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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, Candidate for President of the United States, shares the Bridge that interconnects Modern Engineering Science with Ancient Yogic Science & Medicine.

Transcript Below.

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Good evening. Good afternoon, everyone, or good morning, wherever you are. This is Dr. Shiva. I do right today. We’re going to be having a interview where I’m going to share the bridge between modern engineering and ancient science. That’s we’re going to be talking about. I hope you enjoy it. All

right, everyone, we’re going to start our interview. Let me just go live. One second. We bring our guys in.

All right, guys, how are you guys doing?

Yeah, I think we can go right in. I wanted to say before I’ll start, I don’t usually do an intro, but we could cut it short if you want. Yes, no, I would just first of all, thank you very much for joining us. I just like to ask you because we have filed up a whole lot of questions. Is there anything in particular aside from what Your team had mentioned in terms of the things you develop currently, is there anything new that you would want to discuss?

Just we make sure we give time and space for that. I’m not sure what you guys in the team shared, but you guys know I’m running for president and we have a number of solutions that we can go through. From Citus top to system stuff, but at the fundamentals of it is it’s system science. So wherever you want.

Yeah. Yes. I want to ask about that. So there you go. No, definitely. This is some science systems, theory control systems. I saw you this last interview you did. This is the most important thing. What I would like to ask, I’ll just throw it out at you right there because I don’t want to jump you and everything is in perfectly good faith just so you know, right from the start.

So one thing I’d like to ask you about, because a lot of the audience, they know about these things and are very interested. One would be your perspective on NASA and the whole moon landing story. Yeah, there was a super chat asking if they would ask. Okay, we’ll get that in there too. A second thing is about COVID and the whole issue and question of vaccines and virus isolation.

You may be aware that many FOIA requests had been filed, for example, by Christine Massey and also Dr. Stefan Lanke. We did the original experiment, whereas he showed that Basically, there is no control group in original virology experiments, if you’re familiar with that. I’m not sure. You could criticize all these experiments.

I’m sure we can talk about, the issues with, so the issues basically with the basis of virology is something that many people are interested in. And then just The only other thing would be about the wellness company, which I’m not sure you had heard about a very interesting group that apparently is attempting to AstroTurf all kinds of alternative media channels as an alternative health network, but actually funnels the money into M RNA research, which at least those supporting these channels most likely would not be most happy with.

Are you familiar with that company? Why don’t we just jump right there? All right. Perfect. Okay. Perfect. If you’re fine with all of that or just because I don’t want to jump you, like I said, then we just go in. All right. Perfect. Yeah, I’m glad you’re asking these questions because it goes at the heart of what’s going on, which is what I call the not so obvious establishment.

Awesome. This is exactly where we want to go. Yeah. What people really need to get very critical on. We should before you tell us, it sounds like really important stuff. Yes.

This next story has been suppressed by mainstream media. Let’s go to Andreas for more. Everybody tune in to recent Tartarian. Hello. Welcome to the X at us. Tune in for another exciting episode of wonder. Imagination and discovery. Sometimes I look at the moon, and just think, His skin’s beautiful. Baby, when I met you, there was peace.

So low. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. Over the arms now. That’s it. That’s it. Boom. Boom.

for watching Exxon News, keep listening. Remember if you enjoyed the video please follow and subscribe and share and support, it really helps. Coming up next ets. And by the way, that’s gone. You didn’t record that. That’s gone forever. It’s gone.

Hey everybody. We have a really exciting show. I’m excited to introduce Dr. Shiva. How are you doing today? I’m doing good. How are you guys doing? I’m fantastic. I’m really excited for years. I’ve actually, there’s, this is an interesting moment, right? I feel like for myself to get to meet the person who invented email, essentially the patenter amongst other things that you’ve done in your life.

This is a really amazing contribution to everybody. Everything that we’re doing right now is based on this kind of ID, this idea. So I wanted to thank you for that. And then also say. Maybe you want to introduce, that you’re running for president now as well. Yeah. Look, we’re running for president in a solution based model because what’s happened is if you look at all these, the entire political model, excuse me, is essentially a racket that’s all theater.

And it’s essentially a theatrical model that’s positioned to make sure that working people never build a bottoms up movement and people don’t take matters into their own hands. And raise their consciousness. That’s what this is all about. And that was very different from the framers of the Constitution.

You can look at even great religious leaders, philosophers, et cetera. The idea was always to compel people to raise their consciousness. And what we see now is not only a concerted effort by the obvious establishment, the people who are the obvious, Fascist, but more importantly, I think right before we started, Raphael was talking about the wellness company and you can see that the establishment has gotten a lot more clever to promote the not so obvious establishment.

People who literally steal the words of the people were actual change agents, mimic them. And their goal is to drive people into what I call the swarm. There’s a video that everyone should go watch on shatter, the swarm. com and 15 minutes. Every human being should watch that. Took me 50 years to do that on a whiteboard.

In terms of really being able to consolidate this very potent knowledge, but we leave in a very interesting time because every Tom, Dick and Harry is talking about truth, right? Truth, stupid Vivek, the snake or Joe Rogan or fucker Carlson, all these people, but they’re the farthest from the truth as you can imagine, because.

Truth is frankly passe unless it’s powered by two other very important elements. One is when are you telling the truth when did you tell the truth when did you come and say, oh, yeah, the building burned down and had an electrical issue and we should have fixed it after everything’s happened.

And then you write a book about it, like Boobie fucking Kennedy does about Fauci, right? Do you talk about virology and the viruses, maybe? Did you talk about it in 1993, 1994, which is what I did, when first, John Duisburg exposed this against Gallo and Fauci? Or did you wait, 20 years and say, Oh, yeah, there’s no viruses, and then create a whole bunch of shit around it.

You know what I’m saying? Where the fuck were you for 30 years and that so when is important then the second part of that is are you telling the truth to empower people to build a movement to destroy those people who’ve been against the truth, right? Are you just saying it? Because now it’s invoke to tell the truth.

And these are very fundamental questions. Because when a fool like Vivek, the snake has a truth that on when Trump starts truth social, when you know he’s a Zionist, Cocksucker and has nothing to do with the truth. We have to raise a much higher standard. And my life has been about that. I didn’t have the luxury to just talk about truth.

I came from a caste system, which I was very interested in eliminating. Email was not done at MIT, even though I got four degrees from there. The level of abuse I underwent when I humbly started sharing the facts about the invention of email. My stuff went into Smithsonian. It’s a real story.

The fact is it’s undeniable. I have the code. I named it email. I have the copyright. It’s black and white. Why did a bunch of liberal Zionist hoodlums create even attempt? And this is where it’s backfiring on them because everyday people are getting it. And so the story of the invention of email, the facts about it are wonderful education to see.

What happens the vitriol that those in power do when things do not come from their tent, from their bastions of power, profit control. That’s why the invention of email is powerful because I was 14 years old. I didn’t grow up in Silicon Valley where you had all the VCs, and furthermore, I didn’t sign non disclosure agreements with IBM and HP or walking in and out of our lab.

You say we did it because as a 14 year old kid, I was quite Amazed that I had the opportunity to even get access to many computers, work at a medical school, going to NYU when I was 14. So all those things were quite important, but I worked my butt off. Email was the, a system. It’s not the simple exchange of text messages.

It’s a system of all those interconnected features put all together. The inbox, the outbox, the folders. In an electronic form and 50, 000 lines of code and 8k or less of memory and delivered to civilians who were secretaries who had never seen the typewriter or the keyboard, for example, and who these old white dudes in lab coats think didn’t think women were capable of using the computer.

That’s what I did as a 14 year old. I had great respect for these women. And just like Filo Farnsworth, the 14 year old kid in Franklin, Idaho invented TV. Which RCA stole from him. So great innovations actually occur on the edges outside of the military industrial academic complex, and they’re not driven by power, profit, and control.

This is a brainwashing that’s been, it’s done. What it’s one of the most inhumane things that’s been done. So the problem that they have is I’m still alive and I’m not a good Indian. Most Indians are supposed to talk like this and move their head and say, okay, fuck me up the ass or something, beat the hell out of me.

That’s what Gandhi did. Okay. I’m not like that. I fight back. And this is what bothers these liberal elites who are actually the real racists. The real racists are the liberal elites who want to keep you in your little box, me in my little box. And as long as you’re in that box, then you’re okay. Okay. But as long as you step outside of your box, they don’t like that.

They don’t like the fact that a non nerd looking guy actually invented email. That’s what really bothers him before he came to MIT. Had I done the invention of email at MIT, it would have been anointed and properly blessed. I don’t know. So here’s the thing. So I keep wanting to say this for a second, is that.

Like you got to think about how the MIT system, how these in military industrial complex systems worked for the wasp. Like they’re designed to have a centralized, this is exactly a Facebook and everything is now, right? You have a central thing. This is the opposite of email. Your idea is completely, it’s peer to peer, right?

This is so if some kid wanted to send a file to somebody else, like the mail, it’s the, it’s counterintuitive to the elite, what you came up with. I don’t think it could have come out of not only that. What’s also interesting, Andres, when I. When you send an email through my system, I never transported it, and it was done very efficiently.

Email was, there was only one copy of it, in some ways it was a reference to it. Now we send, we waste a shitload of memory when we send an email, when you think about it. Okay? And every feature was in there. But the point is, After I came to MIT, I did many other innovations. I was on the front page of MIT for inventing many things and that was when I was a good brown skin model minority under the ages of them.

But when this went into the Smithsonian, many years later when time magazine wrote an article that you brought up, this creates a contradictory problem because. Email cannot be invented in a non white poor, working class community called Newark, New Jersey, outside of the military industrial complex where the motivation was not Military power, you say, right?

It was for civilian reasons. In fact, many things have come out for civilian reasons. And so the thing is, so that’s what’s that’s what’s so powerful about the story of email. And then the journey I went through and having been very conscious about this thing called the caste system in India, and that’s what we’ve created here.

We have a modern day caste system, but it’s a multi racial aristocracy. Which runs that caste system, black, white, brown, elites have to perpetuate this thing that you have to go to these bastions of power and then when you’re anointed by them, and you can even be a dropout like Fuckerberg or Bill Gates, but it’s cool to go to these institutions and act like you’re a techie.

You say, I’m saying, yeah, they’ve created the genre of what an intelligent person must look like. Big glasses must look like a nerd, have a little twitch here and there, right? Have some weird oddity. And I used to see kids at M. I. T. come in their freshman year, normal sounding human beings after 6 months having twitches, changing their voice, drooling a little bit, talking, waving their hands and these really weird gestures, which I never did before. It was almost like you had to be all fucked up sounding. And then you were smart. You couldn’t be a normal person, be a good athlete, speak well, be social and invent email. You see that wasn’t allowed. Same with the mat, the concept of the mad artist, or the mad scientists.

And when you look back at, history and ancient science, ancient systems of yoga, ancient philosophies, the concept of the scientist, the warrior, the healer, we’re all 1, you were supposed to be a whole human being. All the archetypes are made up of that, but they this dysfunctional siloed way.

Treating a human being in some ways is a relatively new phenomenon that took place, you say, and it was done to basically isolate people into these silos. So you could create automatons out of them because you could control them. The idea was not to have a human being who was a fully whole functioning person where mind, body, and soul were interconnected.

The word in Tamil, which is probably one of the oldest languages on the planet, if not the oldest. The word by the it means healer and warrior. The concept of fighting evil and also fighting against death were one. The archetypes of St. Michael or Murigan, Carthagin, you can look at these.

They were one. They never, it was like United, right? Somewhere along the way, they literally went in and did all this very fucked up surgery to make these essentially shattered people’s who they were. And so you have all these people with all sorts of fucked up personality disorders now, because they think they’re supposed to be in these one little realms.

And it’s not, they’ve disconnected the human being. So this is a central part of how the elites do this. And they consciously do this because all traumatic personality shattering. Yeah. And then the goal is to ultimately make people machines who serve a finite set of people, and you can make people machines when you reduce them, it’s called reductionism, right?

When you don’t enable people to see themselves as a whole being, we all have these infinite capabilities within us. We’re not just any one thing. You have artistic capabilities, you have engineering capabilities, you have mathematical capabilities we’re philosophers, we’re all these things. That’s a whole human being.

It’s a mu it’s a much more deeper and richer journey that life’s supposed to be about. But only booby fucking Kennedy can run for office. Trump, who’s never really run any business, a fake businessman, right? Or Vivek, the snake who comes out of nowhere, Joe Biden. You can go down the list. These people are all just owned.

They’re all slaves. That’s what’s important to understand. All of these people are slaves and they want to make us slaves. They want to keep us on the plantation because fundamentally they hate everyday people because we have the opportunity to be complete whole human beings. And they’re not because they’ve sold their souls.

And that’s where that’s the awakening that needs to take place. And that’s what we’re doing with truth, fruit of health. We teach people these fundamental system science concepts. We go down to the root of the solution and the problem. And I was fortunate to be able to uncover these principles because when you take modern engineering science and you look at ancient systems of yoga and medicine, you find out there’s a core missing link, the connection.

Between what may seem to be very diverse things, engineers have to deal with reality. We have to build shit. We can’t bullshit our way through stuff. We have to build stuff. You have to deal with the reality of what ancient systems of yoga and medicine were like that, because the ancient rishis were actually engineers.

And what I uncovered was that the ancient systems of yoga and medicine, the language that they used to describe anything around them and inside of us, Was exactly the same as the, key principles that come out of general control system theory or general system theory and that at the core helps us educate pretty much everyone in very simple ways.

You don’t have to be a nerd and that’s also an innovation. We’ve made it accessible to everyone and our model is learn, teach and serve. So with that knowledge, The words truth freedom health are not a slogan. Freedom is about the transport process that occurs in general systems theory, which is a movement of information, matter and energy truth.

Is really a conversion process. Truth is not just a noun. It’s a process. It comes from applying the scientific method, gathering data, refining it. The truth that you know today of Newtonian mechanics gets refined when you start looking at things like the speed of light. It’s not Newton was wrong. It gets refined, right?

