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Raising consciousness one family at a time.

Dr. Shiva embodies the “Renaissance Man.”  He is not only a scientist and inventor, he is a man of letters, an educator, motivator, fighter, and spiritual leader.  My family and I have learned so much from the movement he started, ie “Truth, Freedom and Health” and from his course on systems science. 

We have also gained so much from his lessons on health and nutrition from his videos and his program “Your Body/Your System.”  We have incorporated his teachings and recipes into our daily lives, and we have worked to spread the word to other family members and friends regarding nutrition and lifestyle so we can cut through the morass of distractions and disturbances that pervade our daily lives from various sources in government, media, and Hollywood, Disney, etc. 

Beyond all of this, we feed off Dr. Shiva’s energy and drive to help others.  He inspires us to have conversations with strangers on the street, to hand out information sheets to people wherever we go, and to disseminate the power of his bottoms up movement.  God bless Dr. Shiva and all the warriors!


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