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In this interview, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist, Engineer and Candidate for President, reveals the systems dynamics of the healthcare system and what we must do to win back our health.

Transcript Below.

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Some quick housekeeping, you can go to our website to find out who’s coming, what the topics are and so forth. Go to a screen share your dash MP dot com, which is as it comes up your marketplace for health, wealth and freedom, which we are all about and go over to the tab that says your media hub. And right here, you’ll see our Wednesday show, health, business and politics, and then Thursday’s Freedom Hub Working Group, which is pretty much the same.

Not the health part as much, but goes into other issues we’re dealing with today. The topics are right here, the speakers, you can go down the page, upcoming guests, and the channels where we will post this on, we post these on are listed right here at Bitsheep RDI. YouTube, rarely these days, of course, because of the censorship and Rumble.

I will just turn, stop the share, keep things moving, turn it over to you, Charlie, to First part of the introduction. Yeah, we’ll keep it brief because Dr Shiva has limited time with us. And he’s a candidate for president and my long lost cousin Mark from and who’s a volunteer on his campaign is going to introduce Dr Shiva in terms of probably what should be the most important issue for the grassroots health freedom to mark.

Take it away. Excellent. Yeah, I’ll give a short couple of minute introduction on Dr. Shiva his background, and then let him kick it off. It’s a great privilege Dr. Shiva for you to have us on, have you on the podcast. Dr. Shiva is a tech entrepreneur and presidential candidate, and basically I’ve been following him for about four years since COVID.

I recommend all his books. I recommend all his YouTube podcasts to all my friends and family and colleagues. He was 1 of the 1st scientists in the world. Back in 2019 to recognize cobit and the vaccine, and he stood up to the narrative of the government mainstream media, the CDC, et cetera. And everybody said he was crazy.

But fast forward to 2024 and pretty much everything he said. Has come true. Dr. Shiva is a inventor. He invented email and has the copyright to that. He did it through an inner office mail system in 1978. Unbelievably, he was he was only 14 at the time. Dr. Sheba has a Ph. D. in biological and systems engineering from MIT.

He started and run seven successful businesses. Primary company today is Cytosol, which I’m certainly, I’m certain he will talk about briefly in his talk very involved with health care. Dr. Sheva has run for Senate twice in Massachusetts. He’s now running for president as an independent candidate.

Many of his stands are on YouTube. His campaign had a very unique way of mirroring the Republican debates. He had a monitor monitor moderator ask the exact same questions as the Republican candidates looked that up. It’s it’s fascinating. Last thing is Dr. Shiva started a bottoms up movement.

This is a lot bigger than just the presidential campaign and health care truth, freedom, health dot com, truth, freedom, health dot com. Go there, find out all about it. The movement is to facilitate the common man taking back the power that D. C. And the deep state criminals have taken away the real deal.

Hopefully, on November 5th, we’ll be our next president. We’ll be blessed that we Shiva for president dot com that Shiva for with the number 4 dot com and I’ll turn it over to Dr. Shiva is 1 of his favorite sayings is be the light. So look forward to your. Brief discussion. All right. Thanks, Mark. So let me just jump right into it.

Look the slogan that we have, which everyone can go to our website and get a bumper circuits called truth, freedom, health. Now, these 3 words are not just a slogan. They’re much more powerful and I want to start from that because those 3 words, truth, freedom, health, believe it or not. Are manifestations of the same three forces that run everything in the universe now in if you go to MIT and you take a general systems theory course or controls course at a graduate level, you’ll find out they have to do a transport conversion and storage.

Now, many medical doctors do not learn there’s many people in health care do not learn this. In fact, many people in the alternative health care did not learn this but transport conversion and storage are the 3 fundamental forces. That have been identified over many millennia in ancient systems of Indian medicine, they were identified and starting the 1900s in engineering systems.

What is transport conversion storage? Transport is all the forces. In the universe that represent the movement of information, matter and energy movement, the movement of wind, a bowel movement, okay, walking movement the 2nd force or the phenomenon is conversion. The forces in the universe that take thing from 1 form.

