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This book is about reclaiming our humanity and reconnecting with the noblest of human aspirations – truth, freedom and health.

For those who crave power, profit, and control, their gain comes at the expense of our disconnection and division. They distract us with problems that aren’t real, and with “solutions” that solve little, except to divide us – into “Left” and “Right” – while discouraging discourse, debate, and discussion. Such an effort is not accidental, but deliberate, using a method in science, known as reductionism.

By the time you read the last page of this book, you’ll learn how this process works, in practice and in theory. You’ll learn that reductionism relies on manufacturing a mob of “educated” and vulnerable elites, who are trained to rationalize anything, emboldened and entitled to give their “expert opinion” on any topic, and regurgitate false narratives, without grounding in science. You’ll learn that you’ll have to fight to reclaim your choice. And, you’ll learn how to fight.


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