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Kentucky Police ILLEGALLY ARREST Volunteer Collecting Signatures Outside Walmart volunteer Nicholas Lupo was UNCONSITUTIONALLY arrested for legally collecting BALLOT nomination signatures in front of Walmart. Multiple supreme court rulings (Pruneyard & Roche Bros) have ruled that collection of ballot nomination signatures is the highest protected political speech particularly during an election cycle, even on private property at retail establishments. Time for US.

Transcript Below.

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 All right. Good evening, everyone. It’s Sunday, January 7th 5 20 PM. Welcome everyone. We’re gonna wait for people to join. I haven’t done a live. In fact, this year, today’s very interesting day because it’s 12 years ago today that my mom passed away and I thought I was going to have a quiet Sunday.

Remembering her, but unfortunately, I’ve had to get involved. I guess this is the fate of things to get involved in once again, talking about

what’s that noise, someone feeding back.

Hold on. I see it’s coming. All right. So that was feeding back. We’re going to have an important discussion today about what’s going on in the United States, that one of our volunteers today, a wonderful volunteer Nicholas Lupo was down in Kentucky. Collecting ballot nomination signatures in front of a Wal Mart in front of a retailer.

And this is a legal right that was established, that has been established in multiple court rulings that during an election cycle, during an election cycle, anyone, whoever candidate they support can go collect ballot nomination signatures to get on the ballot. And I just put a tweet out to the so called constitutionalists.

Rand Paul and Thomas Massey for in Kentucky, the also the state of Mitch McConnell and a red state, which supposedly are patriots who defend the Constitution. And let me just explain something to everyone and I have 4 other people are joining us for of our other volunteers. And here they are. We have Mike Moscow, who was my campaign manager in Massachusetts.

We have crystal who’s my running mate. And we have Chris Bradley, 1 of our regional. Coordinators for chief of a president, but let me just explain how this works because it looks like the United States is getting dumber and dumber and the police officers. Remember, they’re part of the enforcement division of the executive branch who are supposed to protect.

And defend the laws don’t even know what the bloody laws are. So let me explain to everyone when you run for office. A federal office, president of the United States or Senate every state has a requirement that you have to collect so many signatures. Whether you’re an independent Republican Democrat to get your name on the ballot.

All right, this is an important process that occurs before the election. Before you can get on the ballot, if you want to be on the ballot, you have to have enough volunteers. Who go out and they collect signatures. Crystal is my running mate and she’s coordinating all the signature collection crystal.

What is the number you have to collect in Kentucky? The number of signatures, so every state has different requirements. Crystal’s looking that up in Massachusetts, for example, for me to get on the ballot, I need 10, 000 signatures in the state of Utah. Give me that hat. We were out in Utah, helping our educating our volunteers.

You have to get 1000 signatures in Kentucky. Crystal, do you know what the number is? We need 5000 signatures in the state. So in order to get on the ballot in Kentucky, we need 5000 signatures. So our volunteers have been collecting signatures there. Nicholas Lupo is a hard working, working class electricians or plumber.

Nicholas went to front of a walmart, not inside outside of it to collect signatures. All right now, According to multiple Supreme Court rulings, multiple, Mike Moskow will talk about this, multiple, it has been established. That during an election cycle, which is a very important period for political speech.

That political speech will be defended the 1st amendment that anyone can go collect signatures to get someone on the ballot in front of a retailer. Many people do not do think. Oh, my God, you’re on private property. No, the courts have ruled unequivocally. And not 1, not 2, multiple court rulings.

That during an election cycle, and when you’re collecting signatures, and when you’re doing it for a candidate. That area outside of a retailer, guess what becomes an open town square and just to educate everyone on this. There were 2 rulings. Okay. And this is 1 of them. All right this is 1 of them that I’m sharing with you and I’ll share with you the other 1.

I’m going to bring both of them up. That was what’s called a prune yard and. The so this is the other 1. okay, this was a Supreme judicial court decision permits. Solicitation of nomination signatures at supermarket entrance owners and operators of supermarkets and other commercial property.

