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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai reveals from first-hard experience with evidence and receipts HOW & WHY #FuckerCarlson @TuckerCarlson and Elon Musk are the LACKEYS who are executing the REAL CENSORSHIP for their SWARM Masters.

Transcript Below.

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 Hello, everyone. This is Dr. Shiva. I had duration saying it’s having trouble on Twitch, but it’ll be okay. We’re going to be doing a discussion, an interview actually with Ian Carpenter from New York and the discussion we’re going to have is. Really about the real henchmen of of the real censorship.

And this is part 1 of it. I’m going to do with the end and I’ll do a later 1 tonight. And we’re really going to talk about fucker Carlson and Elon Musk. That’s what I want to talk to you about of this larger censorship that’s really going on and the greater deception led by these 2 scumbags. And before I start, I want to just play a quick.

One of our intro videos that we typically start with to engage you guys into what we’re doing with our movement for truth, freedom, health, and we’ll start with the end shortly.

All right, everyone, this is Dr Shiva. Today, we’re gonna have this discussion that I have firsthand evidence of because I was in the throes of it when I was the first one to expose the fact that the government of the United States and in fact, all governments have a unholy alliance with social media companies.

And recently, this guy, fucker Carlson, who’s basically a CIA operative and the other government agent, Elon Musk. Are both working hand in hand with other members of the swarm, as I talk, call it to really push forward the real censorship, which is to censor the fact that the censorship of the government infrastructure that was installed by Trump under the Trump administration is still ongoing.

So this is the neo swarm that’s being created to manipulate people into thinking, scumbags like fucker Carlson, Elon Musk Donald Trump. The snake, this neo fake anti establishment, fake populism swarm is somehow fighting for us. And this is a real deception. Let me bring any and we’re gonna have a conversation about this.

So let me bring in in carpenter who wanted to talk about this and other things. Let me bring it in. Are you there? I am. Can you hear me? Okay. Yeah, we’re good. And that’s you and I talked yesterday, but this is the evolving story that’s going on. And as many people know, I was in the center of all of this because in 2020, it was our federal lawsuit in court where I represented myself.

Where we got an injunction by the judge in September, October of 2020, when in courtroom testimony, we expose that the government of the United States has created this censorship infrastructure, which is what I called it. And we laid it all out in a beautiful diagram. All the details. It was like, it was a secondary 2nd, Ph.

D. project on the judge gave us a preliminary injunction was a big victory. Half a billion people throughout the world knew about it because I did tons and tons of videos. We asked Tucker Carlson to cover this because why is it important? Because in 2020, it was this infrastructure that was used to commit election fraud.

And you have 22 months from the time you detect something like this to resolve it. And fucker Carlson had the opportunity, including Glenn Greenwald to expose all of this and they intentionally concealed it and we’ll talk about why they intentionally concealed it because they don’t actually want to do anything.

They do truth, quote unquote, sharing truth. This entertainment not to ever really resolve anything. And so people listening out there, if you really want to get off the plantation, you got to stop sucking Zionist cock and you have to get with the program to realize that none of these people have any interest in liberating you.

There’s only one force that can do that. And that is a bottoms up movement where you learn how to do this. And that is the movement for truth, freedom, health, period. And because we’re an independent movement and because we don’t count out anyone, because we’re actually off the plantation, these guys do not want to give us limelight.

Frankly, plagiarize and steal our credit because they want to even take the truth and put it under the swarms banner to think they’re exposing truth when they wait 234 years to expose the truth because they don’t want the truth to be set at the right time to mobilize right action. There’s three stools to this phenomenon.

Are you telling the truth? Are you telling it at the right time? And are you telling the truth to mobilize action? And that’s what we do. That’s what I’ve done all my life. These motherfuckers do not do that. Fucker Carlson is a CIA deep state operative. So is Elon Musk and all the people cross praising them.

And I will, as in this discussion, give firsthand evidence of all this, not just, claims, but the fact of what we did, if you go to win back freedom dot com tonight, I will go over all the receipts. All the evidence once again, we’ve been doing this for many years and all of you will have a chance to call in and talk about this because just like I was the first guy to expose the fear mongering of the quote unquote pandemic in 2020.

I was the 1st 1 to run the fire Fauci campaign. I’m again, raising the fucking red flag again, and we must curse with anger at this, of the shit that’s going on, that there is the great deception going on, and the real censorship is the collusion between Elon Musk, fucker Carlson, booby fucking Kennedy Trump, and all the grifters and swarm people to conceal the fact that it was our movement that exposed this shit.

Censorship in 2020, and the reason they want to do this is because in 2020, had they shared it, we would have actually done something to stop the election fraud. You say they never tell the truth when it needs to be done. They only tell it when it’s convenient to manipulate people to thinking they’re telling the truth.

Okay. Quote unquote sharing the truth. They put a guy called Mike Benzon who’s a fucking piece of shit plagiarist. He plagiarized my entire work. And then Carlson had him on and all the swarm creatures say, Oh my God, what an amazing national hero. No, I’m the fucking hero. Period who did the work who did the hard work.

In fact, Kennedy’s people came to our lawsuit hearings in 2020 cribbed our notes plagiarized the lawsuit and he’s praising Ben’s who anyone should do the history of this guy. Some people recognize that you are being fucked with again, just like you were fucked with in 2020 with the fear mongering and it’s time to start listening to someone and people did half a billion people.

Do did listen to our movement and this is what bothers him so much. So now they put me back on these platforms put a digital cage around me to give the illusion that, they have the house nigger in, in, in the plantation. The problem is this house nigger has left the plantation. And this really fucking bothers them.

So they have to find, so I’m a field nigger. Not like Vivek, the snake who will, who has his head up so high into Trump’s ass Brown nosing. Cause he’s a big farmer Brown noser. And this is what’s going on. You must use these terminology to describe these people because we don’t want stupid MAGA targets following us.

The MAGA people today are same in 20 to 24 as a mask wearing morons of 2020. That’s what they’ve become mentally ill people. Trump is a Zionist hoodlum. He’s the one who signed CISA into law in 2018, November November of 2018, which set up the conditions to create the backdoor portal censorship infrastructure, which my lawsuit first revealed and exposed.

So everyone understand you go to winbackfreedom. com and I’m going to go through all the receipts, but fucker Carlson is a fucker. He’s a deep state operative and Trump, Vivek the Snake, booby fucking Kennedy comes from the deep state. And what we’re seeing is a, the swarm has unleashed this new cabal. To create a fake populism, a fake anti establishment, quote unquote fake movement, to conceal the real movement, Truth, Freedom, Health, and the big elephant in the room, which is our campaign and our movement, which exposed all this four years ago.

So that’s what’s going on.

Yeah I’ve heard you talk about it before, and I felt the truth of what you’re saying, and also much of it is simply based on the lawsuit. So that’s a fact. It’s not something that is conjecture. And I fell into the trap too. I watched I’ve heard you talk about the lawsuit in 2020. And the back door and also you made this really good chart, a kind of large poster.

And you’ll get it over there, Ian. Yeah, we did that chart. Everything that Mike Ben’s fucking plagiarized. Now, if you think plagiarism is okay then you should probably stop watching the broadcast. But here’s the thing that we did. Jason’s holding it up, but this is a detailed chart of every player that’s involved.

And we presented this in federal court. It freaked out the judge so much. That he wanted me to drop the claims against the government and just put me back on Twitter. Okay, and that was the case of the century that in 2020, imagine if fucker Carlson had talked about this in 2020. We would be in a very different world in the United States, but he doesn’t.

Telling the truth is not sufficient. When do you tell the truth? When? Because if you tell a little piece of the truth. And you attribute it to someone else who never did the work. That means you have a different agenda and that’s what this is about. So we’re in this world right now. Do people want to be fucked with, or do they want to liberate themselves?

If you want to liberate yourself, I’m here to talk and you should join the movement for truth from health. But if you want to just be on the sidelines, watching yourself be fucked, then keep following these fools. Now, I think, Dr. Sheevan, most people, they absolutely do want to be liberated. I think a lot of people will.

Yeah, so wait a second. Here’s another woman, amazing, Polly, who has stolen my chart, doesn’t attribute it to me, and used to support Kennedy. That’s not a similar chart. It’s taken from my chart. Okay? It’s taken from the swarm. So people need to realize that credit matters. Why does credit matter? Because it attributes it to the origin of that.

Who it came from, the hard work that they did. That lawsuit, maybe I got three hours sleep a day for a year and a half. And if anyone has problems with my language, please get the fuck off this broad broadcast because you’re not qualified to be here. Okay. If you’re not angry. You’re a dumb fuck. Sorry.

Yeah, Ron Paul actually said if you’re not angry with what’s going on and being done to your rights, there’s something wrong with you. Ron Paul the father, by the way. Yeah, Ron Paul is deep state. He’s a Zionist cocksucker. And Ron Paul was okay, but he didn’t have the testosterone to go fight.

Okay, he caved in the end. Nice fellow. We’re building a movement that’s fundamentally based on recognizing that we need to build A broad base of people who understand this dynamic of control, and that’s what needs to be done. So when you look at fucker Carlson and Elon Musk, let me walk you through what occurred because in 2020, as many of, we ran an incredible campaign in Massachusetts for Senate and our campaign.