And keeps going like that. And so truth is really a process conversion and health is a vessel, which contains truth and freedom in general systems theory. We call it the storage principle. Now, in the Indian systems of ancient medicine and yoga, they called it both pit and cough. Same thing. So these principles are what I’ve uncovered exist everywhere.

So once you teach people this, they can really reflect on this and then become alchemists in a sense, they can start realizing that we have tremendous capabilities to change this. World and collectively, we haven’t even scratched what it means to be a full human being. And this is why it’s very important to get off this plantation.

And this is why I use such hard work, harsh words as Zionist cocksucker, because it is a very important word because. MIT PhD supposedly aren’t supposed to say that word, but you must say that word because these words describe the level of depravity that the leaders of the United States have come to.

They suck Zionist cock all day. They don’t wanna talk about, on the one hand, think about it, booby Kennedy runs a for-profit organ nonprofit called Children’s Health Defense Fund, but he’s absolutely fine obliterating the children in Palestine. Doesn’t think about it. And people live with these contradictions because people have been tuned, unfortunately, to think that contradictions are okay.

Your personal integrity does not have to match your public integrity. And booby Kennedy says that brainwashes people. That’s the devil’s words. Your personal integrity doesn’t have to meet your public integrity. What the fuck are you talking about? How can people accept that? The unfortunate thing is people have given way too much respect to the word Kennedy, right?

To these folks who are exploiters. And, they deserve a good lashing of sorts, and I can do with my tongue and the. The fact that we have some access, which is highly censored, by the way, it’s literally a digital cage, which we also exposed. But anyway, our movement. Is founded on this deep reverence for these ancient science.

Scientific prints, which have existed, science doesn’t go just exponentially like this. It’s a cycle. There have been civilizations, which have come and gone over time and probably goes back to infinity, and we will come and go, hopefully, 1 day, we’ll really realize what it means to be fully human.

But this has been the big contradiction that people deal with. And I think we’ve made a pretty significant way forward. In the uncovering of this knowledge that links modern engineering principles with ancient science, that’s at the core of it. Now, my running for president, if you look at even our bumper sticker, we encourage people to get 1 of these because when you get 1 of these bumper stickers, it’s not and you put it actually on your car.

It’s much more than mentally masturbating or talking about running for president. Because the, we have, what, about 2, 3 million followers on all your social media, but since I was put back on Twitter, they’ve just stayed the same Facebook, 520, 000 views for 3 years. Okay, YouTube, 20M minutes of viewing, not 1 new subscriber and this is the game that they play because in my historic lawsuit in 2020, where we exposed.

The censorship infrastructure long before fucker Carlson did the limit limited hangout, right? We did it and they had to suppress are revealing the news because they don’t want independent people like us getting the limelight. They have to bring in fucker Carlson. Same thing what you were saying Raphael and the whole, the issue with cobit.

I was the 1st scientist to talk about it. We would not only talk about it, but expose it in March of 2020, and then give a solution, which is vitamins C, quercetin, zinc, vitamin D3, which Zelenko had essentially stolen, bottled, but we gave it away, we saved hundreds of millions of people’s lives, and you can go, I didn’t see Peter McCullough there, I didn’t see all these clowns in March of 2020, in 1993, 1994, after I’d read Duisburg’s work, I was the 1st 1 in my MIT class, when we started discussing systems, biology, virology, I said, John Duisburg says that, the connection between HIV and AIDS violates copes postulates.

And everyone said, what are you talking about? The guy in the front of the classroom was teaching. It was a guy by the name of John Essigman. John’s 1 of the leading guys in immunology said, she was actually telling something quite profound. Because I have great respect for Duisburg, and HIV does not, in fact, follow Koch’s postulates.

That was, Jesus, 30 years ago. Where the fuck was all these other people talking about it now? Fauci was around. Fauci was the one. Robert Gallo, at that time, G A L O. There was a, you can go look this up in the front page of the New York Times. He was found. To do fraudulent work on h Hi.

So HIV is a quote unquote a virus, and over here is aids, which is acquired immune deficiency syndrome, which is basically your T cell count goes down, to 70 or less, right? So Gallo and others put forward this nonsense that HIV caused aids. Billions of dollars went into it. The Nixon administration there he is.

Yep. And his work was proven to be fraud and who came to his rescue was Fauci. I remember my sister’s a medical doctor and I saying, look, HIV does not cause AIDS. It violates Koch’s postulates. Okay. She said no, you’re crazy. Anyway, 10 years later, she said, you’re right. And if you saw 10 years later, they started calling it.

Age related diseases. Okay. Very clever in their messaging. Reality is tuberculosis. They pretty much shown they’ve isolated it. You inject it into something you can cause TB. Okay. So that follows coax postulates. So you can’t throw out everything because now you have grifters. Oh, yeah.

Do you believe in virus or not? Where the fuck were you in 2020? I didn’t see you saying anything. All of these medical doctors, Malothra, who’s this other fool with the beard? They got him pushing him out there. I didn’t see any of these guys out there in 2020. Boobie Kennedy was promoting lockdowns.

Trump was promoting lockdowns. So anyone looking for leaders, you got to look at what did you say? When did you say it? And what purpose was it? Was it to mobilize people or disarm people? I started the Fire Fauci campaign in the middle of all the other shit I was doing. We took our rickety old bus and we collected 120, 000 signatures, went to the White House, delivered it to Trump.

He didn’t do shit. I didn’t see Kennedy. Kennedy literally stole all my material and writes the real Anthony Fauci. He’s a fucker. He is created by the deep state. He exists because of the deep state. His family is a bunch of fucking gangsters. One wing of the establishment knocks another wing of the establishment off and we’re supposed to feel sorry for them?

What are you supposed to do? Feel sorry for Vito Corleone, because he got bumped off by whatever the Tagaci family, whatever the hell it is, and Godfather, right? This is what people, this is what they got people doing. They’re all fucking gangsters. So we have to raise our consciousness and understand these folks do not give a fuck about you.

Why are the, why the fuck are you giving a fuck about them? But when it comes to truth, fucker Carlson is their latest. Deep state ally. The guy never tells the truth when it needs to be said. He waits. His family is all CIA. He’s CIA. He says deep state as you can get. So they have a cabal now that they’ve created.

Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, fucker Carlson, Donald Trump, the snake. If you notice in all these doctors who claim they’re fighting covid, the wellness company, they’re all aggregating, but they’re really the neo establishment. And concomitantly, they’re creating the opposers to them, the fake attackers, like the Candace Owens, who’s, she’s a media whore.

Come on. Now, when it’s in vogue to talk against Zionism, she will, but not really. You say not about ending the occupation in the United States. So they have it down to a science, but our movement, the work that I do exposes this. So people understand the systems dynamics of this so they can liberate themselves.

So that’s where we are. Telling, wearing a hat that says truth, social is bullshit. When did you fucking tell the truth? Have you ever told the truth at the right time when it mattered? That’s the question we need to elevate people’s consciousness to ask now. And moreover, these people aren’t really very interested in real science.

They’re not, they want to separate science and spirituality in a fundamental way. When these systems were never separated in any, ancient systems, they were always integrated. They were fully understood as, the transition from information, matter, and energy. It was a free flow between information, matter, and energy, whatever you wanted to call that thought.

Divine principles, matter conforming to divine principles, something like that. Information, Claude Shannon is so this is what happened. Andreas, if you go to the modern history of the last 400 years, when Newton identified the equations of motion, by the way, it was identified long before him.

There’s a lot of data that, he stole it from others, but anyway let’s call it quote unquote Newtonian mechanics. When that was shared in a book, huh? What’s that? You found it in a book, found it in a book. And you can see there’s something so concomitant between Vasco Dugama going to India, 14, 1500s and so much stuff coming out by the Renaissance, it’s all just stolen shit for shit out of India.

It’s the facts. Brown guys did it, it’s hard for people to get very I like that. It can be very majestic. I like that. Exactly. So when Newton quote unquote shared these findings, it proposed, now he left out something, because he left out the other baby with the bathwater, but he shared the mechanistic view of the world, right?

That time moved backward and forward in this mechanistic view. You could predict the motions of things. Which means you could predict the motion of you and me, right? And from that point, the trajectory of that mechanistic view brings us to today, where social media people think they are going to gather all this data on you and me, and they can mechanistically describe you and me.

What we’re going to do next. Predictively, they can do predictive analytics. So with that knowledge, this worldview emerges that you can manipulate the world. You can control it. And channel it. So if I take all of Dr Shiva address followers, and I find all of his followers profiles of some variables of, let’s say, 3000 variables, I can develop a multi dimensional vector space, and then I can predict the trajectory of who will follow him and then use that to find potential other followers of his.

And then drive messages of booby Kennedy to divert attention from him. That’s called a censorship in a much more powerful way than that has ever been done before. That’s what’s going on now. But that comes from that mechanistic view that comes with system sciences. It’s a mechanistic view.

It’s not system science. It’s actually a reductionist view of assuming everything in the universe is mechanistic. You say now the ancient systems of science. Integrated this mechanistic view, which was very localized under certain conditions with a non mechanistic view. Okay. So I’ll give you so in 1957, Ilya won the Nobel Prize.

I believe in physical chemistry, he was the 1st 1 to resolve this contradiction, because in the 1800s, this mechanistic view came into contradiction with the laws of thermodynamics. Which said that everything goes to the highest state of entropy to disorder. So if everything is mechanistically organized, why do we have beautiful quote unquote round planets?

Why is everything so predictable? Because that shouldn’t really exist. If you have a worldview of the 2nd law of thermodynamics, which has everything goes to his natural state of disorder. This didn’t make sense. Boltzmann try to try to address this contradiction. And he was poo pooed. It was not until the work of prigioni.

And, Claude Shannon in the 20s and 30s. He’s the one who proposed the concept that information is negative entropy, right? It’s organized because information is organized. It’s the opposite of entropy, right? It’s. Organized energy, right? And then who doesn’t get a lot of credit.

Unfortunately, he was, he grew up in Russia in 1917, but he was the 1st 1 who was concerned with this very fundamental problem and he did a wonderful. He pointed out a wonderful experiment that had been done with chemical clocks and I’ve shared this before. And the experiment goes like this. Imagine You take a big room.

Imagine that room is a cube filled with and you and I and Raphael are outside of that and someone puts in a shitload of ping pong balls, white ping pong balls, and you have a fan that could swirl them. The room would look white, right? From the outside. If people just took out those and they put in black, the room would look black.

What happens when you mix them all together? Where entropy states, it should look like a sort of a gray color. And it should be, it should stay there. Forever under certain conditions. That’s what’s fascinating under certain conditions. What he noticed was the room would go into these zebra shape conditions.

What was called the chemical clock would be black, white, black, white, black, white stripes, or in this direction. This should not be happening was order emerged out of chaos. Yeah. Okay. So that order was a mechanistic world for that temporal time you say, which is what this world is. At a certain point, and it’ll go back into chaos.

So it’s called an emergent property. So this resolves this fundamental issue between science and religion, because the reality is, if we are conscious human beings, a thought that you have today. On one part of the universe could, and what Perjony described, it was that the particles were communicating to each other.

Now, we don’t know how this happens. And that’s what’s quite fascinating. How did these particles communicate to each other? So that means 1 being raising his or her consciousness in 1 part of the world may affect another being halfway around the universe. And so this is quite profound. And so we can create these emerging.

Emergent phase transitions. Which, in system and revolution, I called that a revolution. So I define what a revolution is. A revolution is a phase transition when you create a self organizing system. So our movement understands this and our goal is to raise consciousness. The more we fucking hammer at booby fucking Kennedy and call these people, Zionist cocksuckers, why is this guy calling him a Zionist cocksucker?

That’s an awful word. You shouldn’t use words like that. Yeah. Why shouldn’t I use words like that? You lead to that question. Why am I using words like that? Why did I use get off the plantation? Now you’re going to have to do some soul searching. Or do you want to be an automaton and say, why are you using words like that in a reactionary way?

So these Opportunities. These educational opportunities that we’re creating. Why don’t you get on the ground and help us collect some signatures? Why don’t you go hand out a flyer? Have you ever done that? Or have you just been behind a machine all day? Have you ever gone in front of a Walmart and said hello to someone who tried to hand a flyer and have a discussion with them with your eyes meeting theirs?

No, you haven’t. What happens when you do that? You become very vulnerable. You have to talk to them. Okay? You can’t be like, smart all the time. You have to figure out the right words. So these are musculature in people, musculatures in people’s body that haven’t been exercised and those in power want us not to exercise our societal capabilities and be human.

And so that’s what we’re doing. And I think it’s quite interesting to observe and it is that I’m probably the most shadow ban guy out there. When I was put back on Twitter in 2022, Elon Musk thought I’d go suck his whatever off. And what I noticed was the first tweet I did since, I was thrown off Twitter for exposing the backdoor portal into Twitter.

In my federal election campaign and when he supposedly became the free speech guy, all these conservatives started bowing to him and then he brings in Linda Yaccarino what he and they’re selling and they’re selling a Twitter data. That’s that’s all they’re doing. Yeah, they’re selling Twitter data.

They’re giving you the secret like to the NSA. Yeah, if you look at this diagram here, this is what was uncovered in our lawsuit. Okay. This is a woman that threw me off Twitter. The general counsel and she used this infrastructure that I uncovered. This is 2022. All right. Wow. All right.

All of this is in our lawsuit. We uncovered this, not this fucking douchebag. Mike Ben’s who fucker puts on okay, stealing. This is hard days work, man. That’s like a 3rd PhD. We discovered the entire architecture in 2020. My lawsuits I did by myself. I’m not a lawyer. My lawsuits were so well written that the opposition, Twitter’s general counsel said I didn’t write those.

Because most lawyers do not want to take the government on. Lawyers, they don’t fight for you. They’ll, they’ll do business contracts. They do not want to take the government. The judge wanted me to just go on Twitter in 2020 and drop my case against the government. I refused. And then they flipped, but I’m going after them against.