Again, this was Massachusetts. We’ll show you. They’re done in many states should be aware that the Supreme judicial court announces decision and gloves versus Roach brother supermarket, which allows a candidate for public office. To solicit nominating signatures at a supermarket entrance, even a solo site supermarket, which does not operate as a part of a shopping center or more like a Walmart in this case.

And the courts ruled Gloveski has adequately alleged a right under Article 9 to solicit nomination signatures on private property outside the entrance. Of the Westwood supermarket glove gloves. He seeks only the right to engage in quote, unquote, unobtrusive and reasonable solicitations outside the store entrance, which is what Nicholas was doing.

Nothing in the court, nothing the record suggests before suggests that the proposed presumably brief interactions with the shoppers as they enter their leave the supermarket would interfere. With the Roach brothers use of quote unquote, it’s property. Roach brothers could post signs, which means if Walmart monitor, they could post signs in the area, disavowing any association with the potential political candidate.

Additionally, Roach brothers could prevent those soliciting signatures from harassing its patrons and impairing its commercial interests by prescribing reasonable restrictions at the location, time, and manner, which in nominating signatures may be sought nothing in this record suggests the unobtrusive Signature collection was done.

Now, the 2nd ruling, let me bring this up. So that was the Roach Brothers ruling, which is clear. Okay. Gloveski won that. Okay. The 2nd ruling is 2 rulings. Which again, reassert this must a retail business allow an individual to use its property to solicit signatures? And the answer is yes. The case of gloves versus Rose brothers poses a question whether an owner’s constitutional private property rights must be give way to an individual’s constitutional right to collect nomination signatures for public offers when the case is argued before the S.

J. C. Sometime early. Next year, the S. H. U. will be guided by its own 1983 decision of Botschilder versus Allied Stores as well as the United States Supreme Court’s 1980. This is went to the Supreme Court, Pruniard, Senator versus Robbins. In both these cases, the constitutional right of the individuals distributing the handbills and soliciting signatures were deemed to supersede the private property rights of the shopping mall owners.

And whose properties the activities occurred. So this was before and then you can see what happened with the glove ski case. The important thing is this was argued at the United States Supreme Court in 1980 in the prune yard case. As and in 1983. It’s time that people get their head out of their ass and I’m really annoyed because crystal will tell you, I got this call.

What? 2 hours ago, Ken and I called the police station. The doofus police officer gets on. That’s what he was. Because he is puts on a suit, carries his gun to protect the Constitution. And the guy didn’t even know about this. And he goes, Oh, we arrested him. We have every right to do that. I said, Are you aware of these rulings?

Remember, police are part of the executive branch, which is to enforce the laws. Not to make up laws, not to defend Walmart, which sells Chinese shit to everyone. All right. So are they defending a fortune five company or are they defending the constitution? The police in Franklin, Kentucky defended Walmart, not the right of a citizen to collect signatures.

Think about what’s going on in this country. The police are defending private companies. Did the citizens of Franklin Kentucky hire? Are they paying taxes so the police will defend Walmart? Are they paying them so they’ll defend the constitutional rights of citizens? It’s a fundamental question.

Nicholas Lupo had every right to be there. So everyone listening, Nicholas is in jail right now. He’s not a criminal. He’s a working class. Man who went to collect signatures for our campaign and this is in Kentucky where Thomas fucking Massey’s there Excuse my language, but that’s how annoyed I am and so called Rand Paul and I just tweeted at them Let’s see if these two constitutionalists step up to the plate Demand Nicholas’s release think about what I’m saying.

By the way, Robert Boobie Kennedy Collects money from people, millions of dollars to go collect signatures, and then he gets professional consultants to go do it. That was also the violation of the spirit of all of this. You’re supposed to have volunteers who support you like Nicholas who support our campaign.

So let me go to Crystal, who’s our, is coordinating all this. Crystal, let me ask you a question. Was Nicholas harassing any people coming out of the Walmart? Absolutely not. He’s the most well behaved and mannered gentleman I think I’ve ever met. In my life he’s a hardworking electrician a young man that really supports you, your campaign and the movement for truth, freedom, and health.

