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Foundations of Computational Systems Biology Certification


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Foundations of Computational Systems Biology Certification contains:

This course will teach you the fundamental engineering systems approach behind the most cutting edge advances in biological sciences. Since 2003, new revelations in the very nature of genetics forced biologists to reevaluate their most basic assumptions about the nature of living organisms. These revelations have revealed the need to shed the old models or reducing biology down to small isolated interactions between proteins and genes, to advanced a comprehensive engineering systems approach to understand complex systems of countless simultaneous interactions. This is done through advanced mathematical modeling and complex calculations, giving rise to a new field of computational systems biology. Using mathematical models to replicate, and accurately predict, results seen in lab experiments, requires new engineering systems approaches to design these models in scalable infrastructures that can handle increasing levels of complexity. Join Dr. Shiva in the world of the most cutting edge frontiers of Scientific understanding on the nature of medicine and health.

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