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How the Paris Accords Will Enable the Establishment to Profit Trillions from “Carbon Credits” While Doubling Pollution Through Collusion to Further Enslave Working People. Dr.SHIVA Reveals the Truth Behind the Paris Accords.

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  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – the Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – presents a visual exposition on the Paris Accords and how it incentivizes the polluting of our environment
  • The “IPCC” is a pseudo-scientific organization with a political agenda composed of a global elite who seek to use “Carbon Credits” to make trillions.
  • The Paris Accords is a public relations vehicle to manipulate the world to push an agenda that is not based on the scientific method but rather on scientific consensus.
  • The U.S. “Green Fund” of $100 billion was the slush fund to be used to funnel monies through different NGOs to pay off consultants, lobbyists, influencers, and ministers in foreign countries to get leadership of every country to support the Paris Accords.
  • Between now and 2030, China is allowed to increase their pollution up to 22 billion metric tons of carbon, and India up to 4 billion metric tons. After 2030, the companies will have to buy carbon credits to offset their pollution.
  • There are zero benefits of the Paris Accords to working people, except to raise taxes and the cost of products and services. The Paris Accords will have trillion dollar benefits to a handful of global elites.


I want to share with everyone, as I had promised before, why it was right for President Trump to exit from the Paris Accords. The presentation I’m going to give you is a very objective one.

We need to recognize that many people support the Paris Accords. If we were to ask these people why they would support this, they wouldn’t be able to list one benefit; there is no benefit. In fact, I haven’t had anyone rationally explain a single benefit regarding the Paris Accords.

What I’m going to explain to everyone very quickly is, so that everyone can understand in very simple terms, why it was important that Donald Trump got out of the Paris Accords. Why would anyone with a clean conscience want to support an international collusion?

Businesses and Consumers Before and Paris Accords

The Paris Accords would basically support the polluting of our environment – more importantly, to tax all business, small, big, but primarily the smaller businesses, and consequently every consumer all with what is called a carbon tax. And it’s very simple, and I’ll make an exposition of this. I hope I make this clear to everyone.

First of all, let me explain something very basic here. In this circle, let’s say that we have a lot of businesses here. These are businesses throughout the world that are producing different products – let’s assume these are manufacturers.

Manufacturers take resources, raw materials, they then process these items and then outcomes the product. From these businesses, the end product usually goes to the consumer. At the end of it all we pay these companies some dollar amount.

Many of these companies, because of the manufacturing process, do put out carbon and CO² into the environment. Let’s broadly call that pollution. Pollution is often referred to as CO². This pollution is the greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere. Reducing this ‘pollution’ is what the Paris Accords are promulgating globally.

Again, businesses take resources and they create products. We buy these products by paying some fee for them. Because of this, these businesses then create pollution.

Look what happens here. I’m going to draw the same circle again. We have the businesses here, and let’s put the year now as 2030. And what occurs in 2030? These businesses still exist. Let’s repeat the process again, these are the businesses and they are creating products, as mentioned before.

Carbon Tax and the “IPCC”

To us as consumers, it’s the same situation. Rinse and repeat, you, me, and these consumers pay some fee for these products. And guess what? The companies we’re buying from are still polluting in 2030. I’ll give everyone some numbers on this. In fact, they’re polluting a lot more than in 2020 as we’ll see, but something very interesting happens when they produce this pollution. They now have to pay an organization, which I’m going to call in double quotes the  “IPCC,” and this group is comprised of people like Al Gore.

People like the Bushes, many people from the commodities market and essentially a global elite.

And these people deliver something called carbon credits. What this does, is that it allows these companies to pollute for a price.

However, in order to pollute, they have to pay this organization. This organization issues carbon credits – in fact, it gets even more interesting. This is what we call ‘carbon credits.’ If you look at the commodities market, the global commodities market, these carbon credits are bought and sold within these markets to people.

And this generates the ability for the “IPCC” to generate not just billions, but trillions of dollars. Let me explain trillions of dollars in new sources of wealth. So these carbon credits were created by this group (the “IPCC”) as a vehicle to essentially charge a kind of pollution tax. This tax allows this group of elites to potentially make trillions upon trillions of dollars.

“IPCC” and Green Fund Collusion

Well, the front-end for this entire organization – by the way, Al Gore substantially at a certain point, monopolized and had access to a large number of carbon credits which he had accumulated. His goal was to have a payday by forcing these businesses in the future by 2030 to buy these carbon credits.

And if you actually look at this, the “IPCC” PR, I call it their PR machine, is what we call the Paris Accords. The Paris Accords are really their PR engine to get this out, as if everyone needed to get on board.

And what the US, if you look at the United States here, with the flag here, that the US was being forced by the “IPCC” – by the way, this included democratic establishment, Democrats and establishment Republicans who were essentially telling the US government that it needed to create what we call a ‘Green Fund,’ and this green fund – I’ll explain what this was really about – the US was going to have to put a hundred billion into this Green Fund. And what was this really about? Is this a hundred billion for – remember that the countries who are polluting really didn’t want to be a part of this.