He was not only outside of the establishment, but very far away from the door on the sidewalk over well over, probably 20, 30 feet from the door, so he was not blocking any entrance or exit either he’s. Very quiet, and I can’t imagine why anybody would approach him and arrest him. I can’t even imagine.

Anyway, according to all the United States Supreme Court rulings in the local state Supreme Court rulings, you’re allowed to collect signatures, even on private property, provided it’s during an election cycle, which is what we’re in 2024. You’re collecting ballot signatures for a bona fide candidate.

That’s me. All right. Yeah, it’s absolutely disgusting. And this is where the rubber meets the road. None of these other presidential candidates even go collecting signatures. They all cheat, guys. You know what they do? They, you give them money and they go hire consultants. And it’s my view that many of this election, the signatures is happening in boiler rooms and it’s all fraud.

We’re actually running a legitimate campaign. Let me bring Mike Mosca in. Mike, are you there? Yes, I’m here. Mike is a veteran. He’s 80 plus years old. Mike was my campaign manager in Massachusetts. Mike, what do you think about this? I think it’s outrageous. It’s the law in the land, both the United States federal courts, the Supreme Court State Supreme Court’s constitutions protect the right to solicit signatures on nomination papers and ballot question petitions in a reasonable and unobtrusive manner and open in public areas.

This is been held as public law going back. Many years. This includes public access areas of municipal property, as well as the common areas of privately owned shopping centers, distribution of printed material and connection with signature solicitation is also protected. The right of signature solicitation along with other free speech activities on municipal sidewalks and parks and in similar open public areas is clear.

This is this is demonstrated by a ruling in 1939 and Hague versus CIO 307, U. S. 496, 515 dash 16. It’s also been held that public areas of privately owned shopping status. are considered public areas and people, we can collect signatures in those areas. The States in Massachusetts, for example, has held had a constitutional question that was brought up and botch held the versus allied stores international.

And in that case the Supreme judicial court of Massachusetts held that. The right to collect signature was paramount and found in favor of the collection of signatures. So this permeates the, all the court systems, our constitutions and every jurisdiction across the United States because without nomination signatures, people couldn’t be elected to office.

And if people can’t be elected to office, we have no federal government. We don’t have any state government. We don’t have any local government. This is. A fundamental basic tenant of our free society to collect signatures, to place people into office. The bottom line is this, everyone, that it is our movement.

It is our run, our movement for truth, freedom, health, and it’s our run for president. When we ran for Senate, if you remember, Mike, we’re the ones who faced all this stuff with Elizabeth Warren, right? She said that we get to remove our sign off our bus. She got the city of Cambridge. We fought that and we won.

And then in 2020, we were the ones who exposed the backdoor portal to Twitter are very organically funded campaign. None of these other presidential campaign people are even out there collecting signatures because they just raise money and they hire consultants. We actually do the work as Americans.

And we’re the ones who are on the front lines fighting for you guys. So what occurred to Nicholas Lupo, Nicholas is our hero. He’s an average everyday American who came to our campaign, took his time off on his Sunday to go collect signatures. And you have a bunch of abusive police who are serving a Chinese, front company called Walmart.

In Kentucky, where all the red guys are with their 2nd amendment rights, right? Yeah, we got our guns. We want to protect the 2nd amendment. Really? You don’t even know what the fucking the 1st amendment is.

Remember that we’re going to make sure not only do they pay for what they did to Nicholas. We’re not only going to get him out of jail, but we’re going to make sure that every public official who was involved in this, including Walmart is held accountable because the law is behind us. And the problem is right now in the United States.

The swarm, the corrupt people don’t even follow the law and they think you are so fat, dumb and lazy watching bullshit on social media all day that you’re going to be okay. Oh, yeah, it’s private property. Why were you collecting signatures? You can’t do that. Read the fucking law. You’re allowed to do that because ordinary people like us, the only place the courts ruled when you can collect signatures are in these high thoroughfares.

