can start the clinical trial. Apparently, this is what I’m doing further research on. Apparently, at that point.

If let’s say parsley sold as a dietary supplement for cancer, and you’re saying partially can cure cancer, then they have to remove parsley off the shelves. Okay. So let me show you.

So I hope that’s understood by everyone. So if you and I said, Okay, here’s beta, you know, here’s beta, nicotine amide mono nucleotide, if that is can stop aging, or can really affect aging, right? And then I go to the FDA and say, hey, I want a clinical trial to do this for aging, the day that they say, yes, you can start the clinical trial, then you can go to the FDA and say, Hey, FDA, this is no longer a dietary supplement. You got to tell all the other people to pull it off the market.

Now who was behind this, this prick? That’s what he is. He’s a little fucking prick called David Sinclair. This is a guy who all the media, all the major people promoting as his big anti aging guy, okay.

And so he, and I’ll read you his tweet, right? So this is right off of his. Let me go right to his tweet that he put up, and it shows you what a sleazebag is, okay. So here we go.

I’m sharing you his tweet right here. And two people on the open house. Let me also share you his tweet here.

And here’s Sinclair’s tweet, okay, and I’m going to walk you through this. So you understand this. Okay.

So what is this tweet say? It says the FDA is decision. So we put this out in December 15 2020, because that’s when the FDA decided it. And then they issued their letter in April 2023.

Because the FDA decision was preceded by a letter from Metro biotech, a company I co founded, but do not manage or control, which means he found it easy if shareholder though controlled means he doesn’t own aggregate 51%, pointing out that the company had begun the clinical trials with a special crystal in form of nm n that is stable and made under FDA drug standards. The FDA is letter is based on the Food and Drug and Cosmetic Act, which states the term dietary supplement does not include an article authorized for investigation as a new drug. In other words, if a clinical trial of a substance has been initiated, it cannot be classified as a dietary supplement.

In its actions, the FDA is in line with its own regulations, which do not allow for the authorization of substance be classified as a dietary supplement. It has already been cleared by the FDA for clinical trials. So let me tell you what this prick has done.

Okay. And he thinks he’s very smart. Okay.

He’s basically a money grubbing prick. That’s what he is. And why do I say that? Because what he did was him and his lawyers took this natural supplement and a man by the way, if you saw that video on the swarm, what I said was, there are many, many molecular pathways that are involved in slowing aging.

One of them is called mitochondrial respiration. Okay. Mitochondrial respiration.

So mitochondrial respiration, and I do a lot of research in this area. When it’s every cell in your body as mitochondria, which are literally the power plants of your cell. They take in glucose and nutrients and they produce ATP, which powers your cell, right? No different than you put gasoline into your car, your car starts moving.

So mitochondrial respiration is critical for mitochondrial function or your cellular function. And when mitochondrial dysfunction takes place. That’s when aging takes place.

Right so there’s you can read a lot of articles showing mitochondria is important and when the mitochondria functioning right? And a D plus is up regulated, which means you have a lot of that going on while this well, so this nutrient natural occurring nutrient, mmm right you can get it supports the increase of NAD plus. So people have known this. Okay, so Sinclair starts a company and basically takes this nutrient and applies for an IND filing with the FDA saying I want to do clinical trials on end use, so he can say yes, and a man cures aging, okay, so he can own that.

So he gets the FDA to approve that to do clinical trials. And using that FDA allowance, he is now having the FDA send letters to all the supplement companies and telling them it has to be removed. The reason I found this out was a couple of weeks ago, I take NMS I’ve been playing around with it.

And the company I ordered it from I couldn’t get it on Amazon anymore. So I said, What the hell is going on? So I started doing a little bit of snooping around. And I found out that Amazon who are bunch of pussies, by the way run by that other pussy, Jeff Bezos, okay, pulled no man, okay, because they jump when the FDA says to jump, and I’m sure Jeff Bezos is taking as much and a man as he can get.

Okay. So basically, elites are making sure that everyday people can’t get an amen. But they can.

And so I found out right here, and I’ll bring this up to you. Amazon did take an image off their shelves, because they probably got a letter from the FDA. And so let me show that to you.

So Amazon gets a letter from the FDA. And instead of fighting it, which is what, you know, real warriors for health would do Amazon, as you can see here, let me show you here has taken mmm, off their shelves, and that’s right here. Okay.

