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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, asks “Do you want to awaken what OUR GOAL must be to win, OR do you wish to remain a SLAVE to THEIRS?” He shares that he is the only Presidential candidate with the answer and SOLUTION to that question.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Essential Role of Systems Thinking: Grasping the intricacies of systems – their inputs, outputs, and interconnected processes – is crucial for driving transformative societal changes.
  • Synergy of Truth Freedom Health®: The interconnectedness of Truth (the conversion of information into knowledge), Freedom (the free movement of ideas and resources), and Health (the capacity to sustain vitality) is highlighted as a triad that synergistically fosters systemic change.
  • Power of Grassroots Movements as Self-Organizing Systems: Understand the significance of grassroots movements, which can be considered as decentralized, self-organizing systems that contrast with traditional top-down political structures, highlighting their role in effective societal transformation.
  • Individual Empowerment and Collective Impact: The importance of educating individuals in systems thinking, showcasing how empowered individuals acting within their understanding of systems can lead to collective actions capable of societal transformation.
  • Phase Transition as a Metaphor for Change: Utilizing the concept of phase transition, learn how societies can undergo dramatic transformations under conducive conditions, driven by the integrated application of principles like Truth, Freedom, and Health, leading to a revolutionary shift in societal structures.

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Introduction: The Menace of Election Tyranny

Exploring the dynamic interplay of my book ‘System and Revolution’ and our pivotal movement of Truth Freedom Health® reveals a profound blueprint for systemic change. As the inventor of email, a systems scientist, and a relentless advocate for change, I’ve dedicated my life to unraveling the intricate tapestries of systems that govern our world. Through my book, “System and Revolution,” and my consistent educational endeavors, I’ve strived to illuminate the path to empowerment and liberation through knowledge.

The essence of our discussion lies in understanding systems, the backbone of our universe. Whether it’s the human body, a computer program, or a societal structure, every entity operates within a system. As I’ve often emphasized, the key to mastering our environment and instigating meaningful change lies in comprehending these systems — their inputs, outputs, and processes.

My journey, from observing my grandmother’s holistic healing practices in a small village of Muhavur in South India to developing groundbreaking innovations and teaching at MIT, has been a testament to the power of systems thinking. This journey not only shaped my understanding of complex systems but also fueled my passion for integrating traditional wisdom with modern science.

At the heart of our movement are the principles of Truth Freedom Health®. These are not mere words but the pillars that uphold the structure of any thriving system. Truth, as we will explore, is the conversion process within a system – the transformation of ideas into actionable knowledge. Freedom, akin to the transport within a system, is essential for the movement of ideas and resources, facilitating innovation and growth. And Health, analogous to storage, is fundamental for sustaining a system efficiently and effectively.

Our current societal challenges, from healthcare to governance, stem from a profound disconnect with these principles. My run for the U.S. Presidency is not just a political endeavor; it’s a call to revolutionize our systems based on these universal principles. It’s about building a movement from the ground up, where each of you becomes a beacon of change, harnessing the science of systems to create a future that resonates with Truth Freedom Health®.

As we delve deeper into these concepts, remember, this is not just a discussion; it’s a call to action, inviting us to join hands in understanding and applying the science of systems to initiate a phase transition in our society. A transition from ignorance to knowledge, from restriction to freedom, and from decay to health.

Together, let’s explore how we can be the masters of our systems, the architects of our revolution, and the harbingers of a future that embodies Truth Freedom Health®. Join me in this pivotal journey to be the light in the world of systemic darkness.

The Science of Systems: An Overview

Understanding the science of systems is critical for grasping the profound impact they have on societal structures. Systems, in their complexity, are everywhere, from the smallest cellular organisms to the vast networks of social organization. My work, encompassing both my academic endeavors and real-world applications, has always centered around this crucial concept.

Let me take you deeper into this. A system, in essence, is defined by several key components: inputs, outputs, transport, conversion, storage, goals, sensors, controllers, and disturbances. Each of these elements plays a pivotal role in how a system functions and achieves its objectives. For example, in my journey from India to the U.S., I observed how traditional systems of medicine, like Siddha, involved complex inputs (local herbs), conversions (preparation and combination of these herbs), and outputs (healing effects on the body).

In my book ‘System and Revolution’, and through my teachings, I emphasize that systems thinking is not just academic theory but a vital tool for societal change. It’s about understanding how various parts interact within a whole and how changes in one part can dramatically impact the entire system. Take, for instance, my invention of email. The creation of email wasn’t just about writing lines of code; it was about understanding the interoffice mail system as a whole, recognizing the need for an efficient method of communication (goal), and how each component could be transformed digitally (conversion) to facilitate a more streamlined and automated flow of information (transport).

