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Essay by Dominic, Grade 5, Son of Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholar Heather.

The Science of Masks

A topic up for much debate is masking. Basically, the controversy started in 2020 with the Covid-19 pandemic starting, and continues today. I believe that people should not have to wear masks because it is bad for your body, they don’t work, you can’t breathe, and you can’t hear anyone when they’re talking.

Here are some reasons to support my claim. Research from Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai and Dr. Prabhakar Deonikar shows that mask wearing is bad for your teeth. In fact, it is bad for your overall health. The inside of your mouth is a specific temperature and when you have a mask on it raises that temperature so that different bacteria can live in your mouth and it’s very bad for your teeth and your whole body. It is bad for your brain, your heart, and your gut health.

Another reason that masks don’t work is that on a microscopic scale the mask is like a chicken wire fence and the virus is like a mosquito. A mosquito can easily fit through a chicken wire fence, so the masks don’t really stop the virus, it just goes right through the mask. What happens is if the virus can go through the mask is it’s just like you’re not wearing a mask there’s no point in wearing it you can still transmit the virus. The reason surgeons wear masks is because when they’re looking down, they don’t want to like have anything come out of their mouth like spitting into someone.

Thirdly, masks are hard to breathe through and you can’t hear anyone speaking when they have a mask on. Some homemade masks are like wearing potholders on your face. Try it. The point of wearing them is to make everyone happy and to make everyone feel safer wearing a mask even though they don’t do anything. Having a conversation with people that are wearing masks is very hard because they have to repeat what they are saying a lot because you can’t understand them.

However, I realize that some people disagree with this position. They say that you have to wear a mask to keep everyone safe and if you don’t, you’re an anti-VAX climate denier which for some reason has nothing to do with masking. They just don’t know how much harm wearing a mask can create for one person.

Obviously, masking is an issue that brings out differing points of view. But the advice seems clear, that masking is wrong because you can’t breathe through them, you can’t hear anyone when they’re talking, and it is bad for your mouth and your whole body.

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