VA Shiva in The Callie Crossley Show on WGBH

VA Shiva interviewed on The Cllie Crossley Show on WGBH on Innovation: Finding New Ways to Solve Old Problems

Innovation: How Three Men Are Finding New Ways to Solve Old Problems
We talk to three people with three different ideas that could help sustain three different institutions: the United State Postal Service, a Springfield high school, and the town of Central Falls, RI.


Shiva Ayyadurai holds the first copyright in email. He is a lecturer in biological engineering and comparative media studies at MIT, and the director of the MIT Email Lab. He has been working with the US Postal Service Office of the Inspector General to explore ways to save postal workers’ jobs through email services.

Charles Grandson, IV, age 28, is the newly appointed principal of the High School of Commerce in Springfield, Mass., one of the lowest performing schools in the state. With 65 percent of the student body at risk of dropping out before they even reach high school, Commerce has been identified as a turnaround school.

Mike Ritz is the executive director of Leadership Rhode Island, and the co-founder of Save Chocolateville, an initiative to help support the bankrupt city of Central Falls, RI by capitalizing on the city’s long-lost reputation as a chocolate manufacturer. Ritz teamed up with a Central Falls chocolatier to manufacture and sell chocolate bars. He says proceeds from the chocolate bars will go to the children of Central Falls.