And put it into the another form. Digestion is a conversion process. Cognition is a conversion process. When you type one plus one into your CPU and it creates two, that’s a conversion process. Okay? And the third phenomenon is the structural and the storage aspects of everything in the universe. This room I’m in has a building structure.

That’s a phenomenon. Your body Has the bones and the fascia, which holds you up, right? It’s the things that store and contain things. So transport conversion storage. All right. So I’ve taught you in private in 1 minute. Essentially, a very powerful set of concepts. Now, what I uncovered as a systems biologist, as someone who’s been deeply interested in integrating health across East and West.

Was when I did my Fulbright, I found out that those three same phenomenon have existed in the Indian systems of medicine for thousands of years. The problem is many of the Indian quote unquote, gurus and yogis, they don’t even know what they’re saying. It’s staring them right in the face, which I uncovered is in the Indian system was called Vatha, Pitha and Kapha.

It was a way to identify these three forces. And if you take Ayurveda or Siddha courses, you’ll understand it. But I discovered this very one to one correlation. And when you go into the world of politics, it’s actually freedom, truth and health, freedom, the movement of information, matter and energy.

Truth is actually the aspect. Of applying the scientific method, taking all sorts of wacky ideas and through the process of the scientific method, we convert them to what’s true. And what is it? Truth is really a verb and health is the infrastructure, economic health of you, me, our economic health, physical health, et cetera.

So think about what I’m saying. These are uncovering of 3 fundamental phenomenon that exists across all systems. All the universe. So our movement as, Mark identified truth, freedom, health. Is really the foundation. So my running for president is really about raising a significant awareness to people about this knowledge of systems.

You say system science should be taught to every everyone in the healthcare area. Every Yogi, every MD, every professor, every mother and child and, adult mother and father should learn this because it’s, in fact, it should come even before reading, writing arithmetic, particularly in the 21st century.

The 3 principle, there’s another 6, but the foundational principles of system science really give us a deep understanding. Of the universe and everything in and around us now, those principles you can apply to your body as a system. The Western system of medicine, which really came out of wartime medicine is phenomenal for crisis care, catastrophic care, right?

After some horrible incidents occurred to you, God forbid, but it knows nothing about treating the body as a system. In fact, the approach that’s taken this wartime medicine, which is an organ systems based approach, which is you view the body as parts and then you create a specialists. And so if you have a headache and you go to see a doctor, you may see five people and all of them are charging you for those visits.

And it’s a siloed form of medicine in the traditional and more systems based view of the body. You don’t take an organ systems approach. You take a very different approach, which engineers learn transport conversion storage. The body is so complicated. We can go down to the cellular level, the molecular level, and it gets too complicated.

But if you look at the body from a meta level, that there’s forces of transport conversion and storage. You can, you yourself can become a healer and as Hippocrates said, he who is not his own doctor is a fool. The aim, in my view of medical education, ultimately, which should be taught everywhere, should be for the individual to understand how their body works as a system for them to understand intuitively intellectual and instinctively how their body works.

MDs typically. So that has been my life journey. And in 2007, when I finished my PhD, because of my deep interest in medicine, as you said, Mark, When I went back to, and when I was 14, because of my interest in medicine, I started working as a full time research fellow at what is now known as Rutgers Medical School, doing research on why babies were dying in their sleep.

And I made some significant breakthroughs, which I published before I came to MIT, believe it or not. But while in that medical school I created email, the system, as we know today, email did not come from the military was created by me, a 14 year old kid, because in medical institutions, people have to collaborate.

And the interoffice mail system was the center of collaboration. Inbox, outbox folders the memo, BCCCC. It’s a hundred part system that I converted to the electronic version, named email and got the first U. S. copyright at a time when copyright was only the only way to protect software invention.

Now, the reason I share that is. The invention of email came out of a medical institution where collaboration was a goal, not the military industrial complex, which is about top down communication of sending text messages. That’s not email. So this is important to remember. When you step back from all of this what we recognize in the world of health is at a fundamental level, the entire health care system end to end is fucked up to put it scientifically.