So Amazon has also moved to the Zoom audience, as well as to our social media audience. They’ve removed an amount off their shelves. So there you can see right there, okay, yeah, Jeff Bezos is a pussy.

Okay. That’s why he’s got to get roided out right now. And he had to leave his wife and go get somebody else because he’s got to this little wimp has got to prove he’s some strong man.

But anyway, it’s all another story we could do it on. But anyway, Amazon has complied when they should have fought, they should have filed a lawsuit. And more than likely, I will have to do the dirty work and the hard work and they’ll file a lawsuit against the FDA, which I’m more than likely going to do.

Because the reason this is so fucked up. And that’s the only technical term I could use for this is because this means as new longevity supplements are discovered, or we know works, some asshole like Sinclair at Harvard, will go to the FDA and say I want to get the IND allowance and none of us will be able to get it and only he will have be able to produce it and use it etc and sell it essentially monopolize a nutrient. So what is N mn? Someone’s asking again? Well, again, n mn for you joining lately is nm n is beta.

It’s a beta form of it. Nicotine amide mono nucleotide nicotinamide mononucleotide. Again, why is this important? Let me come back here and share with you why is it important is that is that this supplement boosts your NAD plus levels, which is critical for mitochondrial respiration in your body.

Look, the elites are making sure we get horrible food, people can’t get proper health care. The contaminants in the soil, all of this has been done for at since starting in the Kennedy era. Okay.

And the Kennedys the Trump’s of Biden’s all of them and the Clintons, all of them. It’s not the Democrats or the Republicans, both of them, they’ve made sure that people’s longevity is going down. Meanwhile, they do research so they can live long.

And on top of it, what I’m sharing with you today is that the academia, the elite and the FDA, the government all collude to make sure that you don’t have access to the supplements that they’ll have to live long. That’s what this is about. All right.

Yes, you can get it for Amazon UK, right. But then you have to wait to order from them. But the point is that the FDA has issued this letter and it’s essentially a monopoly move.

It’s a monopoly game to monopolize a natural supplements. So that’s what’s going on. So what you can see right here is that when it comes to the leads to swarm The government, the FDA, academia all work together, okay? Not only to destroy your health, as I’ve shown over the last 60 years, but also to make sure that if there’s something valuable for you, they, they’re gonna ban it.

Think about that. And that’s what they’re doing. And again, if you saw this recent video with that other douchebag, Robert F.

Kennedy, the guy’s all roided out on steroids. And here, here’s a guy who’s talking about he’s against Big Pharma. And I would ask all of these elites who are running for president, I think they should disclose how many pharmaceutical drugs are taking, I would really like to know how many pharmaceutical drugs that Robert Kennedy has taken throughout his entire life and still takes, I think it’s important to release that if you’re saying big pharma sucks, then release that because on the one hand, you say big pharma sucks, but you’re taking their drugs.

And on the other hand, what you’re doing is you’re colluding with the elites to make sure that nutrients that should be good, you’re making them pharmaceutical drugs, you say, That’s what these people are doing. Okay. So I wanted to share this with all of you because our movement for truth, freedom of health is the only movement on the planet, which is telling people to build a bottoms up movement.

And bottoms up doesn’t mean top down, telling people to build a bottoms up movement. That’s what Biden just said, we need to build Vida nomics. That’s what he calls it, which is bottoms up economics, no, bottoms up means truly bottoms up.

But to build a bottoms up movement, we have to recognize that there’s a fundamental relationship with freedom, truth and health. And you are witnessing it right there with this FDA and a man case study I’m sharing with you here that the science is there, that no man can support your immune your, you know, your longevity and living long, many, many different mitochondrial respiration, but they don’t want you getting access to that, which means you meaning us one of us. So they’re constraining the freedom on that, by making sure that the FDA bans its use through a legal ruling that only the elites can afford to, you know, it takes a lot of money to get an IND allowance.

You got to really work the lawyers. So that’s what I wanted to share with you that, you know, my run for president and you have someone like me, who’s actually a systems biologist, was actually a scientist, actually an engineer who can explain this to you. Okay, doofus Kennedy and doofus Trump and do fun, Biden and doofus DeSantis, all these people are essentially tools.

And Kennedy literally steals our stuff, repurpose it, that’s what that’s the level of moron he is. And I also want everyone will do a whole video on this, to really look at the entire Kennedy family. Their entire history is all Pr Pr Pr, you look at from John Kennedy, who basically, you know, did a biggest blunder with this PTO 109 vote.

