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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, Candidate for President of the United States, educates on this Twitter Space the repetition of history that is taking place in America that is mimicking Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

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 All right, everyone, we’re going to be having a discussion on this Twitter space on America 2024 against Germany in 1934.

Commit to donating a hundred million dollars in our election cycles.

Albert, is that a general question for me? Yes, please. Look you guys know that I’ve taken a pretty definitive position on this. I think the very short video that I did, which I said every other presidential candidate sucks Zionist cock went viral. And I think the bigger piece of this that I thought I share with you guys, if it’s all right, Albert, is that about a few days ago, I think, 3 days ago, there was you guys may remember that it was victory day in Russia and I did a post and I said, it’s very important that people recognize the Russian people and the people of the Soviet Union lost tens of millions of lives fighting Hitler.

Now, what’s fascinating, Albert, was when I looked at the post, and I’ve never seen this, there were all these absolute pro Hitler people. Actually, anti Jew people making anti Jewish comments. I’ve been very clear that, for about 40 years running many activists protests against Zionism back in the 80s that Zionism is racism in the service of imperialism and a pack and all these organizations have worked very hard to blur this distinction between anti Zionism and anti Semitism.

And this is really important to understand, because after October 7th, what you saw take place, and I think this put the fear of God into these Zionists, was that there was a broad understanding, even in the United States, that anti Zionism is not anti Semitism. And I think this was devastating to the quote unquote Christian Zionists in government, who are all, backed by AIPAC, because they’ve been very doing a lot of hard work to try to manipulate the American public that anti Semitism equals anti Zionism.

So in 40 years, I’ve never seen that. So that was quite. Good to watch. And I remember when I did a I think an interview with Ryan that statement about Zionist cocksuckers, it just came out, but it did go viral. And it’s important to understand that after that happened and broadly across the United States, you saw the resolution passed by this hoodlum Mike Johnson, and then the house of representatives on May 1st.

Mayday passes another bill in the House by 310 to 71 to say that they’re going to use the definition of anti Semitism bought by the Israel the Israeli what is it Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, which is one of the most right wing Zionist organizations that even quote, unquote, liberal Jews don’t like.

But that definition, they give examples, 11 definitions, 11 examples, 7 of the 11 are anything you say against. Israel. In fact, if you say Israel is worse than any other country that is considered anti semitism on any issue. So the development that I saw when I did that post, supporting the Russian people and the people of the Soviet Union who did do great service to humankind by annihilating Hitler brings this deeper issue.

Because what I saw was that the amplification now is actually of neo Nazis. And Zionists coming together as never before, because the establishment must once again conflate anti Zionism with anti Semitism. And that’s what’s happening, including, a numskull like Fuentes. And so this is very dangerous that’s taking place and this occurred back in the 30s and the 40s.

And I think all of us need to go reflect on the history that took place, which, unfortunately, is not really studied well in the 1920s, 1930s, 1900s. Everyone had expected a major revolution that was going to occur in Germany and industrialized Germany, and it was going to be a truly a bottoms up trade union revolution.

Nearly 2 million people were in those movements, and this is very dangerous to the establishment, the swarm, as I call it. What occurred in Germany at that time was the swarm, the globalists, the elites, whatever name you want to call them, all backed Hitler. Not to kill, quote unquote, Jews. But to annihilate those bottoms up workers movements, which was much more of a nightmare to them than quote unquote Jews.

And so it’s important to understand that we, of people who are truly anti Zionist, must distinguish very clearly that even at that time, many of the trade union leaders, there was a distinction between working class Jews and banker Jews. And this distinction is not being well made, and a lot of people are conflating it, and it’s not the way to go, because AIPAC and all these people will use this.

But what I see happening is that all the forces are now aligning itself for neo Nazis and the Zionists to come back together again. And it’s very dangerous, and I think, I see a lot of people, even on the so called claiming to be communist workers, Oh Trump is a little bit, a hundred times better than Biden.

And because you will see the so called right starting adopting words of working people, exactly what Hitler did to manipulate people to top down movements versus bottoms up movements. My run for president really wants to bring to the public, the only way things have ever changed in the world have been bottoms up movements.

They’ve not come top down and this is a very fundamental understanding that’s been extricated from American history. Thank you. May Day is when they, May 1st is when they passed that bill in the House. I don’t think there’s any coincidence. May Day was celebrated for the four American workers who were hanged in Haymarket Square for fighting for the 8 hour work day.

The Republicans and Democrats, the broad set of elites, do not want us to have this broad discussion. About the rich history of working people in the United States that matter, Germany. This is a real enemy of these people. And so I hope, when we, that’s what I wanted to share with you guys that.

My run for president really brings a very different feel. All of these other candidates, boobie fucking Kennedy, Trump, Biden, they’re all Zionist cocksuckers. And Zionism is truly racism in the service of imperialism. Zionism equals Nazism equals Brahmanism. In India, it is the concept is political ideology that a finite set of people should rule over all of us.

This is why you saw all the Hindutva Brahminists in India completely jumping. I come from that world as a child where this caste system is no different. Then Zionism and so I hope, we have a deep understanding of what’s taking place. So I see some of these people talking anti stuff and then they’ll be promoting Fuentes.

It’s fucking disgusting. 

Now, I appreciate you bringing that up because the Zionists and the Nazis have had a long established relationship, right? After 1933, when at the World Jewish Congress, when they declared war on Germany and instituted a global boycott, the only people not participating were the Zionist Jews who were in league with the the fascists, the National Socialists through their Havar Agreement.

This is a kind of a tightrope issue, right? Anti Zionism and anti Semitism and the organized world jury led by AIPAC, the ADL, Jonathan Greenblatt, Abe Foxman, all these folks, right? They’re 

all racial supremacists. 

They all believe in racial teleology. They’re 

pushing the kosher sandwich. And part of the kosher sandwich is they want the opposition to Zionism to be these people with the Hitler memes and shit.

Because they know that it’s never going anywhere. It’s a way to take something like you’re on the right path and they want to steer you right into a tree By promoting this crap with the little gay frogs and the Catholic monarchists and the, praising Hitler and all this stupid racial teleologists and race realists and stuff.

Like they want the opposition to Palestine to look like a bunch of fanatic retards like that. And that’s what they will amplify that voice on purpose. Oh, look at all the followers. I’m like, yeah, cause that’s the opposition they want and need. You’ll see it all the time. Or some rabbi spray paints a swastika at his own door and then points and cries about it.

If they can’t manufacture some idiot, useful idiot, neo Nazi, then they’ll just do it to themselves. 

Yeah. Ryan, this is a central issue and this is exactly what occurred. All of these political. Ideologies which sprinkle in some type of religion always need the opposing element, right wing Hinduism needs Islamic fundamentalism.

Nazism needs Zionism. So we’re in a very, so I’ve never, when I looked at that post, I said, holy shit. The amplification that’s going to take place of Nazis, and they’re going to very cleverly try to push anti Jew as anti Semitism, forgetting that there were many amazing Jewish working people who are fighting Hitler, and they said, we’re not going to leave Europe.

They don’t know the country. What’s that Ryan? 

They think Hitler was good. They think Hitler was good because their depth of world war two was watching the movie Europa, right? And then they, read hundreds and hundreds of books of world war two, but but I watched Europa. They said Hitler wasn’t so right.

Superficially ignorant. 

No, the way I see it, it won’t let me recognize him. I thought he already had speaker privileges, but I’m a 

speaker. I just got my hand up. Hi, Dr. Shiva. Thanks for being here. It’s good to talk to you. You mentioned Quintets. I’m good. I wanted to get your thoughts on how With so much of this anti Zionism opposition being dominated by Christian nationalism and how their main grievance seems to be that they killed God, that they rejected Jesus and killed Jesus as the central issue that they’re all focused about.

Do you see that as like a controlled opposition way? Opposition. 

Yeah. Adam, it’s a very good observation. Yeah. So if you make it. About, again it’s this very deliberate line to make it about Judaism, Jewish people, not about Zionism. And this is Zionism is a political ideology, which was manufactured to support a set of the banking class.

We have to discuss the class issues. And what’s happened in the United States is because of the red scare. If you talk about class, Ooh, you must be a, uppercase C communist. So they have brainwashed large sections of the American working class and not have this discussion about class. There are class issues among Jewish people.

When I grew up in Jersey, my in Patterson and Clifton, my Jewish teacher, Mr. Roth, he was. He was on the boat that saw the, he was a sailor. He was a seaman. He was very poor working class guy. Very different than when I moved to Livingston, New Jersey, where Ivanka Trump and Jared lived.

So we have to understand that they want to absolve this issue with class, which was occurring in Germany. There were many powerful Jewish leaders who were fighting Hitler and that’s who Hitler wiped out. He collaborated with the Rothschilds. He collaborated with the banking class. Those were his friends and we need to make a very clear distinction with this.

And I really want to, emphasize. There are people since October 7th, suddenly who became awakened and they do lots and lots of tweets against Zionism and then the one day they’re supporting this fool Fuentes, who’s a moron, he’s a fucking moron, and this guy, and he’s being promoted. So anyone who is blurring that is highly suspect highly suspect.

I’m not sure if Jake is here. She’s like Richard Spencer a few years ago. What’s that? What’s that Ryan? 

It’s like Richard Spencer a few years ago, Richard Spencer. He’s this moron. And so they had this rally. Robert E. statue and this Ron went and made it all about himself and stuff and they put this guy on CNN and he got all the attention in the world.

There you go. 

And it was just some, race realist, white racist ass wipe. There is no real movement like that. And I understand like white people reacting to systemic racism toward them. I think that’s a real thing. That doesn’t mean you go full tilt the other direction, become racist yourself.

Yeah, but I think Ryan, that racism, towards a broad set of white people. This is also been manufactured by the liberal elites, right? The liberal elites are the true quote unquote white supremacist because they promote white supremacy to rile up the quote unquote working class white so they feel a little bit better because of the fundamental ways that the white working class in this country has been fucked over.

So they, it’s very it’s a very, it may sound contradictory. But white supremacy is a tool of the establishment to manipulate white people to think whites have been screwed over to think they’re better. And this is where they create this dynamics. And so we, who are start having these conversations, you have to be highly critical of people who blur this, and it’s very important to not allow them to blur this difference whenever the neo-Nazis come on.

And they suddenly start using the word Jew, et cetera, because it is, it’s like a layup to apac. It’s a lay, don’t be surprised. You see some synagogue bombing in the next, year. I’m, hopefully it doesn’t happen. But this is where it’s all dr. Hug. 

Yeah. I take your point 100%.

Nick Fuentes is a clown. Advocating for just him. He 

represents a trend Albert of people. I do. I get it. 

The groupers that whole section, the Alex Jones orbit. They’re all connected, but there’s also something that you have to address. The ADL and AIPAC are a very pernicious, malevolent force, and they claim to speak and represent the Jewish people.

So don’t you think that there has to be an internal civil war? Within the Jewish community to vanquish these supremacists that are trying to undermine our constitution and gut it. Who are the authors of cancel culture? Who believes in, digital gulags if you say anything that they don’t like?

This is a they’re infringing on our constitutional rights, our freedoms. So of course there’s going to be some kind of negativity and they’re going to, they’re stoking anti semitic sentiment with their behavior. So I think there’s an onus on them as well. 

Yeah. Big time, Albert.

Look, I have a lot of very close Jewish friends who are anti Zionist and they say, look, when it comes to Israel and Zionism, there’s no gray area. You just have to jump off the cliff and realize. You can’t be Zionist. Like you just have to let go. So a number of Jewish people who are in that camp have to go through a transformation, otherwise understand that they have a serious contradiction that they’re living with.

You’re absolutely right. We have, many people who’ve, support our run. We had a guy who was supporting my run, and Senate and he said, Oh, I can’t support you, Dr. Shiva, because you don’t support Israel. You’re against Zionism. I said, Jerry, you need to shut the fuck up and listen.

Because all the things that you support about me that you are not understanding the fundamental issue about Zionism and you really need to go study it because you can’t say that you support all these principles and, against censorship, you’re for all these things and then say that you support Zionism.

It doesn’t compute. I said, you have to let it go. And Albert, that’s where it’s at. It’s not even an intellectual argument with those people because they understand it, but it’s something much more deep that their neural networks have just been programmed over and over again. Oh, do you believe the right to defend the state of Israel?

Do you believe there is a state of Israel is the right to defend itself? All these questions, all these names that have been programmed into their head. So it’s going to just be some type of Set of incidents that will awaken them. And unfortunately, a number of them will not be awakened and they will remain Zionist, but you also have to understand there’s 70 million Christian Zionists, quote unquote, Christian Zionists in the United States, the Bible belt who Trump caters to Mike Johnson is a pinnacle of that.

And Israel and Zionists have essentially completely taken over that group of people. The Christian Zionism, I would say. Okay. in many ways existed even before Theodore Herzl’s Zionism. And there’s a lot of evidence to point to that from, Protestantism predating the 1800s. Dr.

Shiva, I 

want to, you just brought this up and I want to play a demonstration of this brainwashing, this mind fuck that so many even evangelical Zionist Christians suffer from. Now, I want to play this for you. It’s two minutes long. 

Every good thing we know, all the things we love about the Bible, they were given to us of the Jewish nation, Israel.

Their people, the Jews, are better than all of us. They’re better than all of us. And you need to accept that. A lot of people hate Israel, the Arab countries, and they want to drive them into the sea. But we know that God will not cast away His people. When Jesus said salvation is of the Jews, This is where, with the kids, where we start our indoctrination.