Of in front of retail establishments, which they deemed to be a town square to collect signatures. Chris Tell us what you faced up in indiana when you went to collect signatures So i’ve faced a few different challenges, here in fort wayne. I was aggressively approached by several security officers who told me I would be arrested if I did not leave the premises immediately.

I was completely surrounded. I was being very polite. Mannered. All I asked was to go speak to the central office. We came in and they aggressively approached me, surrounded me and then harassed me and but in other cases I was down in Indianapolis collecting out at the Dancing Anne, it’s a well known landmark in Indianapolis.

where we had a fine time collecting signatures. No police or police approached us. So here we have a lot of people who say that the red states are free, but isn’t ironic. I’m in a blue city and I’m not even approached. But here in a more redder city, Fort Wayne, I’m approached and harassed by security and law enforcement.

Tanya Bolch just said that there’s a facebook page for the Franklin County Police. Tanya is going to post it. Everyone listening. Go up to their Facebook page and say, demand the immediate release of Nicholas Lupo. Okay. That’s what we need to demand. And we’re not going to let them get away with this.

If I have to, I’ll go down there and collect signatures. All of us, our whole campaign will go down there. And anyone listening who’s in Kentucky, if legal counsel there, please have them call me. My phone number is 617 631 6874 and that’s Dr. Shiva 617 631 6874. But, it’s very interesting for me guys that this is occurring.

My mom’s. 12 death anniversary. My mom was a fighter. My mom would fight tooth and nail for basic rights. And that’s what we got to do. And nothing has changed. None of these clowns, Republicans and Democrats, none of these quote unquote constitutionalists, I don’t see them fighting for us. Let’s see what they do.

So this is why our campaign, our run for president, our movement for truth, freedom, health is at the tip of the spear of actually fighting for these important rights that people died and bled for. If you want to get with the program, everyone go to, the Franklin County, page. Okay.

And by the way, someone says they’re extremely racist out of that county, but understand that the so called red states who claim that they’re for the Constitution. Let’s see if they really care about the Constitution again to let everyone know. Everyone of you has a right during an election cycle to go outside a retailer’s thing, even on their private property.

Again, notwithstanding, you’re not harassing people coming out, obstructing them as Crystal has said. Nicholas was not doing that. He’s a very respecting individual and you have the right to collect signatures. Nicholas, for all of our, all of us, he stood his ground. He didn’t want to get arrested. He simply asserted his right.

His 1st amendment, right? And police who are supposed to protect his 1st amendment, right? Instead of defending him against Walmart. Which sells all Chinese crap, took him away. So who were they defending? Who are they defending guys? They’re defending a retailer who sells China’s crap.

So they defended a fortune one, fortune two company. They defended the Waltons, a multi billionaire company, not a working class person. This is why people are convinced we’re heading towards class war in this country, and we probably should. Because that’s where this is headed towards a working class guy trying to support me a working class guy to get on the ballot is attacked by a multi billion dollar company who represents China by police are supposed to work for the citizens instead of they’re working for Walmart.

Mike, what do you think about that? Mike Mosca? Yeah, no, I totally agree. I think that what’s happening in our country today is, is becoming very outrageous. It appears and we’ve seen this. We’ve seen this in Massachusetts and we’ve seen it in other states. We’ve heard from some of your other volunteers what’s happening.

And what’s happening is this. What they’re doing is we’re now using our legal system as a weapon. It’s being weaponized against independent candidates, independent thinkers and independent people. And so that’s what we’re looking at today. We’re looking at a political system that’s being weaponized.

And if we don’t stand up and stop it before this all comes to some sort of a negative situation, then what’s going to happen is we’re going to lose all of our rights. If we don’t exert our rights, we’re going to lose them. And that’s what I’m thinking. Yeah, Mike. It’s interesting because when I was doing training down in Utah, right?

This is what happened. We had our volunteers collecting signatures. Three police cruisers came up, all the guys puffs chest are wearing. They’re big, they’re fighters, right? They got their, bulletproof things on. Okay, good. I’m glad you’re doing that, but enforce the law and what they did, Mike, they came up to our volunteers and they said, you can’t be collecting signatures.