Inputs and outputs in a societal context could be likened to ideas and policies, respectively. The transport and conversion processes can be seen in how these ideas are communicated and transformed into actionable initiatives. Storage, in a broader sense, represents our cultural and institutional memory – where past experiences and knowledge are kept. The goals of a society are often reflective of its values and aspirations.

Sensors and controllers are akin to feedback mechanisms in governance – how well a policy is working or not and the subsequent adjustments made. Disturbances, often underestimated, can be external or internal factors that disrupt the usual flow of the system, such as economic crises or environmental changes.

The relevance of this to our current societal structures cannot be overstated. By applying systems thinking, we can identify inefficiencies, anticipate the consequences of our actions, and create more sustainable and equitable societies. This approach is not just theoretical but a practical tool I’ve used in my various roles, from an inventor, scientist, and systems health educator, to a political candidate. It’s about seeing the world not just as a collection of independent elements but as interconnected systems where change in one part can lead to significant outcomes in another.

Systems science offers a lens through which we can view the world, allowing us to understand the complexities of our society and how we can effectively initiate change within it. Whether it’s addressing the healthcare crisis, environmental issues, or political reform, a systems approach gives us the framework to tackle these challenges in an integrated and effective manner.

Truth Freedom Health®: The Triad of Systemic Change

At the core of our movement for Truth Freedom Health® lies a profound understanding of these three interconnected elements within the framework of system science. This understanding extends far beyond abstract concepts; it’s a tangible roadmap for transformative action in our individual lives and our collective society.

Let’s begin with Truth, seen as the Conversion process in systems theory. It represents the transformation of information and ideas into actionable knowledge. In my life, this transformation has been a constant – from observing my grandmother’s traditional healing practices in India to creating the world’s first email system. In both instances, the conversion of knowledge and information into practical applications was key. This principle of Conversion is not limited to technology; it applies equally to political and social systems. When information is correctly converted, it leads to enlightened decisions, fostering a society grounded in truth.

Freedom, in our context, is akin to Transport in systems. It’s about the free movement and flow of ideas and resources. In my educational initiatives and political activism, I’ve always emphasized the importance of freedom as the foundation for innovation and progress. When ideas and resources can move freely in a society, it creates an environment conducive to growth and development. This freedom is not just physical; it’s intellectual and spiritual, allowing for the exchange of diverse viewpoints and fostering a more resilient and dynamic society.

Health represents the Storage aspect of systems. It’s the capacity to sustain and preserve societal vitality. Just as a computer system requires storage to retain information, a healthy society needs robust systems to maintain its well-being. In our movement, health transcends mere physical well-being; it encapsulates the health of our political, educational, and environmental systems. It’s about creating sustainable practices that nurture and preserve the life force of our society.

These components – Truth Freedom Health® – are deeply interconnected. Without truth, our decisions and actions are misguided. Without freedom, truth cannot flourish, and creative solutions are stifled. Without health, both truth and freedom are jeopardized, leaving us incapable of sustaining positive change. In systems thinking, these elements are not isolated; they work in synergy. Understanding this interplay is crucial for initiating systemic change. Just as in any complex system, each component impacts the others, and imbalance in one area can lead to issues in another.

In my work encompassing system science and political activism, I consistently apply the principles of Truth, Freedom, Health® as a holistic guide to navigating and resolving complex societal challenges. Whether it’s tackling the healthcare crisis, advocating for educational reform, or promoting transparent governance, these principles serve as a compass, steering efforts towards solutions that are not only systemic and sustainable but also inherently just. The triad of Truth, Freedom, Health® transcends the realm of mere slogans, emerging as a practical blueprint for fostering a world where systems operate inclusively for everyone’s benefit. Embracing and implementing these principles is a critical step towards cultivating a society marked by equitable, healthy, and free living conditions for all its members.

Call to Action: Joining the Movement for Truth Freedom Health®

As we stand at a critical juncture in our world’s history, the call to action is clear and urgent. The first step in joining this revolutionary movement is to engage with the educational materials I have provided, particularly my book “System and Revolution.” This book is not just a collection of ideas; it’s a manual for understanding and applying systems thinking to effect real change in our world. It lays the groundwork for understanding the complex systems that govern our society and how we can leverage this understanding to create a better future.