I don’t know if that’s a strong word to use, indoctrination. That it gets such a bad reputation. But, that’s where it starts. That’s where it started with me when I was a child that I was taught about the support that the church owes to Israel.

So all your loose change that you have from home, you bring that change to school. Everything that we get, we will actually cash it in and make a checkout for the fellowship for Christians and Jews. 

Anybody that has been to our church would know there’s a spiritual obligation of a Christian 



God gave a promise in Genesis chapter 12, and I’m going to bless all of those that bless you And I’m going to curse all of them that curse you every nation that is blessed israel God has blessed them and every nation that is opposed to israel god has been in opposition to them and i’m going to stand up for Israel and if that offends You’re in the wrong church this morning 

as I listened to news.

That’s not what it says I heard about the bombings and they were bombings even near children When we see all of these things happening to the nation of Israel, it should give us all hope that when we hear of these wars, we can look at and see that our redemption will. 

Now, that’s the level of brainwashing that these people suffer from a case of diabolical disorientation where they’re actually rooting.

For the end of the world when she just said it, when she hears this carnage and this chaos, it gives her hope that Jesus is on his way. Dr. Shiva. 

Yeah. So that is called the eschatological, sorry to put a bit of Christianity. That was built by a guy, I think his name was Martin Heckler, forget his exact name and him and Herzl met, and he wins in some ways, a theoretician for Theodore Herzl, quote unquote, the founder of Zionism.

But this eschatological view and its promotion, we also have to understand, would not have existed and been promoted if it was not for British colonialism and U. S. imperialism. People have all sorts of wacky ideas, Albert, right? All sorts of ideas across humanity. But those ideas are fueled and they’re pumped if they support power profit control.

So Britain and the United States fueled this nonsense because it was very valuable materially for them to create a lot of chaos in that very strategic region. They could have easily found Hindutva Brahmins who were saying stuff against casteism. You see what I’m saying? It doesn’t matter what they found.

But the point is that this. Serves power, profit and control. That’s why we need to understand that Zionism is absolute racism. It’s actually anti Semitic in the service of imperialism. You have to bring in the monetary equation here and we have to look at broadly. The larger piece of this is that they do not want us building bottoms up movements.

They do not want the white working class in the United States. Really are aiming their ire at the real enemies. And I’m not talking about Jews, but Zionists. You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist. The House of Saud is Zionist. The Hindus are, there’s Hindus who are Zionist. There are Muslims who are Zionist.

So the American working class is the most powerful working class on the planet, with still some of those Bill of Rights. Some of them, almost tattered, the First Amendment. But regardless, the entire focus, if we think about it, is to make sure the white working class in this country Does not rise up and understand who their real enemy is.

And that’s why these fucking neo Nazis who are being unleashed like Fuentes and all these morons. Who allied themselves with lower Laura Loomer are all about defraying the anger of the white working class back into or supporting Zionism. And this is why, whether it’s booby or Trump or Biden, all of them exist to make sure the white working class in this country remains with the swarm.

And this is what’s so dangerous right now, because this is literally a repetition of Germany 1930. And 1933, and that’s where we’re at. And we all need to get our heads out of our ass and really recognize this and be very critical of these fuckers. And we need to go after them, expose them because anyone who doesn’t get this is actually a Zionist.

Anyone who is thinking opportunistically, Oh, Trump is a little bit better. You’re full of shit. Trump is part of this. A deal was made that he could be president. All this martyrdom that we’re seeing in the theatrics and the courtroom, it’s all WWE shit. So we have to be very clear. On this very central issue that the aim of this entire exercise is to make sure that the American working class doesn’t get clear in its head, which is what they were starting to become that anti Zionism is not anti Semitism and anti Zionism leads us to the right path to building a bottoms up movement to shatter the swarm, and they don’t want that to happen.

So anyone confusing that anyone, not really being clear of that. We need to set them straight. Otherwise, it’s very dangerous. How, 

How are we gonna do any of this without campaign finance reform to get a hundred million dollars of APAC money out of the system? 

Look. In 


In 2020, Albert. I just had a little camera and a little video and I hadn’t been on social media, but it was my work that exposed the entire pandemic as an MIT systems biologist in March of 2020. Boobie Kennedy was supporting lockdown. So was Trump. When I sued the government of Massachusetts, it was my work that exposed the fact that there’s a backdoor portal to Twitter and fucker Carlson, Glenn Greenwald, and all these people concealed that evidence.

They did a limited hangout for two years. Okay. They waited two years. So what I’m trying to say, it’s not. The looking at this top down, we need to rebuild the bottoms up movement and I’ll keep saying this and everyone on this call should go look at the history of the American workers movement in this country in the late 1800s and 1900s, led by women, and they’ve erased that history from the American public, but it is building these bottoms up movements.

Any of these issues, the big issues are not going to be solved by little tweaks. My running for president, we have now people, we have close to, a hundred thousand volunteers. We have leaders developing in every part of the United States. We’re coming bottoms up. We need to rebuild bottoms up movements.

We, it takes a lot of effort and we need to play the long game. We’ve been playing the short game every two to four years. Oh my God, we got to do this. We got to support Trump right now. Yeah. Dr. Sheba, what you’re saying is good, but right now Trump is better. Ooh no. Right now we got to support Bernie Sanders.

And so we keep doing the same because no one wants to do the hard work at their fingers dirty and build the bottoms up movement. And that’s what we’re doing. Our movement for truth, freedom and health is precisely doing that. We have to educate people on history. We have to educate people on these dynamics.

It should have been done by our parents 50 years ago, but over the last 50 years, all of these events have led to a point where we’ve created the not so obvious establishment, the Boobie Kennedys, the Bernie Sanders, the Jesse Jackson’s, the fucking Trump’s. The Obamas, where the masses of white people in this country, the large mass of white and poor working people have been told, don’t worry, this person is going to solve it.

But those people all come from the establishment. None of them come bottoms up. None of them have suffered. And so this is where we’re at. The reason we’re in this situation is that we don’t want to get our hands dirty and build a bottoms up movement. But that’s what we’re doing. That’s what I’ve been doing most of my life.

And that’s what we need to do, Albert. That is the only way out. There is no quick fix. 

There’s no quick fix. And the white working class is probably the most neglected section in the U. S. And did you see what that preacher did? He talked about Genesis 12 and he said, you. But what he didn’t say is the you in that is them talking to Abraham.

And then he mentioned Israel at the end, which is not part of the quote. Israel isn’t mentioned in the Bible until after the Jacob and Esau story, way after. And so he’s not talking about Israel as a state. There was no Israeli state until 1948. It was a bloodline. Yeah, that dispensationalism from Cyrus Schofield, and John Schofield worked for Lyndon Johnson and that Schofield Bible, Adam can talk about this too, but it’s dispensationalism where they start reinterpreting everything for God’s chosen lunatics and that’s that eschatological brainwashing, but it’s not an intellectual thing.

It’s a psychological barrier that people have. And I think what really broke that more than anything, more than any kind of argumentation was just straight up seeing kids being pulled out of rubble. That kind of shock is like, Whoa, wait, what we’re paying for that. Yeah. That’s what they need to see. And that all comes from breaking the monopoly on media.

If you want to build a worker’s party, if you want to get things done, you absolutely have to break. The Zionist control over media. And that’s what Telegram and Rumble and Substack and to a lesser degree X is better than used to be, but it’s still, they still ban people and they still amplify regarded stuff.

But. This is the kind of way, the movements that when we had the Blair mountain rebellion, when we had the Colorado coal strikes, we had things that actually led to legislation being changed from workers, from the bottom up, they don’t tell you that the system doesn’t publicly announce its losses.

They hide this stuff from you. They think they want you to out there yelling at buildings, like a bunch of hippies with signs, which they did for months for occupy wall street was the most ineffectual thing you could do. You want to see what’s effective. See what the bad guys do. Do you ever see the Zionist groups out there in the street protesting or do they have a coat and tie on in the building lobbying like adults?

That’s what our side is. Let me give you another example. In 1980 I don’t know how what the age of the audience here is, but I was 18 at MIT. Many, so just, it was literally a repetition, I was over at the MIT encampment and the Harvard encampment, and many of the students were like, oh, yeah, we’re motivated by the anti apartheid protests of the 80s.

So 1980 and this will give you a direction on what this movement looks like. 1980 Many of you know that universities endowments were invested in apartheid South Africa. And by the way, South Africa had a very close relationship with Israel. And there was evidence that South Africa and Israel at that time had built a number of nuclear weapons together.

But anyway, so there were three trends on at least the M. I. T. campus. One trend was, the students saying, Oh, yeah, we’re helping the blacks by sending money there. We’re helping the blacks. It’s very adolescent argument. Then you had the liberal whites, a lot of liberal white, wealthy Jewish kids, they would get involved in the movement and they would start singing MLK songs, we shall overcome all the poor Africans.

We have to end apartheid in South Africa. Something to that effect, or stop apartheid. Those same kids who would talk about black people 10, 000 miles away, Ryan would not go a mile into Mission Hill projects or Dorchester. And I was living off campus in Dorchester, which was predominantly black.

All right, and I commute in. So this is what’s interesting. They’re in this little enclave called MIT in Cambridge. They don’t even go to the neighborhoods. But and moreover, they were afraid to go interact with black people. Quite interesting at that point. We had created a revolutionary student newspaper at M.

I. T. And we recognize. Wait a minute. It’s easy to talk about a bunch of rich white kids talking about poor blacks in South Africa. Why don’t we look at the economic apartheid right on campus? There’s a bunch of poor whites and poor black custodial workers who work at the food service. And they don’t even get health care.

So we mobilize those people and we got them to support us. So we said, it’s easy to talk about apartheid in South Africa. But what about right here? Now, we had done such good organization that there was a protest that we organized from B. U. That I led from B. U. over to M. I. T. So if you’ve been to Boston, there’s Commonwealth Avenue.

You walk up and you go across the Harvard Bridge and you come over. So these Namby Pamby students. We’re taking up slogans like we shall overcome, walking around with their little yellow armbands, completely controlling the slogans, etc. The night before, 300 students were butchered in South Africa by the regime.

So we took up a slogan, Apartheid in South Africa, burn it to the ground, which was completely in alignment, the anger that most people felt. Everyone, all 5, 000 of those people took up that slogan. All right. And these students, these little policemen were running around. You can’t say that. You can’t say that.

That sounds violent. We told him to shut the fuck up by the time we marched to M. I. T. I had pulled out the South African flag and we burned it and no one stopped us because all the workers were on our side. Then we marched into the president of M. I. T. We gave him a scare and M. I. T. Was one of the first people to pull out.

The point is, there is a right way to build a movement. You cannot be doing these little campus encampments, which is great. And those movements are coming up bottoms up, but the liberal Zionists would take over those movements. And I saw it at MIT when I was over, they were taking down signs. There was not that many signs by the way, against Zionism.

So they control that. If you’ve been to Columbia university, where is it? It’s in the middle of Harlem. Many of these movements were still kept in the ivory tower. Of the campus environment, the third wing didn’t exist, which is hey, wait a minute. Why don’t we talk about what’s going on right outside of campus?

What’s going on between MIT and Harvard? How much of the endowment money has destroyed the residents of Cambridge? That connection needs to be made because that Zionism right there. And that’s 

how about the corrupt the corruption? Three years ago, we had the last 

point. Just one sentence. The point is that these movements are contained by the liberal Zionists and same thing.

The Arab leaders, there’s massive uprisings going on in all of these countries. And the same Arab leaders, including again, and you and all these people. Egypt. They’re actually containing the Arab population factor, throwing many of those people in jail because they’re afraid these anti Zionist protests.

Those same people point their ire at them. The reason Palestine in its condition is not just because of US imperialism, but because of the sellout Arab leaders, and that’s why these movements are actively contained. As long as you’re on campus, that’s fine. But they do not want us to bring working people in the neighborhoods into these movements to flip the switch to understand it’s not just a bunch of students protesting free Palestine.

It is about the working class in the United States, which has also been occupied. That’s why the slogan needs to move away from ceasefire now to end the occupation of America. Free America that go to, 

I, I just wanted to get in here. Canon would agree. Yeah. I just wanted to get in here for a second. Dr.

Shiva, I talked to you on the k, we’re live on the kill stream right now too, on Rumble. I talked to you during 2020. Oh, who’s there? I’m sorry. This is Ethan, Ralph host of the Kill Stream. I talked to you during 2020 during the Covid. Hi Ethan. How are you, quote unquote. Yeah, I’m doing great.

How you doing? And you did great work on that, and that’s the last time we talked. I think it’s been many years. But I just, I had a question not to completely change the topic but I had a two part question. One was from my audience and it’s a little bit off topic, but it says Dr.

Shiva, what are your thoughts on legal immigration? Do you think we should have an immigration moratorium seeing the state of affairs in America? And then we were talking about this before you got here. Do you feel like you’re constitutionally eligible to be president of the United States?

Yeah. Let me answer both of those. If Albert’s okay with that, Albert, is that all right? Yes, that’s fine. Go ahead. So let’s start with the latter one. So I’m absolutely constitutionally eligible. Look, here’s the bottom line. This is a huge opportunity for people to get educated. Number 1. Natural born was never defined.

Number two, if you go back in the late 1700s, a Marquis de Lafayette was made a natural born citizen. Okay. Just suddenly deemed and all of his heirs. But more importantly, we need to understand how the laws change in the United States. You have the constitution. You also have Supreme court rulings.

Now in article two, section one clause five, it says, A, by the way, in that vicinity of that closet says only he can be president. Okay. So the founders apparently contemplated only men can being president and it gives that you have to be natural born. You have to be 35 and I forget the residence requirements, but nonetheless.