And why do I say that? It’s fucked up because the medical school education from where it starts is not systems based. You go to, first of all, many other countries, you go to high school, you do one year of high school and you go into medical school. In the United States, you go to high school and then you have to waste four years.

In fact, I think it’s a waste the educational universities make a ton of money from parents. You go to 4 years of undergraduate and then you have to go to another 4 years of medical school. You rack up more loans and then you have to do 2, 5, 6, whatever your specialization. So in my opinion, a lot of the health care costs start right there because a person coming out of medical school has so many loans that they if they even wanted to be a family practitioner helping people one on one, it’s become so difficult.

So they have to go join a big hospital. Now, there is a group of direct primary care people. We can talk about that. But fundamentally, health was supposed to be in some ways, a narrative medicine between the doctor and the patient collaboratively. They healed. All right. And, my grandmother was a traditional healer in a small village in India.

And when she would heal, she would look at the person, she would figure out what the right medicine for the right person at the right time. And that was a collaborative process. And it was a multimodal process. Up until the 70s, you had a family practitioner. He knew you, your family. You had this one to one relationship.

They looked at you. They talked to you. That doesn’t happen today. You get 15 minutes with a medical provider. He’s looking at a computer all day, making sure he’s dotting the i’s, crossing the t’s, so he gets paid. The entire medical system from the educational process, Where, people have to go through this 4 years and then they have to go through another 4 years of basically 2 years of theory and 2 years of practice where they’re burned.

They basically get burned out and then they all go join essentially large hospitals. They don’t really learn how to have any of the systems based approach. In my view, this is where it starts. The systems based approach to help doesn’t exist. The good news is. As you said, Mark, not only have I created Cytosol, but when I got back from India and after I made, just made this breakthrough, when I came back to MIT, I taught a course called systems, health systems, biology and traditional medicine.

It was the most well attended lecture series. For those 2 years, we had MDs, PhDs, doctors, and alternative people show up into this big lecture hall, the MDs, PhDs, and those people would sit at 1 side of the lecture hall. The traditional people and the nature patch yoga people would sit the other side and they would all look at each other.

These the group on the right wondering, thinking that the people on the left were arrogant and the people on the left who were indeed arrogant saying, why the hell are these people in a lecture hall? But in less than 1 hour, I would teach them what I had uncovered. When you integrate ancient systems of medicine with modern engineering system science, you find out that they’re the same.

The nine principles that govern every system in the world were what the yogis and the rishis were talking about, which is the same thing that engineers talk about. And when you take this view, the medical practitioner can learn within hours, within days, a very different way to look at the body. Using a very different lingua franca, and then the alternative people who frankly do not know how to communicate what they’re talking about.

And there’s a lot of bullshit out there are forced to talk in this very powerful engineering language. My view is that the fundamental aspect of medical knowledge needs a serious Upgrade and which is what I’ve uncovered. I’ve taught this now all over the world. I’ve taught it over at Harvard, M.

I. T. and that systems based education is actually a solution that we are delivering is true for the health. And this is accessible to all. Now, if you really look at what’s happened because of this failed health care system, and it comes down to that. This is a flyer that everyone can go to our website achiever for president and get and we have our volunteers downloading this flyer.

All of you go to Shiva for president dot com. Go to the free downloads. You can print it out wherever you want black and white and you see what the top says. It says a lesser of 2 evils is killing our Children. And if you look at this graph right here, it goes from 1980 till today and it has The lifespan of the in red of the United States public going upside down and the rest of the world is also going to follow that curvature.

That’s the fundamental problem. And the problem is that if you have a child today, your child is going to have a shorter lifespan than you and think about that as a key performance indicator. Forget all the bullshit everyone’s talked about. Democrat, Republican, Kennedy, Trump, Carter, Biden, since 1960, starting with the 1962.