Organized 3000 volunteers Ian, we got close to 2 million in donations in a Republican primary when I ran as a Republican. So think about that. This is the red, the blue state of Massachusetts. Typically, the Republicans just bend over, which they always do, because they’re in collusion with the Democrats as both parties are so they never really run to win.

We ran to win and the Republicans in the primary of September 2020 ran a fool against me. He didn’t even have one lawn sign up. We had 25, 000 lawn signs up. Think about the effort it took to mobilize that all over Massachusetts. Two million dollars and they never thought we would get the visibility because the first way that they fuck with you is they deceive the public by deciding who will get visibility.

That’s step one, Ian. So think about that. All these numb nuts that you see who are getting visibility, Trump, Biden, booby fucking Kennedy. They’re all part of the swarm. No one gets visibility unless it’s deemed that they get visibility. So that’s the first commandment that you should write down.

He who does not get visibility is not part of the swarm. He who gets visibility is part of the swarm. That’s pure physics and science. And if you are following any of these people are getting visibility, And you think that they are your fighters. You need to get your head out of your ass.

Commandment number one. So they didn’t think we were going to get visibility. We got visibility. They never thought we would have all these signs up all over. You can leave Massachusetts without seeing Dr. Shiva on every major highway. Okay. Huge billboards. We take out huge signs. We passed out close to 2 million flyers.

Okay. Number two, they want the second part of the election fraud is they want to make sure even if you get visibility, if you get over that hump, you don’t get on the ballot. Okay. To get on the ballot, you have to collect close to 25, 000 signatures. We did that and we got, and this was during COVID guys, COVID standing out in the cold, collecting signatures and they’ve shut down everything.

People are wearing masks. My opposing Republican candidate couldn’t even get 5, 000 signatures. He had to, he had his people go beg to the secretary of state, probably go bang them a few times. Pay them off and they lowered the count to below 5000 in for him. All right, we exceeded, it’s like when I used to get a pluses, in high school, then the dumb fuck kid whose parents were living in the bigger houses because they were friends with the teachers.

The guy was a B student, they would give him an A. So I’ve been through this shit. Okay, so they give like the dumb kid who doesn’t work a handicap. All right. So that’s how this fool gets on the ballot. So we got on the ballot. We got visibility. You’re supposed to have debates, aren’t you? They cancel all debates.

Cancel them. Cancel polling. So here we are with 3, 000 volunteers all over Massachusetts, and this is all being done by fucking Republicans. Republicans, who Trump was supporting. Republicans. Republicans. Who are like this with the Democrats. So called MAGA Republicans, Ian, so we witnessed this with our own eyes.

Okay. So then the election night comes September 1st, 2020, by all account, even the Republican establishment saying, Dr. Shiva is going to win this election in a landslide. All right, so what happens? There’s 9 counties in Massachusetts. One of the counties is all the votes are hand counted by paper ballots, central Massachusetts, all white working class community, regardless of my color.

They see me as a working class hero. We won by 10, 10 points there. Got it. And every other county where they use machines. Electronic voting machines, we lose 60 40, 60 40, 60 40, 60 40. This is way before Trump. This is in September of 2020. September, October, November, right? You still got 60 days till the general elections.

Alright and remember, I was in the trenches mobilizing people. I was a campaign manager, and raising money and doing all this stuff, all of it, bottoms up movement, 3000 people, volunteers, hundreds of thousands of people mobilizing to support. That’s a fucking movement and they don’t want that.

These people cheat. Most of them there are D and F students. They never work. They’re the kids smoking weed all day in the back, whatever, they don’t work hard. They’re not Americans. And these are the people who are running our systems of governance or participating in these parties. So what do we do?

We notice all these machines are 60, and all the eight counties. I’m talking about 60, 40, 60, 40 to a fucking guy who no one even knew what one fucking lawn sign up. That’s impossible. That’s how obvious and egregious it was to those of you concerned my language. I can speak in a very sophisticated way.

If you want, I can use Very long, hyper syllabic words, right? But we don’t need to use those words. We need to call these people cock fucking suckers. Because that’s what they are. So please use that language. And get over your thing to think that people should not be angry. Some idiots like never get angry, get really fucking angry.

Oh, that’s good. Let me put this guy up. Really fucking angry. I like this guy. Okay. One of my comrades. Okay. Indian guy. Good guy. Good job. He’s not a Brahmin. Good job. All right. So what happens here, Ian? So I’m like so 1. The news comes and we win in the hand count of Paper Ballot County and every other county.

The election is being stolen from us. So I start putting my MIT engineering hat on the mindset of the 14 year old kid who invented email understanding systems, right? The MIT PhD who won every major fucking award at MIT. And starting to understand voting machines, immerse myself, probably five, six days, went in and studied all this.

And I find out that these voting machines have the ability to multiply votes by a factor. It’s called a weighted race feature. I’m the one who brought this out to the world for how much zero Mike Lindell use my stuff. Oh, pillows selling fucking pillows. All right, but this is in September of 2020 and all of this evidence is up there, guys.

All of it. We wrote to Trump. He didn’t do shit. Motherfucker. Nothing. All right. I’m a Republican. Remember that. I put up thousands of signs for Trump. Okay. I didn’t just wear a MAGA hat. I put up signs, gave the motherfucker money. So all you fucking MAGA tards who just wear the hat, fuck off. Okay. And you think I’m attacking your hero.

He’s not a hero. He’s a Zionist cocksucker. What happens? I said, I found out that when a paper ballot goes through these machines, it takes a photograph. It’s called a ballot image. And that ballot image, the AI of the machines looks for the dots and it decides what a vote is. You got that, Ian? So that means there’s a ballot image produced, which is actually the real ballot.

All right? We go to the Secretary of State’s office with a camera and we ask them, we file a formal public records request. Okay. On, I think it was September 9th, and we said, we want those ballot images, which by a law called 52 USC 20701 passed by a majority of the house 50 years ago, which said, hey, auditing elections is a good thing.

The government said it’s a good thing. It builds confidence. And you have 22 months. If you look at September 2020, that would be September 2021 and which would be 12 months and then you have until probably. August, a little bit July of 2022 to audit the election. Okay. So it’s a time clock is ticking.

You follow. So it’s important. You move fast. We go to the Secretary of State and we ask for our ballot images. The Secretary of State’s office has the audacity to say, Oh, we turned that feature off, we deleted the ballot images. It’s a federal crime.

We write to Bill Barr, who is at that time the Attorney General. We write to the U. S. Attorney. Nothing. It’s a fucking federal crime.

Trump did nothing. Zero, zero, zero, zero, zero. Okay. Fucker Carlson did nothing. All these people. We’re doing video after video on this. You can go see it. Go to winbackfreedom. com. It’s all documented. All right. Then what happens? They have 10 days to respond back to our public records request.

We want the ballot images. 10 days later, they write an email saying, Oh, we don’t have to give you, we don’t have to save ballot images. What’s a federal fucking law, dumb fuck? You violated federal law. I write back and I say you need to show me the law that says you don’t have to say ballot images.

They send me a PDF of voting machines, something nonsense. I said, you’re not answering the questions. You violated federal law. So I have now four emails, the two from me, two from them. You got it Ian? This interaction. I post that up on Twitter, which I’ve never, ever been banned off. Never been thrown off.

That was on September 25th, 2020. So clearly showing, and I, the tweet said millions of 1. 5 million ballot images deleted by secretary of state. I didn’t say ballots, images. You follow that starts going viral and then within about 24 hours, I’m thrown off Twitter. Okay, now, everyone listen carefully who threw me off Twitter.

Did Twitter throw me off Twitter? If Twitter threw me off Twitter, they have what’s called First Amendment rights because they are a private company. And I’m a private citizen, right? In the United States law, a corporation is a person. So one person has First Amendment rights. So do I. So technicality, it’s their playground.

And they can say, Oh, we don’t like this guy. We’re going to throw him off. Fine. But that’s not what occurred. What occurred was the government had contacted Twitter to throw me off the government. This is as egregious as it gets. So this guy is calling me a whiner. What? Fuck you. That’s my answer to you.

Fuck off. Okay. So this guy’s not an American. He hates this country. So here’s the bottom line. So the government. Had contacted a company to throw off a political candidate. That’s what happens in supposedly oligarch type countries, right? Russia, China, those kind of places. Now, how did we find this out?

An article came out by one of these fact checking organizations trying to do a hit job on me. It said, oh, ballots were not deleted as Dr. Shiva came, claims. And I never said ballots. I said ballot images. You following, Ian, how they twist words? Following yeah, and this fact checking company then said, we contacted the Secretary of State’s office, which is a government and they verified that they contacted Twitter.

The government had contacted Twitter to D, to suspend and attacked the Twitter account of who a US Senate federal candidate. This is what occurs in third world countries, right? For political dissidents, and I didn’t know enough about election law, but I didn’t know enough about the First Amendment, which I studied in second grade when I came first came to the United States which said Congress shall pass.