You had something called the 14th amendment, which came to be the 14th amendment clearly said that you cannot distinguish by natural or national origin. Naturalized citizen cannot be distinguished by natural born. Okay. So if you don’t want to take that, then bowling versus sharp very important precedential setting court ruling.

ruled unequivocally that the 14th amendment, which applied to the states, which you cannot have this kind of discrimination, also applied to the fifth amendment, which is at the federal level. And then finally you had Schneider versus Rusk, which explicitly said it is illegal to distinguish between a naturalized citizen and a natural born citizen.

It’s over. It should have been done. It’s done. The point is no one has challenged this. And by the way, the 19th amendment applied the 14th amendment to protect women. The issue is one of the things that the Ethan, that the founders had, and these people were brilliant people. They had this concept of let the people decide this concept of non justifiable issues.

What does that mean? It means that there would be certain issues that neither the courts could rule over nor the executive branch that only Congress. So let me bring this to the present day on March 4th. Of this year, Trump in the Supreme Court of Colorado ruled that Trump could not be on the ballot and they used a constitutional provision.

Section 3 of the 14th amendment saying he committed insurrection. All right, so this is a constitutional provision that a state said that he is running for president of federal office is unqualified. Luckily, the Supreme Court stepped in. And what was interesting was it was a 9 0 ruling, unequivocal. They said that the states, and if you go read that ruling, it’s quite powerful.

It says the states can have rights to decide state officials, but they have no right to decide to disqualify, even using constitutional provisions, a presidential candidate or someone running for federal office. And this is very important because if they attempt to deny me ballot access, Quoting article two, section one.

It’s the same precedential setting ruling because only Congress can. So let’s say Trump gets elected. Congress can call a two thirds vote because Congress is a representative body of the people. And they can decide, Oh, you violated section three. You know of the 14th amendment, therefore you can’t this was quite powerful because what the founders realized there would be political movements That maybe they wouldn’t get everything right and they left that opening.

So there may be a guy called. Dr Shiva who comes out of nowhere and he’s qualified to run he’s brought it up and he collects ballot signatures He gets on the ballot. The states have no right to disqualify me So if you read my opposition to the ruling and i’ll send it to you guys, we’ll put it up.

So we filed You A declaratory relief court case in federal court in June of last year. Then we brought it to the federal court in D. C. The federal judge said you don’t have standing because you have to wait until someone disqualifies you from being on the ballot. By the way, the F. B. C. In 2011 ruled that you can be a naturalized citizen and you can run for president of the United States.

You just can’t get matching funds. So the point is Ethan, we have to do a lot of education of people, but the realities I can run, and this should be decided by Congress of anything. So that’s that issue. 

Now, one more little follow up on that. First off, what’s your ballot access looking like? And then the immigration moratorium part of that question.

Are you, so 

first of all quick, very quick educational aside in the United States, every state gets to decide. The ballot access requirements. Okay. For example, in Florida, we have to get 240, 000 signatures in Massachusetts, 16, 000 in Idaho, 1, 000. Okay. And the way you’re supposed to get these signatures, a spirit of the law is you have to prove that you have supporters, right?

So they, they have to go stand in the cold and the rain and collect signatures. The election fraud begins right here. Booby fucking Kennedy ain’t collecting signatures. He goes hire signature vendors and in places like California, he hijacks a George Wallace party and gets him to support him. Our campaign is the only one out there actually collecting signatures with real working people who work full time.

So we’ve gotten all the signatures in Utah. We’ve got all the signatures in Idaho. And we’re on track for about 22 other states. Other states, when we go collect signatures, cops are sent out, Ethan, we had a, one of our electric, one of our guys was a hardworking electrician. He goes out, it’s up online.

You’ll see it. He gets stops and you can’t collect signatures. The Supreme Court already ruled during an election cycle, you’re allowed to stand in front of a retailer organization, the concept of trespass goes away, and you have every right to collect signatures. So we have to educate the cops, Ethan.

So think about what we’re doing. We’re doing the shit on the ground that, and all of you listening should help us collect signatures, because we’re actually doing the good fight as real Americans. All these other fucking motherfuckers are cheaters. They cheat on collecting signatures. They cheat at every level.

So that’s where we’re at. We’re, in California, we have to collect close to 340, 000 signatures. Boobie doesn’t have to do that. None of the major parties do, but we do, and we’re doing it. So that’s the process we’re doing getting back to immigration. Look, I’m an immigrant. Okay. And you have to, if you look at Trump versus Obama, Obama actually was far greater, stricter on illegal immigration than Trump was Trump actually hurt legal immigration.

But when we look at this issue, by the way, our movement has a whole Latin American leadership, so we’ve talked about this issue again. We need to take a systems approach when you take a systems approach and you look at U. S. Imperial policy, not done by the white American working class. I’m talking about the Zionists, the Zionist policy over the last at least 70 years.

Was to completely put dictators to run most of Latin America. And you have we as righteous people need to recognize that we put Pinochet into power. We put all, all across Latin America, it was U. S. imperialism guided by fucking a Zionist, Henry Kissinger, who John John Kennedy brought in. That is who established these conditions where you brutalize the citizens of Latin America.

Under that brutalization, people started coming to the United States. So that’s number one. You look, my parents didn’t need to come to the United States. They came here because the caste system in India was awful. Who supported that and used that British imperialism, British colonialism. So we have to understand the conditions.

If you don’t look at those conditions, we never get to the real solution. So that’s the first thing. The realities of those. Immigrants coming to the United States that come here. Congress is a body that needs to settle this illegal immigration issue. Why is it hasn’t been settled? Because Congress has no interest in settling it.

Neither the left or the right Republicans or Democrats want to settle this issue. One wing of the establishment makes money off cheap labor, which is Wall Street, one wing. The other wing makes money off votes. So neither wing of the establishment wants to solve quote unquote illegal immigration. It’s just a campaign fucking issue.

So how do you solve it? Here’s the way you solve it. Here’s my solution. You have, let’s say, I don’t know that numbers vary. Let’s say you have 20 million illegal immigrants in the United States. There’s a substantial number of them, I believe, who actually work hard. They’re the ones who clean the toilets.

They’re the ones who do landscaping. They’re the ones who do all the other stuff. It’s hard to find other people to do it. Now, if they are actually contributing and they’re legally minded, good people, they’re good citizens. You put them on the path to citizenship, but it begins with them starting to pay taxes.

So you’d probably make about a trillion dollars in tax revenue just from that to the federal budget. The other people, obviously, who are illegals and who have criminals, you send them back. I would also venture to say, and part of it is a little facetious, but maybe not, there are a lot of Americans who don’t fucking work anymore.

They’re living off the United States. We need to question their citizenship. What kind of citizens are they? And the broader issue, I think, Ethan, the two questions you asked, About natural born and naturalized. And this comes down to the heart of the issue. What does it mean to be a citizen of the United States?

And in my view, citizenship is service. Are you here to serve this country? Do you want to fight for this country? Do you want to make America a better place? If you’re sitting on your ass, and you’re filing disability, and you’re fully capable of working, I say you’re a fucking cheater. I say you should get 90 days, and your citizenship should be denied, and maybe you should get the fuck out.

And other people who come to this country from that hardship, maybe they should be put on a path to citizenship, start paying taxes. But Congress has no interest in doing any of this, Ethan. If they did, they wouldn’t take recesses. You should say, look, you’re not leaving until they barely work.

And a little non factoid, I’m an actual little immigrant to Mexico. I live in Mexico now, by the way, in Merida. So I have a little bit of a immigration in my background as well. So just a little factoid there, but go ahead, Ryan, or whoever wants to talk. Yeah. 

And I’m, I was an expat to Japan and now Korea.

So just a little history on natural born versus naturalized. So when they put in natural born in article one, section two, it was really just to prevent Alexander Hamilton from ever running for president. the president since he was born in the Caribbean, but that didn’t sustain by the 14th amendment.

They added this calls about natural born because basically, because the state of California did not want to end slavery with the coolie trade. It ended black slavery short, about 7 months after the civil war, we can black certainly largely born inside the United States, but he weren’t born, he weren’t a citizen.

And so that did not apply to you. So they can continue to slave trade as long as foreigners. That were building the railroads and stuff from China, since they’re only importing men and since they also had laws against intermixing those Chinese guys would remain slaves for the rest of their life.

That’s why they did that. Then when George Bush came in, he had a naturalization process for foreigners that served in the U. S. military would get a quick path to citizenship. And it was around that time that the line between natural born and naturalized, there was no significant difference, including.

Becoming president or vice president. 

Dr. Shiva, I wanna add something here. You just brought up Congress. Congress in April voted 15 times. Every measure was 15 times in terms of Israeli issues, not once. for anything American related. Okay. That’s the, that’s one point. And I want to play for you a 32nd attack ad bought pay for 300, 000 of APAC money to defeat Thomas Massey.

Listen to this.


you crank it up a little bit? It’s a little bit hard to hear. Yeah. 

Republicans are trying to help

it. 15 times in April. The only Republican voting with anti Israel ballot. Helpful for Iran. Harmful to Israel. Everyone who cares about the voting rights needs to know, Tom Massie is hostile. Do 

you believe that? Is that incredible? Yeah. 300, 000 ad campaign. Yeah. Yeah. I saw that. Yeah. 

Yeah, I heard about it.

Yeah, but we raised Thomas 

Massey 100, 000 as response to that. 

What’s that? What’s that, Ryan? 

And as a response to that, we raised 100, 000 for Thomas Massey. I see. Grassroots. 

It’s coming Tuesday, by the way, for those who don’t know. 

Look, I think 

The I think those of those people, the good news is after October 7th there was a broad, real awakening of anti Zionism and distinguishing anti Semitism in the American public.

I think we should all, see that as a massive victory and the fundamental thing I think that occurred as a result of that. Is that you’re seeing this counter revolution on information war, the resolution of December 6th and Congress passing. So I think these guys are freaking out Albert and Ryan and others listening.

So this is when those forces who are truly against Zionism need to mobilize, but really draw the real clear lines that I just want to repeat with between these neo Nazi guys who they’re going to unleash. And I think we have a huge opportunity if we can do that. And we won’t repeat. Germany, 1934 1933 again.

And that’s the order of the day. We need to do the noble work, the educational work to really emphasize to people that in particular, the people claim their anti Zionist if they’re coddling these people and not being critical of them. They’re part of the problem, 

right? So the mass student demonstrations.

Okay. Three years ago after the George Floyd BLM Antifa riots that were state sanctioned democratic mayors and governors told the police to stand down while cities burned an actual riotous mob, a horde right going across America. That’s okay. But these kids, many of them Jewish Americans cannot protest against genocide.

This is the worst example of kosher clown world I can think of. 

Yeah, but Albert, here’s the reason. Let me tell you the distinction. The reason that these protests were shut down with such brutal force was because people had gotten Zionism. Now, if you go back to look at the Black Lives Matter stuff, since 1970, with the, after Malcolm X was executed, There has been no leader of black people in this country.

So they have not drawn the distinction between cultural black nationalism and real black nationalism. This has not taken place and the leaders, there is no, we, a couple of weeks ago, we do an open house, by the way, every Thursday, 11 p. m. We had a number of very interesting. Blacks come to our meeting and they said, Dr Shiva, we’ve been watching you and we want to support your movement.

And I said, you know what? We need American needs real black leaders. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, go down the list. Okay. These people are all sellouts. So there was a policy of the United States government to destroy real black leaders. Malcolm was getting it. If you remember his last speech that he gave two weeks before he was executed after he went to Mecca, he said, I believe there will ultimately be a clash between the oppressed and those who do the oppressing, but it will not be based on the color of the skin.

The point is that the quote unquote Uncle Tom’s that the establishment promotes are the ones who are running Black Lives Matter. They don’t want to really talk about the fundamental issues. Of what is going to liberate black people. They don’t want to talk about any of that. It was, and that’s why the establishment supported that Albert, if these Jewish students were simply talking about, we must defend Israel and being very Namby Pamby.

They would have let those go. Those protests go on. But because those students were understanding. Zionism, that’s why they needed to be shut down. If black students are out there really understanding that they need to mobilize. With poor white people to demand infrastructure in the inner cities. I guarantee you, those protests will be shut down.

Black lives matter. It doesn’t like those protests because they, they want to 

remember saying, but if you 

put that house, I’m not going to say the house plays back. What can I say that the house just say it. I know you’re ready for president He put the field niggas back on the plantation, right well, look That’s what he’s doing.

He comes from fucking apartheid south africa. So you go Look, we need to understand this. Malcolm got it right. We need to understand that what you have to get off the fucking plantation. I call it the plantation, the swarm Zionism. It’s like you have to leave. And when you leave the plantation, you have to build bottoms up movements.

There’s no way coddling to these people. But most of these leaders were coddled by the United States and they’re really house slaves. They were put on by the establishment to keep black people on the plantation. So the situation of black people in the United States today, the broad mass of black people, it’s worse than before civil rights, their economic conditions in Boston, the average net worth of a black person in liberal Boston with black lives matter signs everywhere is 8.

And you can look it up on the federal reserve, the actual net worth. It’s quite extraordinary. So even for black people, racism is actually, their economic conditions have been worse. What has happened is they’ve created a pencil thin strata of black bourgeois, a few, Michelle Obama’s or Oprah Winfrey’s, etc.

And then the conditions of white people has also gone significantly down. So there is a class war taking place in this country against poor whites and poor blacks. But those conditions are not discussed. So that’s why they promote Black Lives Matter because they’re not discussing those issues. They don’t want to bridge the worlds between poor whites, poor blacks.