I said, this is long four years before fucker. Carlson even talked about it. In fact, I wrote to him. I have all the emails. He concealed it. Glenn Greenwald concealed it because they do not want independent people who are off the plantation. Getting the limelight for doing the hard work. They steal our stuff because they want to keep people connected to the establishment.

So anyway, it’s a good thing that you guys. Are thinking about these things and that’s why I like directly working with independent media because and talking to people in different audiences and that’s the strategic decision we made because if I go on fucker Carlson. First of all, he’s never going to put me on because he’ll lose all of his audience.

Joe Rogan won’t Joe Rogan follows me. Booby Kennedy sends his minions and they literally steal our material word for word, man, declare your independence is our slogan. You can see it since 2018. So this is what the swarm does. They do not want independent, truly independent movements coming and they know they’re coming.

And so in retaliation for that, They replicate us. That’s why when you talk about the well, wellness company, are you fucking serious? You’re not the wellness company. You waited. And it’s a CIA technique called a limited hangout. You heard that word? I’m sure you guys have. A limited hangout is a technique that came out of the Nixon era where you know that the big truth is going to come out.

So you titrate the release of it. Half truths. And then you own the truth. And then you do movies and Oscar award winning things to act like you’re the ones who released it. And then you just hope it goes away.

I think that’s relevant to Stellium’s question there. Yeah. Yeah, I’d like to know if he thinks we’ve landed on the moon. Look, I think what needs to happen, by the way, there’s a movie coming out. I was just. I don’t know if someone’s doing a movie about this. Have you seen this? Like a mainstream movie.

Really? Yeah, they they’re probably, it’s the Elite. It’s the Illuminati movie film. Usually it’s, again, like you just said, like a soft disclosure thing. Yeah yeah, they’re doing a movie. Everything I’ve seen, just so I can say for a second I’ve been seeing what kids movies are now, and anything made for someone born after 1999 it’s in Legos, it’s assumed that the moon landing was faked for all children.

They’re all just taught that now. Yeah. Look, I think the issue is this since 1970, there was an act called the Mansfield Amendment, which was passed. Okay, so there was a shitload of money that used to be just given away to scientists to do just basic research, and they would do what really great research like they weren’t any strings attached to it. I don’t know if you have that up.

Yeah. If you read about the Mansfield amendment, what’s interesting about it is. Even though if you look at the military budget, there was a little piece of it, which they just said, we don’t give a fuck. We’re just going to give it away to some guy in 18 bell lab. Some guy and they didn’t tie that scientist down.

It was contradictory, right? That guy could do any, so he was in some basement doing wild stuff. And people left him alone. Then what happened was after the Vietnam war. The understanding was, okay, we don’t want military only research for the military could be used for basic research. The 2 organizations, the NIH and the NSF, the National Science Foundation, the NIH.

Which, by the way, if you are, let’s say both you guys get your PhD and you’re on the academic path. So you go join University A and B, they give you 7 years to get tenure. Tenure is basically, after tenure, you can basically do whatever the hell you want. You get paid a full salary as a tenured professor, but to get tenure, How do you get tenure?

You have to write papers, and you have to bring in grant money into your universities. And if you bring grant money, and you write papers, and your papers are heralded by the others in your particular specific area as great research, then you get tenure. It’s you have to ask this, To your people, and they say your research is good.

You say their research is good. There’s really no innovation. So what ended up happening with the Mansfield amendment is when it basically moved this what was a relatively small amount of money in the military budget to the NSF and NIH, which controlled it under the executive branch. So research became highly politicized, scientific research, innovation research, you say, and it started around the Kennedy’s time.

You say that the rumblings were going on. This is why Eisenhower gave that speech right about the military industrial academic complex. He actually said military industrial complex. His original speech said military industrial academic complex. Jay Stratton, who was on the white house council was a professor.

It was a president at MIT took out that word academic. So it was originally a triangle military was implied. What’s that it’s implied. Yeah, but it was explicit in the speech. William Fulbright at a talk that he gave at a state university brought it back. Okay. Because it was all these three people involved, these three entities.

But what ended up happening was. The NIH and the NSF became highly political organizations. So when science became politicized, anything becomes possible. Moon landings could be faked or not. You know what I’m saying? Viruses could exist or not exist. AIDS could be related. Everything took place because the academics became the oldest profession on the planet.

Okay. Prostitutes of science. Most of these academics are not that bright. It took me a while after my undergraduate year at MIT to realize that a lot of these professors were not that bright at MIT, they got there by sucking somebody’s what off. Okay. And playing the game, following the rules, going down like an automaton.

I do my PhD. I write papers and I do this. Then I do this and I do this. They weren’t that bright guys. That’s a conclusion I came to. And that may seem quite arrogant, but it’s what I observed. There were the current news relation, but maybe you’ve heard on social media is blowing up with this, the current scandals, let’s say in the entertainment industry and all the stories going around there.

And just also there, it seems not all the greatest terrible that artists actually can even necessarily write a single line of a bar or a lyric, just like with some programmers that are the most relevant and known today, maybe can’t even write a single line of code. Yeah. What’s interesting is.

Several about last year, a guy called Kanye West calls me. Okay. And this one of our guys who knew about me and Kanye says, Dr Shiva, I want to work with you. I want to learn everything you’re doing. And so I said, Kanye, you need to, I think he was thinking of running for president. I said, Kanye, you don’t know anything about politics.

Why don’t you actually learn it and study it? Come down here and, we’ll teach you system science. You can actually understand. He said okay. I’m going to get my private plane. I’ll be there. I said, okay. And then he cancels. Okay. And then he calls me up a long conversation because I want to understand everything you’re doing because I’m going to plagiarize all of it.

Jay Z taught me how to rap. You could see the level of insecurity in this individual. Had never it’s all these people. I still live out in Hollywood used to be married to someone out there. And what I learned was. That 99 percent of these people aren’t even trained. They didn’t put in their chops to learn anything.

They just were at the right location at the right time. Pure luck. There’s a thousand other people who could have gotten their job. And so they’re highly insecure because they know it was pure fucking luck and they have no fucking talent. So that insecurity rages through them and they are so scared shitless about that.

Someone will uncover that, that they hate people with actual talent. You say, and they’re about plagiarizing work. It is the norm. And when I literally walked away from all that one day, a very interesting lawyer, she said, Shiva, do you know you saved your life? These people are vultures. They’ll just steal your shit because they need content.

They’re like vampires. So yeah, you’re absolutely right. Raphael, they, none of these people, they, and the few that have talent have to remain in their lane, very famous. Actor that is a household name. He said, Shiva, five families control all of us. These people are fucking slaves, guys.

And because Hollywood is a slave, because academia is a slave, and this is why you have the lifespan going like this. I’m the only one, when I launched my campaign, if people go to Shiva for President, you can download the flyer. It is the foundations of our campaign because it intersects. Truth, freedom and health since 1980, the U.

S. Lifespan is going like this. It’s not just the vaccines. This has been going on. It’s a systemic issue attack on working people. It’s an attack. The income inequality, the stress, the chem, it’s a whole bunch of things. John Kennedy started it with the 1962 vaccination act. His brother, the other fucking Kennedy protected all the pharma companies, Ted Kennedy, and then this fool booby fucking Kennedy.

Acts like he’s fighting against the corruption, but he says, I’m going to create safe vaccines. Really? The guy can’t create anything except, problems and get, problems where his wife wants to hang herself. Do you have thoughts on that though, in terms of safe vaccines? Obviously like you’re a scientist and you’re practically, you believe in pragmatic solutions.

Do you believe in adenoviral transhumanism and can we move forward in that anyway? Or how do you feel? Okay. So this is. They’re asking a good question, Raphael. So if you step back and you have to ask yourself, there’s infinite states. That we could end up in. It’s considered infinite. Okay, we could end up in a world where you apply this highly capitalist model of existence.

Okay, this imperial model, everything driven by power, profit and maximization of power, profit and control. Okay. And if you follow that all the way through, it’s going to end up in a very dystopian world where it’ll be a mechanized world where you will because it’s about maximizing profit. Why do you need all these human beings?

Why do you need so many human beings is where that leads to. Why can’t 500, 000 people own the planet and we’ll make it our oasis? When that model you have machines running it, you have a, you have finite, right? That’s what that leads to because it’s about max. That’s the modus operandi. So now if the modus operandi is truth, freedom, health, and some deep connection to something much deeper than you, okay, true consciousness and exploring that, that’s going to end up in a very different world.

It may not even require this much technology, right? We may choose to forego technology, certain technologies. We may choose in a very conscious way. We don’t want to, we don’t need that. Okay. I don’t need, yeah, I can create all this, but I don’t need that. Like you make this much deeper decision to say, we’re going to use technology as we need it.

Right now, that is a very powerful position to be in you say, but that requires the broad mass of people creating a world that serves all of our interests versus a 0. 00001. Now, is that world destined to come into being? Nope. It depends on if we fight for it, if there’s an awakening to do that. So there used to be this thesis that if the world gets worse and worse, workers will arise, right?

Workers unite. It’s not true because the more oppression you cause, you create decay in the human spirit and you could actually lead to greater oppression. That is why during these points. Of history. Like right now we should be studying this. We should be understanding how we create movements, the science, the physics, and that’s what we’re doing.

It’s when the shit hits the fan, it’s Oh, we’re suddenly going to rise up. No, you’re going to have total fascism. You won’t have the time to organize. You won’t have the time to deliberate and talk. And so we live in a very luxurious time right now and people need to use it wisely. So that’s why, I think it’s very important to understand where we are.

And heroes meet history. History is going to move a certain wave. For example, consider covid 2020. Okay. Imagine if the movement for truth, freedom, health that already existed in 2016 when covid came, it wouldn’t have just been me in 2020. Speaking up, it would have been 500 other people with that same articulation.

You say it would have been game set match over. This is why just like we have civil engineers, electrical engineers nuclear physicists. We have to train revolution engineers. People understand the physics of change. It’s not just going to happen from good ideas. Everything around us has not just happened.

It’s been conscious thought information compelled by action moved by experience. There’s this triangle of consciousness leads to a certain kind of action. Action gives you the experience and experience. You raise your consciousness and it’s this process. So if the people who govern us reflect the state of consciousness on that note.

Do you think the elite have you’ve heard about there’s all these conspiracies like Epstein cloning, trying to get together money for like cloning and, clone aid celebrities talking about clone. Do you think that, That the elite have the capacity for more than they’re releasing to the public and how much more, or are they just so inept, that they can’t even get like North enslaved Indians and North Koreans outsourced to do it for them.

What’s an interesting thing, many years ago, this is a 1970, a friend of mine who was working for one of these chip manufacturers was saying that air force from, way up above could read the keyboard electromagnetic and figure out what people are saying. That’s in 1970.

Okay, totally. So that’s true. There is probably, I don’t think it’s inconceivable that there’s a whole body of technology that has fully not been released. To the public, right? And that it is titrated or may never be released. It’s preserved for certain strata people. And you could, you could conclude that because if you assume the motivation here is maximization of profit, maximization of power, maximization of control.

Why would you want to release certain things, right? You titrate the release. But at the same time, I think Raphael and Andres, I do also believe. The reason I use the word swarm is this is not a homogeneous situation. The elites have their own contradictions because of their rabid greed. One, it’s like those pit of vipers.

One viper may bite another viper, right? One gangster may want to knock off another member. These people thieves don’t really have that much loyalty among themselves. So whatever they do, the point is we can’t do much about it. The issue is what are we going to do? And that’s what my life has been dedicated to.

Because of where I came from, intersecting my own suffering, right? Intersecting my own journey with the collective that leads me to conclude we have to uncover what the principles are to shatter the swarm. And then we have to go boldly on our own and forge our own paths. Yeah. Is it guaranteed?

No, but I surely can tell you waiting for them to do anything. Shit’s not going to happen. And surely by outsourcing our stuff to fucking Trump or booby Kennedy. Are you fucking serious? These people are our fucking enemies. So like another thing I’m seeing is all these, a lot of the media about AI, it’s, is negative, right?

It seems like it was positive up until it started being useful for replacing CEOs. Exactly. And that, so how do you feel about that? Is it possible that I could just do a bunch of people have removed the gateway if people can use AI or here’s the deal, right? Remember any technology. By in and of itself is not good or bad.

It’s who controls it, who controls the means of production of that technology. If you look at the arc of all technology, when it’s driven by maximizing power, profit, and control, it always consolidates and gets used against a broad mass of humanity. When the concept of the printed publishing came, printing press. Sword in the butter knife. Yeah, exactly. So it originally came out that it was going to help us all, but eventually four major publishing companies came. You want to get a book out. It’s not going to get out there. Boobie fucking Kennedy wants to get a book and get out. It’s over everywhere, right?

So how the fuck does that happen? You look at the Internet. When I wrote many years ago in 1993, I wrote arts in the Internet and Glenn Urban, who’s dean of the Sloan School, wrote the forward to it. And I was saying, wow, the because he’s a sculptor and I do a lot of art and I say, wow, the Internet could really help artists who didn’t have to bang their gallery owner all the time to get, a gig.

Right? And that’s what goes on. They’re gatekeepers. So you could go direct and the internet was proceeding doing that with the web. To be specific during 1993 to around 1999, and you built your own website, you promoted it. It was all very a cottage industry, but then Silicon Valley and the VCs came in and they supported Facebook and YouTube and a few companies and everyone stopped doing their own work.

They started homesteading with these guys. So now we have the consolidation of the Internet with three or four major providers, and you have greater censorship than ever before. It’s the flip side. So you look at AI. Obviously, AI could be used by each one of us in very powerful, creative ways.

You could in many ways, replicate your ideas and instantiate it. In a machine, which you could do probably more productive work than ever before, but the issue is, will it be used for that? I doubt it. It’s going to be used not to advance a billion of us to do the work of, I don’t know, 10 trillion of us.