No bridge freedom of speech and political speech is the highest protected form of speech, particularly doing an election cycle. So I knew I had these guys by the balls. I go around Massachusetts trying to find all these free speech attorneys. Yeah. Many of them Zionist hoodlums, by the way. None of them want to take my case.

Why? Because all of the lawyers in any state or any country are sucking the cock of the government. They are. They don’t want to oppose government. So I had to learn the law. I’ve never filed a case in federal court. It’s not some small dinky small claims court in U. S. federal court. Okay. And so I filed the lawsuit in federal court and I had moved our campaign and I’m still a bonafide candidate to a write in campaign.

There’s still 40 days left in the general election. So here all of our volunteers are pissed. We know our election got stolen and we move our campaign to a write in campaign. And we’re the ones who expose the machines. We’re exposing the government was involved in social media companies, right? Don’t you think every fucking mainstream media should have covered this?

Where was fucker Carlson? Where were you, fucker? You fucker. Fucker Carlson was collecting his 20 million dollar check, sucking Zionist cock, right? The son of a former head of one of the biggest units of the CIA in the United States. Fucker Carlson comes from the deep state. I come from poor working class parents.

You understand the fucking difference, guys? I earned everything I have. You earned everything you have. Why do you follow fucker Carlson unless you want to be fucked? And you want to remain as a house slave on their fucking plantation. This is very personal to me. All right. Here we are. I’ve filed my case in federal court.

Pro se, which means by myself, not only did I file a lawsuit against the government of Massachusetts, I never filed it against Twitter. I said it was a government. I hit the nail on the head right then, Ian. It was a government had contacted a private company. Twitter was what’s called their cat’s paw. Very famous precedent setting lawsuit.

When one organization, the government uses another as private actor to do their work. Okay. It’s called cat’s paw liability. I had to learn all this law guys. Understand that I’m an engineer, a scientist, but I learned the shit and so and on top of the lawsuit, I asked for an injunction, which is very hard to get in a preliminary injunction saying that I didn’t want the government interfering my election any further.

And to those of you who are lawyers or no law the government does not judges don’t like to give preliminary injunctions. Because they give an injunction means you’re going to win the whole lawsuit the judge and you have to get a preliminary injunction hearing an emergency hearing the judge agrees to give us a hearing.

Okay. So we go into the hearing and it’s me against 3 lawyers, Harvard trained lawyers from the government and in courtroom testimony. Look, I haven’t done moot court. I didn’t go to law school, but I learned how to cross examine. The secretary of state’s office, the social media director, and she caves in and she admits that she contacted Twitter to deplatform me and the judge said, how did you do that?

And she said, oh, we have a special portal, a back door that we get VIP access into Twitter.

Okay. And the judge is appalled. Cause he’s a Reagan Republican appointed attorney judge. And he says, wow. He goes, I’m sitting under the painting of Louis Brandeis, one of the biggest. Judicial, um, icons in the United States who represents the First Amendment. He goes, didn’t you guys think that this was wrong?

Didn’t you guys think if he put a tweet you didn’t like, you should just tweet back at him? This is the most grossest violation of the First Amendment. He gives me. The terms of my injunction, which is a fucking victory. We told fucker Carlson on it and you can go to win back freedom. com and I’ll share all these receipts.

We emailed him before the lawsuit after the motherfucker didn’t do anything. Zero zero. This is government. This is as bad as it gets. And Glenn Greenwald, another fucking dweeb. Okay. Did nothing. All right. And the judge orders them not to interfere. And furthermore, the judge gave three points in their order, right?

Against the government’s quite extraordinary. When I write it fucker again on October 30th, he does nothing. So any one of you thinking fucker Carlson is your boy. He’s not your boy. He’s a deep state motherfucker. He should have covered it then because the clock is ticking. Ian, we only have 22 months left to take this fundamental issue that the government interfered in an election.

This is major. This is as bad as it gets. We didn’t get put back on Twitter until November 4th, 2020 after the general election. I lost 39 days. Now, I have the major lawsuit filed, the judge sets a hearing for the lawsuit on May 20th, 25th or something, okay? During that point, I had discovered playbooks, and you can go to winbackfreedom.

com, the actual documents that show at the Belfer School right down the street, we’re in Cambridge, right down the street at Harvard, the Kennedy School of Government, by the way, the Kennedys are the biggest motherfuckers who collaborated with the CIA. The Kennedys are the biggest fucking imperialists.

John Kennedy was a prick. He invaded every fucking country. He invaded, Vietnam. He’s the one who brought in the snake, Henry Kissinger, the deep state fucking nightmare of the United States into the White House. So any one of you think that Kennedy’s are for peace, go study some history.

Okay. I have, I was an A plus student. So you need to be a fucking A plus student or listen to what I’m sharing with you. The Kennedy’s are part of the deep state. So what do you see happen right here? We are in may and we find out at the Kennedy school of government, which is right down the street, which was inaugurated at Harvard in 1980.

It’s a CIA training ground. The Kennedy School of Government, KSG, is a CIA training ground. Everyone knows this. And at that CIA training ground, they created a school called the Harvard Belfer School. And in the Harvard Belfer School, they wrote documents, playbooks, documents of how they would censor U. S.

citizens. And how they would create this backdoor infrastructure, which I exposed in our lawsuit in 2020 2021. Ayodhya versus Twitter, half a billion people all over the world saw the videos I did, Ian. This was not, non news. People learned about it. I, everywhere I travel, all over the world, people come running to me, man, I see what they did with that portal.

I, I, I saw how they stole your election. Half a billion people saw, unique views saw those videos we did then. Fucker Carlson didn’t cover it at all. I didn’t see Elon Musk talking about Protecting free speech. Then did you in 2020? No, no one did. So what then happens is that May 25th hearing comes and that’s when I had developed that diagram.

I had found all these documents, all of which only now is being released by an operative who works with fucker Carlson. It’s all stolen from my work 4 years later. All right, we did this in 2020 2021 and the judge is appalled when I show him all this. And he stops the hearing and he says, Dr. Shiva, you’ve done an amazing job.

And by that time he had called Twitter into the courtroom. Okay. Twitter was now called into the courtroom and it’s now me against seven lawyers, guys, three from Twitter. Sorry, four, three, three from Twitter and four from the secretary of state and another party we brought in. Okay. So it’s little old me against seven fucking Harvard trained lawyers.

And I’m winning this fucking case.

Okay. This is the hard work I did and you must give credit where it’s due. Not to fucker Carlson, not to Elon Musk, who’s a government fucking agent. I did that work. Give the credit where it’s fucking due to the person who actually did the work. Me. Day and night, writing thousands of pages of briefs, not being a lawyer, and winning.

So in May, the judge, 2021, says, you know what? I’m going to appoint you a lawyer. You’ve done such an amazing job because look in the United States, you have the federal court, the appeals court and the Supreme Court. He wanted this lawyer to brief up my suit. At least apparently what he shared with me. So I would not only win at the federal level and they appealed it went to the appeals court, it would survive appeal and go to the Supreme Court.

You got it? So he points me a lawyer. This lawyer was supposed to make my case even stronger. And what is this fucking Zionist hoodlum lawyer do? Three days before he’s supposed to write everything, he says, Shiva, drop your case against the government. You’re going to be a hero. You’ll be the first person put back on Twitter by a federal court injunction, right?

But don’t go after the government. Can you fucking believe this shit? I had brought this case this far and I said fuck off. 72 hours before my court case, after he’d had seven weeks to prepare, I had to fire this guy because I could see that this was a honeypot. They wanted me to compromise, simply go back on Twitter and drop all the claims against the government.

Everyone listening to this shit? I’m the one who fought guys. I’m the fighter. You’re looking at the real fucking fighter here, who fought for you, not fucking Trump. You know what Trump was doing, Ian? He took all my analysis of the machine data, and he’s fucking sending out emails, making money, cha ching, him and Mike Lindell.

They made a half a billion fucking dollars off my work. We’re there fighting for you. We got paid nothing, and you can go see all the work I did. Third, like a third PhD.

Do you understand why I’m pissed off? Because I’m a fucking fighter and you better become fighters or you’re going to get fucked. That’s what’s going on. So what if that happens? We, I go into federal court and the whole thing is flipped because they wanted me to just go back on Twitter, Ian, toast their martinis and Martha’s Vineyard and say, so we put this darkie back on Twitter is a little bit of a rabble rouser, but didn’t we protect the First Amendment, but they wanted to conceal the entire backdoor censorship infrastructure of government into social media companies.

You following me? Yeah. And Fucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald were accomplices in this. They concealed it. So now I’m still off Twitter. And then I don’t get put back on Twitter until December of 2022 when a new character comes in called Elon Musk, the fighter for free speech.

Okay. The swarm now realizes they need to, put a new jacket on, right? Because they got a lot of blood on their hands. So they bring in this fool, Elon Musk, who’s like this with government. SpaceX, six billion dollars from government. Wake the fuck up, guys! This guy’s not You don’t get to put up all these satellites unless you’re banging government, okay?

Wake the fuck up. Americans have stopped Americans have become so fat, dumb, and happy that they have no sort of sense anymore. Elon Musk works for the government. 6 billion was given to him by the government in grants for SpaceX. SpaceX would not exist if it was not for the government. Then what happens?