Kennedy Vaccination Act, which is what John Kennedy created one of the most reckless presidents in the United States who started the Vietnam War. And then his brother, Ted Kennedy is the one who actually. enabled the big pharmaceutical companies to get indemnity with one of the bills he sponsored, which created the National Vaccine Injury Program till today, left and right, Republican and Democrat have destroyed the health of the American public.

And it’s not just any one thing. It’s not the vaccines. It’s not Obamacare. It’s a bunch of systemic policies, and there’s no way to solve this by voting for these fools. The only way out of this is a systems overhaul. And if you don’t want to do that, you’re going to keep, this graph is going to keep going like this.

So that’s why I love this flyer. This says you need to make a choice. Are you going to vote for these fools? Are you going to want a systems overhaul with someone like me who actually knows how to deliver solutions? The next part of this flyer has a little link to a very powerful 15 minute video. It took me 50 years to do that small 15 minute video.

And you can go to shatter the swarm. com. You will literally understand. Who is controlling the world and it’s not any 1 group. It’s not anyone religion. It’s not 1 at some geography. It’s a multiracial decentralized group of people. I call the swarm. The swarm intelligence is a part of system science, and you understand that these people.

Are like the swarm of birds. They have their own internal contradictions, their own internal fights. They’re organized criminals who may knock one other off, but ultimately they move together with the goal of maximizing power profit control. The other part of this flyer gives a solution. So if this is a problem, here’s the solution.

We have our campaign video link here and we recommend. Everyone go to truthfreedomhealth. com and get this fundamental knowledge. Whether you’re a yogi, whether you’re a professor, whether you’re an MD, whether you’re a guru, whether you’re a mother, a father, you have to get this fundamental knowledge of system science and you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars at MIT because without this knowledge, you will not know right from wrong.

You’ll think Trump is your savior. You’ll think Rand Paul’s your savior. You’ll think. Whoever, right? It’s obvious to identify the obvious establishment, the Bushes, the Clintons, but the not so obvious establishment is who the establishment now creates, the Trumps, the Boobie Kennedys, et cetera, who are all part of the establishment.

And anyone who thinks Boobie Kennedy is fighting for your health care has to have their head checked when you actually look at the facts. The immense contradictions that he’s done. Same with Trump. Same with any of these people, Bernie Sanders, et cetera. When you understand the science of systems, your rose colored class glasses get removed, and you really start seeing how we get to health.

The only way we’re going to get to health is recognizing that Western medicine is phenomenal at crisis management, but that approach to apply to day health care is nuts. Eastern medicine and systems based medicine, which what is I’ve uncovered, which is what I teach is the way for the individual to become their own doctors and that solution is there and this is a two part solution that needs to be manifested so we can once again have the right medicine for the right person at the right time.

Now, every Thursdays at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m., we do something very valuable. We take all the six areas that are very important, which is on here. And everyone can go to vahsiva. com slash orientation and come to our town halls. There’s one tomorrow. One day we take health care, one Thursday. Then we do economy.

Then we do, governance. And we do innovation, education, and then we do environment. But when you come to our town halls, we’re actually teaching you. What to do for you as Mark, you said in 2020, I must have saved and I have to take credit for this couple of 100, 000, 000 people lives because in 2020, why Boobie Kennedy was keeping quiet on Fauci.

Rand Paul wasn’t saying anything. I was the 1 at the forefront. To talk about vitamin D3, quercetin, zinc, and why this entire pandemic was a fear mongering effort to destroy economies, destroy freedom, et cetera. No one else was saying that, but I had the prescience to say that because of the training I have.

I could see the fraud of Fauci. We’re the ones who ran the fire Fauci campaign in 2020, long before these grifter doctors waited 2 years. So the issue is, do people want someone like me, Who can see the future and give solutions at the right time, or do they want grifters who delay truth and talk about stuff two to three years later after the buildings burned down?

And that’s the choice that Americans face. Do you want a Zionist hoodlum like Trump, which is what he is? Okay, he didn’t drain the swamp. He brought in the swamp. He supported operation warp speed. Do you want people like booby Kennedy who tells people? Oh, I’m against vaccine mandates. And then he has a video says I’m for full vaccination and everyone coming into his home has to be vaccinated.