Imagine the creativity that could come out. It’s going to be used to make sure a few create fucked up technologies for themselves, right? It’s going to create a dystopian world the way it’s headed, right? It’s not. So that’s why I’m saying. I believe fundamentally at the heart of it, working people actually produce, I believe value does start at the point of production and Marx was right about this.

Mark’s got a lot of things, right? He was, and you have to give it to this guy. He understood these phase transitions. He understood certain aspects of system science. He may not have known that because the science didn’t exist at the time, but the point of working people organizing themselves to own their destiny is a very powerful thing.

And since. The 1970s till today again, the academic elites have done everything they can to make sure to bamboozle young people in the colleges to make sure they stay far away from building movements, that they get involved in some type of nihilism. This is by design. And that’s the, that’s where we’re at today.

That there was an actual effort made by the humanities departments to make sure they started teaching people wackadoodle shit to divide all of us, right? And that’s where we’re at today, not to have intellects really talking about this issue of how do you build movements. And so I’ve had to do that.

And the fortunate thing is our movement exists now, and I think we have a huge opportunity. It’s just gonna be a matter of time at this point on the level of people that actually want to get trained and engaged. and move forward. So I’m actually quite optimistic. It’s just interesting thinking about, the unreasonable effectiveness of pure mathematics and natural sciences and how you’re talking about the different, you can see when that became a famous or popular thought in academia that created this post truth wackadoodle movement, as you’re saying, because it became about mechanistic reality as opposed to emergent I think you’re, I think you said it perfectly.

So that’s what it’s about. Andres, they do not want people to believe that their thoughts, they’re raising their consciousness can move the world. That’s true humanity. When I keep referring to this. When Columbus came to the new world, if you haven’t seen his diary, you should go read it. It’s up online and he said, he was given a charter.

I forget how many miles of land that he saw that became his right? It basically had ownership, right? And he sees these Native Americans and they live together, they’re the, they bring him food. Anything he wants and he goes, with, he goes, these are truly the children of God. They give willingly of everything that they have.

And they end by saying, with 50 good men, I could control and subjugate all of them, you say? This concept of human nature being greedy and wanting to subjugate other things, this is something that’s promoted heavily in academic circles. It’s really fucked up, because the human mind, the human spirit is, in many ways, plastic.

It’s highly, it can have infinite possibilities. You can become a really devilish human being, you can become absolutely evil, even the Christian tradition, if you look at it, this is a contradiction. A lot of Christians do not know how to discuss. I said, okay. Yes, I’m a born again, Christian.

Great. Okay. Wonderful. So what’s your goal? I’m repentant. I’m I can’t wait to go to heaven. Great. And what happens when you go to heaven? It’s a beautiful place. It’s perfect. Everyone’s loving and kind and beautiful. I said, okay, so it’s absolute perfection, right? Yeah. No bad thoughts.

Okay. Then explain to me why Lucifer is in heaven and he wants to annihilate God. Where did that thought come from? Where did his evilness come from if he’s in heaven? Oh oh, then they, oh the angels are allowed choice. Okay, so what you’re talking about is consciousness. Now, it’s not a physical place.

We’re talking about consciousness and consciousness can go up or down. Nothing is guaranteed. So in the ancient traditions of spirituality, when a great spiritual being comes to this world, this earthly world. They actually make great sacrifices because they can also go downward in consciousness. So the issue is consciousness is what it’s about.

Are we moving it forward and refining it? It’s really more refinement. Or are we going in other directions? So consciousness is to me what it’s about. And I think what I’ve uncovered with the work I’ve done is this link between in a very practical way, how people can understand consciousness, you say, by linking these two great traditions.

Engineering system science, which is very grounding and these ancient systems of yoga and medicine and when you put them together, you have a framework that can guide people without this woo stuff right in a very tangible way and it gives you have to be political. You have to be religious or whatever spiritual.

You have to be conscious of your health. You have to be a fighter. You can’t be just any one thing. You have to be all those things. So that’s where we’re at, and I think because this movement exists now and it’s all over the world now. But our goal is not to convince people, Andres and Rafael, it’s more to support people when they get to a point where they really want to uncover things right when they and then to also give people inspiration that a nihilistic view thinking you cannot do anything.

And revealing truth without mobilization, revealing truth and saying it when it’s late is part of the evil here that’s going on. As you’re talking about that movement, maybe you want to share in which places, for example, it exists and also, since you Have properly investigated and understand systems theory.

I was always wondering, obviously now let’s just say in a sense, the brand or movement you’re creating by definition would already be potentially a single point of failure. Let’s say what are the tools or the systems and methods you employ to ensure that basically you can move forward both with your campaign and.

With all of these organizations, because too often, as very well, things get infiltrated. I’ve heard of different, apparently truly independent individuals, someone trying to build something in Canada, for example, which also then got infiltrated when it started to become effective. So I’m curious, do you have any safeguards or what are your.

It’s a great question, Rafael. So think about it this way. First of all none of this stuff just first of all, none of this stuff just happens. Okay. Because you’re bringing up a good point. Things don’t just happen. You have to build these things. I keep saying the iPhone just didn’t happen, right?

This book. I just didn’t write. Oh, I just want to write a book. I’m just going to sit here and smoke weed. My book is going to appear. No, you have to write this thing. You have to put it together. You have to put an outline. This is negative entropy. Okay. It’s information, right? This is negative entropy.

It’s organized energy and matter. So we have to recognize that we have to organize these things. And if you’re going to organize stuff, then you have to have organizing principles. Which means goes back to what are those scientific principles based on so our movement is fundamentally based on engineering systems principles, which I can teach to anyone.

Now, if you get system and revolution, you can just read 1 chapter, but it took me a long time to write. If you watch that swarm video, you can learn a lot. So the goal is to produce content and information that people learn and have what’s called a dual pedagogy model. It’s a model where are. You can teach someone and they can teach someone and by teaching they learn.

Okay. So we’ve created that whole model of pedagogy. All right. So that’s 1. The other thing is there has to be this constant process of vigilance and educating people while you must articulate against the not so obvious establishment. So there’s a lot of people say, oh, yeah, I’m for medical freedom now, right?

You’ve seen them, right? All these wellness people, but none of them will take an axe to booby fucking Kennedy. That’s a litmus test. You say, if you are actually for something, you must draw a clean line and separate the wheat from the chaff. So if you stay silent on exposing Trump and you’re talking about election fraud and fighting the establishment something’s off with you.

You must expose these people, especially if you’re an influencer. So we set litmus guidelines, right? Like very clear ones. So there’s some woman that, oh, yeah, she’s a big medical freedom. I said, has she exposed Kennedy? No, she won’t because she needs to suck off Kennedy because she needs all of his followers because she has a monetary incentive.

You say the economic incentives are where you can follow. The other thing, Raphael is do people walk the walk? Okay. Are they doing what they say? So you keep coming up with these ways. Yeah. Even sincere people to push them to do stuff because it’s about walking the walk, right? So we need to get on the ballot.

Oh, yeah. I love you, Dr. Shiva. Are you going to go help us collect signatures to get on the ballot? You say booby Kennedy, Donald Trump and Biden. They don’t they basically get money from the Zionist and they go hire signature vendors. They don’t even have to play the game fairly. So Raphael, it’s a series of things.

It’s not going to be any one thing, right? A rocket engine is not just a rocket. The rocket science is all those little things. So you support the movement. You’re going to say, Hey, Dr. Shiva, there’s one way we need to this we can do to make sure infiltrators don’t come in. That’d be a new. Thing we have to engineer, right?

So it’s going to be a whole bunch of things. We haven’t figured it all out, but we’re just asking because I’m aware. It’s very comp, it must be complex, continually refined to, especially if it becomes larger, even to consider maybe how to duplicate it in alternate ways, not be coming back to the same, all of the systems, basic distributed network ideas.

I wouldn’t even get to that electoral college system part yet either. Yeah. But to finish up your thing, our movement is now in about, 100 plus different countries, 500, 000 people, but we’ve let it develop Rafael. I didn’t say, okay, we’re going to have a top down leadership. We have purposely just let it be like a soup.

And then we’ve started creating activities to see who wants to do certain things. So in England, the movement is really growing. A guy was a very quiet guy. Michael Griffiths. He’s come up. I never, he couldn’t even use a computer that well. He figured out, you have a lot of these people are figuring stuff out.

So we’ve had to train people how to use tools, how to do project management, how to do expository writing. We’ve had to do stuff that the only you can go get at Harvard, business school or Stanford. So we have to create all these leadership programs. It’s quite fascinating. So what’s happened now is our movement has a core, which is You must become a warrior scholar.

You must learn how to fight and you must learn theory. That’s pretty cool. So we’re teaching a guy who’s never even understood system science, a person who cuts hair, they’re understanding system science, and then they’re educating a PhD out of economics in Chicago. It’s really cool to observe this.

And all these people are working people. They’re not some nerds, growing, having their pipe and talking shit. Actual people have to go back to work. The other thing that we’re doing is we’re creating actionable solutions in each area, platforms. So I’ll give you an example. In 2013, there was a movement for raw food.

Okay. And clean food. Like things like kombucha, people are realizing you get more nutrients from. Foods that aren’t overcooked, right? But so if you went to Whole Foods, there’s all this stuff called raw food, but no one knew what raw meant. So I’ve been on various standards committees, and there’s two ways standards develop in the United States.

One is top down. The government says, this is our standard for organic food. The other is standards emerge, bottoms up, like industry groups get together. They said, hey, we’re going to create a standard for blah, and then they’d go do it. And it’s actually a much better standard because it’s longer, but you have to bring in stakeholders.

So we did that over a period of 2 years. I created the standard for clean food, which meant conscious living, ethical alive and nutrient dense. And it’s a much higher standard than organic or non GMO. And then we got stakeholders. You’ll see the seal on certain foods, but it’s our standard.

It can change independent of me. We have public hearings, like I give an example. Honey is very hard to find if it’s organic because the hive has to be three miles away from pesticides. There are organic honey, but even if you check them from the pesticide levels are high, you say, so we can’t, they can’t, they just market genetically modified organic genetically modified corn syrup.

Now, it’s honey isn’t the thing. No, because technically the USDA organic, it cannot be GMO. Okay. Okay. All right. But anyway, we created a standard, which has high bio. Anyway, point is and race is standard. If I want, I could share it with you guys and if you want to see so this is so in the solution for food.

Okay. We created a standard that’s by the people for the people. Okay. And but what’s unique about the standard is you can participate and you can help evolve the standard. Okay. You see the present button, let me bring that up. Okay. Cool. Let me go to your present and if I share a screen.

Okay. So this is an actual solution. We’ve had for many years now. Okay. And if you look at the standards, the consensus based standard, and we have, but most importantly, the standard totally by that. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve got that cashew butter. Yeah. Yeah. They’re good. Yeah. So what I’m saying is, But what’s cool is, let me bring this up.

I don’t know if you can see this. Can you see this? The standards. Yeah. The standard document. Maybe. Can you press control plus or make it a little bigger? Do you know what I got to do is let me stop here. Let me stop sharing. I shared the wrong screen. Okay. So if you go to the site, you can really actually, we openly publish the standards document.

Okay. There you go. You can share that now. Okay. Okay. So this is a document. It’s a lot of work, man. But it is the actual standards document that you can go see and anyone on the planet can get involved in this. Okay. It’s got the actual standard of what’s clean. It’s based on safety, minimally process.

We have a scoring system, but my point is, this is not a government standard. Anyone listening can become part of the standards committee and say, Hey, look, let’s. Is there a standard for raw food, a raw milk, right? Eggs, we can incorporate all those, you say? Let me stop. So my point is that we have created a standard, okay?

I feel pretty good about the fact that I purchased, these are a lot of things I get. Oh, really? Yeah, so what I’m saying is, yeah, so you can see, these have to go through a very different stringent process. And we openly put out here how much it costs. You have to pay for it. And we made it and we hold public hearings.

You say that’s pretty, so I get that kombucha at Costco. Yeah. So that’s awesome. So obviously it’s a, it’s something that can be done and it’s not very, it’s not more expensive than other kombuchas. So clearly it’s, they’re able to do it. And it’s, it’s not impossible.

If people make it sound like it’s impossible to do. No, it’s not. And we’ve made this accessible, you say. So accessible. Exactly. Yeah. So think about what we’ve done here. We now have a, is it perfect? No, but we can keep evolving the standard and you can participate. You can say, hey I want to get a clean raw for eggs.

You can participate. What should the standard be? We put it up to vote the public participates. So we have the standard. That’s a solution for affecting the food system. But that’s also good. So it gets into the look, the systems, because again, we were talking about how the systems are rigged for everything else.

So you’re talking about running for president in this insane legal. It’s like running against Saddam Hussein in Iraq or something in the eighties or nineties, it’s like pretty hard to run against the house. It’s hard to win the poker game against the house if everything’s rigged.

But you’re also talking about how you’re building all these systems that are independent. Exactly. That’s the solution right there. It’s a way better solution than anything I’ve heard so far. So what we have is that we have created my run for president gives it is itself a solution in some ways.

Andres, right? We’re saying, look, isn’t this what a real president looks like? It’s a model guy comes bottoms up, actually does the work actually fights for you. And you just have to get over your mental hang up. Oh I don’t know if he can win. Shut the fuck up then. Look what’s going on to your lives.

And let me bring up this other in a very think, let me see which screen is up. Let me go to this one. Okay. Which one do you have up there? Let’s say you have that one. I’m not trying to figure out which screen you’re showing. Okay. Let me share the screen that let me stop here. I’m going to present here.

I was at raw food, right? I’m going to stay there. All right. But if you go to Shiva for president. com, what we’re doing here is if you go to the free download section you have this flyer. I think you guys may have seen this, right? All right. This flyer is up there. It’s open sourced. You can download this flyer.

And this flyer, if you see, starts with the lesser of two evils is killing your Children. And it talks about the fact that what’s going on right here, right? The life expectancy of your son or daughter is going to be less than you and drastically. Yeah, drastically, right? But this is not something that just happened today.