Tesla, Elon Musk is all into the carbon scam. He loves Greta Thornburg. He misuses carbon and CO2. He’s a fucking doofus. He’s, it’s a moron. He doesn’t build rockets, guys. He doesn’t fucking know how to build any rocket. Tesla was tanking. It was worth zero negative profit. He gets 1. 5 billion in government subsidies.

How did he get them? Carbon tax. Credits. And that’s how Tesla during the pandemic becomes worth, 600 billion. Okay. Government, gratis there. And then Twitter would not be worth 50 billion if it also was not for Section 230 immunity. Elon Musk is a government agent where Elon Musk begins and government ends.

Nobody knows. So they create this big aura. Ooh, Elon Musk is going to save Twitter. And if you remember in December, Ian, he said, I’m looking for a new CEO. Remember that 2022. So when that comes up, I put forward a post and I said. Elon, why don’t you make me your CEO? Okay. That, so this is the first time I get back on in December, 2022, Ian, that tweet gets close to 20 million views on Twitter, 20 million views, write it down.

Everyone. So I go back on December, 2022, I get 20 million views. The tweet goes viral. Wow. And the inventor of email, Dr. Shiva wants to be back on Twitter. Not wants to be CEO, every major newspaper across the world covered it. You just look it up and then the next tweet I did was I said, Elon, are you going to remove the backdoor censorship portal to Twitter that I discovered in my lawsuit?

You claim you’re a fighter for free speech. I could have sucked his ass all day and bow down to Elon. Ooh, and all the conservative, ooh Elon, he’s protecting free speech. Remember that? What actually happens is that my tweets. Which we’re getting, a million views per day go down to 400, 000.

I’ll share all these tonight in part two. You’re going to see all the data to 300, 000 to 200, 000 and maybe now 500, 000, 5, 000 views per day, 1, 000, 000 views down to 5, 000. What is that? That’s a 20, 000 percent increase. Decay. You follow? Why? Yeah, can you hear me? Yeah, I can hear you. Can you see my picture?

Because I’ve been frozen out. I have a strong internet connection. It shows okay I can hear you. I can hear you, Ian. So we’ll keep you on on sound. How’s that? Okay, that’s fine. I’m trying to mute myself, screen’s frozen, even though I have that’s okay. We, everyone can hear you. So what ends up happening in at the end of this process?

Is that I’m put back on Twitter, but in a digital cage. All right, which means they want to give people the illusion. Oh, we put Dr Shiva back the real fighter for free speech, but my views are like, nothing. And then, in fact, in December 2022, Clayton Morris, a former reporter, Fox News, he goes to 1 of these Twitter spaces and he asks Elon Musk.

Hey, Elon, you claim you’re for free speech. Dr. Shiva’s lawsuit exposed the entire censorship infrastructure. Are you going to shut down the backdoor portal into Twitter? And you know what Elon Musk says, Ian, and it’s all recorded, we’ll share all of this tonight. He says, Ooh, that sounds like big brother.

Let me get back to you, Clayton.

Elon Musk knows the censorship infrastructure exists. He knew about my lawsuit. Fucker Carlson did. Vivek the Snake knew. Trump knew. Boobie Kennedy knew. Boobie Kennedy came to our hearings. He sent his people there. Okay, all these people know about this shit in 2020 and now in late 2022, they release a little bit of the news.

Attributing it to the intercept, breaking it false. That’s called the limited hangout version 1. And then the CIA deep state operative, aka fucker Carlson, then puts another guy on who’s plagiarized my lawsuit a couple of weeks ago. And he says, oh, my God, you’re a national hero. It’s literally stealing my shit.

And Boobie Kennedy says, Oh my God, this guy’s a national hero. Vivek the Snake, the brown nosing fucking piece of shit, says, Oh my God, this guy’s a national hero. Do you see what they’re doing? In front of your fucking eyes. Why are they stealing the credit that should go to me? Because I’m independent.

I’m a field nigger off the fucking plantation. I’m building a movement to shatter the swarm. They do not want to give me credit or our movement credit. They must make you think that they are the ones who discovered this. So even the truth, it’s back in, even the truth, they try to absorb back into them. So you attribute, Oh, my God, fucker is saving us.

You follow what I’m saying? This is what Stalin used to do. This is Stalinism. This is fascism. This is what Hitler did to manipulate the masses. You’re looking at your real hero who did the work and our movement, Truth Freedom Health. So if you guys really want to change the world, then go to truthfreedomhealth.

com and learn this dynamics. Same with you, Ian. A lot of people podcast with me. Oh, Dr. Shiva, thank you. But they don’t fucking go study. I’m not saying you’re doing this, Ian, as I talk to you. Podcasts are, oh wow, Dr. Shiva. They come on, get my views, and they grift along. Fine, if you want to give me your audience, great.

But the reality is if you are serious about changing the world, then you got to understand this dynamics and I teach it to you, go to truth, freedom, health. com, become a warrior scholar. Dr. Shiva, I’d like to add a couple of things. Yeah. I got in politics more in 2012, working for a group called the Lawyers for Ron Paul.

I personally served New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman with a lawsuit forcing New York State to follow the Supreme Court. Ruling from the voting rights act 1971, which new york doesn’t follow But i’m not here to give a long resume of things that i’ve done live one. tv used to be called ron paul one and was built for Sharing the message of liberty without a thought of being a profit first company.

So but I do have quite a bit of experience with censorship and dr Paul and i’ve been listening to you as much as I can and I mean I enjoy hearing you it’s Really been mind blowing what I want to say to the viewers here. It’s an area that I’m familiar with and everything you’re saying is absolutely accurate.

You’re not the first person this has happened to, Dr. Shiva. But it’s up, with the internet is a new element of it. But just take the CNN debates that Ron Paul was in. He won every single one of them. So what did the CNN do? They simply no no longer had polling after the debate. They just stopped that because he was winning each one.

What else happened? You’d go to the CNN website when Ron Paul was 50 50, according to one Rasmussen poll against Obama, and CNN just no longer had a link or information. They had all these other goofballs, Newt Gingrich, John Huntsman the scumbag Mitt Romney. And so forth, Michelle Bachman, and they didn’t even have Ron Paul.

So you’re not the first one. Yeah. But no, I am the first one, Ian. I am the first one. I meant for censorship. No. You got to stop right here. When it comes to the modern world of censorship with social media, not am I only the first one. We’re the ones who expose a whole fucking thing and you cannot diminish the credit here.

I’m sorry Because Ron Paul knew about our stuff and I haven’t seen him come here and support us Ron Paul supported fucking Kennedy So stop talking Shiva Ron Paul had an aneurysm online Older man, I know that but he supported fucking Kennedy. I didn’t know that. Yes you need to study a little bit Ian.

I’m sorry Ron Paul is over there. He did some good stuff. He caved in. He didn’t fight hard even then. Okay, he is she but they were putting bullets in his luggage at the airport. Wait. Okay. All right. You know what, Ian, I’m not going to walk through the shit I’ve gone through. My point is he endorsed Kennedy.

All right, so let’s let that go because I want to talk about now. Right now, there’s a movement hundreds of thousands of people. All right. And many people in our community were members of Ron Paul, but they realize his weakness. And right now, recently, you can go look up there. He’s supporting Boobie fucking Kennedy.

Boobie Kennedy supported lockdowns. And the reason these so called fighters, quote unquote fighters. Where are they support endorsing us? We’re the real fighters because they’re stuck still in that old model of still elements of the swarm. They have not gotten off the plantation and you need to get this clear.

They’re still connected. They have little threads to the plantation. Because if he was real, he would have contacted me. People have reached out to him, but he endorsed fucking Kennedy. Supports Kennedy. Kennedy’s a Zionist cocksucker. Kennedy supported lockdowns. He said, I’m for full vaccination of all Americans.

Come on and his son and him are promoting each other’s books together. Do you understand these people are still part of, yeah, you may say they’re a little anti establishment, but they have not gotten off the fucking plantation. I’m off the fucking plantation, Ian. Everyone needs to get off the fucking plantation.

Not have these romantic views of Ron Paul. Yeah, he did some good shit, but he didn’t want to break with the plantation. He would make these forked tongue comments. I don’t want to say all people in the FBI are bad. So giving people illusions to the institution still. We talked about this. So these people speak with this forked tongue.

And this is a problem. This is why nothing ever happens. Because the so called anti establishment leaders are still the not so obvious establishment. They do not break cleanly. They do not break people’s illusions. And the reason this happens is because people do not understand political theory or systems dynamics.

And if you don’t understand that you will spend another 50 lives in this world of Ron Paul in the, in your case or Bernie Sanders in the, in the liberal case or Donald Trump was created to manipulate the white working class. Bernie Sanders was created to manipulate all these young kids.

Ron Paul took all these libertarians and held them in abeyance and then they all got demoralized. They did. He didn’t have the right political theory. They haven’t stepped back to understand how the world works, how this dynamic works. They got pieces of it, but not the whole theory. And until we understand this theory, you can’t get the airplane off the ground.

You cannot get the airplane off the ground without Bernoulli’s principle. You cannot build I’ve said over and over again, these iPhones without understanding what you can’t get it without understanding Maxwell’s equations. There is a physics to shattering the swarm. Ron Paul, doctor, lawyer, right?