Now, moments before that the retailer Harman’s, which was a local, Utah retailer this is where we in Utah, they come out and they say, you can’t collect signatures. I said, we have every right to collect signatures during a federal election campaign. 3 cruisers show up, Mike.

And they take, they start taking the volunteers IDs, getting ready to rest some. We said, call your supervisor. In that case, a supervisor came out. He goes I’m very interested in the law. Dr. Shiva explain it to me and we have it all on video tap. I explained the whole thing to him. I said, look, there have been multiple Supreme Court rulings, multiple state Supreme Court rulings, which allow us.

In the legal predicate during an election cycle, when a candidate is running for office to collection nomination signatures, as long as we are not harassing anyone coming out of the establishment. In fact, the area out of the establishment is no longer private property and we’ve been very judiciously collecting signatures.

People are quite happy to come to us and talk to us. He said, I didn’t know that. He goes, let me go look at it. Let me talk, call our attorney. He did. He goes, you’re absolutely right. He then went and explained it to the retailer and we collected signatures, but in freaking constitutionalist, Kentucky led by Rand Paul and Thomas Massey, it looks like constitutionalists ran Paul and Thomas Massey don’t even train their own police officers on the constitution.

And Thomas Massey wears his little thing. I’m a constitutionalist. I’m really Thomas. And he went to MIT, by the way. Really, Thomas, you’re a constitutionist? Really, Rand Paul, Ron Paul? All you guys. Guys talk a big fucking game. You better show us right now through action. If you have any, if your words have any teeth to it, you better be calling the Franklin County police right now and getting Nicholas out.

Demanding it, and I want to see a phone call, but I know you probably won’t call because you’re part of the Republican, not so obvious establishment club. You guys play this game. And if you do, thank you. But frankly. You should have done this immediately when I posted this. Let’s see if they call.

Crystal, any final thoughts? I find it very concerning that Nicholas was arrested and handcuffed without telling why. The police officers did not tell him why he was being arrested at the time of arrest. I think that’s very concerning as well. So yeah, everything Dr. She was saying, go make comments on that Facebook page.

Please contact us if you. Yeah. And anyone here who is, knows a lawyer in Kentucky who actually is not a pussy, who actually has balls and wants to fight most lawyers are pussies. They are, they’ll sell you out. And we’ve seen that I’ve had to fight my own lawsuits. Remember that 99. 9999 percent of lawyers are pussies.

They work with the state to fuck over their own clients. So that’s what’s occurred in the United States. So if you know a lawyer, make sure he’s not a pussy. Okay. But I’ll tell you this, I will be down in Kentucky. If this doesn’t get resolved in a timely manner, collecting signatures, and we’ll have hundreds of people collecting signatures in front of that Walmart.

And I hope all of you join us. Chris, any final comments? I just want to commend Nicholas for standing his ground and asserting his right to collect signatures. And I would also like to thank Emily, who is driving two hours to meet Nicholas at the police station where he’s currently being held unlawfully.

Yeah, just to let, to point out, we have hundreds of thousands of volunteers. Everyone listen to me. Our movement, Chiever for President, is not some movement that collects money and pays a bunch of staff. That’s what boobie fucking Kennedy does. That’s what You know, doofus Trump does. That’s what Biden does.

All these people. We actually have real volunteers, working people who have a job and they do this and that’s what Nicholas was doing, volunteering to collect signatures. And the fact that Emily, who’s a nurse is now leaving her home in Tennessee and driving all the way to Kentucky tells you the dedication of our people.

And I hope all of you listening out there. You understand. What this movement is and what our run for president is. This is about the fight for America. Not less like that stupid Vivek the Snake copying all my words, talking a bunch of shit. Guy’s a bullshitter. And that’s where we’re at. We live in an age of deception.

Those people who talk a bunch of shit, steal our words, our rhetoric, but have never walked the walk. Nicholas Lupo is walking the walk. Our movement walks the walk. We are fighting for your freaking rights. So get off your butts. And call up that Franklin police station. Can someone get their number?