The invitation to participate in grassroots movements is not just an invitation to action; it’s an invitation to empowerment. Grassroots movements, grounded in the principles of Truth Freedom Health®, embody the essence of a bottoms-up approach, where each individual’s contribution is vital. In these movements, every person acts as a controller of their destiny, influencing the collective emergent property of the movement. This is where the real power of change lies – not in the hands of a few elites, but in the hands of the many.

Throughout my campaigns and movements, I have always emphasized the importance of individual empowerment. It’s about educating yourself, understanding the systems at play, and then taking decisive action to influence those systems. It’s about moving beyond passive participation to active engagement in the process of societal change. Each person’s role in this movement is critical. Whether you’re gathering signatures, educating others about our principles, or simply spreading the word, you are contributing to a larger, transformative force.

This movement is more than a political campaign; it’s a revolution in thought and action. It’s a rebellion against the complacency of the status quo and a commitment to creating a future that aligns with our shared values of Truth Freedom Health®. By joining this movement, you become part of a dynamic, grassroots force that has the power to reshape not just our political landscape, but the very fabric of our society.

So, I urge you to take this step with me. Read “System and Revolution,” engage with our educational resources, and become an active participant in our grassroots movements. Join us as we move forward with conviction, unity, and the unwavering belief that we have the power to create meaningful change.

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Grassroots Movements as Self-Organizing Systems

Grassroots movements, as I have always emphasized, are the essence of real political change. Unlike establishment figures who rely on hired firms for their campaigning needs, our movement thrives on the genuine, grassroots support of informed, working-class citizens. This is the very heart of our mission. Every volunteer, every individual who steps forward to contribute, plays a vital role in this transformative endeavor.

As I have often reflected, the power of volunteering stands as a cornerstone of our campaign. It’s about more than just gathering signatures or engaging in conversations; it’s about contributing to a larger narrative of change. This grassroots activism is pivotal in fostering political change, and each volunteer contributes uniquely and significantly to this endeavor. The individual efforts, which may seem small in isolation, collectively create waves of transformation that resonate far beyond the immediate actions.

In our campaign, we have witnessed the remarkable difference grassroots efforts make compared to traditional political campaigns. While the likes of Trump, Biden, and Kennedy might depend on the mechanical support of hired firms for ballot signatures, our movement is powered by the heartfelt commitment of volunteers. This is a clear demonstration of the power and integrity of a grassroots movement. It is a movement that stands beyond the reach of political elites, driven by the people, for the people.

This approach to political activism is not just a choice but a necessity. It represents a fundamental shift from top-down to bottoms-up organizing. It’s a rejection of the status quo, where political elites often dictate the course of action. Instead, it places power back into the hands of the ordinary citizen, empowering each individual to become an agent of change.

In essence, grassroots movements are self-organizing systems. They are decentralized networks where each participant, whether gathering signatures, educating others, or simply spreading the word, contributes to the growth and strength of the movement. This decentralized approach is crucial in effecting systemic change. It allows for greater flexibility, responsiveness, and inclusivity, ensuring that the movement remains grounded in the needs and desires of the community it serves. Additionally, we fortify the movement against reliance on any singular figure or entity, unlike establishment-driven movements that often hinge on manufactured heroes. This approach inherently builds a more robust and resilient movement, immune to the pitfalls of centralized dependency.

Our campaign and movement are living examples of this principle in action. By prioritizing grassroots organizing and valuing each volunteer’s contribution, we are building a political movement from the ground up. This movement is not just about winning an election; it’s about changing the system. It’s about creating a society where Truth Freedom Health® are not just ideals but realities for every individual. This is the essence of our movement, and it is here that we find the true power of grassroots activism.

Being Your Own Controller: Empowering Individual and Collective Action

The necessity of individual empowerment and education in systems thinking is a fundamental aspect of initiating meaningful change. As I have evolved in my role as an educator, I’ve realized the profound impact that a deeper understanding of systems can have on individuals and, by extension, on society as a whole. It’s not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about empowering people to think in terms of systems, to see the interconnectedness of our actions and their impacts on the world around us.

I often say, “You have to start thinking systems…our movement and education is the only way out of this.” This statement underscores the critical need for a shift in our collective consciousness. We live in a world of complex, interconnected systems, from the ecological networks that sustain life on our planet to the social and political structures that govern our societies. To navigate this world effectively, to bring about revolutionary changes, we must first understand the dynamics of these systems.