Philosopher, most of political change throughout the history of the last 500 years, 600 years, 1000 years has not been approached by people or engineers who understand natural laws. They’ve been approached by philosophers, right? Economists, social scientists, lawyers. I have uncovered the dynamics. Of system science, and you can apply this to everything.

If you really want to learn for your own liberation, go learn it. If you want to look back at people and try to recreate them as fighters, no matter how good they sounded at the end of the day. Right now, we have to look at where we are right now. Right now, 6 months ago. And eight months ago, Ron Paul promoted Kennedy.

Sorry, I can’t endorse him. I can’t. I don’t think he’s in his prime, and maybe he hasn’t had a chance to hear your platform because of the censorship that’s going on. No, people no, Ian, people have reached out to him. He knows about us. I did more for him than anybody that I know, and I can’t reach him.

I’ve talked to him a couple of times. There’s a lot of people like yourself, Ian, in the Ron Paul campaign who traversed that. And expand their consciousness to what I’m talking about. And there’s another set of people who are contained just like Bernie Sanders. We have many people left the Bernie campaign.

My running mate, Crystal Ellis was a big Bernie supporter, did a lot of work. And then she realized about Bernie. A lot of people worked as Trump. We have a lot of people came out of Kennedy. So we’re winning people over who are overcoming and they’re very self reflective. And those are the people I enjoy building our movement with because they’re willing to say, I fucked up.

I was there at that point. I did good things. But I realize that there’s something else here and, I shared this story a lot. We have a couple of people who saw the video I did exposing Kennedy and Rogan, and they were going to give both of them a shitload of money. And they said, Holy shit, everything you said there is true.

I had to get over my own cognitive dissonance, let go of my ego and they’re working in our movement. You say, so it’s a journey, man. So I’m not, don’t take this personally, but Ron Paul fucking endorsed Kennedy. And that’s a litmus test to me. Okay. So maybe he’s lost his faculties and we could, but the end of the day, we have 92 year olds coming to us who endorse us and who were part of Ron Paul.

So I know people are 92 who come to our campaign. So we have to really realize that that there is a physics. And there is a systems approach and there’s a dynamic. This is why, we call out Tulsi Gabbard three years ago. She works, she’s a lieutenant colonel of the psychological operations unit of the national guard.

Come on. She gets all this visibility next to fucker. She’s CIA. Wake the fuck up. She says she’s against the military industrial complex. Then look at her actions. She was 11 for bombing the shit out of Iraq. She was all gung ho to go bomb the shit out of Gaza and Palestine. We need to wake the fuck up and let go of our romantic views of these people and get real.

And if you want to do that, come to our Thursday, 11 p. m. We go over all this. Va Shiva. com slash orientation. Please come to the end. You’ll meet other people, but there’s a whole bunch of people who support Biden and the Clintons and all those people, right? Complete scumbags. Then there’s a whole bunch of other people who the swarm created, the Kennedy’s, the Tulsi Gabbard’s, the Trump’s, the Vivek, the snakes, all these people to contain people in Rand Paul, he’s a token constitutionalist.

Okay, to keep people stuck in this world so they don’t get off the plantation. You say, what about Rand Paul’s interrogation of Anthony Fauci? How does that God, what a fucking theater? Are you fucking serious? I am serious, but I would like to hear what you say. Okay, so let’s go back in time.

Remember Alan McDonald? He is in. I don’t. Alan McDonald is an engineer. Remember when the space shuttle blew up in 1986? Very well. Okay. So I remember I used to love to get the space shuttle launch and the space shuttle is getting to go up. It’s 530 in the morning and I get up on TV, my little black and white TV and I see all this icicles.

They zoom in Florida. They’re fucking icicles. And I said, wow, they’re not going to launch that, are they? It’s freaking cold, just intuitively. Okay. I’m, I come out of my physics class at MIT. It was around 1130 or something, 1030. I’m walking down the Infinite Court, which is a big hall at MIT.

And there’s a big TV there and you see the space shuttle blowing up. So what happens? There’s a hearing that’s held. So here is NASA over here. Here’s Morton Thiokol, which was a contractor that was building the solid rocket boosters. When you have the shuttle, those two boosters, the boosters are made in pieces and they’re connected by what are called O rings.

The O rings are the things that are the sealants that make sure no vapor and no things leak. So Morton Thiokol was responsible for that. They have a director of engineering. And at the date of the launch. NASA was imploring them. Hey, let’s launch. Let’s launch. And there was one guy, Alan McDonald, who was a director.

He said, no, I’m not going to sign off on this. He goes, these O rings have never been tested in temperatures below 32 degrees. Okay. And they hammered him. They try to force him to sign off on the launch. He said, no fucking way. He gets vilified. He gets attacked. They launch and it blows up, right? It was the O rings.

And later, Richard Feynman, another one of my great heroes, a physicist out of Caltech exposed all this. So he did a great explanation of it right now. Alan McDonald was demoted, harassed. He died about 2 years ago. And I always, to bring him up a couple of months before he died. You know what he said?

He said, the most important thing in life is to tell the truth at the right time to the right people. For God’s sake, don’t give any fucking credit to people who tell the truth. Fucking a year later and do theatrics and let me so you got the context there. That’s the I agree. It’s a big important thing that I don’t want to forget.

And you’re the one who taught it to me that the truth isn’t enough. It needs to be told at the right time. And the CIA has developed plans of disinformation information, dissemination of information, excuse me. Where they put it all out there, but it’s too late. Yeah, exactly. So if you consider, I’m going to make a little triangle, a little physics here.

So if you take, this is a stool, a triangle type stool. Okay. It’s got three legs. Can this stool stand on two legs? It’s going to topple like this. Can it stand on one leg? No, it’s going to topple like that. You need all three legs. So when it comes to truth, you need three legs of the stool. The first leg is telling the truth.

The second leg is when did you fucking tell the truth? When? And did you tell it to the right people to mobilize action to change the world? You say three things are the hallmarks of a real hero. Did you tell the truth? Did you tell it at the right fucking time? And did you tell it to the right people so you could compel change?

I’ll repeat that again. Fucking write this down, everyone. Or join our movement and you’ll learn more other wise things at our Wisdom Institute of Technology. Okay? If you want to shatter the swarm. Did you tell the truth? And, capital A N D, did you tell it at the right fucking time? And, did you tell it to the right people to motivate them to compel change?

And if you do not do all three things, you’re a fucking opportunist. If you tell the truth and you tell it to the wrong people, that means you don’t really want to see any change happen. If you tell the truth but you wait two years, that’s like the fire marshal Bob at a living color coming after the whole fucking house is burned down.

I’m here, so if you want to look for your real heroes, Do you tell the truth at the right time to the right people to compel change? So when two weeks before Alan McDonald died, he said, the most important thing that I did in my life. Was to tell the truth at the right time to the right people.

See what I’m saying? So raise your fucking standards. Get your head out of your ass. Stop sucking off fucker Carlson. Stop being boobies boob. Okay? Stop being Trump’s lapdog. Like fucking snake is. Vivek the snake. Be a fucking American. These people, Ian, hate this fucking country. They’re not patriots.

Because did fucker Carlson and Elon Musk truly care about free speech? They would have fucking put the limelight on the shit I uncovered in 2020, like Alan McDonald did in 1986 at the right time. I told the truth. So when it comes to Anthony Fauci and bullshitter Rand Paul, what happened in March of 2020?

I have all the receipts. Go look at my Twitter feed. What did I say? I said, this pandemic is a fear mongering hoax intended to destroy economies, push mandated medicine and destroy freedom. I said that called it right on the fucking spot. And then 1 month later, I started the fire Fauci campaign. We organized 120, 000 signatures, delivered them to Trump.

We asked grand Paul crickets. Fucking crickets a year later and you can look at it on his feed. He takes our fire Fauci hashtag And he uses it to beg for money. Then they do theater. All the Senate is theater, man. How did you know, blah, blah, blah, blah. What the fuck were you doing, Rand Paul? You’re a fucking medical doctor, motherfucker.

How many years has he been in the Senate, Ian? Dr. Shiva, I like your idea so much. I don’t want to see it degraded into a little talk. Maybe another time we could, have more time talking about it. Rand Paul did not take the vaccine. And also Rand Paul filed two criminal referrals. I know they don’t go anywhere, but he filed two of them.

He filed them right after. Fauci gave his incriminating testimony when, shortly after Fauci gave his testimony. What year? That would have been 2022, yeah. Two fucking years later. Fauci hadn’t given all the full testimony. Bullshit. How come I was able to run the fire Fauci campaign and put all that stuff out in 2020 Ian?

Because you came from a scientific background of knowing that it was not part of it. You’re giving way too much fucking credit. You’re not getting the point here. These guys do not want to change the world. It’s all theatrics. Maybe you mean no. Stop, please.

Please. I’m going to end this call because if you say maybe so it really fucking bugs me. Then let’s stay on topic. If I thought we’d move on to other things. No. You asked about Rand Paul and you said, what is the difference? I’m explaining to you. Rand Paul is a theatrician, theatrics.