And really talk about Zionism. They don’t want to do that. So that’s why they were loud. Albert. Very 

good. It is not an accident. It is not an accident that they put the camera on George fentanyl, a guy that was drug out of his mind. That was about to drive a car. And then the cops said they zoom in on these like hair splitting cases and stuff of people who do really don’t deserve to be championed.

Some guy had been in and out of jail. The whole thing is on purpose. They’re ignoring real issues. There isn’t any real black leadership. It’s a bunch of blacktivism that blame everything on biology on the whites or this or that. Blacks and poor whites have been systematically targeted. To destroy their families through social programs that kick dad out of the house and subsidize baby mamas that do all these things that destroy their communities 

and they’ve done this, but 

you can’t 

white people to Ryan for whites have undergone the same.


I said that 

if you look at the, of poor whites, the median income has dropped by 50 percent over the last 20 years, massive drop in the income of poor whites. So hardworking white people, we’re trying to make it so 

yeah, you’re on a reservation without borders because they do the same thing to natives.

Welfare destroys communities. Exactly. 

Dr Shiva, we have this array against us the two party duopoly, which are both war parties, both Zionist parties, both establishment parties. We have the media. That is basically state sponsored, state run media giving us State Department talking points, or whatever.

You have Hollywood feature films reinforcing this. fallacious historical narrative that we’re a force for good, a shiny city on a hill, Israel is a light unto nations, all this full spectral dominance of brainwashing and mind fucking America in the West. How do we break that ground bottom up movement?

Facetious, not fallacious. 

Yes. So Albert, there’s only one way. Okay. So let me go back to central principles here, right? When Mussolini’s advisor, told him about fascism, they created a theoretical model of society to be akin to the body, which they thought at that time was a central brain controlling everyone else, right?

A command and control structure. By 2000 and recently, 2003, after the genome project ended, we know the body isn’t like that. It’s the human body is highly decentralized. All right. It is not an organ system model. So if you use that fascist approach, it doesn’t lead anywhere. In fact, from a systems approach.

We live in a self organizing system. Okay. So why am I bringing this sort of theory up? It’s very important to understand that consciousness, a Ryan Dawson raising his consciousness, a Albert B. Shy raising their consciousness. Ethan raising their consciousness and let’s say we’re all over different parts of the world.

Consciousness moves, information, matter, and energy. We don’t know how this works, but by the work of Ilya Prigioni, who won the Nobel prize for physical chemistry, we know particles communicate. So I’m a big proponent of education when we raise consciousness to understand the depths of the political oppression, one person gets it uncompromisingly, it goes to another person and another person, and you don’t need a lot of people to get this, but you need to understand the core.

One of those fundamental elements, Albert, is this recognition that it’s not the left and the right. That’s one paradigm of the lesser of two evils. It’s actually the obvious establishment and the not so obvious establishment. Let me repeat that again, the obvious establishment and the not so obvious establishment.

So booby fucking Kennedy, he calls himself an independent, steals all my stuff, literally comes to our open house. By the way, we have all this evidence has his people literally transcribe our stuff and does videos. But nonetheless, He is an independent, but he’s part of the not so obvious establishment. So we need to get clear on this dynamic.

Starting in the 1950s, the establishment realized that the working people, we would have our own heroes, bottoms up. We would build our own movements, what took place in the 1800s and 1900s. And instead of just brutally, fascistically destroying them, they realized that they would need to create a farm team.

Of the not so obvious establishment people who would talk the game, who would say the right words, but came from above. You can call them controlled opposition. I like to call it the not so obvious establishment. And this is what we’re contending with right now. And I would, with all humility say, because of the work we did in 2020 and 2021, where we started exposing this, I had to do the hard work of exposing Trump for what he really was.

Lost about 20 percent of our Maga followers. I had to do the work of exposing fucking booby Kennedy for what he really is. So what’s happened Albert is that the establishment knows people are waking up. They have all this evidence on social media. They have massive surveillance. They know what our thoughts are.

Emotions are. They know directionally which way we’re moving. Holy shit. People are really loving Zionists. Cocksucker. They really like that. Holy shit. We better now try to conflate anti Zionism and anti Semitism again. So they’re getting real time data. And so with every real time data they get, Oh, let’s create another fake hero.

Ooh, boobie, go say this. Elon Musk, go say this. Fucker Carlson is suddenly talking about aliens. He’s talking about everything under the sun. But go do a search on his tweet when he did that interview. Nothing about Zionism. Alex Jones, Joe Rogan. So they have put together a neo establishment of Zionist cocksuckers who are the not so obvious establishment.

And this dynamic needs to be understood very clearly. So we need to understand the dynamics of what they’re doing, and we don’t need to have everyone get this. Albert, that’s what we teach. That’s what we educate. And we need to get on the ground and educate other people, everyday people. But when enough people understand this, that’s when change will occur literally overnight.

I’ll give you 1 data point. If you go look at the Vietnam anti war movement, for years it was a left and right thing. Obvious and not not so obvious was not understood at that time. The Barry Goldwater and the Republicans were seen as the war party. They want to bomb the shit out of the Vietnamese and the the Democrats and the left wing elements of the Democrats are promoted as the anti war party.

After 1968 in Chicago, when Lyndon Johnson, who had machine guns on the stage of the democratic convention, unleashed. Cops to basically beat the hell out of these kids. Then these kids woke up from their slumber of counterculture and they realized, holy shit, both wings of the establishment are making money off the war in Vietnam and within 16 months, people broke from those wings and the war ended quite rapidly.

As long as the not so obvious establishment. is not critiqued. And this is why I have to do this fucking janitorial job of fucking hitting boobie fucking Kennedy. All you guys should, everyone here should be hitting Tulsi Gabbard. Everyone should be hitting fucking Bernie Sanders. These are the not so obvious establishment wings that the CIA, the deep state, MI6, whatever you want to call them, actively create Vivek the fucking snake to act like they mimic our words.

But the cool thing about this issue with the Zionist issue. It’s a wonderful litmus test. It’s like the ultimate chemical analysis that puts the clear distinction of who these people are. But that dynamic Albert needs to be discussed in order to build real movement. We need to call out the not so obvious establishment, not just say he’s saying some good things.

Booby says some good things. How many people are doing that for the last nine months? 

I agree. Their reach exceeds their grasp. Now they think that infringing on our constitutional free speech liberties is a winner. How? It’s almost as if they if I was an infiltrator planted in their midst to sabotage their movement.

This is exactly what I would do. I would try to muzzle Americans and silence them and strip them of their constitutional rights to bring disaster to my own organization. 

Yeah, but this dynamic is what needs to be understood that the establishment has gotten very clever in literally watching its control and control systems.

We call it controllability. And and observability. So they’re observing now with social media, with the government links to every social media company with Palantir, they’re watching this conversation. They’re watching. They’ve taken all of our followers. They understand what the feature set of these followers, they’ve done factor analysis, all this kind of stuff.

So they know which way the messaging is moving, and they literally have these not so obvious establishment people copy our messaging overnight, and they come from above and then keep people stuck to the swarm. This is why the future has to be bottoms up movement, but people understanding this dynamic itself, Albert, that is the consciousness that needs to happen.

Do you think 

Bobby, do you think Bobby Jr. has a control file? 

Is it what? 

Do you think Bobby Jr. has a control file? What’s that? Compromised. They got something on him. I’m just look, I have, 

I have emails from a guy who used to work with Kennedy. Kennedy is worse than that.

Look, if you’ve been to Cambridge, there’s a Kennedy School of Government, it’s a CIA training ground. He actually, in his emails, has shared that he is going to be the MLK. And he was writing to this friend of mine that he is going to be like the, you’re the Malcolm X, I’m the MLK. Do you understand that he’s?

actually understands this dynamic, Albert, is much more sinister. He understands his role. He understands he’s a control opposition. He, that’s why he steals my fucking material. That’s why he didn’t say shit against Fauci in 2020. He waited to 2021 to act like he’s a medical freedom activist. He speaks with forked tongue.

He’s, he knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s a fucker. He’s 

what I don’t understand about his candidate. He doesn’t mean 

he may they may have shit on him, but I’m saying that he and the Kennedy’s as an institution as a family are the epitome of the not so obvious establishment. Come on.

John Kennedy was one of the biggest fucking imperialists. He’s, what 

did you, what did you think that if he, I don’t think he’s obviously gonna has a shot unless something dramatic happens. But if he was actually offered. The VP for Trump, why wouldn’t he accept it? 

Albert, I think if let’s just go back to the one sentence before you don’t think he has a shot, understand that if he’s getting all this publicity, if he’s being promoted by Elon Musk, if he’s getting out there, he’s getting on ballots, do you understand that the establishment, the swarm decides it’s a beauty pageant, who will sucker people more better if Trump can do it.

Great. He gets it. If Obama can do it, if Biden can do it, if Kennedy, you have to have this Much more systems level, objective analysis of this. The swarm is highly fluid. They’re making decisions in real time. They know they’re dealing with an unstable situation, so don’t put anything past them. Their goal is to make sure you never get off your ass.

And you don’t build a bottoms up movement. You don’t help collect signatures for Dr. Shiva. You don’t build a movement for truth for now. That’s their, they don’t want any bottoms up movement. So as long as they can keep people giving people hope, one of these guys is going to do something. One of them is their martyr.

They’ll play them. That’s the number one goal, Albert. They do not want us building a bottoms up movement. Now I wanna, 

I wanna shift real quick to Biden. It’s obvious to anybody that this guy’s cognitively impaired. He’s mumbling, he doesn’t know where he is, he doesn’t know who’s on stage with him what country he’s in.

They all do well. The other guy’s got 

worms in his brain. He just admitted. Okay 

from, at looking at, no. 


Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris does that without age. But 

go ahead. No but, so what is the scenario? What are the prospects of this guy living another five years, let alone being able to competently function as the chief executive?

Go look back at FDR, in his third term, he was a basic invalid. Okay. The establishment, remember, let’s take the let’s go back to basic first principles. These people are puppets. They’re not making decisions. They are there to manipulate people into thinking that, they’re serving you, they’re doing the rest, 

but Dr.

Sheba, he can’t even read from the teleprompter. 

Yeah, it doesn’t matter. Anthony Blinken is the real president. What’s that? Yeah, exactly. Anthony Blinken is the actual guy making a decision and he’s got a crew of Zionists around him with Sullivan and the rest of it. Yeah. 

And Anthony Blinken isn’t there, Ryan, they have a whole bunch of bureaucracy, a state bureaucracy.

Ryan, yeah. Ryan’s previous told a friend of mine that when they came in, he goes, he was amazed he was chief Trump’s chief of staff that they didn’t get any training. Suddenly they’re there in the white house. Do you think these fucking people are really running the country? They’re not running the country.

Come on. This is all thea it’s theatrics. There’s a whole other set of functionaries who run this country and they’re all fucking 

Congress is the same way. If you go in and try to talk to them with a lobby, they have all these legislative assistants that are like these 20 something year old IR majors, whatever that handle everything.

And they tell the guy what to say that your position on this is this, and it’s just this giant blob, right? As Ritter refers to it, or as Putin even referred to it, it’s this giant bureaucracy is unelected that is selected. By Zog. And that’s what you’re dealing with. The faces in front of just some dude, you get up there and they make you think, oh, yeah, every four years you get to vote.

It doesn’t matter. You’re run by Wall Street, and the media is not going to cover it. 

I think to Ryan’s point, Albert, these principles are what we need to broadly educate people on. They need to get out of, they’re asking all the wrong questions. What do you think about this? What do you think about Kennedy?

What do you, we need to ask, what do I think about what Ethan’s going to do tomorrow? What is Ryan going to talk about? We need, what is Adam going to do? You say we need to change this entire discourse into what do we think about what we are doing? Not what these people are doing. These people are absolute puppets.

They hang out at the same clubs. They’re just one unit. Literally a friend of mine did a lot of consulting for Trump. He helped him, six times. He said he was hired and Trump fired him. The second time Trump went bankrupt, who saved him? Albert Wilbur Ross, Wilbur. Right now.

Wilbur Ross. Now Trump was taking out loans at 14%. What fucking moron does that? People need to understand this guy’s a fake businessman. If he had done nothing with his father’s money, he would have four to five times more money. All right. This guy’s not a businessman. Okay. He was a rich boy who just frittered away his father’s money.

But anyway, 14 percent loans and Atlantic city. He goes bankrupt. And what Wilbur Ross and others have discussed is they recognize in Trump, he could be a good entertainer, a good con man, a good P. T. Barnum. So they bailed him out, but they still let him own 50 percent of that. That doesn’t happen, Albert.

And what it, what ended up happening was they put him on the trajectory. He was put into the farm leagues. He was given area manual to be his agent. He was given book deals. He was put on the apprentice. They put him on the trajectory to be president. This is all farmed and this is what we need to understand.

All of these characters are part of their club and you’re not part of it. I’m not part of it. And they want to make sure that people constantly are associated with them. Every one of their messaging. Every little teleprompter they have, every word is given just like the legislative assistants and these people do this stuff at the senator level, right?

The PR people are the ones who run them. Go look at who’s Trump’s PR person, Susie Wiles. When I met with him, she kept in and out of the office. She’s out of one of the biggest PR agents, deep state PR agencies in the world. He doesn’t know what the fuck he’s saying. He’s there doing a job because he went fucking bankrupt and they saved his ass.

That’s All of this is here, 

right? They said a lot, a live Trump that gets, that could be a salesman to sell some of these distressed properties is better than a dead one. 