And then his father reframed it as though he was some great hero, she could really go study this stuff. And then the other brother, Ted Kennedy, who killed a woman, and then you have this other full Bobby Kennedy. And you can see Trump and Kennedy are coming together.

And the reason they’re coming together because they’re both elites. And they both want to make sure they’re aware of our movement. They know that I’ve been exposing Trump and Kennedy, that they’re coming together to manipulate working people stealing our actual words, but they don’t do the deeds to sucker people back into the elites.

But what you’re seeing right now in front of you, is that the elites do not want you to live long. They want you to die young, how are they doing that? A, they’re passing all of these systemic policies that destroy your health. And today, what I’m sharing with you here is they’re actually colluding to make sure that food products, good things that can enhance your health are actually going to be banned.

And again, let me have you guys recognize that this guy, David Sinclair, who all the media, promotes as a longevity expert, and I’ve been doing research on this long before this full, okay. He is coming in on the back end, which is supportive Harvard, medical school and all the elites and trying to corner the market on dietary supplements, which we know work. He’s a total fucking scumbag, and all the elites who supported this because they will be able to get it.

Remember, any act by the way, any academic gets the best health care, they don’t even have to pay for their health care. All the elites get the best health care, they’ll be able to afford that as a part of their drug program. But you and I and others who actually are bottoms up, we have to work hard, we’ll have to pay a lot to get the supplements.

Okay, so there are going to be many many weird disconnect. We’re discovering amazing supplements that will work and some fool will take our supplement, and then go try to do a clinical trial and then shut down actual supplements. This is why All of you hearing out there must share this video must recognize no we’re running.

Let me go to our open house. We have an open house going on right now. Our truth for to help open house we do it every Thursdays at 11am.

We have about 80 people on you can go to VA to sign up this evening I’ll be doing a town hall. You can go to Shiva for president.

com/town Hall to join us. But we have to build a movement. Those in power do not want you to live long, get it clear.

They want to kill you fast. Okay, Trump wants to kill you sooner. Kennedy wants to kill you sooner, because they’re just agents of the elites.

If you think the elites want you to live long, you have to have your head checked. I want you to live long. That’s why I shared this kind of content.

I was the one in 2020 who came out against lockdowns, stupid, moron, Kennedy was promoting lockdowns and he was saying it was good for climate change. Trump supported lockdowns, I was the only the only presidential candidate who in 2020 saved millions of people’s lives against lockdowns and gay people protocols. So all of you out there, it’s time that you fight for yourself, join this movement for truth, Freedom health, it’s time that you recognize that my running for president is for the first time in a long, long time in American history, you have someone who actually cares about you.

Because when you fundamentally step back, and you look at that graph that I shared with you, and I’ll share that, again, that graph that I shared with you over here, you will recognize that you as an adult, if you don’t care about yourself, then I hope you damn well care about your kids, because those in power do not want your kids to live as long as you’ve been living. And that’s the end reality of out of this. And then this graph shares it all right here.

This is a reality. So this is where we’re headed. And I’m the only one raising a massive red flag on this.

And if Kennedy steals my stuff, and does that he’s only doing that because to bring to try to break people away from the real movement for truth for them help. That’s us. All right.

So all of you listening out there, here’s what you need to do. Go to Shiva for become a volunteer and donate, go to truth, freedom health.

com and become a warrior scholar. So you understand the reality of how we can fight and it’s not about me leading this, it’s about you learning how to become warriors and scholars, we’ve put together the program, how you can understand how the elites manipulate you how we got here, you can recognize we have an entire community of people. Now nearly 400,000 people in 102 countries are part of this bottoms up movement.

But most importantly, you’re going to learn that those in power, the obvious establishment, and the not so obvious establishment do not give a damn about you. And that is a biggest thing to overcome, because many of you can easily become lazy and say, Okay, I’m just gonna go vote for Trump. He’s saying, by and large, I think good things are Kennedy.

And I’m going to choose for the lesser of two evils you do not have to choose for evil. You can choose for truth, freedom and health. And so go to Shiva for president.

com or go to Truth for the and learn the content that I put together. That’s a very powerful innovation.

Alright, everyone, I’m going to everyone on the open house day on but again, I wish all of you well. We’ll be back at 8pm today, doing another broadcast. But thank you be well as I say be the light Thank you

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