You see the covid people will say, Oh, yeah, just because of the vaccine. No, it goes on here, right for a long time. And what we’re saying at the end of this is there’s a way out of this and you have to address health care. You have to address environment, education, innovation, governance and economy. It’s all these things that have to be addressed together.

For the environment, we have a solution. Let’s go down to the food. Where is it coming from? Can we enable manufacturers? To if they’re making good food, we give them a very good housekeeping seal of approval. That’s by the people for the people. That’s what clean food is. Now, when you go to health care, what we’ve done here is say, okay for years, I spent a lot of time because I grew up in an India where my grandmother was a traditional healer.

And I wanted to figure out how she was able to heal. So what systems health has now become, I don’t want to, you have to be very careful with the medical establishment. We’re not competing with the medical establishment. We’re saying we’ve created an educational system and technology. That empowers you to become a wise and intuitive leader, coach, Yogi guru, use this system and platform to navigate and discover the right solutions for the right person at the right time.

After my Fulbright work, I created a tool and I gave it away to people promise. When you give away stuff, people don’t use it properly. It’s like a monkey getting an ultrasound machine. That’s weird, right? It’s really very weird. So this tool in many ways is what my grandmother did when she looked at your face or ancient systems of medicine.

So I figured out a way to visually help. Let’s say Raphael could ask you a set of questions and you’ll figure out your system state in this field of transport, conversion, and storage of information, matter, and energy. A different set of question will evoke if you’re in homeostasis or off right in the Indian system was called Prakriti and Vikriti.

Okay. In system science, we called it your natural state and your disturbed state. And the goal is you bring your body back to you and how do you do it? I’ve taken food, medicines, yoga, postures and created, made them into what are called tensors and I can calculate which things are right for you. So our model here is to create the next generation of what I would call, I don’t want to use the word doctors, right?

You can call leaders, coaches who will help you figure out the right solution for the right problem. Person at the right time. What’s going on right now is I’ll give you an example of the health coaching world vidya. Vidya. I think is the word. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So the world of health coaching, the medical establishment, getting back to what you said, Raphael, the wellness charlatans.

So people know the health coaching world is going to be a 30 billion industry in the next few years. So what are they doing? So the medical establishment knows people are leaving them and figuring out things on their own. Oh, I’m going to do some Reiki. I’m going to do some energy healing. I’m going to, but the problem is these all these people are doing yoga, but yoga that they do is just hot, the yoga, which is just postures.

They’re not doing buck the yoga. They’re not doing. There’s multiple systems of yoga. So what’s happened is as people are ripping away from the medical system, the same establishment, the old, the new guard, the Hyman’s and the Andrew Wiles and the Deepak Chopra, they’re running now health coaching companies.

But all they’re doing is they’re just teaching people these verbiage, giving them a certificate. But not telling them that eating raw food all day may not be right for you. Doing a ketogenic diet may be good for Andreas at a certain point in life. So you have all these different situations. What I have uncovered is once you take an engineering systems approach to the body, I can train you to figure out what’s right for somebody else at the right time.

You say for the right situation. So that’s just himself. We have a solution for the medical world, right? Then the other thing I’ve done is in the last 16 years, I’ve been very fascinated with medicine, since I was a kid. But in 2003, when the genome project ended, we learned that. We have the same number of genes as a worm.

I don’t know if you guys know this, right? So if we want to understand the body as a system, we have to move outside of the nucleus, right? Your genes don’t make who you are. It’s the aggregate of the genes, the interconnection the genes make with other proteins, your thoughts, the food, it’s called epigenetics.

All these things influence each other. Okay? 26 letters, but every book is different. Exactly, man. It’s the interconnections. I could give you 26 letters. You may connect them in very complicated ways. And Andres may just put a, B, C, D, E, F, G, you may make a simple. Alphabet thing that you put up in your kindergarten.

That’s right. So people can do different things. So the point is that it is the inner connections between the genes and proteins. Anyway, when that came, that created a field called systems biology. In 2003, I went back to my team. My PhD was to create a computational engine, which could model all the chemical reactions in the cell.

And that’s what I ended up doing. So it took me 16 years to evolve that. into a framework. Now we could take any disease, we could extract out the molecular pathways, put them together, compute them. And every computation is based on actual wet lab research. So it’s not just, let me ask you, is that not also at least to a certain extent mechanistic or to what degree would you say your model at this point is refined?

You’re accurate? Because as you say, epigenetics may be a field where it may go up to the thought level. Yeah. So as we get data, you can add to it. As you get data, you can keep evolving it. That’s what’s nice about this. For example, what we First step we do, Raphael, we publish the map of a framework of a disease at a certain point in time.

So you get a system’s view of it. You say, I’ll give you an example of this. If I can share this again. Okay. I can go back to system self. So by the way, cytosol is here. So this is another platform. Cytosol eliminates the need for animal testing. And so I’ll give you an example. So if you guys, I’ll go here, right?

I am not an expert in leukemia, but using this framework. We published this paper recently. Okay. Let me bring this up. Copy link address. Let me put it here. Okay.

Can I copy the link? Copy? I’ll copy link address. I got to put it here. So let me open this. So this was something we did. In 18 months that no academic university could do and because they just want to get funding. But think about what we did. Okay. We looked at every paper that had been written in leukemia and then we extracted out of it all the mechanism, but I built the overall systems understanding how leukemia comes or develops.

And this is the actual systems architecture. Can you see that Rafael? Yeah. Okay. Now we did this, you know how much we got paid for this? Nothing. Okay. All these universities would have probably charged a hundred million dollars to the U S government. And then what we did was we open sourced it.

Anyone can come look at this and we’re going to enable it so people can give feedback and we can keep updating. But fundamentally we’ve created now a overall systems view of how AML forms. There’s three molecular processes. Immune suppression, survival, and self proliferation. These molecular mech but this is an engineering diagram.

Biologists don’t think like this. It’s a layered architecture. Can then figure out interventions. Don’t you think academia should have done this? We had to do this. This is crazy thinking about it. I’ll give you another example, okay? We did the same for periodontal disease, okay?

We’re going after every disease and taking an engineering system’s approach to it. Because with this, you could take you could basically do like a four year transform like to triangulate between this is exactly what every system should be built on this. So we have what we’re going to do.

Andres, we’re going to open sources. Okay. And people can do citizen science. So here is every molecular pathway map for periodontal disease. Okay. And we make it accessible so people can read and learn this, not in gobbledygook, very complex stuff. And we get it published in the leading journals.

I typically go find. A academic who’s typically tenured and doesn’t give a fuck anymore. Okay. He doesn’t care that I’ve said Zionist cocksucker. Okay. And they’re pretty sharp guys, but it’s hard to find these guys who are tenured and who actually want to do good work, but their own universities contain them.

You say, so they’re like, when I come along, so we, this is the first mapping of periodontal disease. Now, using this mapping, we’re going to go through every natural compound on the planet. And find combinations and I’ll give you an example where we’ve actually done that. Okay. We did this for osteoarthritis.

Okay. And we’ve done this for to prove how GMOs work all of this stuff, man. We’re doing it. We’re doing it without any funding. I sponsor it myself and we citizen science it. Okay. What we want to do is. is we want to make this accessible to all people. So if you have a scientific question, you go be the MIT.

Okay. We’re going to create the vehicle where you can go raise the money yourself. We’ll enable the platform so you can do it. Does that make sense? Yeah, this is incredible. You can see now also with the, like the open source AI models, right? Like how this could be used for predictive medicine and the amount of data that could be well what we’re doing.

Yeah, what we’re doing under says a little bit different. Is we’re not the problem with AI is only as good as the data that’s out there. You follow? This is where we are actually generalizing. Okay. From the individual chemical reactions being organized to put together. Let me bring this up. So here’s an interesting paper where we mapped out all the molecular pathways of osteoarthritis.

I’ll show you that. And by the way, no one’s funding us for this. So now what we want to do is our own, because we are creating a radical solution. Okay. Basically, we can do work faster than MIT or Harvard can. I can say that now authoritatively. So let me show you this. So this is something we did in two years, okay?

Can you guys see this? Wow. Okay? Yeah. We took every molecular pathway, every paper, 100, 000 papers written on, Knee arthritis. 500 million people have this on the planet. So we’ve again open sourced it. Anyone can go. You’re here all the cells in the synovial tissue. Okay. And I can go back to cartilage. Your cartilage has only 1 cell type called chondrocytes.

Chondrocytes different chemicals can land on it. One of them are cytokines. These are the about 15 major cytokines that can land on your chondrocytes and illicit inflammation. Okay. The green things are inflammatory molecules. MMP 13. it destroys cartilage. And when it destroys cartilage, I can map to you from the known science, how aisle one beta creates MMPP 13.

And then you can go look at the actual paper. You see that?

I think I got to move that paper over here. Sorry. When I brought up that paper go here. This is brilliant. Yeah. So what we’re doing is do you see the paper itself? I don’t see the paper. I just see the when you click on that, it went to the other screen. Here’s a paper on it. Okay. Oh yeah. So anything we’re doing is not just.

It’s not like stuff we’re saying. It’s not AI. It’s the actual wet lab research. Okay. So this can just keep growing and growing. But using this, what we’ve done is we’ve taken this research, right? And then the next thing we’ve done is we have literally bring this here. I think I can.

Okay. Let me show you this now. So we have now taken this research. I got to stop this. So this is, so with that research, we then mathematically converted all those molecular pathways to chemical equations, which are all backed by, and then we ran all these equations through and we discovered we ran trillions of computations.

We found two very interesting compounds. Apigenin comes from chamomile flowers. And hesperidin comes from bitter orange that a profound effect in combination of reducing inflammation in your body. All right, and then for the 1st time, after 16 years, we went and produced our manufactured our own product.

Now, what’s cool about this is we’ve been helping lots and lots of companies, but with this platform, we’ve shown we can go end to end. So imagine Rafael and Andres, you guys have an idea, right? Hey does 5G cause whatever? Okay. Or women, a lot of women’s health issues don’t get addressed like menopause.

Okay. There’s more than enough data showing women’s particular chemistries are far more sensitive probably than men’s. So if you don’t have the right nutrients, you’re going to affect really all sorts of issues under menopause, anxiety, all these kinds of things. In ancient times, women ate a lot more certain foods, which had certain level of minerals.

That gave you proper support, mental support. So with this technology, what we want to do is we want to say, Andres, you could be Andres Institute of technology. You could use our framework, take a question, go raise your own money, be the benefactor and perform the research. We can publish a P papers and we can get it out there, but we can show all the evidence based mechanistic science.

Okay. I have a particular project I need to propose to you afterwards. Very specific. Yes. But this is amazing. And I want to say when I saw this map or even just you mentioning, we can argue about base models and chemical whatever, but this work that you were showing there is what I would have expected the establishment to do.

You’re not going to do it, man. Yeah, of course. I know by now why, but they’ve degenerated into just getting grants. If you talk, go, I get, I challenge anyone go to a university. And go see what a professor is doing there, writing grants. He’s got a grant writer.

I got to get, I got this graduate student. I need to get grants. Are you interested in solving the problem? Oh, cancer. Oh yeah. I got to write this grant. They are so far away from the problem. This is why you see so much fraud in science. Now. You saw last year that professor at Minnesota.

For 16 years, he was Photoshopping pictures of Western blots, a tenured professor and $3.7 billion of Alzheimer’s research went into his theory by all of his other guys who all hang out with him. Who created a mafia cabal to Exactly. Someone had to take the fall. You have to, it wasn’t just him, but he didn’t take a fall.

He still got his house in Martha’s Vineyard. No fall was taken, Andreas, he not, you don’t. It was the news that came out on daily mail a couple of days and it’s gone. For professors at Dana Farber type in right now fraudulent research, nothing ever happens to academics. Have you known that they’re like the Brahmins of the establishment?

Nothing ever happens to them. They’re fully protected. They get to keep their tenured positions. They’re not in prison for 22 years, but a dark skinned guy goes and steals a loaf of bread from somewhere to Oh my god, can you believe he did that? This is horrible! These people are out there! The Brahmins are like the Jesuits for the Indians.

Top Harvard cancer researchers accused of scientific Nothing has happened to them! No. Because you know why? They’re all fucking fraudulent! Accused is all it is. You’re right. I thought they didn’t, so they didn’t even get on tenured. You’re saying nothing happens to them. They’re not in jail. They’re not, but didn’t they like basically get Kenny, like he has to retire now, right?

Or something. Yeah, but whatever. But is he going to lose his house on Martha’s vineyard? No, it probably gets mentioned. Probably he’s going to retire to a bigger house. Yeah. Yeah. Bigger house and go look at academics. Insurance policies and an investment. It’s called T. I. A. Cref T. I. A. Cref. It’s like they get the best health care.

They get the best pension. Yeah, what I’m saying is nothing will happen to these people type in Minnesota. Okay, Minnesota Alzheimer’s fraud research and you’ll find that and that came out about, I think, a year and a half ago. Wow. Yeah. Nothing’s happened to this guy. He totally had photoshopped. He photoshopped pictures, man, in the biggest journals.

He photoshopped balls into the brain, man. That’s crazy. Yeah. That’s crazy. What I’m trying to say is when you see this egregious nature, this is why we must call these people Zionist cocksuckers and must come up with words like that. We must lose all disrespect for, all respect for them. They deserve to be lashed.

They deserve it. What do you think it would be like if you were raised a Kennedy or a Brahmin? You know what I mean? What do you mean, if I were raised a Kennedy? Or a Brahmin, how would you have felt if you were raised, cause like you’re, a big part of you is that you’re so powerful and despite, You’re not like lucky, you are, you’re blessed, but you’re not like privileged and spoiled, but what if you were, what would you think if, would you think you would have ended up this way if you were a Brahmin instead?