These people are all from the establishment, or do people want someone like me who actually came bottoms up? That’s the bottom line. Thank you. Okay, we’ll open it up to questions. Thank you very much. Yeah, so I can take about 10 minutes of questions. Thank you. Go ahead. And I took your course, by the way, I was up there with you in Cambridge years ago, and I thought that was brilliant.

The systems engineering approach. Why aren’t they? They’re using it and everything else. Why aren’t they using it in medicine? Of course, we know, but yeah. In fact, the engineering systems approach they do, and they attempt to do in medicine is a very failed version. What I’ve done, Jim, is I’ve gone down to the depths of it.

The most important thing is we can train a 13 year old kid in it. Yeah. A hairdresser in it, a plumber in it, anyone part of the important thing we’ve done is democratize this knowledge, so it’s accessible to everyone. And we have a learn, teach and serve model because I don’t have time to teach it all day.

It’s important that we have literally cracked the code on this and we’ve made it accessible and the mainstream guys. Are not going to absorb this because it’s a threat to their future. Charlie your hands up. We love what you have been saying, Dr. Shiva. For six years, Weekly Freedom Hub has platformed leaders in entrepreneurship and advocacy around health care and integration is a common theme.

We’ve had Ayurvedic practitioners, yogis bundlers, wow, okay, et cetera, all the above. So that is music to our ears. So on fingering the controllers and giving it that term swarm you mentioned the Zionists and Trump will say deep state booby. Great term, a great name for Mr. Bobby Kennedy.

I don’t know to what extent he names he’ll say the global global Davos types that will exploit the controversies. That’s the phrase. That’s about as far as he’ll go. How has your thinking gone in terms of deciding what words you’ll use? Because, people are dancing around the edges.

They want to talk about, as a long term libertarian, we’ll talk we’ll use the word term banksters, because that kind of gives a great word for, a problem you have to address if you want to have reform. They control the money around the world, the banksters.

Murray Rothbard talked about that a lot. So how do you decide in your mind what words you’re going to use? How are you going to describe the swarm? Because people do need to know these globalist they don’t give a really crap about our rights or our health or wealth. Yeah, so look, it’s pretty simple.

I’m not going to answer that in one sound bite. I’m going to answer that in a URL. Go to shatter the swarm. com because if you go there in 15 minutes, all the language is set up in. And so not only will you learn control systems. You’ll learn the how this multi-dimensional framework works.

They have a very clear goal, one of the nine principles of system science, a goal. Their goal is power profit control. Alright? In order to achieve power, profit control, that’s their goal. They have sensors, which is another part of system science to look at the output. Where are they going? Okay, they see more people fat, dumb and happy and lazy.

Great. That means you’re doing well. And as a part or if people are waking up, they’re saying why they’re watching Dr Shiva videos. They’re starting to understand system science, and they’re seeing this brown skin Indian guy make a lot of headway. You know what they do? They’re going to make a decision.

And that’s a decision making aspect. The 4th part of the system. Let’s go find a fool called Vivek the Snake, a brown skinned guy. Push him on the masses overnight. Alright? Confuse people as though this guy is some anti establishment guy. When his entire life has been bending over to the swarm. Being, frankly, an agent of Zionism his whole life.

Creating fake companies. And that was not by accident. They found this fool and Indian South Indian guy and literally mimicking my word. So the establishment is getting very clever. So they put that input in there. The swarm controls elections. As I talked about in yesterday’s video in four ways, they decide who is going to get visibility.

Number one, then they decide who’s going to get on the ballot. Then they decide who gets on the debate stage and then, and the final tweaking. Because they can control the election machines, they decide which of those people they’re going to do. Now, in my case, when I ran in 2018 against Elizabeth Warren, they never thought we’d get visibility.

We, we did a great ad campaign called, Only the Real Indian Can Defeat the Fake Indian. It was a phenomenal ad campaign. We got everywhere. And then we got on the ballot, we collected 25, 000 signatures, when you only needed 10. They didn’t believe I’d do that. And you know what they did? They kept me off the debate stage, illegally.