In 2020 no, in 2020, the house is fucking burning down. The house is fucking burning down. Pediatrics? I think he’s a doctor that does eye surgery for people. Pheatrics. Pheatrics. Okay. Pheatrics. Okay. I thought you said doctor. No, Pheatrics. Okay. You were there. I’m one of the leading guys on the immune system.

Okay. Those videos are going viral. One of them got a hundred million views. I watch them every single one of them. I know. So you’re a fucking doctor in the fucking Senate. You’ve been there for 20 years. And you don’t know about Anthony fucking Fauci. I knew about Fauci 1993. Peter Duisburg wrote a book called the HIV AIDS War which was a best selling book.

These people concealed Peter Singh, which showed that HIV does not cause AIDS. Fauci was well known. Robert Gallo was on the front page of the New York Times in 1990 for completely fabricating the HIV relationship to AIDS. He had to resign. And on the front page was Fauci taking over. Rand Paul knew about fucking Fauci.

They know about all of this. For God’s sakes, get your heads out of your ass. It was theatrics. Rand Paul survives after the building burns down, so he’s a constitutionalist. Ooh, Rand Paul’s gonna help, fuckin help us. Really? Really. How did CISA get implemented? CISA is a backdoor portal into Twitter. Did you know that every, it was a unanimous consent by Senate and every congressman voted for it that created that backdoor portal?

Were you aware of that? I was aware of that. I’ve heard you say that and I don’t doubt you know that and you wouldn’t say it without checking it, but I don’t know whether the Senate also voted for it. Yes, unanimous consent and Trump signed it into law. I go study this stuff. Everyone’s got to go look at it.

So after shit occurs, these guys come out, Oh yeah. This is awful. Free speech. Dah. Okay. It’s theatrics. But don’t you think that your listeners are going to be thinking when you explain something, what, for example, if we take Fucker Carlson, why he didn’t get back to you right away.

Maybe your people who are listening to you are going to intelligently and scientifically ask themselves, why might he not have gotten back to you? Not because Actually I’m looking at our comments here and everyone gets it, Ian. Everyone’s Fucker Carlson. We have about 400, 500 people on live.

The training we’ve been doing, people actually get it. Yesterday, over the weekend, we did a funny video which said, Fucker Carlson licks Zionist balls. It was just like, a national conversation. I heard it. You know who showed up? Really fucking smart people, go listen to that. People are getting this. So we have to stop thinking only a certain, only I get it, Dr.

Shiva, but no one else. No, he gets it. He gets it. People are getting it. Our brains are like athletes. We have a prime, probably, of when our brains work the best. Dr. Ron Paul is almost 90. Yeah. Now, he had an aneurysm on the air a couple of years ago. Back when he was in his prime, when he, when it did his first day in Congress, he opted out of the pension program, had 12 terms and never once voted for a tax and was the most strongest vocalist anti war candidate ever.

He stood up to hardcore criminals like Mitt Romney, who was, by the way, in the state of Massachusetts. And how effective was his movement? It was absolutely phenomenally effective, and his ideas are alive in millions of people right now, and I think they’re your biggest supporters, because what you say matches a lot of Juan Pablo.

I know, but Ian, here’s the deal. He was called the walking constitutionalist, but the walking constitutionalist Do not understand the need to build a movement that is based on system science. So I don’t think he knew that. That’s correct. That’s what I’m saying. I’m not blaming him. It’s no different than many great revolutionaries.

Malcolm X in late 60s. He was breaking from this. Malcolm was figuring out a lot of this stuff, right? In his prime, but earlier he was dealing drugs and it was a pimp. So what I’m trying to see is people have their best moments and take the best and let go. No wait, stop. These people trajectories where you have to look at.

Okay. Malcolm X was getting off the fucking plantation. Boobie. Kennedy’s wholly in the plantation. Do you understand the difference? He just did a video with shumly saying how great that the Palestinians are being pampered. You have to look at their trajectory. So don’t confuse your trajectory. I did see that.

So I look at the trajectory. So you don’t need to lecture me on that I don’t look at their trajectory. I’m not trying to lecture you at all. I’m saying, Ian, look at their trajectory. So Ron Paul’s trajectory was heading, he gets fucked by Romney, okay, which he did. And at the end of the day, his trajectory, six months ago, was to endorse Kennedy.

That’s all I’m saying. Don’t take it personally. That’s what he did. Okay. Yeah. Kennedy, I think after his post the other day that Joe Biden is a man of integrity has lost probably any chance at all. He had for his candidacy. He posted that a couple of days ago that the and so I think RFK is unfortunately lost.

What do you mean? Unfortunately. Why do you say that personally? Alright, let’s take some of the good things he said. He was asked, what are you going to do on day one? He said, on day one, Julian Assange is free. And I’m going to end the persecution of him. Personally, I think that’s a great thing.

Let’s take what’s good from somebody and reject it. No Ian, this is like a very fucking white liberal fucking bullshit way of looking at the world. I’m sorry. What this is about is absolving people. You have to take them in their hole. Okay. Not do this kind of shit. Please don’t do that because we teach people to take a systems approach.

These people learn, they watch chat GPT. Okay. Booby go fucking say this. And he says he’s a forked tongue serpent when he launches his campaign, he said, we’re in Ukraine for all the right reasons. It’s a humanitarian war. My son went and fought there. And in the same speech, he goes, but dot.

And then what was I doing during that time? We were exposing NATO and the Ukraine situation. He literally has people come to our zoom call, take cut and pace and put that into a video. Do you understand that these people are getting data now on which way people are thinking and they just inject and they drop stuff for you to take advantage of people like you.

Oh, he said something good. It’s all soundbites. Look, I long ago let go of RFK when I heard his comments about Palestine. We cannot mislead people with these very, banal statements. Oh, they say some good things. Fucking Hitler said some good things. Stalin said some good things. All these people said good things.

What was their intent? His intent is to make sure you, he is put there to make sure he’s a fly trap, keep people as part of the swarm. And that’s the not so obvious establishment. Now, this dynamic is a very powerful physics that unless you really wrap your hands out and get it, you will still be a fucking house slave.

And this is why change has not come because the establishment has enough people stuck to the not so obvious establishment. Bernie Sanders on the left, classic example. And Boobie says a bunch, oh yeah, I’m for workers. They say all these good fucking things, but then what do you do? You voted with Hillary Clinton on part 97 percent of the time.

Boobie Kennedy says, I am for full vaccination of all Americans. He says personal integrity and public integrity are two different things. He, when the event took place on October 7th, go look at his record, when the shit is hitting the fan, I’m all for Israel, we must go get these people, and on top of it, the Palestinians are the most pampered people on the planet. So don’t give me these banal things that he says. This is a way to keep the people on the plantation. Oh, the mask. I agree with you that with that on Dr. Shiva. What about his comment about freeing Dr. Excuse me Julian Assange?

what do you think about the Why are you asking me about fucking Boobie Kennedy when I’ve just shared this? Please. Come on, Ian. I let go of Kennedy and asking whether in, if you were in the position of power No, but you know what I’m saying is, what does this have to do with anything? Is it to justify, do you, the issue is this Ian because I have to get going.

Okay. Cause I got a couple of things to do. The issue is you and everyone listening, the questions you ask reveal your state of consciousness. If the state of consciousness is, I want to stop being a house nigga and I want to be a field nigga and I want to get off the plantation, you realize there’s a fucking plantation and all these fucking creatures are there to keep you on the plantation.

I jumped over the fucking fence. And this is very important to understand, because maybe because I came from a caste system, maybe because I got all their fucking degrees and I understood how it worked, and I am teaching people like that monkey in Planet of the Apes, who suddenly learns to speak, let’s get off the fucking plantation.

And if you have any illusions of these people trying to covet them in some way, he said some good things, da, it’s this codependency. It’s an enslavement to them. And that’s what I’m sharing with you as someone who, because I think you’re a very sincere person. But this is where people get stuck.

You say, and this is why massive change is also contained and 1, someone like myself has gone through the journey. We’re mobilizing a movement now, and we are not here to convince people because enough people are understanding what I’m saying. And when enough people understand it in their bones, Next time Kennedy comes to your town, you’re going to say you said some nice things about Assange.

You’re going to fucking take a tomato and take him off the stage because you’re going to realize what a scumbag he is. And that’s what happened at the height of the sixties movement. When people realize Democrats and Republicans were the same and people got very rude at them. And the war ended within 16 months and people broke from the plantation and they have enough people to keep you on the plantation.

You know what I’m saying? That’s what they do. Massa says some good things. He said he’s going to give me some, he’s going to he’s going to make me some nice lamb curry one day. Oh, yeah. Massa is a good Massa. That’s what they keep doing. He said some good things, but he whips the shit out of me, and he enslaves all my people, and he, but he said some good things.

That’s what a house slave does. And so we have to break relentless manipulation of our brains, and it’s done and that’s what the purpose of Trump is. Trump exists to manipulate the white working class. He was installed by Netanyahu and so they have a 5 or 10 people who I have to do the unfortunate job of exposing these people, but please don’t talk about the benefits of the Kennedys.