I think definitely because, but you have to understand this that my great grandfather, I still remember him. I see him every day in my mind’s eye. He was an indentured slave. He was deeply a spiritual being. He worked in the fields, until he was 93 years old. He was, if anything, a god on earth that I saw.

A hard working guy who had deep connection to God. And, but was not like, oh, I’m not gonna go do meditation now, now I’m gonna chill out burn my incense. No! Very different being. Okay. So I have great reverence for him, and the work that he did. So I’ve seen people, Andreessen, I saw the same kind of people when I moved to New Jersey, hardworking immigrants who worked their butt off.

And I have great, for whatever it is, I have great reverence for people who work honestly and work, man. And I fucking hate these people who cheat. I can’t tell you how much anger and hatred I have. Vivek the snake makes up a useless drug. Think about what the fuck he did. All of his money is stolen fucking money.

And people are following. No one’s following him. These shoved down people’s throats. Fucker Carlson has he ever suffered in his life? Has he ever worked? So we have to go back to these very core values. People who work hard, who keep up their families, have to go through life’s things. This is.

These people are who, where I come from and they didn’t have the fortunes I had. I was very, to go to MIT to learn from the, to see these fucking nerds in action. I’ve been like a Forrest Gump, as I’ve talked about going to the worlds of Hollywood, becoming nominated by the president of prime minister of India to run one of the largest innovation centers.

And I’ve seen all these so called elite people and they’re all scumbags. 99 percent of them, they’re not good human beings. So I’ve given the opportunity to be co opted by them and I never could do it, man. I’ve, I just can’t. Cause I see my great grandfather in my mind’s eye. I just wonder if you hadn’t, if you hadn’t had that do you think you would have come out this way?

Do you think if you were raised like them, would you have been like them? I don’t think so. What I’m saying is even people who come from below. And that’s what they’re hoping. How many people you don’t know come from below a lot of black bourgeois, Obama, Malcolm X is very different. You say Malcolm went through a similar journey to mine where he’s in high school and the teacher, I think says what do you want to be?

He goes, I think he says, I want to be a lawyer. It goes, Oh no. I think you should be happy being a garbage man. That’s what you should shoot for. So these personal things that you go through do affect you. And that’s why I said the real enlightenment comes when you connect your personal journey, your personal sufferings with the collective.

And that’s where the lights go off for you. You say, so I think Malcolm did that. Others have done that. I was fortunate to be able to have done that. Not everyone does that. But I never forgot these hard working people. I have great reverence for them greater than even Buddha or, Christ.

Ultimately, his life was about. Oh, when I repent, God is going to save me. No, what the fuck? Why don’t you talk about Christ? Did he whip the shit out of these sadists? He’s embarrassing. Oh, I don’t want to talk about that. That’s very violent. You should talk about that. Why don’t we talk about that temple cleansing?

It is the most important incident in the Bible. Why didn’t you take a big fucking microscope and study that? I gave my life to Christ. I was an alcoholic and I repented one day. Okay, that’s fucking fine, but what the fuck did Christ do? And that. World leads to christian zionism where you get lost in.

Okay. It’s okay to butcher. Things because the rapture is going to come if you fucking and it’s fucking stupid, right? I totally agree the sacrifice of the shepherd for their own immortality, right? The life of christ is about so fucked up this happens Oh you were a dog in your last life and that’s why you have to clean shit all this life Okay, that sounds very good.

Okay, beat the fuck out of me. Give me some shit to eat. So these religions Mixed with political ideologies, and then they become opiates of the masses. Marx was right about that too, or Lenin was right about that. Some of these revolutionaries got certain things right on the money. And we have to recognize that you have to look at the actions.

These people did, but that was about awakening people to see things as they are not how you wanted them to be and to live a life here. And now not be on a mountaintop meditating and thinking you’re better than everyone, right? That’s what all these other people do. How many people, they do yoga.

I can do this stretch. I can do this. I can do it. So I can put my head. But they’re an asshole as a human being. I’m from California. So a lot. Yeah. But I don’t know if Andre and Raphael in the, a teacher would never teach people meditation yoga after they only were taught that after they had proved they were a good human being.

Yoga and meditation came at the end of a process. Not in the beginning. But I did talk to a guru once who I was trying to make that point at. And I was like, Hey, what do you think of these Americans? Cause I was taking yoga at three o’clock in the morning to Kundalini. And I thought I was so cool.

It’s what are we, these other guys who are just doing it, to make their butts look good. I have my own supplied answer. And he says, it does not matter why someone does yoga because if you are doing, it’s like pushups, like there are consequences to doing the work. Do you agree with that?

There are, but the issue is, these things are highly integrated. All right, I think what begins first is the integrity, the moral fiber of the person, how that’s developed. And how that goes. You see what I’m saying? So doing by the way, yoga is not doing postures. You say yoga was a five part multiple part system of the yoga, right?

Kundalini was one part of a product. It was a complete system. The ultimate form of yoga was karma yoga, which many people realize it’s living in the world and living it like a lotus who lives, in a shithole right where you live of the world, but you’re not fully part of it. So you learn how to live this life as a.

A human being, right? And you can’t have personal integrity and public integrity be two different things who be fucking. Kennedy says that’s pure devil. That’s pure Satan talking. He said that go look at the interview. He did. My personal integrity and my public integrity are 2 different things.

Yeah. Outwardly. And he didn’t say this, but what he meant was outwardly. I may say I’m for medical freedom and against vaccine mandates, but in my home, people must be vaccinated before they can come to my party, but I’ll blame it on my wife. Yeah. It’s the least of it, right? But I’m saying that just consider that.

Just consider what I’m saying. People’s egos really do champion like certain egos for candidates are champion. Some people really want that because they want to have that. You know what I mean? That’s the lifestyle that they want to have. I have a question I wanted to read from the comments.

Dr Shiva, your thoughts on viruses never being isolated by anyone, Ever is that is it? Look so there so let’s talk about viruses. Okay. And the immune system. Okay. When I did my videos, I always said beyond backs and anti backs. If you remember that. The issue here is there is something called the immune system that we all have and uncovering that immune system reveals.

That from an engineering systems point of view, the goal is to create resilient immune system. There could be all sorts of shit there, whatever it is. You see what I’m saying? Again, this reduction, all their viruses are no virus. That’s not the fucking it’s dumb question, right? The issue is toxins or detrimental substances, however we define them.

Exactly. Yeah. I think the main question just. to put it to the point is because the whole virus idea with biological transmission and germ theory then just lends itself to the idea, Oh, I’m coughing at you. Then you’ll get sick immediately. But that’s, of course, from a systems biology view is BS anyways.

That’s what I’m saying. So you don’t need to, what I’m saying is these new people, these grifters, Oh, let’s talk about virus. And over, I do believe in virus. And why are you doing that? Because you’re doing the same reductionist model that Big Pharma is doing. Let’s talk about the bigger issue. You have an immune system.

I have an immune system. And the issue is, do you have resilience in that immune system? Because the reason that any of these things affect you is that your own body is reacting to the exogenous input, whatever that is. Okay, you get an exogenous thing and your body, is constantly working all this shit out.

But if you don’t have the proper infrastructure and the proper nutrients and the proper adaptogens at any point, your body’s gonna, something comes, your body overreacts and it goes eats out his own epithelial tissue, which is what happens when you’re affecting things in your lungs or you go attack your own endothelial cells, right?

Which Ebola, right? Or you attack your spinal, which is polio and so on. The issue is, and this is a fundamental issue. Are you creating a resilient immune system? Yes or no. And do you want to have public policy that creates resilient immune systems? That’s the other thing. So if you want to have public policy that creates resilient immune systems and not have people going like this what creates resilient immune systems?

You find out stress. Has a lot to do with fucking up your shock absorbers and your immune system. And I’ve written many papers on this. My PhD was in systems biology. So I don’t just want people to read all our deal, believe in viruses or not. And if you don’t, I don’t know what it’s like, shut the fuck up.

You haven’t done the work. You’re just grifting now because you want to act like you’re fighting against the establishment, and you’re really not because you’re feeding them. Because of your reductionism, they’re going to attack you, and we’re going to get into the vax, no vax, virus, no virus. It’s a fucking stupid question.

The issue is, do we want to have public policy that creates strong immune systems? If you want to do that, Then are you going to let your kid play out in the dirt with other kids? Why aren’t you doing that? Okay. Let’s talk about that research. Are you going to create systems of economic equality or inequality or relative?

Things where everyone can have a chance of prospering because we know that the average American only has 400 in their bank account and they’re fucking anxious all the time. What is, what happens when you have anxiety, when the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis is constantly being fucked with and you’re under fear of flight where you’re going to have your adrenal destruction, your body’s constantly releasing cortisol.

You’re going to fuck up your gut brain axis. Why don’t we fucking talk about that? Why are you talking about virus or no virus? It’s I want to slap these people. Let’s talk about resilient immune systems. Now you find, okay, let’s talk about now you talk about environmental toxins, what happens when you’re around glyphosate?

What happens when you’re around, sound? There’s more than enough data. Poor people live in these highways, what it does to their age. There’s multiple things that are screwing up people’s immune systems. This is why some people can be exposed to all sorts of stuff and they’re cool, right?

Nothing happens to them because they know how to modulate that. Even big pharma knows when they give a drug, they check the clearance rates. How long does the liver take to detoxify something? How is your liver working? So there’s many systems you can use to support resilience. So when people go to this reductionist model, like you haven’t done the work, you’re doing podcasts and shit.

So you get views and clicks. And you’re not serving life. You’re not talking about the real issues and you’re letting people get away with murder because it is public policy, which has affected our biology for the last 60 years. Policy, which has fucked up your biology, fucked up your immune system.

Academia has been using definitions to prolong not dealing with something for decades and decades. Let’s just, let’s define it so we don’t have to actually tackle it. So we know for a fact Holmes. That have dogs going in and out 70 percent less than kids, your infections at a young age.

That’s pretty cool, right? The other kids are going to doctors all the time. Doctors are putting this and the kids fucked up by antibiotics overused by the time he’s 1015. And then he has other issues, right? So the issue in my view is to talk about the immune system. Now, 10 years ago, when they had scientific conferences that I used to go to, that you could go to the immune conferences.

Or you could go to the cancer conferences or you can go to the aging conferences. Now they’re realizing all the fundamental molecular mechanisms, those diagrams I shared with you, among all those three fields are the same. Aging, cancer, immune system are all linked. It’s systems immunology. This is what we need to focus people on.

Now, going back when you take the systems approach, you can hold these politicians accountable for everything they’re fucking doing. You create stress in my life. You create this and you create this. It’s affecting my body. Pro vax, anti vax is again another scam. We have to go to the root cause.

And then when we work from that root cause, we can always get to the right solution. Hey, are these things enhancing the resilience of my immune system or are they hurting it? Anything that supports resilience, good. Anything that is against resilience, not good. Policy. So that’s how that’s what when you know, when you create a car, you put shock absorbers in it, right?

So it hits a bump and you don’t go through the roof buildings in all over the world. Now, when they create skyscrapers are created when an earthquake comes, they’re either on some type of damping mechanism that they move a little bit. You can see a lot of work on this. Japanese have been doing this for years.

So resilient systems is what it’s about. Yeah. And you can apply that to health. So you see, from an engineering system standpoint, we can now focus in on that’s what I need to do. I need to, like that engineer who comes in and tweaks 1 little bolt. And then he says, give me 500 grand. They said, hey, you only worked on it for 2 minutes.

Yeah, but it took me, years to tell you what little bolt to do and that’s what I’m saying that we need to focus on the little bolt here is resilient immune systems. So don’t let these people take advantage of you. Because they all have a scam that they’re running.

And I see it with all these guys that you say are associated. One degree of freedom away from the wellness company, one degree of freedom away from children’s health defense front and so called medical freedom. They’re all scam artists. Because once you talk about resilient health systems, they’re all out of business.

So imagine that you become the president. What are the things that you do and you try to do? Yeah. So great. So every, let me just do a quick little first of all, every Thursdays guys at 11 a. m. People should go to va shiva. com slash orientation. I literally go through these issues, healthcare being one of them.

Okay. If you go to if you go to va shiva. com slash orientation, people can sign up for that. Okay. But what I’d like you guys to do, because we’re talking about our campaign, go to Shiva numeral for president. com Shiva numeral for president. com and what you’ll see here, just to give you a quick navigation here.

First of all, Shiva numeral for president dot com. Yeah. If people want to donate great when you donate money, I give you lots of books, courses, et cetera, to learn system science. As I keep saying, I don’t want to take people’s money without being able to reciprocate. It’s just the law that how I live by.

The second thing is people can go, if you click on that thing that says on the top, A free downloads and let’s start there. If you click on that free downloads and you scroll down and click on that PDF and open up that PDF because it’s a little more clearer. Yeah. And you can eliminate the so if people get this PDF.

Download it and print it. But if you zoom in and you go to the right and come down, zoom in more, come down. Yeah. And zoom in right there. So every town hall since I launched in April of 2023, see those issues right there, Andres and Rafael and you can. So healthcare, environment, education, innovation, governance, economy.

So in April 18th, when I launched, I started with healthcare. And I, April 25th, I went to environment and we’ve been rotating those every week like clockwork. And in each 1 of those areas, if people come there, you will actually learn a real solution. So if you go to the upper right on economy, I actually taught people what is a managed portfolio.

If you’re going to invest, what is a balanced portfolio? How do you do diversification? We actually teach people. We taught people how to what is the difference between a balance sheet, right? And a cash flow statement and an income statement 90 of ceos don’t even know the difference. Okay So on health care, we have a multiplicity of policies number one The reason that the modern health care system is so fucked up is because in the 1970s and heading up to 2000 A set of organizational structures were allowed to exist in the health care system called GPOs and PBMs group purchasing organization and pharmacy broker managers.

These are middlemen who control the flow of every item into a hospital GPOs. So if you, God forbid, had to go to a hospital, the pillowcases, the insulin, the Catherine, the catheters, the machines are going through three companies. They control the flow and they can create shortages and they can force hospital administrators to buy stuff at higher prices.