I just want to ask one question. I know Adam wants to get in as well. What are your thoughts on the vague first question?

And then also on the great replacement theory. Do you actually think that’s a real thing and that’s something that he talked about and others have talked about as well. And then I know Adam Green’s had his hand raised as well. 

I think let’s go to the latter one. I think the elites want to replace the broad mass of humanity in the United States.

If most of the people are white people, it makes sense. But the larger issue is if you look at the life expectancy in the United States, it’s going downward and it’s been going downward since 1980. And if you look at the establishment’s view of a mechanistic world, a Newtonian model where everything’s a clockwork, everything’s predictable, it ultimately leads to a world where it’s run by robots was run by automatons, and you only need a few people.

So that’s where they’re headed towards in that model, which has no basis for anything about consciousness or anything like that. But Vivek, the snake, Vivek? That’s what he is. Okay. You have to understand this guy comes out of nowhere. And he too, it’s fascinating because I got so many emails.

I get Dr. Shiva. He’s saying exactly what you’re saying, but it’s a Brown guy. Now, where did this guy come out of? Go look at his history. I can’t, when I see that guy talk, I can’t believe anything. The guy says he sounds like a fucking sales guy. Does anyone believe what this guy says? He will kiss Dinah’s ass.

He’ll kiss Trump’s ass. He’ll kiss anyone’s ass, but go look at his history, his entire history. First of all, he filed for an affirmative action scholarship, and then he says he’s against affirmative action. In fact, he had two million bucks in the bank and took an affirmative action scholarship. The second thing with him is look at his history.

He’s not an innovator. He’s a financial engineer, and as I’ve shared before, you can go look at those things, but he goes and finds a failed drug that failed three times, three times. Look, I’m in the field of systems biology in the biotechnology world. It takes a lot for a drug to fail three times.

He goes and finds a failed drug, which failed three times for dementia, for Parkinson’s, for Alzheimer’s, has his mother throw out from a clinical study, all the old, the data where people didn’t complete the trial, it’s called a completer analysis. It’s one of the most fraudulent kinds of analysis, then has his mother publish that data in a poster session, which is what graduate students do, and then uses that poster session.

To go on all these talk shows to say, he’s got a drug beefs up the stock to billions, cashes out whatever 40, 50 million. And then the stock goes to, to, lose 99 percent of the value and he shuts it down. That’s what this guy is. He’s a scam artist. Everything is done is a scam.

It’s not real. And this is why he was promoted because he serves the interests of the establishment. He said he was for mandates in Ohio. Go look at his thing. He got one of the government contracts to run the back end systems for COVID tracking. Now, why do the MAGA people follow this guy? You have to really ask them.

Why? Why do they follow Trump? 


that’s right. 

Operation warp speed. And the reason you need to really go with that because you were right about the COVID scam and 

That’s the biggest winner. Look, Albert, Marla Maples called me then his former ex wife. She said me and Tiffany love you, dr.

Shiva. Cause I was out there. In early January, pushing vitamin D three, quercetin, all that stuff. Some of our videos got 200 million views on vitamin D through true taken down. So Marla called me, she said she took the letter that I wrote. We did a live together. We, she took the letter I wrote. I said, Trump, don’t fucking shut down the country.

If you really care about old people or preexisting conditions, fine, quarantine them. The 5, 000. I use a vitamin D three, those people are in. ICUs, you can give them, titrate 100 grams of vitamin C. These are all known solutions. The White House called me, the head of the domestic policy.

They did nothing. They had all the data. He kept Fauci. He gave Fauci the commendation award 12 hours before he left office. He served the pharma industry well. But the bottom line is, Albert, it comes back to the central thing that you started this conversation with. The reason he’s there is he’s promoted by the Zionist media.

Come on. You can take any fucking moron and overnight give him access to the media. This is where the election frog begins. Where does fucking Vivek the snake come out of? How does Trump, where does booby come out of who gets eyeballs? Number one, that’s the election fraud. Visibility, who controls visibility?

Oh, yeah look, I understand. Donald Trump was a made man of the kosher noster, just as his father was before him. Adam green. You got a question. Go ahead. I

was wondering what you thought about Elon buying up Twitter. Do you think he’s a legit threat to free speech or is he working with the Netanyahu’s and the Shapiro’s and part of something bigger maybe to This appearance of this rise in antisemitism on X and, along with the campus protests, like I see that as the narrative, like you said, it’s like they’re doing Germany all over again, or it’s even go back further.

It’s like the Purim story, the rise in antisemitism in the West, before they collapse it and bring it down. What do you think about that? And Elon and 

yeah, is that Adam? 

Yeah, Adam. Great question. Look to me. I was at the center of this in 2020. Many of you may not know this just to review in 2020 when I ran for Senate, I ran as a Republican in Massachusetts.

The Republican Party found me as a threat, but we had 3000 volunteers. Adam. I don’t know if I’ve shared this with you. Adam. We had 3000 volunteers on the ground. We raised 2 million in a Senate primary race when the Republicans don’t even raise like anything. Okay. You couldn’t leave Massachusetts without a Dr.

Shiva sign. We had 25, 000 bumper stickers, 10, 000 lawn signs. And even the Republican establishment GOP said on the night of election, which was September 2020, they said, Dr. She was going to win this on a landslide. Anyway, remember, I didn’t really think quote, unquote, election fraud, very naively took place in the United States.

And I thought it was really a 3rd world thing. On the night of September 2020, the results come in, there’s 9 counties in Massachusetts. And in the all predominantly all white Franklin County working class county where people love me, I won by a 10 or 15 points. Okay, hands down all the ballots are hand counted in every other county where they use machines.

Adams. It was 60, 40, 60, 40, 60, 40, 60, 40 to a fucking guy who had maybe 1 long sign up and he couldn’t even raise money. The GOP had to give him 200, 000. All right, so on that was in September on September 5th, Adam, I put out a tweet because I went to the secretary of state with a camera. And I said, look, when these ballots go through these machines, they create an image.

They create what’s called a ballot image. Okay. And by law, those ballot images have to be preserved for 22 months by a law called 52 USC, 2 0 7 0 1 anyway. So I go to the secretary of state with 1 of my volunteers. And I said, look, we want the ballot images. They boldly tell us that they deleted them.

They go, we don’t have to save them. So I go on Twitter and by the way, I gave them my FOIA. They had 10 days to give us a ballot images. They send us, we have an email interaction where they’re saying they deleted them. They don’t have to preserve them. I said, show me the law. Anyway, I did a tweet on September 24th, which said Massachusetts deleted 1.

5 million ballot images. This election is null and void that starts going viral. And we’re still running for office. Adam, we’ve moved our campaign to a write in. So that’s going viral and boom, Adam, I’m turned off Twitter. Never been thrown off Twitter. And one of those fact checking organizations does a hit job on me and they say, Dr.

Shiva is lying. Ballots were not destroyed. And the reason we know this is we called the Secretary of State and they said they contacted Twitter to turn off Dr. Shiva. I knew I had a First Amendment case, Adam. No lawyer in Massachusetts wants to take on the government. I had to sue them in federal court.

I’m not an attorney. I had to put together the paperwork while we’re still, while they’re still about 39 days left in the election. We’ve moved our campaign to a right in campaign. All right. So when I go into federal court in cross examination, this is now in October of 2020, Adam, it was my work that uncovered in cross examination testimony, the social media director of the government of Massachusetts says we have a backdoor portal into Twitter, a VIP portal that allows us.

Special access Government has special access to a social media company. The judge in that case is appalled. He says, I’m sitting under the picture of Louis Brandeis. Don’t you guys believe in the First Amendment? If you disagreed with Dr. Shiva, why didn’t you just tweet back at him? Anyway, I won the terms of my preliminary injunction, Adam, and you can go to win back

All my suits are there. I write to fucker Carlson. And I say, fucker, please cover this case. This is a historic case. And to Glenn Greenwald. Now, I have his personal email address. They did nothing, Adam. Fast forward to May, where the trial is taking place. And May 2021, the evening of that, before the trial, I had discovered what are called playbooks.

The actual manuals that describe in gross detail how the Atlantic Council and at Harvard Belfer School, they came together to build the, a structure called this entire backdoor infrastructure, how government would launder censorship to a nonprofit agency called the Center for Internet Security funded by Pierre Omidyar, who’s a guy who bought, who bailed out, frankly, Elon Musk.

If you look at his history, the guy’s never made any money. Okay. All of his companies have failed. If it wasn’t for Peter Thiel bailing him out, he’d have nothing. So it won’t 

be Pierre. Hold on. That’s interesting. Cause Pierre also funded the ADL Silicon Valley. He funded, 

go to winbackfreedom. com. Adam, you’ll see this entire diagram.

He’s a government informant. They have a lot of shit on him. So Oma D funded, he hired 

Jeremy Scahill and gr Greenwald too. Every, everything. Hey, all of that. Hey it’s just, by the way, it’s four 30 in the morning in Korea, so I’m gonna tap out. But Dr. Sheeb, I’m gonna have you on the show again soon.

So Ron, he’s been 

great conversation. I’ll talk to, yeah, you can ask me something real fast. Thanks, Ryan. Lemme finish 

this. Adam, so what, so I’m here in the center of this. We filed this lawsuit and it’s me against now seven lawyers. A judge forced Twitter to come in. This is May of 2021. My briefs were so good, Adam, the chief legal counsel of Twitter didn’t believe I wrote them.

But we had exposed everything. Okay, this is now in May of 2021. And I’m reaching out to again, fucker, please cover this. It was independent journalists who covered it. We got around 50 videos out about a half a billion people throughout the world knew what I’d uncovered long before Twitter files long before all the charade.

Mike Ben’s fucking deep state agent, dude. Okay? So this is all occurring in 2021. The judge then wanted me to drop the claims against the government, put me back on Twitter. And to walk away. I couldn’t do that, Adam. So then they vilified me in court trying to flip the whole case. Anyway, that case has now moved on to SISO.

So let me tell you what happened. So that’s the background. All of these fuckers, fucker Carlson concealed it. Then in December 2022, when I’m put back on Twitter, okay, I do a tweet. You can go see it. I said, Elon, as the inventor of emails, the guy’s got four degrees. I understand you’re looking for a CEO.

Why don’t you make me your CEO? And if you look at that, it goes viral. It got like 20 to 30 million views. Bunch of news stations called me and I was doing it facetiously because I knew he had no intention of putting someone who really cared for free speech. The next day after that tweet went viral, I said, Elon, are you going to remove the backdoor portal into Twitter?

I hammered him and I did a blog post. Adam, you could see where I said, where Elon Musk begins and government ends, nobody knows. SpaceX. He didn’t, they make him look as though he learned about rockets. Bullshit. SpaceX was six billion dollars funded by government. Twitter, okay? Twitter would not exist without Section 230 immunity.

And this is the heart of, Adam, what really took place. The Silicon Valley guys had brought in Vijay Agade and Jack what’s his last name? Jack at Twitter, okay? And they were running it with a heavy hand. It was open fascism. So they knew they had to save Twitter at least face of it. So they bring in Musk and Musk’s job was to act like some guy who was for free speech, absolute free speech, et cetera.

What did he, and the reason they needed this was to save their valuation in Twitter. What people may not know is a valuation of a company is a multiple of revenue. So Twitter, let’s say has 5 billion in revenue. They get a multiple of 10 Adam, which is what? 50 billion. Now you take a company like the New York times, which is also an online presence.

If they made 5 billion in revenue, they only get a two X multiple because they’re considered a publisher, not a social media platform. So the Silicon Valley guys lobbied Congress. To distinguish valuations of companies between platforms and publications. So the reason Twitter with the same, let’s say revenues in New York times gets a 10 X multiple is because they’re deemed a social media platform.

This was done at the behest of Congress, Silicon value pays off Congress. Congress gave him this section two 30 immunity. So Twitter’s valuation. Is a direct function of government largest. Same thing with Tesla. Go look at during the pandemic. Okay. That’s when Musk’s. Wealth really grew. He got a 1. 5 billion carbon tax credits.

He’s completely with the carbon tax carbon scam. Okay. So everything he does is pro censorship pro carbon tax where government begins and Elon Musk ends. Nobody fucking knows. Now, when I, Hit him really hard. Adam, my views went from 1 million views per day down to 10, 000 views. And then all the fucking Trumpers who are sucking Elon’s cock.

We’re like, Oh why are you attacking Trump? He’s the best thing since light spread he’s for free speech. And then he brought in the Ocarina, a Zionist hoodlum. So you can see this step by step process. So Silicon Valley needs to maintain Twitter’s valuation. They bring in must to give this allure of free speech, but he has openly said free speech is not free reach.

So the new form of censorship is we get put on Twitter, Adam, but then we’re controlled, we’re put into a digital cage and this is not what the founders of the United States wanted. Free speech was always free reach. That’s why they created the postal service to make sure every American can communicate.

So the bottom line is Trump. Musk, where Elon Musk began from where government ends. Nobody knows. And listen to this. What’s that?

Yeah. Hold on. Listen, that’s

what he’s doing. So why are you so excited? 

He needs us because he needs to watch. He needs to give the illusion. That, oh, Dr. Shiva’s back on, but he fucking puts me in a goddamn digital cage. Fuck him. He’s a piece of shit, Elon Musk. He grew up in South African apartheid. He has not denounced Zionism. He went to fucking Palestine and sucked off Netanyahu.

Fuck him. Don’t fucking bow down to these people. Don’t give them credit. This is where we got to break away, Sneko. 

I like that again, Ben. 