They’re a bunch of fucking scumbag family, organized crime family, as bad as a Biden family, as bad as a Trump family. All these people are part of the same swarm. We have nothing to do with them, Ian. They don’t serve our interests. You take what’s good and you discard what isn’t. Yeah.

That’s a stupid fucking statement. That’s like something, a granny says to you, they mean nothing. These are just banal statements. They don’t do anything. We have to mobilize a movement. We have to take them in their hole. A scorpion is a scorpion, right? Yeah, he may do some nice things sometimes, but you know the scorpion and the frog story.

You got to take the scorpion as a whole. Dr. Shiva, I do would like to have a longer talk with you. Let’s do that. Ian, this is great, but listen, you’re a good guy. Get involved. You’re at that point where, when I hit Kennedy in 2020, I lost 20 percent of my followers. When I exposed Trump, we lost another 20%, but we got these amazing peoples after that, really good people who break from the swarm.

It takes a little bit of cognitive. Dysfunction to do that. But you gotta let go man. You gotta let go. I don’t want wanna see you waste another 10 years of your life hoping and praying for these people. They’re not gonna do shit for you. They will do nothing except manipulate people to think they’re gonna do something.

So that’s the unfortunate truth. Yeah. You’ve said you had to go, so I’m not gonna keep when somebody tells me that, I go. We can do a follow up man. We’ll do a follow up. I will do a this is part one, but we can do a follow up. But, call up Ron Paul. You did a lot of work for him. Call him. I’ve spoken to him in person a couple of times.

He isn’t interested in getting into it. He says people don’t care. So if you saw the number of comments on our thing, you see what happens when you go down a dead end philosophical route, no matter how good you are, you don’t have the core political theory. You will end up in a situation where you will get demoralized.

You would get complacent. And a lot of people that came with Ron Paul, I know into our movement. There were a finite set of them who are fighters and a number of them are like him. You can’t do much. You can’t do much. You just smoke weed all day. I’m being serious. So the libertarian model does not lack is lacking the system science philosophy.

You say, so they get lost there. They’re not grounded in natural system science. So there can be no fundamental change without the right revolutionary theory. And that’s what I’ve uncovered. Ian, it’s great to talk to you. Okay. Okay. Thank you. I’ll end the stream and hope to talk to you. Let’s do it again.

And we can follow up on what you shared with your mom. I think people need to know that. Thank you. Okay. Be well. Take care. Bye. Bye. All right, everyone. I’m just going to wrap up here. That was Ian Carpenter out of New York and look, Ian sounds like a nice guy, but, nice guys are good throwing banal statements.

You take the good with the bad. I’m sorry. Go say that to an alcoholic who fucks you up. Yeah, it may be nice. And this is a codependent model. Someone beats you up and but he gives you one once a day flowers. No, you throw out the whole person because you look at it as a whole. And that’s what systems understanding teaches you.

So listen, everyone, the reason I do these lives and I take on these topics is because I’m off the fucking plantation guys. Our movement, Truth, Freedom, Health, is off the fucking plantation. When you’re off the plantation, you do not look back. Things as they are. You’re not sucking to people and hoping he said some nice things.

And that’s what I was sharing with Ian. Ron Paul fucking endorsed Boobie Kennedy. Sorry. Sorry, you may have done all the stuff. It’s like someone endorsing all this stuff, and then you endorse Hitler at their last part of your life. You did some nice things. No, you didn’t, because you fundamentally did not understand something.

Okay? To all of you listening, what can you do? Let’s talk about actions. We are running for president. We need to get on the ballot in every fucking state. And they do everything they can to make sure the nigga doesn’t get on the fucking ballot. And that’s to make sure all of you People stay on the plantation.

So how can you help go to Shiva for president, go there right now and become a fucking volunteer. All right. We are mobilizing people across this country to get us on the ballot in every state. Do you know, getting on the ballot in one state, they rig it. So make, they make it so difficult. Every state we get on is a stab in the heart of the swarm and we are doing it bottoms up.

We didn’t collect money from billionaires and Zionist hoodlums. To put us on the ballot. That’s what boobie fucking Kennedy did. And the Democrats and Republicans don’t need to even get on the ballot. So I want to offer you the opportunity. You don’t have to do it to get your ass off, go on the ground and collect signatures.

It’s a wonderful exercise and everyone should do it. Okay. And if you want to do it, we’re here. That’s one thing. The other thing is go get a bumper sticker, go to Schieffer for president and get a freaking bumper sticker. You put that on the back. Of your car. You put one bumper sticker on the back rear window of your car, and it’s one of these.

You can go to Shiva for president dot com and get it. And 100, 000 people see it. That’s another way that you can be a force for change. Okay. Get one of these bumper stickers and put it on the back bumper sticker of your car volunteer. If you want to donate, I give you books. I give you courses because I want you to get educated.

I want you to become a leader, not a follower. I don’t want you to follow me. I want you to lead. Now, in order to become a leader, you have to study. You have to learn. You can’t just wing it. You can’t think, it all. Now, I have spent my life 50 years understanding political systems to educate all of you.

And that’s and you have to be very, it’s frankly, luck wisdom. If you find good teachers, it’s probably 1 of the hardest things in life. But if you come across a good teacher, If you want to truly be educated, then go for it. But if you want to stay in all of these other camps and you’re wishy washy, and you haven’t gotten it yet, stay there, go through your unfortunate exercise.

You may need to go through and get fucked a few times. Okay. Or many times, but we are here to enable you to exercise your citizenship. We teach you how to get on the ground. We teach you the science. We teach you the physics. We have created the educational technology, the framework to shatter the swarm.

And if you want to fundamentally change the world as you see it, then join the movement for truth, freedom, help get involved in Shiva for president. Cause you will learn a hell of a lot and you will grow as a human being, as a person, as a citizen. But if you want to fucking lower your. standards and think boobie fucking Kennedy and make statements like unfortunately Ian was and I don’t think he did it out of malice.

I think it’s a naivete. Take the good from the bad. What the fuck does that mean? Means nothing. No, it means nothing. That’s what it means. Okay. So anyone who says that there’s some new age woo medicine freak they don’t want the fuck they’re talking about. They haven’t been fucked over enough and they have no interest in liberating us.

No, you have to take the person as a whole, take Trump as a whole operation, warp speed, golden plated toilets, fake billionaire, right? Supported never fired Fauci. Go take the whole printed 8. 2 trillion. Take the whole, and you’ll see a scumbag. Zionist hoodlum, Boobie Kennedy, personal integrity does not equal private your public integrity.

He says that. Go look at his history. His wife hangs herself after he’s banging 28 people. Go look at these people in their hole. Look at me in my hole. Compare people, what they say and what they do. Don’t take little sentence away. He said some good shit. That’s being a dumb fuck. Okay. If you want to be a dumb fuck, go follow them.

If you want to liberate yourself and get off the fucking plantation, join this movement learn how to do it. Know that you’re have your own sense of unconscious incompetency. To learn, wow, I don’t know what I don’t know, it’s time that I figure this shit out. Alright, so I’m gonna play this video.

Shiva for president. Go get involved in our movement. But for God’s sakes, get off the fucking plantation. Unless you wanna be a fucking house slave. Then stay over there. I wish you well. Sucking Zionist cock. Who would have ever thought I’d be running for president of the United States of America? I was born a low caste, untouchable, in India’s caste system.

A system of aristocracy, oppression, and racism. My name is Dr. Shiva Iyadurai. I’m an MIT PhD, a Fulbright Scholar, a Scientist, Engineer, Entrepreneur, and Inventor. My family and I left India to come to America on my 7th birthday. I grew up in the working class neighborhoods of New Jersey. Playing baseball, mowing lawns, painting houses, and coding software.

My friends and neighbors are blacks, Italians, Irish, people of all races. As a 14 year old, I wrote 50, 000 lines of software code to create the world’s first email system, and was awarded the first U. S. copyright for email, recognizing me as its official inventor. At a time when copyright was the only way to protect software inventions.

I did that long before I ever came to MIT. Revealing that big innovations can occur anytime, anyplace by anybody. Growing up I saw politicians dividing us by race and religion, in both America and India. To have us fighting each other while they remain safe in their gated communities, and in their playgrounds of Hollywood Martha’s Vineyard and Silicon Valley.

I’m a fighter, I fought racism, and exposed their imperialist wars, fought for workers and put my life on the line against global corruption. I never wanted to run for political office, all that changed when I saw working Americans. As never before being duped by the establishment, and the not so obvious establishment, across left and right, we were being sold out and made to forget, why we came to America, and why America existed, lawyers, academics, billionaires, celebrities and politicians, elites, Clintons, Kennedys, Bidens, Obamas, Bushes, Black and white have hijacked America.

They’ve printed trillions for their friends. They’ve delivered crumbling infrastructure, corruption and racism. They’ve transferred trillions to themselves. Dividing black and white, fear mongering and fake science. Lockdowns and censorship. Dirty air, food and water. Pushing drugs upon us, making us sicker.

We’ve been sold out. One set of rules for them, and another for us. We deserve a warrior with a history of courage. And putting everything on the line for you. Who believes in you, not them. Who has created a movement, bottoms up. For truth, freedom held. I’ve exposed their lies at the right time, never waiting until it was popular.