And imagine GPOs and PBMs need to be put out of business. They were allowed to legally give. A hospital administrator’s corruption. So if you go to COVID, they are the ones who made all the money off selling ventilators, for example, okay. There was a business model. So we need to make GPOs and PBMs illegal in the United States.

And those three GPOs now have merged with the three insurance companies. This is why, when you get a bill in a hospital, you don’t know where your money went. You’re getting a bill for 250, 000. You don’t actually know what the real cost was. Okay, that’s one. The second thing is the NIH budget only has about 100 million out of its billions for alternative research and alternative health.

I believe it should at least be 50 50. Okay, let’s research all these things. Actual do evidence based research. That’s another clear policy. I’ll tell you the third one. Medical school, we need to eliminate that the need for a medical doctor to go to four years of college. It’s a waste. In every other country, doctors go right from high school.

Into a six year program. Okay. Same with engineering because what happens is doctors are going to four years of wasting time partying and undergraduate and then they go to four years of medical school. Another two years of residency. That’s eight years of medicine. They have about a million dollars in loans.

They can’t be family practitioners anymore with all the liability insurance have to get. They have to go join large hospitals. They can’t. They don’t even look at your face anymore. Okay. So that’s another thing that needs to be eliminated. The other thing relative to education is we need to make the universities become co signers to student loans.

I was one of the first people to put this out. If you have it, in the old days, people went, we learn skills and you got a job. You learn carpentry. You learn plumbing. If you learned engineering, you did that and you went to work now somewhere around after the 1970s and 80s, people went to college.

Why? I got to go to college. Why? I got to go to college. Who told you that? Oh, I got to go to college. And then after they come out of college, I have a 250, 000 loan. And that is not a student loan. It’s a college loan. Who got the money? The money went from the parents to the university. The bank gave it to the university.

The university takes a student loan, student money, and they invest it on the wall on Wall Street, which goes into their endowment and the hedge fund managers who ran that are making 50 million bucks. The student leaves college or drops out, has got a 200, 000 dollar loan, has no skills, And his university didn’t give a fuck about that.

He actually did learn any skills. If you make the colleges co signers, they’re going to say, Oh, Bobby, I understand you’re studying the the structure of, gamete formation and the sexuality conditions of zebras. Do you think that’s going to get you a fucking job? No, you can do that, but we’re co signed your loan.

Why don’t you study like how to write, maybe you should learn this or this, we don’t mind you learning art. Great. But we’re not going to co sign your loan because we need to make sure when you leave, you actually have a skill that you can actually survive and not live in your parents basement.

See what I’m saying? So making colleges, the co signers to the student loan now puts them on residence to make sure the students that they have are actually being educated with something that’s, that they can actually survive on. All right. So that’s another important policy when it comes to the environment, genetically, I did the earliest research on this genetically engineered foods.

We’re based on a policy of substantial equivalence, which means a GMO is equivalent to a non GMO product. But that was based on a 1972 law that was passed during the Gerald Ford administration for equating two technologies, you say? And what my research revealed was that GMO is not equal to a non GMO if you use certain criteria, like glutathione levels.

We need to make sure that genetically engineered foods is actually using real science to denote the equivalence. And we need to go back and fix that when it comes to the issues of freedom is that the backdoor government censorship infrastructure to all social media companies must be removed.

Period Elon Musk still keeps it up. Talks a good game. And Donald Trump is a 1 on November 16, 2018, who signed into law, and it was unanimously voted by the Senate and the House. And Think about that. The entire U. S. Government violated the First Amendment, which says Congress shall pass no law to bridge freedom of speech.

And that’s what they did. And you just saw what recently happened. They all voted without a warrant. You could surveil people. Okay, so we don’t have a government by the people for the people. We need a revolutionary movement. We need a bottoms up movement. That’s what we’re doing. But we have actual solutions in the area of health care.

You yourself with system self can become a health educator. And help other people in your local neighborhoods figure out what’s the right solution. The right solution for the right person at the right time. I’ve created that infrastructure. It’s here. Whether you elect me president or not, I have the solution for that.

Let’s go to innovation. When I was elected, when I was awarded the first outstanding scientist technologist of Indian origin, when I went back to India on my Fulbright by the prime minister of India, I was asked to revive this entire Indian. Research environment of 4000 scientists, the oldest organization, which wasn’t producing any great science.

India produced two Nobel Prize winners during colonialism, but not one today. Indians have to leave India to come to the United States even to win anything, because the entire Indian scientific system is futile. It’s still based on British colonialism. So when I was recruited by the Indian government, I came out with a plan to unleash innovation.

I exposed corruption in the Indian government. I had to leave under death threats. And you can read all about it if you go to innovate. Yeah. Free com. You’re notorious Andous for that. Yeah. But I’ve created a solution, Andreas, that I can educate anyone on how to innovate, and it’s a bottoms up innovation model.

I put my money where my mouth is every year I take eight kids. And anyone should go to innovation And if you have children. And we’ve created a curriculum. So the idea is what made the United States great was innovation supported by a real robust patent system. That patent system has now been hijacked by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, et cetera.

You need so much money to get a patent out and Microsoft and Google, all these companies want to make everything trade secrets, so they own everything you say. So you can go there, anyone and apply for a scholarship. I personally, but I, this system that I created, what is now after I left, Modi invited me back and the Indian government has now adopted all the recommendations I gave, for which I was fired and hounded out of India for.

Okay? So we have that solution. So if you go look at the issue of governance, it’s pretty simple, right? Everyone talks about term limits, but we got to go farther than term limits. We should make sure that in my view, the, when you elect a president, it should be for eight years. A senator should be for eight years.

House of Representatives should be for four years. And and that’s it. You’re done because you can have this 4 year cycle. You’re in and you have some continuity and it’s over. Okay. You’re done. I’m saying extend the house of representatives for 2 years. To 4 years, because by the time you walk in, you’re on your way out all your by the time you get elected to house a rep, you’re working on your next campaign.

Term limits aren’t going to do it has to be term limits. Plus. This concept of resonating the frequency during with these 4 year cycles, you say, because think about how much money is spent by all these packs and money. If that’s gone, it’s all always going to be fresh blood coming in at least every 4 years.

All right, the other thing that needs to happen is I’ve seen the election fraud begins by who gets visibility any media company. During an election cycle should not be allowed to put any candidate. On major news media. At all. These people must go door to door. They must have real volunteers. What about his just putting his wife on a sitcom?

No, I’m just kidding. But yeah but what I’m saying is that’s what needs to happen. Boobie Kennedy has no volunteers. He raises 20 million and he hires signature vendors because if Fox News is putting on the snake, they’re a pack, they should be treated like a political action committee. During an election cycle should be illegal.

If you are, if you have real support, where are your volunteers collecting signatures and you should eliminate that you can use paid signature gatherers to get on the ballot. These are fundamental things. Most Americans don’t even know about how is this guy getting on the ballot? He raises a hundred million and then he’s paying some fool to go collect signatures and I’m convinced to get on the ballot, you have to collect signatures.

I’m convinced they have a boiler room somewhere. They’re writing signatures because I never saw Elizabeth Warren collecting signatures. I never saw Donald Trump collecting signatures. How are these people getting on the ballot? You have to collect 1. 5 million signatures in aggregate to get on the ballot in all these States.

We were out in the rain and snow collecting signatures. And we’re enough in Utah and Idaho, booby Kennedy. Couldn’t even get 1000 signatures in Idaho. He had to go do a backroom deal to get an extension. You see these people actually have no ground support. Andres and Raphael. If my volunteers will go out in the rain and snow and collect signatures because they believe in what we’re doing.

They don’t have anyone who believe you got to pay them. You got to hire a whole like Shanahan. Who was hoeing all her stuff around Silicon Valley. That’s who Boobie needed to be his fundraiser. You see what I’m saying? It’s a world made up of prostitutes. The entire election process and the way you cut it is you can’t no media, major media company, with this many viewers, you can come up with it can put you on.

You can’t, it should be illegal. Go out, go to independent media. You know what it’ll do? You’ll have all these independent media coming up now. Bottoms up journalists, you have to go door to door. You have to go actually show up and do a rally. You have to do standouts old school. So that’s what I think needs to happen on the governance systems.

All, I was the first one who discovered the fact that there’s these a weighted race features on these voting machines and got it out there. All those three things I did, all of those votes, there’s no reason for voting fucking machines. India, 1. 6 billion people, they run a whole election with nothing and the electoral system.

Many argue there’s better than here. Why do you need voting machines? Why? Because you’re sure that’s where, you should make election day. As I’ve said, should be a national holiday. You have to show up, you give and you have to make these things. These are very simple solutions.

They’re luddite solutions. They’re old school solutions. You don’t need technology for these solutions. I can keep going if you want. When I was going to say at two hours, I don’t know how you feel. Cause I love it. If you want to answer a couple more questions, sure. Is that awesome. I love your energy.

I think actually the main points I really wanted to bring up, you mentioned there was one is not really, it’s a question by a viewer also, and it’s not really a trick question. It’s maybe you have ones to say something about it. So which democratic country political system would you potentially see as a role model?

Or do you see anything maybe from India or anywhere where you say, Oh, this is something that is Something to be aspired to. And a question I’d like to connect to is what do you see practically? Because at least in Europe, and I guess in the US, it will be similar. A lot of power actually could be very local, even the way the laws are set up.

If a city council would be acting properly, you wouldn’t even need so much federal government and all these issues, which can happen with centralization. The two part questions. One is, do you see any role models or ideas anywhere that you would say are good? And second part, how would you plan on further distributing the power structure within the political process itself?

Because that is something unrelated to, term limits. Not unrelated, but there’s a further step there, how to really make grassroots individual interested in participating in politics and be effective and not be overruled by funding or anything else. Yeah, it’s a great question. Yeah. I think it’s a great way to answer it.

I so look to get to the central point where we started I think the key point to understand when you look at successes and we have to accept, there have been some very important successes we can learn from throughout history and those successes in over the last, let’s say 200 years in the United States, where in late eight, the eight 18 hundreds and early 19 hundreds.

When we had a lot of these workers movements started with women leading these movements and we talk about a lot in our Movement for truth for health we have to herald these movements and recognize the success of those movements It was these movements which began in the late 1800s We’re working people realize that they needed to self organize.

Those movements ended up in, in a lot of organic bottoms up trade unions, and those resulted in putting a gun to the head of people like Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This is why we eliminated child labor. This is why we got water systems infrastructure. Those things didn’t the elites didn’t want to give anything to everyday people.

There were mass movements in between 1900 and 1970. Close to 250 million working people participated in 11, 000 strikes, and these were truly bottoms up movements. So that should be recognized Raphael those. So I’m not going to point to a country that occurred in the United States. Okay. Now, by the 1950s, the elite said, shit, these movements are too dangerous.

So the right wing branded all those movements, communist movements being remote controlled from Russia, which was not true. There were bottoms up American workers movements. And then the left wing took over those movements at Kennedy’s and people like Bernie Sanders, all these people hijacking and the mobsters ran the trade union.

So by 1970, Wall Street and the trade union leaders had come together. But between 1900 and 1940, the American pie grew wages grew for everyone. Okay. It was quite extraordinary by 1970 till today after this consolidation of power took place and you branded everything. When I said workers unite, all that must be communist.

Fuck you. That’s not communist. Karl Marx doesn’t own those words. They had to brand that against workers movements. And so between 1970 till today, what we have is we have the destruction of bottoms up movements. In fact, only 2 million people have struck in the United States in 900 strikes. And what has occurred?

The wages of Americans have gone down by 47 trillion collectively. And in the last, four years, 200, 600 billionaires increase their wealth by 2. 3 trillion. It’s been a massive power grab, massive printing of money transfer wealth. And this is directly related to the fact that the victories of the American working people were smashed.

Attacked, and this is why they created the Tuuli Gabbard and the fucking Kennedys and the Bernie Sanders and the Al Sharptons and the fucker Carlsons to make sure none of these movements ever came up. And that’s why we say fuck you to them. ’cause we’re gonna rebuild those movements honoring those people.

That’s one. I’ll give you another example. The Bolshevik Revolution. I was just gonna say it. Oh man, I was trying not to interrupt. I was giving you the December, sorry, keep going. Yeah. The October revolution was one of the bombs that went off. 10 days that shook the world. You can read the work of John Reed.

Okay. Can attack Lenin from other things, but man, the shit that the Bolsheviks pulled off, it was a Russian people, more importantly, who lost 24, 30 million lives fighting the Nazis. It wasn’t Stalin killed these people. It’s it’s the biggest bullshit. I don’t know if in the seventies, academics got together and they said, we’re going to equate Stalin with Hitler.

I’m not saying Stalin was a good guy by any means, but they need to do. And people were a friend of mine went to one of these meetings with these scholars and they said, but Stalin didn’t kill 20 million people. How are we going to do that? And they said, just say it. People will believe it. So all of this was done to make sure that we forgot that what happens when working people mobilize.

That’s what it’s all about, Raphael and Andres, to make sure that workers movements never ever come up, that we have to pay homage to fucking Kennedy. Are you fucking serious? So that’s a very powerful thing. Another thing was in the, in India in the 1800s, there were powerful bottoms up revolutionary movements coming up.

Okay? That were the sepoy mutiny was one of them. Why Indian soldiers mutinied against the British. And in response, the British hung all these soldiers on telephone poles. And they asked Gandhi what he thought about that, and he goes, Oh, I believe the punishment was just. That’s what you do when you over, when you don’t obey authority.

He’s a fucker. And a fake, man. Why can’t he just keep his British accent? Why do you have to get that fake accent? Exactly. Exactly. Yeah, he was a British agent. Put there him, Nehru was made the first prime minister. Nehru, was made the prime minister of India by Mountbatten, who was the emperor of India and Nehru was banging his wife, Edwina.