Get their number, please. Okay. I’ll give you the number. Yes. Nicholas is a hero. Yeah. Nicholas is a hero here and he’s working class hero. All right. And that’s who we support. We support our fellow heroes. Crystal, give me the number of the guy. Give me the number of that police station people to seven zero.

Okay. Everyone call this person. 270 and tell them to demand Nicholas out to 70586 Franklin, Kentucky police and demand Nicholas out

Nicholas Lupo be freed and an apology given

what’s his number 270 270 586 586 7167. All right, there we are. Everyone. We also have another number where it’s actually the jail number where he’s being held. Here’s another number. Two, seven, zero. Hold on. Here’s another number for Kentucky, Franklin police. Hold on. I got to type and do this. Okay. What is it?

Two, seven, zero. Yep. Five, five, eight, six. Yep. Five, three, five, one. Yeah. That is what he’s being held. All right. Everyone call that number two. Listen, no one is going to help us working people. We have to help each other. Remember this. There’s no, Clarence Darrow coming from us to help us because they do not want us getting on the ballot.

They do not want us winning their elections and we know elections are selections. They will support Walmart. The police are paid given tax dollars from the people of Kentucky to defend the Constitution. Who are they defending? They’re defending Walmart. That’s just say it right there to you. They’re defending Walmart against a working class guy who came to support another working class guy, me and all of us.

This is us versus them. And we have to get this clear. That’s where this country is headed. It is us versus them. So everyone get off your ass right now, call those numbers and tell them you demand Nicholas Lupo out and that they are violating the Constitution. They’re violating the First Amendment. Mike, any final thoughts?

No, again, I want to commend his name. Heidi. If you didn’t look as Nicholas Lupo. Okay. I said it 10 times. Okay. Please listen. All right. You guys have got to listen. Come on. We all got to step up to the plate and listen. Go ahead, Mike. Okay. The only thing I want to say is that these days, just collecting a nominations signature.

Requires courage because of what’s going on. And it’s not only Nicholas, but all those other people who every day are harassed and by, and it’s not, we have to be clear. It’s not all the police. Okay. I think we have some very bad people. Just like in every other situation. And what we have to do is we have to educate these people and let, get them to understand what the law is so that we can get on the ballot.

What’s interesting, Mike, is even in Massachusetts, it’s an all blue state, right? You remember, Mike, the police would come, we’d educate them and they defend us. Remember, Mike? Yes. This is a red state which stands for the Constitution. That’s a problem. Yeah. And you called the police came. This is what?

This is the bluest of Bluest states, I think. Yeah. And we’re probably one of the reddest of Reds estate. Thomas Massey and Rand Paul’s, Kentucky. Yeah. Everyone remember this when you start thinking Thomas Massey and Rand Paul are constitutional, so if they were such big constitutional. It’s a disgrace that their own police force doesn’t even know this basic laws about the foundations of the First Amendment.

And these rulings have been done since, as Mike said, since 1939 to allow us to collect signatures or ordinary people can get on the ballot. They’ve just incarcerated 1 of us guys, treated him like a criminal, put him in handcuffs in the back of a police car. This is a disgrace. So end of this is Nicholas Lupo.

He’s 1 of us. He’s our hero. And he asserted his First Amendment right, and he has every right to do that. And he was arrested? It’s bullshit. It’s bullshit that we have to do this on a Sunday. God fearing Kentucky, yeah, right? I support God and Jesus. Really? And the Constitution anyway. Whole thing is bullshit.

Alright guys get involved. Go to Shiva for President if you want to volunteer, volunteer. We’re gonna go and collect more signatures now. Let him arrest all of us. Because if, like Mike said, collect, they’re making it fearful to go collect signatures. What the fuck is going on? Why should Chris Bradley be afraid that he could get arrested and he works full time?

We should all be able to go collect signatures. Obviously, we’re not spitting at people. We’re not throwing stuff at them. We’re standing away. As they come, we wave. We say, hey, would you like to get a candidate on the ballot? That’s all we’re doing. You want to donate to our campaign? Because we’re going to have to now mount a lawsuit to get Nicholas out and fight for his rights.