Take, for example, the development of technology like the iPhone. It’s not just a product of innovation but also of a deep understanding of various scientific principles and millions of man-hours of effort. Similarly, in our political movement, educating people about system dynamics is key to enabling effective and meaningful change. It’s about seeing beyond the surface, understanding the underlying principles that govern systems, and using that knowledge to influence and improve them.

Individuals acting as their own controllers in these systems can lead to a powerful collective emergent property. When people are equipped with the knowledge and understanding of how systems operate, they can make informed decisions and take actions that align with their goals and values. This collective action, grounded in a shared understanding of systems, can lead to significant societal transformations.

This is why education, particularly in systems thinking, is so crucial. It’s not just about learning facts and figures; it’s about developing a way of thinking that enables us to see the bigger picture, to understand the cause and effect relationships that govern our world. When individuals are empowered with this knowledge, they become agents of change, capable of shaping their future and the future of their communities.

Being your own controller in the systems of life is about taking charge of your education, your understanding, and your actions. It’s about empowering yourself with the knowledge to make a difference and joining hands with others who share this vision. This is how we create a movement, a wave of change that starts with the individual and ripples out to transform the entire system.

Phase Transition: The Emergence of a New Societal Paradigm

Understanding phase transition in the context of social change is crucial to grasping the emergence of a new societal paradigm. Phase transition, a fundamental concept in system theory, refers to the transformation of matter from one form to another – similar to how heat transforms solid ice to liquid water, and eventually to steam. This concept is not limited to physical matter; it applies to social structures and human experiences as well.

To comprehend what a revolution truly is, consider a pot of water being heated. For a long time, it may seem like nothing is happening, and then you see a few bubbles forming at the bottom. Soon after, the water transitions into a full boil. The phase transformation in this case is slow at first, then slightly faster, and then abruptly occurs when the required temperatures are reached. This analogy aptly describes societal change. Often, the build-up to a revolution is gradual and almost imperceptible, followed by rapid and dramatic shifts.

The principles of Truth Freedom Health® can catalyze such a societal phase transition. When these principles are deeply integrated into the consciousness of a society, they can trigger a transformative change, moving us from one societal form to another. The key lies in who is vibrating the consciousness of humankind. Are we collectively driving this change towards our goals, or are we allowing others to impose their will upon us?

In my teachings and writings, I often talk about the profound phenomena that challenge our conventional understanding, such as the false concept of a central command and control structure in systems. We have been taught that there is a center to everything, but this concept often leads to centralized power structures that stifle innovation and freedom. In contrast, a true revolution in societal systems requires a decentralized approach, where power and control are distributed among the people, aligned with the principles of Truth Freedom Health®.

The concept of phase transition in societal structures is not merely an academic notion; it carries tangible implications for the real world. It signifies a shift from rigid, top-down control to a more dispersed, grassroots-oriented approach where every individual’s involvement is essential and valued. This transformation is about empowering people with the knowledge and tools necessary to effect change in their communities and beyond, leading to a society that is dynamic, liberated, and healthy. By adopting this new societal paradigm, we actively make the principles of Truth Freedom Health® more than abstract concepts; they become the concrete foundations of our collective existence. This is the revolution we are striving for, a transformation that reshapes our world into a place that genuinely serves the needs and aspirations of all its people.


The profound interchange between ‘System and Revolution’ and the movement of Truth Freedom Health® illuminates the critical role of systems thinking in societal transformation. The exploration of complex systems reveals their foundational role in societal structures and underscores the necessity of a systems approach for comprehension and effective change. Within this framework, the principles of Truth Freedom Health® emerge as transformative elements, each representing crucial aspects of systemic change, from the conversion of information to the movement of ideas and the sustainability of societal health.

Grassroots movements stand out as self-organizing systems, showcasing the strength of decentralized, bottoms-up approaches in driving systemic change. These movements embody the true spirit of democracy and change, where individual contributions merge into a formidable collective force. This reality underscores the necessity of empowering individuals with systems thinking education, enabling each person to become an agent of change.

The concept of phase transition in societal change, paralleling natural processes, demonstrates how societies can experience profound transformations under the right conditions, especially when guided by the principles of Truth Freedom Health®. This concept reinforces the belief that such change is not only possible but inevitable.

As this journey unfolds, the teachings of ‘System and Revolution’ serve as a guiding light in our pursuit of Truth Freedom Health®. Through our collective efforts, rooted in systems thinking and driven by a desire for meaningful change, we hold the power to transform our world. Let us be the light that guides the way to a brighter, more just, and healthier future where Truth Freedom Health® are not mere ideals, but the lived realities of all.

Be the Light,

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD

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