The whole thing is one fucking incestuous fuck fest. And these are the people who run India. This is a reality. Yeah, so India never had, but there was a point in Indian history where people were coming up. That was a good movement, but the amount of capital and propaganda that they put to promote Kennedy was quite extraordinary.

In the United States, the civil rights movement, when it first started, poor blocks, poor whites were fighting for infrastructure. That’s why they fucking parachuted in Martin Luther King. He was controlled by the Kennedys and they sub, suppress Malcolm X. But see, we educate people on all this shit.

Oh, what do you mean Martin Luther King? I’m black. I like Martin Luther King. You can like him, but he was totally fucking compromised. It was clearly an asset that was compromised. Yeah. In every respect. It’s in no respect was he not compromised. Yeah. I don’t know if this is, Ravi brings up, please elaborate on the reverse Flynn effect.

Which, who general Flynn, I think. I think What, so I know like the Flynn Effect isn’t that like an IQ quont thing? It’s like the sample convention average. The test results set to a hundred, the deviation 15 to 16 points from the IQ tests. Revised new San, I don’t really know. I think, I dunno.

I, I gotta go study it guys. I don’t wanna talk about something. I know I plead . Yeah, I dunno. If you’re asking about iq, I dunno if that’s what you’re asking about. What I can tell you is many of the IQ exams were created by the behavioral school. Recent decline of IQ outside the dimension of spatial intelligence.

Yeah. So my, there’s been a number of studies that have been done. If you want to just look at, processing power, there’s been a, there’s been a, quite an extraordinary study, which shows that toxins in the environment can reduce IQ, one, That’s a leader of certain amount of concentration going to affect IQ, but here’s a bigger question.

It’s a whole nother question. I want to go into because we can go into a whole area of it. But I think there’s a bigger question on intelligence itself. What is intelligence? But anyway, guys, it’s a 28. I really enjoyed it. You guys are. Very bright. You’re really appreciate that.

You came to me like really quickly pull up some of your links for people. And let me push a couple of important things to beat people into the right direction. Number one, go to Shiva for president, get one of these bumper stickers. And if you, and put it bolt, don’t just get one of them, leave them on your dining room table, have the balls to put it on the back windshield of your car.

A lot of people get these in their own do anything because a hundred thousand people see it. Go to our website volunteer. The other thing is. If you guys don’t I want to play a video. I don’t, I think, I don’t know how we play this on both stream yards. I think I’m going to share mine and I, can I play it for you guys?

One video, because the thing I want to push is get involved in our campaign, but fundamentally get involved in learning the science of systems. Okay, so let me, I’m going to stop your screen share. I’m going to go, I’m going to share my screen share that I’m doing on StreamYard. Okay, and then I’m going to play the video here.

That’s okay. Is that all right? Let me just play this video for you guys. That’ll give you a deep understanding of, and hopefully inspire you to get involved in the movement for truth, freedom, health. And let me play this. I think I have to, oh, I have to make sure, hold on. Let me stop screen. I got to make sure that you can hear sound.

There’s a sound. Okay, good. Okay, so you guys can hear my sound, right? All right, now I can go share this sound here.

We have allowed our country to be taken over from within, and the end goal is you will have a homogenized world where we will become slaves. Because there is a condition among the elites that really thinks they’re better than you, deep down inside them, that you don’t deserve the freedoms you have. They don’t.

This reality is what people need to wake up to. And we need to all unite working people. There’s only one movement that can do that. And that is the movement that we started creating here in Massachusetts, the Movement for Truth, Freedom, and Output. Look, I’ve been a student of politics since I was a four year old kid, studying revolutionary movements, left wing, right wing.

There’s a physics, there’s a nuclear science to destroying the establishment. To build a bridge, you need to understand Newton’s equation. You need to understand the laws of gravity. You need to understand Poisson’s ratio. There is a way to build a revolution. And that’s why I put this together. My goal is to train a army of truth, freedom, and health leaders.

We don’t need followers like social media. We need leaders, but they need training because the educational system does not teach them history, nothing. So in three hours, that’s what I’ve started doing. That’s the solution. We got to train people first with understanding what a system is, the dynamics of all systems that affect nature.

The second is understanding the interconnection between truth, freedom, and health freedom is the ability to move freely, communicate freely, talk freely. Without freedom, you cannot convert ideas, hypotheses into truth, which is science. And without freedom, you can’t really get to truth. And without truth, you make up fake problems and fake solutions, which means you destroy our health.

And without health, which is the infrastructure of us and our body, you can’t fight for freedom. Truth, freedom, health. Third concept is, it has to be bottoms up, working people who work uniting. And what the right wing has done is whenever you say working people unite, that must be communist.

Meanwhile, they’ve let the Democrats run unions, which suppress workers. Completely corrupt. But when you look at the arc of American history, it’s been when working people came up. We need to go local. Every solution I’m coming up with is a part of this movement. We’re giving the science, which is the truth, and then we tell people what they can do on the ground.

Like with election fraud, you don’t need to wait for some lawyer. Our goal is to train people to go local. Fight locally. Forget lawyers. Forget politicians. Forget celebrities. You’ve got to learn politics, and there is a science to it. They lock us down, we should be ready to shut them down.

And the fourth part of this principle is the not so obvious establishment. So when you look at a system, there’s always something that disturbs you from getting to your goal. The biggest disturbance is the not so obvious establishment, which are those people who claim they’re for you, on the left and the right.

The Al Sharpton’s who tell black people I’m for you, the Tucker Carlson’s. Do you think any true anti establishment person will ever be on Fox or CNN? I don’t think so. They both mislead working people back into the establishment. Without this solid understanding of political physics and theory, you’re screwed.

You’re gonna follow, on the left wing, Bernie Sanders. Oh, he said something. Or Robert Kennedy. Scumbags. Or you’re gonna follow Some right wing talk show host. They’re not going to lead us to liberation, it’s us! We’re building a bottoms up movement, and that political physics, it’s a nuclear science of change.

Bottoms up. We have to organize to understand that there is people who talk a good game, and then look at what they actually do, left and right. I’m sorry, Sean Hannity may say some good things, but I don’t see the urgency in his voice to get something done, and it can only come When you weaponize yourself with the right knowledge, you need to be able to identify a rat.

Christ didn’t go after the Romans, right? It was the Pharisees and the Sadducees who screwed him up. His own quote unquote people. And that’s where we’re at. So these four concepts I’ve built into a curriculum. People can go to truthfreedomhelp. com and it’s an educational program. We need to train people in political theory.

You need to have physics. And I’ve created that curriculum. People need to get educated. We need to get educated fast. And within a half an hour, I can teach people two years of MIT control systems. I teach people those concepts. Then I apply it. Anyone can understand it. And then you say, Oh, I got to build a bottoms up movement.

They have to get politically, they Astute and then they have to go locally and act not sit there on social media. They have to act locally defy locally Do civil obedience locally, but with knowledge on how to build a movement Now the senate campaign has expanded to the movement for truth freedom and health and they can find it on truth freedom health.

com So people can sign in they can get access to a bunch of videos if they want to Take a course and become a Truth Freedom Health leader. I offer a full scholarship there, but we want people to make a commitment that they’ll study, that they’ll get certified, that they’ll go do activities on the ground.

So go to truthfreedomhealth. com.

Yeah. So

that you with having, of course, a wide array of knowledge and expertise, break it down and make it accessible to people. I think that’s great because I think you nailed it, man. That’s what that’s academic schools. That’s the elite, that’s the controller knowledge and everyone should be up to speed on that.

So I think that’s awesome. Yeah. So that was a goal here because when I studied controls, I said, wow, this is really like real stuff. You can apply it to so many systems. Now, the cool thing, Rafael, is I discovered those control systems principles. Show up 1 to 1 and I wrote a paper on this, and I’ll share this with you guys.

So I, what I discovered was that these ancient systems of share again. Please. I think the screen. Yeah, I think I got to share with you guys here. Okay, so it took me after I finished my full bright and India can share this air. I’d have to make a little bit bigger. I think I can make it here.

Okay. Can you see this? So I wrote a paper because what I uncovered was that it’s called the the control systems engineering foundation, traditional Indian medicine. And so what I uncovered was as you go through this paper. I discuss the history of Western medicine, which is really for wartime medicine.

Okay. And then I give the reader a background on the modern healthcare system. Okay. That the fact is that pharma is actually tanking. That’s why they needed Trump to do the vaccines. Because they’re not, they do more and more money to and less new medicines are actually being found because their whole models fucked up.

Okay. And then the admin of systems biology, which was really Western biology’s effort to get itself out of this mess. And then, so the reader understands where developments are and then I in this paper. Really talk about control systems engineering, right? Which what is a basic, but I integrated Raphael with thermodynamic theory, which people didn’t make that intersection.

This is your standard system, your what you called your open loop system, and this is what you would call your closed loop system. Okay. And then I take the reader on a different journey into the ancient systems of Indian medicine and yoga. For all of this. And then what I share is this discovery that I made that these are the words that they use in yoga and Indian medicine.

Karma is not some, afterlife term. It’s basically right action and the fruits of karma or karma fall. And then when you layer in the yogic systems of having a mind and the senses. The disturbances that come your way in the sun called by your mission. This is what emerges out of this. Andreson.

This is what is really the profound piece of this that here’s Western engineering. This is what you could study deeply. And this is the ancient systems yoga. They match 1 to 1, but no 1 has presented it this way. So what’s happened is over the last 400 years. Those talking about Ayurveda, Siddha, meditation, they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

They actually don’t know. They’re just repeating words. But it turns out that the ancient rishis looked at the body as a control system. And so this now gives a profound gateway, this Rosetta Stone into for us really appreciating these ancient systems of medicine and science. It’s the same freaking thing.

The body is a system. It has a homeostasis that tries to get back to homeostasis, which is the goal. You’re moving information, matter, and energy through the three forces of transport, conversion, and storage. Anyway, this has evolved at the core of the Truth, Freedom, Health movement. And then more importantly, I’ve advanced this in many of the educational systems, health education.

So at every two months I’ve resurrected teaching, I think I put about 2000 doctors through this who are a little more, Doctors were getting rebellious against the establishment. So we have the framework, man. So guys like you and others can help get this out, but we have the solutions.

My running for president gives people the opportunity to see the stark difference between what we offer and what the swarm offers. We’re gonna win. It’s just a matter of time. They’re fucking toast. I’m telling you, it’s just a matter of time. Their systems are broken, and they don’t have And in terms of systems theory and analysis, that was always my optimism, maybe naive, that even from a systems point of view, this cannot ultimately sustain itself.

It can’t. The thing is, our knowledge, our movement is like molasses. It’s very viscous and it just oozes. Four years ago when I hit Trump, Oh, why are you hitting Trump? He’s such a good guy. When I hit Kennedy, Oh, you’re an asshole now. I don’t even have to do a lot of tweeting. You’ll see Kennedy say something and people go, at him, the arguments that we’ve been making.

So our stuff is getting out there. You cannot stop truth. It’s viscosity and it’s stickiness is so powerful. So I know these guys are fucked. It just we just need to accelerate it by throwing more kerosene on this. And that’s what guys like you can do. We’ll do it anyway. But, the independent journalists, smart guys like you guys who get it.

Get involved, it’s basically getting you guys into this thing. Oh, let me. I don’t do when you go hand out a flyer. It really changes. It’s you’re going out and working out and you’re doing a squat. My muscles. Why am I doing this? But we haven’t exercise citizenship muscles.

People have been told why are you going out handing out a flyer on a corner? When you do that, you have to engage people. People used to do that in villages outside of their balconies. They’d talk. They’d have that conversation. All that’s unfortunately gone away. Architecture, there’s no balconies outside anymore.

Have you noticed that? It’s just very flat, this very brutalism style of architecture. So yeah, even Stalin would have been upset about that. Yeah. I just want to say, Ombor burvas vaha tat sa vitor ye di mehi diyo yo no preca dead. Yes. Meditate on the glory of the being who’s created the universe, and may we be enlightened by them.

But thank you. This has been really away. Andreas gave the Gayatri mantra. I’m gonna do 107 more of those for you later. Okay, great. Can you do it on the morning? Yep. I did earlier. Yeah. I don’t know how useful it will be, but I hope it’s helpful because like I actually want you to win a lot. Andreas, get involved, man.

Where are you? You guys are in California. We are going to have to start collecting signatures there. Every state we get on the ballot is a stab to the establishment. We’ve gotten on the ballot in two states. I’m filing this historic lawsuit on my own against this whole naturalized citizen equals natural born.

And it’s me going up against nine lawyers and we have them on the run. So it’s a lot of fun, but get involved guys and just get the word out. Thanks. Absolutely. All right, everybody. Make sure you guys go to, make sure you guys go to Dr. Shiva shiva4president. com and, check out also his, Shiva systems and revolutions and yeah, this is awesome.

I hope you win. Thanks Andres. Stay in touch. I will. Glad you and Andrew met. Thank you. Talk to you soon. Bye guys. Be well, be the light. Best to you and your families. Namaste. This next story has been suppressed by mainstream media. All right, guys, good group of people. Be well, be the light. I hope you enjoyed it.

Get involved. Go get bumper stickers. Go to Schieffer for President. Become a Truth Freedom Health Warrior. It’s all up to you. We have, we’ve created all this wonderful infrastructure and that’s up to you to get involved. Thank you. We need to build a bottoms up movement. Go to shiva4president. com and volunteer.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health® you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

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The platform we are building for Truth Freedom Health® provides the infrastructure to take on Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Academia. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can contribute whatever you can. Based on your level of commitment to get educated, I have also created some wonderful educational gifts to thank you for your contribution.

To get the education you need and deserve, join Dr.SHIVA on his Foundations of Systems™ course. This course will provide you three pillars of knowledge with the Foundation of Systems™ Thinking. The three pillars include: 1) The System Dynamics of Truth Freedom Health®, 2) The Power of a Bottom’s Up Movement, and 3) The Not So Obvious Establishment. In this course, you will also learn fundamental principles of all systems including your body.

Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System® tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health® portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health® Warriors.

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