I’ve exposed their false gods, who exist to lead you back to them. I’ve exposed their fake signs of lockdowns and masking, and provided you solutions to fight them and win, and protect your immune system, saving millions. I expose Fauci, galvanize a fire Fauci campaign, when others remain silent. When they stole our election we sued the government and Twitter, in our historic 2020 federal lawsuit, exposing in bare view.

The government and big tech censorship infrastructure. The unholy alliance between government and social media companies. Where was Elon and his grifters? They stood by the sidelines and did nothing. They did not use their megaphones to help us when it could have made a big difference. Now our movement grows for truth, freedom, health.

Independent of all of them. Every day millions are learning the science of systems. The knowledge the elites do not want you to have. So you may learn how to think, stand up, and fight. Independent of the establishment of left and right and their fake heroes. Now it’s time for you to join the movement to win back America, to win back truth, win back freedom, win back your health.

That’s why I’m running for President of the United States. This race is about you. This race is about truth, freedom, health. Versus power profit control we’ve had enough. They think we’ll fall in line and vote again for their lawyers celebrities billionaires and chosen ones from above We choose our heroes from below from the rank and file who do what is right at the right time Not when it’s convenient and popular They can never represent us.

What America needs is a movement by the working people, for the working people, who are educated, organized, decentralized, and fight for independence from their systems of control. And that movement exists. It’s ready for you. We don’t need them. We need us to go bottoms up, neighbor to neighbor. My journey, your journey, are all the same.

It’s our time. It’s time we had one of us. It’s time to win back truth, freedom, health, to win back America, be part of this historic movement all the way to our victory on November 5th, 2024. If you’re an American citizen, pledge your vote now for Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, the independent candidate for US president.

No matter where you live, you can be a part of this. Volunteer as little as 20 minutes a day. Don’t delay. This is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai and I approve this message paid for by Dr. Shiva for president.

All right, guys, this evening at 8 PM, I’m going to do a live call in show and we’re going to have you can call in. I’m going to give everyone my phone number. No presidential candidate does that. But I really enjoy hearing from you guys if anyone here has any questions, you can put it in the stream here and or in the right here and I should be able to see it.

So if you have a question, I’ll take 3 questions, but this evening at 8 PM, we’ll do part 2 of fucker Carlson. We did a. Earlier one, we called it, I think fucker Carlson licks Zionist balls. Okay, but we must this is someone saying, oh, you shouldn’t, he needs to package his messaging better.

No, you need to shut the fuck up and realize that all this packaging of messages is why we’re in the situation because every message is packaged so well that you don’t even know what the, where the fuck you are after you’ve been packaged. The reality is, yeah. These people are manipulating you with their package messaging.

So if you want real stuff and you want to really understand, recognize that these people are your slave masters and you’re so up their ass, you don’t even know they’re fucking you. Okay. So that’s what’s going on. Sorry. That’s the reality. So let’s take any questions. Anyone? Okay. Someone says what can a Canadian do?

We’re living in a nightmare here. So we have Corey, we have a massive. We have thousands of people in Canada. We have many leaders there. If you want to get involved again, let me put up the thing every Thursday tomorrow. Come to our orientation. You can meet other Canadians again to get. On our orientation to get an RSVP.

There’s no cost, nothing. Go to va shiva. com slash orientation, va shiva. com slash orientation and sign up. Okay. So that’s the first thing. So I want to invite you to meet other people. So any other questions? Kyle Rossling says Dr. Shiva, I’m big supporter. Main reason I spoke with your person. I dig your vision.

I dig the movement. Let’s change the world. Exactly. Kyle wants to change the world, not sit there talking about things and giving These people, little trophies for saying something good. Oh, he supports Assange. Who does not support Assange? I tell you who Trump wanted to execute him.

That’s what came out in the courtroom testimony. All right. Someone says this wonderfully intelligent statement. If we change how we speak only leads to more enslavement. Exactly. Okay. Very mad. Mim said that. So again, we can true talk just got here. Let’s see any other questions. Some fool here says you have no class.

No way. Okay, great. You can go hang out with people who have a lot of class. I have no class. Yes, I’m classless. Get the fuck out. Okay, you’re gone. Let’s say to the next one. Slaves are so deeply packaged that they can’t see what they are. Good very powerful statement. I appreciate your no bullshit and no fucking around discipline style.

How long do we judge things in a correct way? How long do we judge things in a correct way? I’m not sure what that means. Maybe you can expand on that. Joanne Villa says, yeah, we should all be angry. Look, we should take that anger as much anger and passion as I have. I fueled it into organizing a movement and that movement truth, freedom, health.

com teaches you, okay. Teaches you how to liberate yourself, how to be your own guru, how to be your own leader. That’s what this is about. And we have set up a program. And as if you go to truth from health dot com, you’ll see it right there. It says, get educated or be enslaved, get educated or be enslaved.

And we’ve set, we put forward together a program and we have, a whole global community, about a half a million people in 120 countries. Go to truth. Freedom health dot com. You’ll see the stories of transformation. You’ll see that we win. We’re not a bunch of losers, right? We go and fight these guys and we know how to fight them, how to expose them.

But the big thing is there’s lots and lots of information out there in the world. In spite of all this information, people are anxious, depressed. People want to overthrow their governments. Two and a half billion people are obese. It’s not like more information is getting people smarter, right? In fact, it appears more information may be getting people dumber.

Because they don’t have the lens through which to analyze this information and make decisions that lens of analysis right now is being controlled by the same people who control the system of power, profit and control. They give you information. They put it through their lens of ignorance where you’re, you selectively are told to choose certain things.

Unfortunately, using Ian, he said why don’t you just say the good things? No, you got to look at the whole because if you look at their little pieces. You get into complacency, desperation, and you move into this left or right. And then this ignorance drives you into confusion that enslaves you. And look at the people on the left and the right, these gurus who are the real enemies who are the real supporters of your enslavement.

It is a people who you think are your fighters. All right, and this is the fundamental understanding. Everyone needs to learn. It is. It are these people. And the only way out of this is you have to take information. You have to learn the science of systems, which leads you to knowledge. Knowledge is not the same as information.

You get wisdom clarity. You start wanting to become an activist. You get organized. You get innovative and you get freedom. So that’s what our movement teaches you. But the question you have to ask is, do you want to get off the plantation? This is let go of the old system. We want to probably change it to let go, get off the plantation.

Okay. And we have a whole system of knowledge courses, a community tools, technologies. We’ve literally created the university of get off the fucking plantation. Okay. That’s what we created. So get involved, join our open house. If you want to support the campaign, go to sheep for president. com and get involved.

Okay. Get involved. Someone says it’s amazing. I’ll code them at dependency supports, right? It’s own suffering. Yeah. This is what, so I would say a lot of these people who are still having hope for these people are no different than an abuse victim who keeps thinking the drunk who comes home and beats them every night.

Once in a while they give them flowers. Oh, he did something nice. No, he’s a drunk. He beats you every day. Okay. And he’s going to be like that. Do you want to get off the plantation? That’s the question. All right, everyone. I hope this was helpful. I know it’s unfortunate that we have to be so crude about this, but the establishment is quite crude and abusive on the way they treat you.

And you have to recognize. That you have to use the right words at the right time. If you have a rabid dog who wants to bite your leg, you don’t go Oscar, I hope you won’t bite my leg, let me talk to you in a sophisticated way. No, you got to take a stick and you have to hit that dog so he doesn’t bite you, right?

So you have to use the right language at the right time with the right people. Fucker Carlson is a very important American term. Every American child must learn. Every American child must learn that. Okay. Fucker Carlson. Booby fucking Kennedy. Another term every parent should teach their child. And Zionist cocksucker.

These three terms Every child should learn from the day that they are born into this world, particularly in America. Okay. Please teach your kids these terms, right? Again, repeat after me, boobie fucking Kennedy, fucker Carlson and Zionist cocksucker. Please do that. Okay. Your child will be much smarter. The brain will develop faster and he’ll liberate himself.

Okay. He may even help liberate you. All right, everyone be well, be the light. And let’s get off the plantation. Okay. Let’s get off the plantation. Thank you to build the bottoms up movement. Go to Shiva for president. com and volunteer.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health® you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

Join the VASHIVA community – an integrated EDUCATIONAL, COMMUNICATIONS – independent of Big Tech -, and LOCAL ACTIVISM platform to empower YOU to actualize Truth Freedom Health® in your local communities by employing a SYSTEMS APPROACH.

The platform we are building for Truth Freedom Health® provides the infrastructure to take on Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Academia. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can contribute whatever you can. Based on your level of commitment to get educated, I have also created some wonderful educational gifts to thank you for your contribution.

To get the education you need and deserve, join Dr.SHIVA on his Foundations of Systems™ course. This course will provide you three pillars of knowledge with the Foundation of Systems™ Thinking. The three pillars include: 1) The System Dynamics of Truth Freedom Health®, 2) The Power of a Bottom’s Up Movement, and 3) The Not So Obvious Establishment. In this course, you will also learn fundamental principles of all systems including your body.

Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System® tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health® portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health® Warriors.

This course is available online for you to study at your own pace.

It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved™.

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