And we are going to do that. Because as you guys know, we are fighters. We’re not going to let this get away with this. This is going to go all the way to the fucking Supreme Court if it needs to. This is bullshit. What just took place. So if you’re an American, if you’re not an American, you believe in the American values, go to Shiva for president, support this campaign, call up the front.

So we’re giving you two things to do multiple things. Go to Shiva for president, support this campaign, become a volunteer, get ready to go on the ground and fight. And 3rd or 1st, I put a bunch of numbers up, call up that Franklin County Police Department and tell those fools Okay. Do they believe in the constitution or do they believe in defending Walmart?

Who are they being paid by Walmart or the Americans or the citizens of Kentucky? All right, crystal, you have any final notes before we leave? No, just that. Yep. Nicholas is a hero. You’ve everybody should want to fight for this country. This is literally what this means. If you are worried about the country being in a bad state, this shows it that we are heading into this like another volunteer had said the other day, we don’t live in China.

But yet it sure seems like it when you’re an everyday good citizen, who’s out there collecting signatures, which is a legal document given to us by the Secretary of State. Even the Secretary of State say you go stand in front of grocery stores in places like Walmart, where there’s high traffic. And that’s how you are to gather your signatures to put a candidate on the ballot with this legal document.

And then somebody’s being arrested and they’re not being told why it’s, this is why we need to escalate this movement to all of you who really want to fight. Really want to fight, which means collect signatures, handout flies do the work. Where we’re here, she even for president truth from now, if you want to be a fake fighter and sit in your home and oh, yeah, some good shit.

Oh, yeah. Trump’s my fighter. If you want to go do that, go join those fucking fools because they’re not fighting for you. Nicholas is fighting for you, Chris is fighting for you, I’m fighting for you, Ken is, Mike is, Crystal is. And we’re all working people, guys. We’re not people with golden plated fucking toilet seats.

We’re not Kennedys, alright? We’re not Vivek the Snake. A fucking brahmin, brown nosed, big pharma bullshitter. And none of us are Zionist hoodlums, by the way. Or they can go jerk off to fucker Carlson all day. Exactly. Where’s fucker Carlson? Call up fucker Carlson if he’ll cover this. He won’t because he’s an intelligence agency asset.

Who just talks about shit. The only person coming to save us is us. No one is gonna save us, and what Nicholas just did is what everyone should be doing. Asserting their fucking rights. If you’re truly a Patriot, except talking about, we had some guy here. All right. I have my gun license. See, I got my gun license really, but he’s afraid to collect signatures.

Okay, great. You’re a big guy. You’re a big guy. You got your gun, but you can’t collect signatures. Big guy. We’re the people in our movement walk the walk. If you want to walk the walk, then support chief of for president. If you want to talk the talk, I’m supporting this guy. Oh, did you see this great video from Tucker?

Go over there guys. That’s not how America is going to get back to win back the truth, freedom and health. You’re going to support this nonsense. All right. So this is a time whether you want to be an adult, whether you want to be an American and whether you want to really get off your butts to go in the mirror and ask yourself that question, because we’re here on our Sunday having to deal with this and we’re going to go deal with it all the way because that’s what we do.

And I hope you guys get off your butts. And join our movement, go to Schieffer for president, donate money because we’ve never asked for money. Have I ever, but I will ask for fucking money now to get not only Nicholas out of jail, but make these people pay for their violation of the U S constitution.

That’s it. Mike, Crystal, Chris Emily is driving all the way down there to help Nicholas out, and any of you in Kentucky, get off your butts and help. Okay? No one is fighting for us except us. My crystal, Chris, hold on. I’m going to sign off. Thank you everyone. Be the light, by the way, let me put a bunch of banners up here.

You can come to our open house every Thursdays at 11 p. m. Go to va Shiva. com slash orientation. You can donate or volunteer at our campaign achiever for president. com. And get off your butts guys. That’s all I can say is it’s, it’s very simple. There’s, if you want to comment all day on social media and talk to grifters, great, but please don’t follow our campaign.

We don’t want that nonsense. Help get off your butt and support our movement. Thank you. Be the light. Mike, hold on.

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