In the second time I ran, we got visibility. We raised 2 million bucks. The GOP was blown away. Ran as a GOP in a primary. Then we got on, then we got the ballot access and then they didn’t even run any debates. And then after I won, they cheated us. The establishment does not ever want one of us to win.

So they create a fool like Trump. Come on. The guy is a fake. He’s a reality show billionaire. Go look at his assets. It’s negative billions. So they create these people and they shoved them down our throats, the GOP and both establishment, and then they create fake independents like Boobie Kennedy, who overnight goes and collects 15 million to get signatures to get on the ballot when we’re actually out in the cold, actually collecting signatures.

He’s going to hire signature collection vendors, total cheating. So when you really look at this entire system, they have the process of who they make visible overnight, who they make invisible. The GOP and the Democrats don’t even have to collect signatures. I do 1. 5 million signatures. And then they decide they’re fake debates.

And then if the shit gets out of hand, they know how to flip the votes on the machines. So we don’t have democracy in this country. It’s bourgeois democracy. It’s democracy for the swarm. And every person listening to this should really get pissed off. And so when I said I’m the only candidate. Who does not suck Zionist cock.

It came out quite naturally and it’s true. And that video got about, I think, probably 40 million views in spite of the shadow banning. Why? Because behind that video, what I’m really saying, and by the way, you don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist. Most Zionists are Christian Zionists. Muslims are Zionists.

Hindus are Zionists. All of Saudi Arabia is a bunch of Zionists. They never cared about for the Palestinian people or the Jewish people. Zionists are the ones who butcher Jews. In the Warsaw ghetto in, and they collaborated with the Nazis. So Zionism is a political ideology, which believes a small set of people have the right to subjugate everyone else.

And it is Zionism, which is equivalent to Nazism, same philosophy, which is the same as Brahmanism. I grew up as a low cast Indian in India. The fact that I even made it here is quite extraordinary with my parents. Most Indians are Brahmans. All the Indians who are running the high tech companies.

Are brahmin bootleggers, the same ones who supported colonialism in India. So we’re going back to neocolonialism, find a bunch of brown, skin house slaves and have them run tech companies, throw them in like the snake to manipulate people. Find Trump who talks a bunch of words. And I’ve met with Trump a couple of times.

He’s like an out of work actor. He always wanted to be an actor and then pummel them so much. So the white working class are saviors, Trump, right? All these women in Scarsdale giving their money to booby Kennedy. Think he’s their savior. Then you have the fool Bernie Sanders. Who’s never worked a day in his life.

So they’ve created a strata. Of people who are there now to manipulate people to think they’re going to fight for you. These people are not anti establishment. They are the establishment. And the fact that they get mainstream media attention should wake people’s eyes up. Now we got our message out as Mark said to about a half a billion people in 2020 before they censored us.

So they’re fucked with me. Because we got our message out. They’re like, shit, this guy talks really well, he’s articulate. Yeah, he does curse. Because he came from Jersey and he doesn’t give a damn if you hate the fact that he curses. I’m going to be myself. Okay. I’m not here to be diplomatic because working class people in New Jersey where I came from are not diplomatic.

We don’t have to be diplomatic. That’s also a brainwashing to control our language, which is to control our thoughts. All I can tell you is that we’re in a very critical time because when you look at this graph here, it says it all the life expectancy of Americans is going downward. And this is a systemic problem.

So we have to shatter the swarm. We need a systems overhaul. It’s not going to happen with. Looking for all these little nuances. Oh, Trump said this, he said some good things here and he said, no, it’s all bullshit. These people from head to toe are rotten. Our time is running out. I get three hands up.

If all of you guys want to just, why don’t you guys all ask your questions and I’ll answer it in one shot. Good point, Jim. Thank you. Yeah, where is that blurry? Suzanne documents all the quick questions. Regarding Bobby Kennedy, it seems like you’re really fast on you. Don’t give credit where credit is due founding children’s health defense.