They didn’t really want to be part of the Paris Accords. Why? Because they have to pay fees to the “IPCC.” So how do you get them to be a part of this agreement? So if I do this over here, what I call the influencers of these countries. So for example, if you take India, China, and you go down the list of what they call about 190 plus countries, just remember that all of these people have influencers; so-called advisors. This hundred billion dollar number from the Green Fund was going to be funneled through different NGOs to essentially pay off – in fact, people have already gotten agreements that if they join the Paris accord, they’ll get dollars funneled to them. This is why various countries were involved in that.

In fact, some of the WikiLeaks stuff came out from Jairam Ramesh. One of the key advisers in India. Originally, if we were to go look at the leak, he said that the glaciers were not receding. Later on, it was stated that the glaciers were receding, and in a recent email revealed by WikiLeaks, he was actually thanking John Podesta for making all of this occur.

Paris Accords Incentivizes Pollution

So you have to really start thinking about what took place, but fundamentally, Trump wanted to exit this because I think Trump realized what was really going on. The mafia of the “IPCC” was using the United States, our Congress, and our tax dollars to funnel about a hundred billion here.

So we would pay off these people to join the Paris Accord. Now let me tell you, a hundred billion is a relatively small amount, because these guys were going to make trillions. So let me show everyone this again. So you get it, businesses today are polluting. Just to give you an example, China today expels around 11 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere.

That’s what they’re doing today. By 2030 – or between now and 2030. Guess what? China is still allowed to pollute. In fact, China is allowed to go up to 22 billion tons, which means they’re allowed to go a little 11 billion tons in carbon, which means you’re going to pollute more. They’re going to double their pollution during this period, no penalties.

And that’s how they got China to join. After 2030, there’s going to be a big payday for these guys because they’re going to be able to sell China carbon credits. I hope everyone’s following, the bottom line is the set of 190 countries; so-called influencers and advisors. Many of them essentially are waiting for this hundred billion dollar payday supported by the Paris Accords.

And that’s how they forced their countries, advisors, prime ministers, and people that say, yeah, we have got to join these Paris Accords. The reality is when you step back and look at this diagram, who really profits is the “IPCC”. They’re going to make big money on carbon credits that fluctuate and rapidly grow in price.

Post 2030, there will be a hundred billion dollar payout to most of these corrupt officials. This will be very profitable for them because they’re going to have a thousand percent – a hundred to a thousand percent increase in profits. Fundamentally, what Donald Trump did was see clearly the scam. Which is what it is.

Fundamentally, what this does is makes liberal bourgeois feel good. That they’re part of the Paris Accords. In fact, the MIT president has said that we have conclusive evidence that temperature has gone up.

Climate Change Manipulation: “15 is the New 14”

Let me just make it very clear that Hanson, the guy who came up with this temperature rating at NASA during The 1950s to 1990, they use what they said was the average temperature, 1998, during that period, that’s how they measure the average temperature. And they said the average temperature was 15 C° and they predicted in 1990 around 1988, that temperature was going to go up. So again, in 1988, papers are starting to come out saying the average temperature measured between 1950 to 1980 is 15 C°.

So they’re saying temperature is going to rise on the planet Earth. Well, what happens by 1995, 1996, they find out that temperature actually, in fact, has gone down a little bit. It was not going up at all somehow. Mysteriously around 2002 Hanson says, yes, the temperature has gone up; how did he get it to go up?

He got it to go up by saying that the average temperature is now 14 C°. He actually changed the goalpost from the original 15 C° to 14 C°. And he said, we’re measuring 14.64. So what they did was a complete lie. And in fact, this changing of the goalpost was done in an email. All of this is written in a beautiful article by Arvind Kumar in American Thinker called 14 is a new 15.

So you should go read it by Arvind Kumar and American Thinker. He lays it out very beautifully, but the bottom line is, there is no conclusive evidence that the temperature has gone up. If you look at the facts there, this entire process really just profits this one conspiratorial group. The reality is that China’s going to continue to pollute 200% more than average here in 2020.

India also gets to pollute from 2 billion to 4 billion CO². In fact, America is going to drop its carbon emissions from 5 billion to 4 billion. So this entire process is really a big racket. So all of us, when I go back to this, a consumer – guess what happens in the future? We’re actually going to pay more for products.

Paris Accords Help the Elites
and Enslave the Working People

Businesses are going to be charged more. So businesses are paying higher taxes. Each consumer’s product is going to go up. These guys up here are the ones who are gonna make money. It was extremely good that Donald Trump pulled out of this. This was a patriotic thing to do, and we need to start really exposing the mainstream media and the elite academics.

We’re all behind this. Thank you.

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