Yeah that’s what we all like, Dr. Shiva. We like real talk. Listen, folks, there’s nobody that’s been more real that’s ever run for president. Nobody has ever said any of these things that he’s, that he said, and there might not be anybody that will, that’s how a paradigm shattering this candidacy is.

Go ahead, Dr. Shields. 

Albert, we may move our, we’re working very hard to get on the ballot in every state. We, in some states, we may be able to get on as a write in. And if that happens, I expect all you guys to pass out at least 10, 000 flyers in all your neighborhoods. Because the establishment is in a very unstable situation because of the Zionist situation because a broad mass of the American people started fucking getting it.

And we have to make sure that we are very precise in using the word Zionism and educating as many people as possible, Albert, because we have a huge opportunity. My run for office is really an opportunity for people to say, that’s what one of us looks like. That fucking motherfucker, Dr. Shiva, he’s one of us, right?

And you know what I can’t believe? I can’t believe these MAGA communists. I can’t believe I just saw a space earlier today that said, us, we pro Palestinians are voting for Trump. Are you fucking high? 

Yeah that’s these fucking douchebags like Jason Jackson, Henkel, Suleiman, all these fucking people.

They’re coddling Zionism. They put out pictures of dead babies all day, right? Get their views and clicks, get their subscribers, but then they coddle with Trump. They coddling and they get put on fucker Carlson show. What the fuck? If you’re seriously against the establishment, you’re not going to be put on fucker show.

You’re not going to be put on Rogan’s show. Joe Rogan follows me, but he was all pro Monsanto. I did five research papers exposing Monsanto in 2014. Eddie Bravo said put Dr. Chivan. Nothing. He’s owned by fucking Ari Emanuel. All of these people are actors, guys, and they are scrambling now. They’re scrambling to act like they’re anti establishment.

And the litmus test is, what is their position on Zionism? And you will see, literally go do a search on fuckers tweets. Not one word Zionism, but now he’s talking about aliens and spirituality and fucking all sorts of other shit. 9 11, 30 years later. Are you fucking serious? 

When he poo pooed it when it first happened.

Yeah. And same with the Oh, you 

conspiracy, tinfoil hat conspiracy 

theorists are 

crazy. Same with election fraud. So I’m saying that the establishment, Mossad, look, Mossad’s slogan is through deception, thou shalt do war. They’re masters of this. They’re masters of this. So the only way I’ll build a powerful movement, Albert, is we need enough people getting their heads screwed on.

Men need to be men, not fucking pussies. There’s a lot of men who are pussies in our movement. It’s 70 percent women. Women have more balls than many men. I’ve seen now they’re coddling all these people. Why the fuck are you calling Trump? The guys, 

that’s why. Yes, exactly. That’s what I’m going to let you.

You just brought up women in the movement. That’s why I just brought up Maria Farmer. Go ahead. 

Actually, yeah, I would just like to reiterate a lot of what, first of all, I’m so impressed by Dr. Shiva. I wasn’t aware of him, believe it or not. I’m by design area 

by design. 

Yes, probably. Most definitely. Dr.

Schieber, you’re going to want to Google Maria Farmer after this interview and know exactly who you just talked to right now. Go ahead. 

I just had to say that a lot of the people you guys are discussing are people, like Donald Trump, I reported him to the FBI in 1996, who are the people that would never touch it with a 10 foot pole.

They’re the people that I found out were government. So those would be Alex Jones, Joe Rogan. Oh, absolutely. Alex Jones, Joe Rogan. And the third one you were just discussing, and I can’t remember his name, Tucker Carlson, that’s so funny. Cause our family calls them that the day he was, the day he was fired, I was asked by Jesse waters to go on Fox news about the Epstein case the day he was fired.

Huh. Yeah. I was like, Maria, I knew with the election fraud stuff when we were exposing everything, if you go look at 2020, I did the 1st analysis of Michigan than Arizona on November 5th. I did an analysis of Arizona, which got like 100, 000 retweets. And Mark Meadows called me here from the white house.

And I said, Mark, give me the data. And we were doing it for nothing, Maria. 


so these guys Eric Trump called me and then Rona McDaniel’s office. So the White House, the RNC, and the Trump campaign, none of us gave, none of them gave me the data. They used my data though, Maria, to make a shitload of money.

Now why am I saying that? Of course. Fucker Carlson in internal text messages, he’s telling people, ah, this election fraud is nothing. So he has actual text messages that he’s saying that. Then, when they realize, wait a minute, MAGA people are watching Dr. Shiva, they’re getting this, Then he goes online and then he starts talking out, not online on Fox.

Oh, yeah, there’s election fraud. Now, the reason Dominion, which I don’t care for, by the way, the reason they were able to win their defamation case, because in defamation law, there’s something called malice. If one public figure, public entity suing another public entity for example, it’s easy to attack politicians, right?

Because they’re public figures. But in order for me to prove and when a, let’s say you said, Dr Shiva kicks his dog all day, okay? And you would actually win and I sued you for defamation, I’d have to prove not only it was false, which is defamation, but I have to prove a high standard called malice that you actually knew I didn’t kick my dogs.

Like you actually have videos of me petting my dogs and hugging, right? And then you still did that. That’s what happened with fucker Carlson. 


He had all these text messages where he’s saying there is no election fraud and then he’s going out making money off of it. That’s why Fox had to let him go, quote unquote, go, or the deep state, quote unquote, let him go. So tell me more when you, so you called up Trump in the nineties. 

No, I reported these people to the FBI, Epstein, Maxwell, Wexner yeah. And the FBI totally ignored me. And then they came back to me 10 years later and they were like, whoops.

I see. Wow. 

Yeah. They were like, this turned into a really big thing. And so then in 2006, it became, he then converted to having an adult hooker Island. That’s what that was. It was there was like maybe a couple of underage people in the beginning. One was Virginia, but after that, it, because of what the FBI had determined with him, he had to only deal with adults, not, I’m not saying it was right on anyone’s behalf, but I’m just saying it’s not kids after 2006.

I say, 

But basically. Yeah, I reported it. They were totally negligent and we’re getting ready to sue the FBI and these people that were like on that island are so competitive that they tried to sue before me, but they never reported it. I’ve just, it’s so weird. Everyone’s made all this money and written books.

I’ve gotten none of it. Nothing. I’m like. I’m like, so when do I get something I haven’t gotten a slice of Epstein’s pie, but I’m the only one who tried to prevent everybody from eating it. 

What’s important to realize, Dr. Shiva is both Maria and her sister were victims. Okay. Of this whole, but this whole whatever you want to categorize it, honeypot, human compromising, Mossad, espionage.

Yeah, it went on 

for years where I was in hiding and Ghislaine would call me and threaten my life in different ways and tell me that’s how Masaad would do it, like shooting me twice in the back of the head. Don’t worry about it. You won’t see it coming. That’s how Masaad does it. 

Well, Maria, what’s important to understand with your story is that, and this is, I can empathize with it because When you are truly independent of them and you expose truth about them, those who are connected to them will not share any of that truth at the right time.

That’s right. So this is a very important systems dynamic. So if you’re truly independent, like we were truly independent exposing this election fraud, exposing the backdoor portal to Twitter, we’re telling fucker Carlson. And the reason him and Greenwald didn’t do it is because they’re still part of the plantation.

They’re on the fucking station. We’re off the plantation like you were. So they don’t want to give you any publicity. They don’t want to give you any limelight because that would develop your brand equity independent of them. So they are. Yes. 

And listen to this. It’s even worse. The man who was my lawyer, David Boyce, it ends up he was the lawyer for Weinstein 

and Virginia.


Yeah. But worse. Yeah. He was Virginia’s lawyer as well. Both of us but way before what’s important about him is he was the lawyer for Bill Clinton. One of the people I reported when I reported Bill Clinton to the FBI. Even more relevant is that when the Vanity Fair article was supposed to come out, David Boies put the kibosh on the article for Bill Clinton, and there was an article that came out about it.

So basically, then David Boies hunted me down, used a CIA agent to hunt me down and then made sure I didn’t get any money. And got the women who stayed. I kid you not. One woman stayed 13 years. She left because he died. She recruited the whole time. She’s worth just under 20 million now. 

Yeah, so what they did was they paid off these people who are still on the plantation as house slaves.

What’s really parallel here is when I expose the entire backdoor portal, the judge appoint, I was doing, winning the cases by myself. Maria, the judge appointed me a guy called Howard Cooper. He said, Dr. Shiva, you’ve done amazing. You’ve won this, you’ve exposed all this. Your briefs are phenomenal, but I have a special lawyer for you.

His name is Howard Cooper. So he appointed me a lawyer and he was supposed to do my briefs. Howard Cooper tells me, Shiva, just go back on Twitter. You’ll be a hero, but drop all your claims against the government. And I didn’t know at that time he was representing guess who? Dershowitz. Of course. So this the lawyers serve judges, the lawyers serve the swarm.

That’s why the way out of this is we have to learn how to be pro se litigants. I was doing far better filing my own lawsuits and it isn’t that hard. You get good at it. So we need to, if anything, one of the goals that we want to do this year is to build an institute to train people how to be pro se litigants in federal court.

Because the lawyers never want to take on the government. The goal of a lawyer is to become a judge. The goal of the lawyer is to do deal making. And lawyers still carry the ESQ, right? It was one of the advantages. Of nobility, right? So all of these fucking lawyers, if you are truly against the establishment, you’re independent, they will fuck you over.

And that’s what David Boyce did to you. 

Yes, he did. 


Isn’t that something when these high powered DC firms, instead of just hiring a PI to do whatever work, they can actually call the CIA. Because they’re part of them. Oh yeah. 

David Boies is CIA. Yeah. I would almost guarantee it. 

He’s one of the most well known and powerful lawyers in the country.

I fired 

his ass the morning, listen to me the morning after the stupid bowl. And I had to watch that disgusting Taylor Swift and all that gross stuff happening. And then I flipped a channel and I see that we’re actually bombing these beautiful people. And I did not know guys. And I was so horrified that stayed up all night.

And that morning I fired his ass. So hard because the, for five years, they tried to make me a Zionist. They literally shamed me for not being a Zionist, literally specifically shamed me about it. They said, because I did an interview with this young lady, Whitney Webb, which wasn’t even an interview. It was more like a hot mic situation where I told a whole bunch of truth.

And they said, because I did that, that I was a really bad person and now could no longer testify in a federal trial. But the FBI thought I could testify. They hunted me down and begged me to testify in a federal trial. It was all gaslighting. They even told me I didn’t have cancer, but it gets worse. Dr.

Shiva, they sent in an CIA agent to sodomize us. So it was just like we’re getting ready to sue the lawyers because 

You’ve seen these people, you’ve seen the Donald Trump’s, the Dershowitz’s, all these people walking in and out of. The brownstone in New York City? Yes. And the Wexner compound in Ohio.

So you’ve seen all these people. Yes. 

You, you knew, you reported and knew that Trump was part of this Epstein network in nine, the nineties, right? 99 or so something in 

1990. No, in 1996. 

96. And didn’t you have a, didn’t you have some type of a lawsuit with Dershowitz? I saw he wrote like an op ed in Newsmax or something.

Listen to this. Listen to this. So what he did in that, I am absolutely not an anti Semite. Now their laws for what that means are totally don’t align with mine. Like for example, I now personally, maybe my sister said it’s because of trauma. But I think it’s just because of watching. I don’t believe a lot of history we’ve been taught that, that favors one group only.

And so I’m having issues with that. And, people can call me whatever the hell they want, but Alan Dershowitz called me an anti Semite based on truth that I told about Epstein. He didn’t like it that I said I saw him ascending a stairwell. And so what he did is he took quotes from my Whitney Webb interview and chopped them and then put them back together again in different quotes.

But that’s because, but that was because you were exposing their Jewish supremacy. 

Jewish supremacy is what it is. Yeah. And I’m sorry, what are 

some of the examples of their, of Ghislaine and Epstein supremacy? 

Like I couldn’t go eat with them at certain places cause it was only for Jewish people.

That’s pretty bad. Like I, I grew up in the South and I remember hearing once the folklore that like one time they didn’t let people in this country club, but I had never seen it. And They were very, they said very ugly things about black people, pretty much anyone of color it was hurtful.

It hurt. And they’re just the most racist human beings to the point where it gave me a brain tumor, and then I got lymphoma throughout my thoracic cavity. And right now, Ghislaine Maxwell has people stalking me. On behalf of her and one of them is named Lady Victoria Hervey. She’s lying about me.

I’m having to spend my medical money because, David Boyce did not look out for me. So I’m having to spend my medical money. It’s a terrifying thing. I’m having to spend it on this. These people that are defaming me in the uk, it’s 10 grand every time you blink and it’s terrifying Anyway, so they’re defaming me so badly and fergie is behind it.

You know that redhead And then there’s the woman that’s running. This is why I wanted to mention this too running the campaign for boobie Okay for brain warm and her name is jessica reid krauss now Why would kennedy who was on the epstein jet quite a bit? You Why would he feel the need to have some random nobody B word defame me and Virginia?

That’s what she’s doing for a living. And these are in sub stacks. And under it is all this hideous, these hideous people who are blaming me when I’m the only one who reported. The pedophile ring. I’m the only one who called the FBI. People later the girls called in 2006, but for 10 years I was the only one who said anything.

And then of course the teenagers and their parents called in 2006, and that’s what got the FBI to work with me again. But for 10 years, they ignored me and then they ignored me again. But this is what they said. They said, Maria, you need to testify in the federal trial because Alan Dershowitz and Louie Free are working in the private sector against all of you guys to discredit you to fame you.