He’s been on a truth. I got cancer on an entire stream. That was each segment was totally anti vaccine, totally told the truth about each vaccine. What’s your question? What’s your question? Look, if you’re here to defend booby Kennedy, we can have a different conversation. You can go watch my, let me stop you.

Okay. He’s a complete filthy human being and he’s scamming people and all those truth by cancer people all want to suck him off. All right. They will never put me on because. They do not want a dark skinned Indian guy who actually has a fax because they all want to bow down to the Kennedys. Go look at his video where he says, I believe in full vaccination of all Americans.

And then he goes on to do his grift attacking the CDC. And then he ends it with, I’m going to get them to create safe vaccine. This guy’s forked tongue. And I know him. I’ve been in a movie with him. I used to live out in Malibu for God’s sake, please let go of the Kennedys. They’ve done nothing for America except subjugate it.

That’s where all this is coming from. You can agree to disagree, but he made sure people were vaccinated when they came into his home. Let’s get all the questions. I just want to say quick question. Dr. Steve, I love everything that you’re doing. I actually have a company doing the same thing, trying to get patients to actually or in doctors to look at everything and really want to work with you on this.

I think that there’s no one in Washington that understands health care. No one’s actually worked in it. People are trying to fix it, but all differently. Your approach to solving it actually looking at it the way you’re looking at it. It’s exactly the same way that I look at it. You got to fix the whole body.

You can’t just take parts of it apart. And like I said, I have several businesses that are solving this with love to work with you. Yeah, let’s do that. So please email me. My email address is VA Shiva, Victor Alpha Shiva at site of solve. com. And we’ll do a follow up. All right, great. Okay. Dr. Mataba, you still there?

Dr. Shiva, real quick. Yeah, I’m still here. I understand this thing about system analysis of the human body because we are a system. But, the big pushback is something that NaturePaths, like myself, have had over the last, over a hundred years now, is trying to break through this system that we’ve got in this country where big pharma is basically controlling everything.

How do you plan on, if you become president, how do you plan on breaking the rules? Yeah, look, you’re asking the most fundamental question. So on the one hand, they’re amazing solutions. People have created that exist already. But in order to get them out to the public, you have to go through this massive set of gatekeepers.

So when you come to the conclusion, this is why you cannot just be a scientist. You can’t just be a health care professional. You can’t just be a freedom fighter. Truth, freedom, health, all those 3 fields have got to come together. And the only way significant change has ever occurred for the slaves for those on the bottom has been through mass movements.

And that occurred in the late 1800s and the 1900s led by women. And people need to study that during the early 1900s, we had these mass movements. People took to the streets and they were starting to get organized. And then in the 1950s, the left and the right branded all those movements. As uppercase communist.

And by the 1970s, they obliterated them. They created the Kennedys. They created the Bernie Sanders to take over those movements and then the right wing undercut them. And this is a longer thing that I want to talk about, but the only way forward is we have to build mass movements. And Mark will tell you what we have done is we have taken this fundamental system science.

You can apply it to create a mass, build a mass movement. You can apply it to your body. There’s no way out of this except creating a militant revolutionary. Mass movement. It’s not going to come from boobie fucking Kennedy. All right. He’s part of the establishment and children. Health defense fund is part of the scam, like all of these nonprofits and he’s not going to do shit for us.

Because look at where he comes from. Everything he has done is half ass solutions to enslave people. Bernie Sanders. Same thing. Trump. Same thing. Those who come from above are not going to solve those from below. And if you think that then you’re out of your mind and you have to go look at history or you’re deeply deluded.

So the only way forward is building these bottoms up mass movements and we have to shatter the swarm and we have to take it step by step. People have to understand what it takes to build a movement, the same physics that it takes to build your body properly in your immune system. Anyway, thank you.

Everyone. We can do a follow up. If you want to do, we can do a whole video on booby effing Kennedy and he needs to be exposed fully because he’s a bloody misleader. And so is this whole family. All right, thank you. Everyone be well, be the light. Thank you.

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