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Access Restricted to Leaders
To become a Truth Freedom Health Leader, you need to first become a Warrior and then register for the Leadership Training at: and select the Subject as Leadership Training. We will then get in touch with you on how you can get trained as a Truth Freedom Health Leader.
Becoming a Truth Freedom Health Warrior affords one all the benefits of a Member, and in addition provides you: 1) enrollment into the Foundation of Systems. LIVE workshop conducted by Dr.SHIVA himself, 2) have access to a the Systems Health portal containing course materials, videos and tools to support your workshop education, 3) access to the eBook System and Revolution, 4) use of the software Your Body, Your System®, 5) viewing of premium scientific and educational videos and content, and 6) access to two CytoSolve® Scientific Research Reports.

Dr.SHIVA's aim in providing the curricula – The Foundations of Systems – is to train leaders – Truth Freedom Health Warriors – who are committed to learning the “physics” of revolutionary change with the knowledge of fundamental scientific principles to effect such change.
Dr.SHIVA’s Principles will educate you on the nature of ALL systems, as the basis to comprehend: (1) The interconnection between Truth Freedom Health; (2) The importance of why we must build a Bottoms Up Movement; and, (3) How the disturbance of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment derails and destroys movements.
Just as one cannot build a bridge without Newton’s Laws; an airplane without Bernoulli’s Principle; a transformer without Maxwell’s Equations, we cannot build a movement for Truth Freedom Health without Dr.SHIVA’s Principles.
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