I didn’t know that was Darvo, but basically in 2006, the FBI let me know. I was asked by David Boyce to file the affidavit that got. Wexner, on the griddle or on the grill, we got him everyone’s upset with him because of it, because I exposed him because I backed the truth that Virginia was saying, that’s it.

Did Virginia she did she, it looks like she struck a deal. So it’s, 

Here’s what I, here’s what I think happened. I there’s something really creepy going on between those lawyers. And I think she was being harassed so badly by our show. It’s he would not let her live her life. This is my opinion.

I believe he harassed her and threatened her until she just finally said fine, 

because I 

do not believe any money was exchanged at all. 

And I do know that she told the truth and I do know this as well, that she’s not the only one who accused him. Here’s the thing, like the FBI is warning me in 2006 about him, but they were also telling me the guy who just used to be FBI is working now in the private sector.

He was the head of the FBI, Louis free. We’re not. So when I made the report, In 96, he was the head of the FBI, and then he went into the private sector and started working with Alan Dershowitz, knowing what he knew about all of us, to work against us. I don’t think people understand the level of corruption with which we’re dealing.

And I only caught a glimpse. I caught a glimpse. Excellent point. 

Excellent point. Let’s circle back with that, right? The level of corruption is breathtaking, right? When you have high level government officials intimately working with the intelligence services, the state attorney’s office, the state department, all these people at high powered attorneys, all when they do these FBI raids, it’s not to collect evidence is to erase it, to destroy it.

In a lot of these cases, especially in something as sensitive as the Epstein case. 

Or now we have Diddy. What’s happening there? What are they doing? I believe all these people are like their employees that go just go a little bit rogue, get a little bit too loud with their actions and get caught and they become an embarrassment.

Yeah that’s what happened with Russell Brand. All these guys are part of the establishment. So they get all the favors of the establishment. Yeah. Then if they either stupidly or consciously step out of line, the interesting thing is they make them martyr. So they get the second. Slice of the apple to make money on that.

That’s what’s interesting to watch. They get, they 

even recycle victims. Exactly. Some of the same victims are also victims of Diddy’s and Russell Brandt, 


And Epstein. I’m 

like, what are the 


But I’m saying brand re does his thing to act like he’s a victim. So he becomes 

the victim. Oh yeah.

So it’s very clever. 

Oh yeah. 


it’s all part of the vo. 

It’s something that was invented by Mossad and then David Boy used it against Rose McGowan. 


And it on behalf of Harvey Weinstein. Yeah. And on behalf of Harvey Weinstein. Yeah. Then, what are the chances that the person his main client that I’ve reported to the FBI, what are the chances he digs me out of hiding?

To traumatize me with his very best friend, Stan Pottinger, that he travels with all over the world. What are the chances that he uses that guy to harm me physically and emotionally, and to tell me I don’t have cancer? It’s all Garbo. It’s all part of 

it. Dr. Shiva, how sick is America? 

Look, there’s two parts of America, right?

I think we need to make this distinguished thing between the swarm, okay? If people haven’t seen Shattered the Swarm, You should go watch it. It’s 15 minutes on a, on a whiteboard. Everyone understand who those who are running. It’s not any one individual, but those people are very sick. The broad set of American people.

I think we need to make that distinction. Always when we say America, the United States, India, Britain, we need to make this very deep distinction between the ruling class, And the everyday working person. Most of the everyday working people are victims. You see what I’m saying? They’re the victims. So we have to show great sympathy and camaraderie with those people and mobilize them because they’ve been victimized.

Otherwise, we can’t say America is good, but it’s the American ruling class, the American swarm. Those are the people that are absolutely sick. They’ve gotten away with so much, during the pandemic. 600 of them made 2. 3 trillion dollars. They increase their wealth massively. So it is ultimately about maximizing power, profit control.

And the more they do this with greater and greater ease, their hubris grows. And this is why the only way out of this, the future is offline. The future is mobilizing movements. And that’s what, that’s what I learned when I was about a four year old kid growing up in the Indian caste system, that the future is.

mobilizing movements. It’s only movements that have changed the world. Otherwise you’ll have a thousand unfortunate, horrible stories like Maria you’re sharing, right? Because they have mastered victimization. They know how to do this in their sleep. They do this, they know the chess games. We can never win on their battleground, Albert.

Never. We have to get off the fucking plantation mentally and emotionally and then fight from off the plantation. We can’t be on your plantation trying to tweak it. This is why those people who get it have a duty. To articulate it and be highly critical of these people, not let them get away.

You can’t say Joe Rogan says some good shit sometimes. No, he doesn’t. He’s a fucker. Oh, fucker. Carlson just talked about nine 11 it. Fuckers getting it. No, he isn’t. He’s a fucker. People need to get it clear. These people are playing you. They’re con men. They’re worse. The Biden. Go ahead, 

Ethan. No, I was just gonna say, I just wanna ask one question.

It’s a little bit off topic, but I saw some people in my chat mentioning it. And you being the inventor of email if you could just go through that and why you don’t get the proper credit in some circles for that. 

Yeah. So let’s talk about the invention of email, first of all, if you’re over the age of 40, Ethan, how old are you?

I’m 38. Okay. So you’re on that. So if you go back to the office environment, 40 years plus or 50 years now, every office had what was called the inner office mail system. The key word is system. It was a system of interconnected parts on how that office communicated. And that says this is so if you went to an office of when I grew up in the 1970s, I was at the age of 14 backing up before I get back to that.

I grew up in India, which had a caste system. Okay. And my medic and I’ve repeated the story many times, but it’s okay to repeat it. My grandmother was a traditional healer in a small village practicing an ancient system of Indian medicine. And I saw her empirically heal people. So I was very interested in systems because okay.

As a child, I saw that I was, I went to a friend of mine’s home and his mother kicked me out of the house, wouldn’t even let me come into the house, gave me water in a different cup, and was yelling at me, calling me, the word that meant I was a low caste Indian, and that’s when I realized India had this caste system, that there was a difference between me and him, and that got me very interested in politics as a kid.

And then I saw my grandmother who had no degrees heal people. So I was very interested in politics and medicine when I came here in 1970. By the time I was 14, I, I wasn’t just a nerd. I played sports and all these wonderful things. I enjoyed. But by the time I was 14, I’d gone to New York University.

In a special program where 40 kids were selected to learn computer science at New York University, which was unheard of back then, finished that program and started working full time at a small medical college in Newark, New Jersey, what was now called Rutgers Medical School. And so here I was working as a 14 year old people, 60, 50.

And I was doing medical research, applying computing to understand why babies were dying in their sleep. And I ended up writing a research paper out of that before I came to MIT. But in that medical school, Ethan many organizations had this thing called the interoffice mail system. So if you went to an organization, there were individual offices, every office had a phone.

There was no cell phones yet. Fax machines were just coming. So phone was a one way, one office. would call another office, these were doctors and researchers, and they had something called the inner office mail system. And the memo was a medium of transaction. So if you went to one of these offices, a secretary, always a woman had a typewriter on her desk.

That was one thing. She had white paper that she would write something called a memo, which had a very specific format. To from subject cc, which meant carbon copy bcc, which meant blind carbon copy. If that secretary had to write a memo for example, typically, the guy I work for Dr. Michael, so you go to the secretary and say, oh.

Mildred, take this letter to Dr. Blah, blah, blah from Dr. Michelson. Carbon copy these three other doctors. A carbon copy literally meant she took that white paper, put a piece of carbon, another piece of white paper, and she’d type it. So if she had to do six carbon copies, she had to do five typings, okay?

And there was a thing called an outbox. She would write the letter. First, she’d put it in the drafts folder. He would come redline it. Then it would go into the outbox. A guy would come take this letter, put it into a, an envelope. And then sometimes you had registered mail. So you had inbox outbox folders, file folders where things were.

So this is a very complex system as a 14 year old kid. Because I proved myself that I could program. I was asked to convert this entire system into the electronic version. And I wrote that in 50, 000 lines of code. I’d stay awake until two in the morning in eight K of memory. And I named that system email.

First of all, no one had ever converted this system into the electronic form. That’s what I did before coming to the military industrial complex known as MIT did this as a civilian application named at email one, one of the Westinghouse science awards, which was known as a baby Nobles. In high school.

And then when I came to MIT, I was elected student body president and the president of MIT, because it was on the front page. I was one of three kids who had done something of note. It was listed on the front page of MIT. We have this kid who invented. Email system, the president of MIT, then Paul Gray, who was senior advisor to Ronald Reagan, I was at his house for Christmas and he said, she, that’s too bad.

The Supreme court is not recognizing software patents. You should copyright it pursuant to the copyright act of 1980. So I did that. So I have the copyright. And so I had to write it. I didn’t have bill Gates’s parents who were lawyers. I wrote it. You had, there was no downloads yet to get the paperwork.

You had to submit all your code, which became public to the library of Congress. Now, you have to remember when I was creating email in Newark, New Jersey, H. P. Hewlett Packard went in and out of our office. I never thought about confidentiality, non disclosure agreements. I was an excited kid, but I wrote the code, named it email, and fucking have the copyright, recognizing me as the inventor of email.

The problem is, as a quote unquote an Indian, you’re brought up to be a humble Indian. I never talked about it. I went in and out of M. I. T., did four degrees, started many companies. And in 2011, when my mom was dying of a horrible disease called pulmonary fibrosis, she presented me with all this stuff from 33 years before, Ethan.

So that was 2011. The editor of Time Magazine came, he was the only one who reviewed the material, and he wrote an article called The Man Who Invented Email, and you can see it. No controversy. And then in February 16th of 2020, sorry, 2012, it goes three months after my mom’s death. It goes into the Smithsonian and it creates what should have been an occasion for celebration.

The front page article in the post was Shiva. I had to write honored as the inventor of email. However, here was a problem. The academic liberal academic elites, the racist liberal academic elites who had written a narrative. That Raytheon had created the email system. Okay. When they didn’t, they created simple text messaging, a caveman version of Reddit at best.

So this shook the entire innovation environment. I was teaching a class at MIT, thousands of calls come in asking for my firing. I’m teaching the class for free, by the way, not like Elizabeth Warren. Okay. And that’s when I realized, holy shit, what the fuck is going on? And I was called a curry stain Indian who should be beaten and hanged.

How dare I say this? And when I would try to find lawyers to defend me, they would say, Oh Oh, you’re acting like you’re Al Gore, inventor of the internet. Chuckle. Finally, four years later in 2016, I met Charles Harder. Harder had sued Gawker media who had written all these defamatory articles.

And he had gotten 140 million judgment on behalf of Hulk Hogan. Charles looked at my stuff. He goes, Holy shit. You invented email. We sued Gawker. And they claim bankruptcy. The karma was I get appointed the chairman of the bankruptcy committee. We sell Gawker to Univision and they’re forced to remove all those 3 articles.

I get a million dollar settlement. Ethan 

probably got paid. I was gonna say you probably got paid then as you’re a part of that. I did, 

but none of the news wanted to report this. You say because Wikipedia. So what’s interesting is the white working class, the so called racist working class, which they’re not.

They said, of course, doctors, you’ve invented email. Who doesn’t want to believe this? The fucking white liberal elites. Why? Because the invention of email didn’t occur at MIT. It occurred before I came to MIT in fucking Newark, New Jersey, where nothing’s supposed to come out of. And more importantly.

I was developing a civilian application. The bullshit that they’ve done is to brainwash people that all great innovations come from the military tang and, Velcro, which by the way, didn’t you see they bamboozled the American public to think that, oh, give us military funding and we will create innovations like email.

Email was not done by the military. It was done by me, a 14 year old kid in Newark, New Jersey, who was helping secretaries Transcribed Go from the typewriter to the keyboard and all the facts are so fucking obvious. It’s not even black and white. It’s not even gray. This is why Wikipedia, that my article, my page was blocked for two years.

I couldn’t even change it. It’s one of, in my, by the way, Philo Farnsworth was a 14 year old boy who invented TV. Very similar story. Young people, and this is why Maria, our stories are similar in the extent that the establishment has created a narrative that if you’re part of the plantation, then you get anointed.

Okay. So when I was at MIT, then I was on the front page for inventing another technology called echo mail. Which I grew to around a 250 million company. I want a Fulbright. All that was cool. I was a Brown model minority, but when this shit went into Smithsonian, I’m saying Whoa. I created email before I came to MIT.

This bothers even MIT because what you’re doing is you’re telling the truth that you don’t need to fucking go to MIT to be anointed. You say great innovations come from ordinary people outside of the military industrial complex. I was winning my lawsuit and exposing the backdoor portal to Twitter, not being part of their grifter class, Glenn Greenwald, Mike Benz.

Maria was exposing fucking Epstein, independent of David Boyce or all these people. So they do not want people from the edges ever getting any limelight because it exposes the fact that the establishment actually does very little to advance human life. That they only tell the truth when it’s convenient for them.

So the invention of email is so fucking black and white. If I were a white, Jewish, Zionist dude with blue eyes and blonde hair, I’d be on every fucking stamp. The issue is, this is a reality. The reality is, Philo Farnsworth didn’t have to deal with the race issue. It took them 60 years to grant Philo the fact that he invented TV.

He was a farm boy on a farm in Idaho. Very similar story to mine. He didn’t have the skinnish color issue. I had to deal with the racism issue and the fact that email was created before I came to MIT. The advantage that I have is I’m still alive and I’m not a good Indian. I’m not a snake. Okay.

Fucking piss ass everywhere. And he’s a fucking incompetent douchebag. I actually fight. They don’t like me because I’m not a good any. I’m not a guy who sits like this and say, yes, very good. Okay, very good. You can fuck me and do whatever the fuck you want. I’m not fucking Gandhi. You say? So that’s why we 

love you, Dr.

Shiva. Folks, listen, I don’t know about you, but heard it way past enough to get on board with the Shiva campaign. And look, you He needs the support if we’re gonna do anything. How many people have you heard this from? The guy is totally unique. Maverick doesn’t begin to describe it, okay?

What do you need from 

us? This is what people should do. Number one, You notice I haven’t asked for fucking one fucking dollar. I find it so disgusting that Laura fucking Trump, who’s fucking been Botox up the wazoo and God knows how many million she spent on fucking plastic surgery and Trump and all these people ask you fucking for a dollar.

The average American has 400. On a rainy day, and these fuckers are getting them to sign checks. I’ve not asked one fucking penny. What I do want you to do is to go to Shiva for president volunteer, help us get on the ballot. Number two, if you go to Shiva for president, there is a download.

There’s a flyer. We’ve open sourced all of our stuff. Download that flyer. And it tells you what the problem is handed out to 10, 000 people. That’s what everyone can do. And get a bumper sticker, one bumper sticker, which says Dr. Shiva for president. You put it on the back rear view window. A hundred thousand people will see it per day.

We need to go back on the ground, Albert. We need to build the bottoms up movement. And you know what? You have someone like me, so you don’t have a fucking excuse to say I don’t know what to do. Indians say what to do. Fucking do it. Go fucking Shiva for president. Get a bumper sticker volunteer, because we’re going to mobilize people bottoms up to do what American people have always done.

Bottoms up movements. That’s 

what we need. Look, Dr. Schieffer has already given us double the time he was set for, so I’m going to let the panel, any last comments? Yeah, I was just going to ask, 

my last thing here was just, do you have any ballot access as of now? Yeah in Idaho, 

And in in Utah. Okay.

We’ve gotten all the signatures. What is interesting is they’re delaying, giving us the official notice. We got more signatures than we needed, so they’re going to fuck with us, but we’re going to be ready to fight. Okay. That’s why if they fuck with us, we may move the campaign to a write in. Okay. And in that case, everyone listening should be ready to put out, 10, 000 flyers, because what’s good about a write in every signature gets kicked out and it’s hand counted paper ballots.

Adam Green.

It looks to me like Trump is going to be in next year. What do you think about that, Dr. Shiva? And what will another four years of Trump look like? What’s your predictions on that? Yeah. 

Yeah. So Adam I titled this on my stream, America 2024 equals Germany 1934. And it’s a good way to end this Adam is.

If the establishment is going to find whoever will be their biggest Zionist cocksucker to put into office, that’s what they’re doing. And whoever will confuse Americans that they’re not, that they’re serving, the white working class, you say that’s the goal. So Trump pulls that off. He’ll be in.

And to your point, that trajectory seems like they’ve set up the WWE theater. Oh my God, poor Trump. It’s literally WWE theater. Okay. If that happens, mark my words, we’re headed to absolute fascism, meaning fascism, where the white working class of this country is going to equate anti Zionism with antisemitism, Adam.

And if you look at that bill in Congress, it basically says. That once that’s done, the DOE, the Department of Education will be weaponized. So if any one of us here, let’s say, Adam, they invite you to a high school to give a talk, right? Oh, Albert, you or anyone here. They’ll say, Oh, this guy’s anti Semitic and they will threaten those institutions with their funding being cut.

So that’s how they’re going to weaponize this, Adam. Trump has made it very clear and go look at James Morphin’s work, who put Trump in power in 2016. The Russia hoax was a hoax within a hoax. It was Netanyahu and Roger Stone through those connections they had. So I think getting back to what I said, the biggest thing we need to be.

Concerned about is what Hitler did in 1934 for the elites is what Trump will do in 2024 for the elites. He will conflate anti Zionism with anti Semitism, which is massive, significant issue because it basically absorbs a working class people into not fighting for their needs. Adam, we know the economic conditions of working people in this country is getting worse.

The inflation, the the wages the wealth gap is going to keep increasing. And if you look at that curve, Adam, that I have on my website, a chief of a president, the life expectancy, if you have a child today, your child is going to live shorter than you by design. And so this is why I say we need a systems overhaul.

So that’s what Trump will deliver for them. Adam handsomely. He will deliver them the the equating of anti Zionism with antisemitism, he will deserve, he will deliver them what big pharma wants. They’re going to make MRNA a platform for everything. So that’s what Trump will deliver. He’ll just continue the process, but this time all the MAGA white working class.

We’ll give up any type of apprehension, any type of wisdom that they have started to learn to become awake, thinking he’s their savior, Adam. That’s what’s going to happen. But that’s why our movement exists. If our movement didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have optimism, but I exist. Truth, freedom, health exists.

You guys exist. This is why we must educate people on this dynamic of the not so obvious establishment. Period. 

If that’s the qualifier, the biggest Zionist cocksucker wins, he will certainly win. Let’s go to Maria. Maria, final question for Dr. Shiva. 

I just would like to thank you, Dr Shiva. I’m so impressed and excited of just hearing from you.

So that’s all I have to say is thank you very much. Thank you, Maria. 

But look, people need one of us. There’s a lot more of us. There’s 300 million of us, and there’s about 10, 000 of them in the United States, and that’s 100, 000 of them globally and 8 billion of us. The reason that this condition exists is not because of the obvious establishment.

Please write this down. It is the so obvious establishment. Who they perpetuate, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Trump, Sanders. They create these people to make sure that we don’t build a bottoms up movement. And we don’t have our house niggas like me, okay? They want us to be fucking field slaves, slaves.

And this is what we all need to get off the fucking plantation. Mentally. And you have to eviscerate these people who are dawdling on both sides are opportunist scumbags. Do not let them get away. You have to articulate this. You cannot let people say Trump said some good things. Those people are our enemies.

Or you need to slap them upside the head because they are leading us down the wrong path. And so there’s more of us than them and they know it. This is why they have a very unstable situation. And when you have unstability in any type of engineering control system, you have to do 2 things. You have to increase.

Data gathering surveillance, and you have to increase control. That’s where this is all headed, Adam. More control, more surveillance. Because they have a highly unstable system. 

Anybody funneling you back into the two party duopoly, which is a dying system, is not the answer. Ethan, you got a final question for Dr.


I just wanted to wish you good luck and I hope you get as much ballot access as can. Yeah, you guys should help us. And thank you for talking to me again. You’re on the kill stream as well at the same time. Thank you Albert, for letting me co-host the space here. Listen, everyone don’t do too many spaces let me end with this.


talking. Thanks Ethan. Everyone listening, you have to do something. We have to, I’m sure you guys work out. You try to eat well. Working out is a discipline. You go exercise your physical muscles. You have to read and you have to do some, solve shit that helps your brain, but we have to exercise our citizenship muscles.

And I’m telling you one way to do it is go help us collect signatures, go help us hand out that flyer. And you have to do stuff offline. The future is fucking offline. Talking to people offline. These mediums are highly controlled and I’m telling you this as a technologist. The future is offline. The future is offline.

The future is offline. So get involved. You’ll learn a lot. You’ll meet some really amazing people. All right, everyone. Thank you. It was great participating. Thanks, Albert. You did a great job here. And Ethan and Adam, thank you for the opportunity. 

Let me end it by saying, if not Shiva, who, if not now, when?

Thank you, Dr. Yeah, you have 

nothing to lose by your chains. Anti Zionist unite. 

That’s it. All right. That’s it. We’re with you, man. 

100%. Be well. All right, everyone. That was my discussion with Albert Bechet. Get involved. Go get one of these bumper stickers. Go to Shiva for president. Get it. Put it on your car.

Do it. Do it. Do it. If you want to donate great. But when you donate to me, I give you books. I give you knowledge. I give you education. Go to truthfreedomhealth. com. It’s another way you can contribute, not to me, but to yourself. Contribute to yourself. Learn the dynamics of these systems, how we can win truth, freedom, health.

com become a warrior scholar, right? So one is go get that bumper sticker, but for your own sake, become a warrior scholar. You’ll learn this knowledge. We have to educate enough people. Who raised their consciousness. So get involved. The time is for action. Go to Schieffer for president volunteer, and we’ll immediately contact you.

We don’t wait around. We have people will call you back within 24 hours to onboard you to help us. All right, everyone. I’m going to end with my Schieffer for president video, but get involved. Who would have ever thought I’d be running for president of the United States of America. I was born a low caste untouchable in India’s caste system, a system of aristocracy, oppression, and racism.

My name is Dr. Shiva Iyadurai. I’m an MIT PhD, a Fulbright Scholar, a scientist, engineer, entrepreneur, and inventor. My family and I left India to come to America on my 7th birthday. I grew up in the working class neighborhoods of New Jersey. Playing baseball, mowing lawns, painting houses, and coding software.

My friends and neighbors are blacks, Italians, Irish, people of all races. As a 14 year old, I wrote 50, 000 lines of software code to create the world’s first email system, and was awarded the first US copyright for email, recognizing me as its official inventor, at a time when copyright was the only way to protect software inventions.

I did that long before I ever came to MIT. Revealing that big innovations can occur anytime, anyplace, by anybody. Growing up I saw politicians dividing us by race and religion, in both America and India. To have us fighting each other while they remained safe in their gated communities, and in their playgrounds of Hollywood, Martha’s Vineyard, and Silicon Valley.

I’m a fighter, I fought racism, and exposed their imperialist wars. Fought for workers and put my life on the line against global corruption. I never wanted to run for political office. All that changed when I saw working Americans, As never before being duped by the establishment, and the not so obvious establishment, across left and right, we were being sold out and made to forget, why we came to America, and why America existed, lawyers, academics, billionaires, celebrities, and politicians, elites, Clintons, Kennedy’s, Biden’s, Obama’s, Bush’s, black and white have hijacked America, they printed trillions for their friends, They delivered crumbling infrastructure, corruption and racism.

They’ve transferred trillions to themselves, dividing black and white, fear mongering and fake science. Lockdowns and censorship, dirty air, food and water, pushing drugs upon us, making us sicker. We’ve been sold out. One set of rules for them, We deserve a warrior with a history of courage, and putting everything on the line for you, who believes in you not them, who has created a movement bottoms up, for truth, freedom health.

I’ve exposed their lies at the right time, never waiting until it was popular, I’ve exposed their false gods, who exist to lead you back to them. I’ve exposed their fake signs of lockdowns and masking, and provided you solutions to fight them and win. and protect your immune system, saving millions, I expose Fauci, galvanize a fire Fauci campaign, when others remain silent.

When they stole our election we sued the government and twitter in our historic 2020 federal lawsuit, exposing in bare view, the government and big tech censorship infrastructure, the unholy alliance between government and social media companies. Where was Elon and his grifters? They stood by the sidelines and did nothing.

They did not use their megaphones to help us when it could have made a big difference. Now our movement grows for truth, freedom, health, independent of all of them. Everyday millions are learning the science of systems, the knowledge the elites do not want you to have. So you may learn how to think, stand up, and fight.

Independent of the establishment of left and right and their fake heroes. Now it’s time for you to join the movement to win back America, to win back truth, win back freedom, win back your health. That’s why I’m running for President of the United States. This race is about you. This race is about truth, freedom, health, versus power, profit, control.

We’ve had enough. They think we’ll fall in line and vote again for their lawyers, celebrities, billionaires, and chosen ones from above. We choose our heroes from below, from the rank and file, who do what is right at the right time, not when it’s convenient and popular. They can never represent us. What America needs is a movement by the working people, for the working people, who are educated, organized, decentralized, and fight for independence from their systems of control.

And that movement exists. It’s ready for you. We don’t need them. We need us to go bottoms up, neighbor to neighbor. My journey, your journey, are all the same. It’s our time. It’s time we had one of us. It’s time to win back truth, freedom, health, to win back America, be part of this historic movement all the way to our victory on November 5th, 2024.

If you’re an American citizen, pledge your vote now for Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, the independent candidate for U. S. President. No matter where you live, you can be a part of this. Volunteer as little as 20 minutes a day. Don’t delay. This is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai and I approve this message paid for by Dr. Shiva for president.

All right, guys. 

Do your historic duty. Get involved, educate yourselves. Go get the Become a Warrior scholar. Go get a bumper sticker. Help us volunteer. We’ve made it very easy for you to give. Well-defined action steps. So do that and do it now and best to you and your families, but get involved.

This is a very historic point in history that we’re in, and it involves all of you getting off your butts. And supporting yourselves. And it’s a part of that. We support each other. Thank you. B we need to build a bottoms up movement, go to Shiva for president. com and volunteer.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health® you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

Join the VASHIVA community – an integrated EDUCATIONAL, COMMUNICATIONS – independent of Big Tech -, and LOCAL ACTIVISM platform to empower YOU to actualize Truth Freedom Health® in your local communities by employing a SYSTEMS APPROACH.

The platform we are building for Truth Freedom Health® provides the infrastructure to take on Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Academia. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can contribute whatever you can. Based on your level of commitment to get educated, I have also created some wonderful educational gifts to thank you for your contribution.

To get the education you need and deserve, join Dr.SHIVA on his Foundations of Systems™ course. This course will provide you three pillars of knowledge with the Foundation of Systems™ Thinking. The three pillars include: 1) The System Dynamics of Truth Freedom Health®, 2) The Power of a Bottom’s Up Movement, and 3) The Not So Obvious Establishment. In this course, you will also learn fundamental principles of all systems including your body.

Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System® tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health® portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health® Warriors.

This course is available online for you to study at your own pace.

It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved™.

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